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Medical Imaging
The Quantitative Imaging Group (Department Imaging Science and Technology) closely collaborates with the Departments of Radiology and Medical Physics (AMC Amsterdam) in a number of research projects on medical imaging. We are looking for students that are eager to contribute to this collaboration as part of their bachelors or masters research projects. In the sections below you will find a global description of the current projects. For more information, please contact dr. F.M. Vos (C201) or L.J. van Vliet (F234) (,
CT colonography: An integrated system for automated cleansing and polyp detection Polyps typically protrude from the colon wall as a small, sloped mound.

Radiologists detect such polyps by carefully examining CT colonography images.

To assist the radiologist in this time consuming screening task, we have developed a Computer Aided Detection systems for finding polyps. The objective of this project is to integrate the polyp detection algorithm into our methods for electronic cleansing. This should increase the sensitivity and time efficiency of CT colonography. The scientific focus of the project is on developing image processing methods to design features of interest and pattern recognition tools to identify candidates with high sensitivity and specificity. The project is in cooperation with Philips Medical Systems.