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Title: Messages :30 TV Client: Cap*Rock Winery Date: 3/29/11 AUDIO VIDEO (Vignettes going from one to another.

) A man walks into a kitchen and sees a note on the counter next to a bottle of wine and two glasses. Kids at Mom's. I'm on the deck. Come join me and bring the wine. A woman walks out of an office building and receives a text: Got the raise. Let's celebrate! A younger woman is at home in her kitchen preparing food and wine for her guests. We see an iPad on the counter next to her with an open evite: Girl's Night! My place. Wine, food and a movie. A man in his hotel room opens his briefcase and finds a note that reads: Missing you. Cut to see him on his balcony surrounded by a beautiful view. He talks to his wife on his cell phone while sipping wine.


ANNCR: Cap*Rock wine is crafted with a passion to define a moment and bring it to life. There's a message in our bottles.

Hero shot Close up of cork being pulled from the bottle. As the cork rotates out of the neck of the bottle, we see the Cap*Rock logo. Then we see a single word on the other side of the cork - Enjoy Super: Cap*Rock Logo Please drink responsibly. CapRock Winery, Lubbock, Texas. Cut to ending shot of a close up of CapRock wine bottles and glasses of wine.

What will yours be?

5/21/12; 20:05 A5/P5

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