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Scientific concept : Balancing Chemical Equation A chemical equation describes what happens in a chemical reaction. The equation identifies the : a) Reactants and products b) The formulas of the participant c) The amount of each substance. The substances used up in a reaction are the reactants.The new substances made are called the products. When the reactant react there will be have a product.

Let's make a glass of syrup bandung. What you need?

1 spoon of syrup 1 glass of water 2 spoon of milk

1 glass of syrup bandun

What happen when you use two spoon of syrup? How many milk, syrup and water you need to make three glasses of syrup bandung?


When you leave your bicycle in an open area in a long period of time, you will notice a coating of rust over it surfaces which gradually leads to disintegration of iron.This phenomenon called rusting. In this case, iron (a very reactive metal) combines with oxygen in presence of water (more precisely, atmospheric moisture), resulting in formation of iron oxides. Write the balance chemical equation that involve in this case. What happen to the product when 4mol of iron invovle??

Answer: Balance chemical equation: Fe + O2 + H2O Fe2O3. XH2O

When 4 mol of iron

4Fe + 3O2 +H2O 2Fe2O3.H2O