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Alan Menken SONGBOOK Cover Photo: Dave Cross: Dave Cress Pootography SQN O-b34-D45WD~7 HALeLEONARD® Aosquired with CORPORATION TL COMP gract funds Umut cnn evra, er sarge pai prance ign ccm Target ae tase ae Pole fds Coa. us a tantn Dove 20,ba i ‘chorea e362, Wer, Ave Vis Hal Leona Onno at 42 q7 22 29 35 a1 46 51 61 69 83 74 89 101 113 419 125 133 96 141 145 153 148 159 169 477 183 Beauty and the Beast A Change in Me ( Cold Enough to Snow Colors of the Wind Daughter of God Go the Distance God Bless Us Everyane | Can't Take My Eyes from You | Wanna Be a Rockette If | Can't Love Her If | Never Knew You King of New York Need to Know Never Again Pink Fish A Place Called Home ( Proud of Your Boy Sailing On Santa Fe Shooting Star Someday Somewhere That's Green Suddenly Seymour Take Care of My Heart These Are the Good Times This New Jerusalem Weill Have Tomorrow A Whole New World Lacie aae Lyrics by HOWARD ASHMAN ‘Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrleally Dead) Deus Deadé) i im - ”/ t With pedal Dsus Déadds) Deus Deedes) Dyvs Dfadaa) ie a a Mrs. Potts: Tale as old as Asus GA A? add9) D EmJ/A An se al # teue as it canbe.