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RE:- A request for a place of work experience in Wexham Park hospital

Name:- Omer Anwar Address:- 11a The cherries Slough Berkshire Sl2 5TS Telephone (home):- 01753 825204 School:- Slough Grammar School Lascelles Road Sl3 7PR Personal Profile:I am a current A level student who is undertaking three sciences and mathematics. I have been interested in medicine for a very long time and have shown my commitment through the various work experiences and courses that I have previously done. I realise however that working in your hospital would provide me the best working environment with qualified doctors and would help me to develop my skills for a potential future career in medical surgery. Education and Qualifications Date: June 2007 + 2008 GCSEs: English Language English Literature Mathematics Biology Chemistry I.C.T Physics History Geography Latin French Religious Studies 7A*s and 5As Date: Predicted A level grades with A Grade) Biology A Chemistry A Physics A Mathematics (done AS Maths earlier than expected A A* A* A A A* A* A* A A* A A*

Work Experience:Date: 29/09/08-Current time Lloyds Pharmacy, Pharmacy Sales Assistant

45 Osborne Street, High Street My main responsibilities included serving customers with products in the pharmacy, as well as taking in prescriptions and offering new customer service. An example is the express repeat prescription service in which patients collects their medicine on a monthly or a two monthly basis. My other jobs are ordering new stock, updating stock levels as well as processing medical orders in the dispensary. To increase my knowledge of common medicine sold to patients, I am currently undertaking the National Pharmacy Association Course. I have developed skills in communication, working under pressure of work in the shop and dispensary at the same time, multitasking and working efficiently as part of a team. I have also done voluntary work at two schools, Arbour Vale School and St. Bernards Preparatory School. Both of these have shown me different working environments and in Arbour Vale School, I was able to work closely with special needs children. Thankyou, for taking your time to read my personal profile. I would be really grateful if you could give me this opportunity at your work placement for one or two weeks. Thankyou,

Omer Anwar Dated:15/04/09