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Politics, society and religion in the Spanish Middle Ages (for dummies)

By: Claude Sarzi Amade | Posted: Jun 05, 2012 Politics, society and religion in the Spanish Middle Ages by Claude Sarzi Amade This article is a brief revision or politics, society and religion as important elements in the Spanish Middle Ages. Its aim is to give some basic information for those who are not familiar with the Spanish culture. The Middle Age was a long historical period. According to some scholars it started with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, while for others it started with the arrival in the Spanish land of the Arabs in 711. There are also many disagreements about the dates about the end of this era, but most of the scholars have situated it in the fifteenth century. Politics The Spanish Middle Age was a period was a period marked by the "Reconquista"; namely, the struggle of Christians for recovering the territories conquered by the Muslims and ended in the late fifteenth century, in 1492, when Ferdinand and Isabella conquered Granada. This gave a peculiar character to the Spanish Middle Ages because it was a period of friendships

and struggles between Christians, Muslims and Jews who lived in many cities for centuries. Society Spanish society during the Middle Age was divided into three widely separated groups or "estamentos": the king and the nobles, clergy and commoners. The first two groups, of course, were the higher estates. With the development of cities began to develop a new social class: the bourgeoisie, namely, the inhabitants of the "burgos" (cities), which was devoted mainly to trade. Religion The privileges of the clergy, as a second hierarchical group, show the importance of religion in medieval life, which is the third aspect that I am going to mention. In the Middle Ages religion was essential. The medieval Spanish society was a theocentric society, that is, God was the centre around which revolved all aspects of reality. Mortality only made sense as a way to earthly life. With these three points I have indicated, I conclude that these three concepts were prevalent in the Middle Ages that were the basis of Modern Spanish imperialistic ambitions, then, as we all know, the "achievements" of the Spanish conquest were based crown in the dual-religion. About the Author Printed From http://www.articlesbase.com/literature-

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