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Runtime performance Preventing early pulls

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Youll recognize importance of ESP thrust design as a function of ESP performance and reliability. Overview of thrust and how it occurs. Upthrust and downthrust the real story with ESPs How to stay away from trouble. ***Participation and sharing knowledge - Question time is anytime

Recap the obvious: $$$ - > reliability & performance OPEX & PRODUCTION REVENUE

The early stage of field development - which form of artificial lift? The ultimate operator measure of how a lift technology and vendor performs Reduces operator cost of equipment replacement Reduces your workover cost (can be as much as $500k - $2M per workover) Reduces the cost of lost production (@2000 BOPD = $80K/day, , $2.4 MM/month ) assuming $40 / b Short runs are bad for your stress level, trust me!

Some Factors that Influence ESP Runlife & where THRUST fits into the equation

Well conditions - temperature, viscosity, gas, abrasives, corrosion, solids, scale etc. ***The Product Design - Engineering Quality of manufacture and testing - Manufacturing ***The right product for each application - Applications Quality of installation - Field Service ***The operator - it is actually very easy to destroy an ESP through improper operation ***Mechanical and electrical stress ***Lack of down hole knowledge - Monitoring Systems ***Pulling and failure analysis - Reliability Engineering


All ESPs are designed to operate in DOWNTHRUST. UPTHRUST IS TO BE AVOIDED ! Pearl of Wisdom if operating near the extreme know your limits and monitor!

Pumps are designed to operate in downthrust. In a fixed stage pump the thrust is handled by the thrust chamber bearings In a floater style pump the hydraulic thrust is controlled by the individual stage diffuser Various manufacturers have different technologies examples Centrilift Abrasion Resistant Technology Tungsten Carbide bearing support (1:1 AR and Modular) and Reda - Ceramic Bearing Support.

In a gassy well, whats the longest duration your ESP has operated in upthrust? What does your O&M manual tell you about length of time and cycles allowed in upthrust --SPECIFICS ! Affects of sand and gas on operating into upthrust.


Do your homework Get your operations people trained and updated! If in doubt, consider obtaining unbiased non vendor help to ask the right questions and steer you away from trouble Design the right applications great performance and economical solution KEEP YOUR OPERATION UP AND RUNNING CAPEX AND OPEX TOPS. Questions. Credits: SLB Reda, BHI Centrilift, Canadian Advanced, Wood Group ESPI.