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UP THURSDAY CLUB College of Forestry and Natural Resources

University of the Philippines Los Baños

Los Baños, Laguna 4031

December 2007
Executive Committee
2007-2008 ____________________
Wilson R MaaÑo, Jr
DictaThor Dear Sir/Madame:
Mark Anthony F Rabena
Warm greetings!

Grekka G C Sarmiento The UP Thursday Club has retained its prime position as a socio-civic
EnlisThor organization of the University since 1988. We have been advocating peace,
promoting social justice, and inspiring people of different cultural orientation.
Edeline A L Dondonilla We have been justifying our existence as students to carry on the light of
CollecThor progress and academic excellence, and at the same time, as humans created not
Melzar C Araneta
just for ourselves but on the protection of the welfare of others.
We know where we are heading for. That we are leading a life geared to promote
Lev Nikko M Macalintal progress and peace among the components of the society where we belong. We
ProsecuThor are not just an organization of robust ideals, but of substantial deeds and true
Laura T Reyes
Lady ProsecuThor
In connection to this, the organization will be conducting a clean up-drive
Marc André Bayana entitled “Linis Flatrocks” in the portion of Mt. Makiling Watershed on the last
NegotiaThor week of January 2008. The main objective of the activity is to innovatively
encourage environmental action of the people at the local level. By encouraging
Melchor A Moralina, Jr people to adopt a hands-on approach to environmental management, this activity
Resident ModeraThor will be beneficial to the surrounding communities as it will inspire and support
them to take simple, positive steps towards restoring and protecting the
Marivic Mendoza
Junior ModeraThor environment, thus enabling them to take ownership over its conservation. And
on February 2008 the club will be hosting a general information quiz contest
Aileen Angeles Jara entitled “Hairy Goes Blonde III”, a further step towards challenging the
Senior ModeraThor academic excellence and well roundedness among the UPLB constituents.

We are asking for your benevolent financial support for these activities. We
strongly believe that lack of finances should not hinder us from achieving our
goals. Any amount that you are graciously willing to donate for this significant
endeavor will highly be appreciated. Receipts and documentation of the event
expenses will be given to you upon your request for transparency. We want to
show you our sincerity and that we will be responsible of your investment.
Thank you very much and God bless.

Respectfully yours,

DictaThor, UP Thursday Club

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