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(Cs101 final latest paper (16.7.

2011 Total question 52 Mcqs =40 (Short =4 (2 (Mid= 4 (3 (Long=4 (5

? Q:1 what is the error of the following javascript statement (Student = new array (10) (2 marks (Q:2 what is the use of UNDO in word processor ? (2 marks .Q:3 creat the following table using HTML Country (Production (ton Magnitude wheat Rice Pakistan 320 280 medium India 740 63 high Q:4 write HTML and JAVA SCRIPT code that displays a textbox and button on a webpage, when user enters text in the textbox and click the (button it displays that text in the message box . (5 marks Q:5 why the number of temporary workers are on the rise ? Discus main ?reasons (marks 5) Q:6 how can you describe the pros of natural language processing ? (3 (marks (Q:7 how can we define a pixel ? (3 marks ?Q: 8 what is the out put of the following java script code Str= virtual university of Pakistan ((Document.write (str.substring (5, str.lenght (Q: 9 what are the other virus like program? Discus any two. (5 marks (Q:10 what is the behaviour of the website without form ? (3 marks !!!Wish you all the best.!!!