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Republic of the Philippines Province of Cebu Municipality of Balamban Barangay Gaas EXCERPT FROM THE MINUTES OF THE REGULAR

SESSION OF THE BARANGAY COUNCIL OF GAAS, BALAMBAN, CEBU, HELD AT THE BARANGAY HALL ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2011. PRESENT: William D. Genel Eleuterio L. Gentapa Vicente S. Gallo Roger M. Secretaria Evermo G. Duran Rene G. Oberes Belegario N. Bacus Hermis B. Caburnay Jeffrey G. Gabito ABSENT: None RESOLUTION NO. 48-2011 (Author (Co-Authors : HON. ELEUTERIO L. GENTAPA) : ALL SB MEMBERS PRESENT) , , , , , , , , , Punong Barangay/Pres. Officer Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay Kagawad Barangay SK Chairman

WHEREAS, it is the policy of the state that local government units shall enjoy genuine and meaningful local autonomy to enable them to attain their fullest development as self-reliant communities and make them more effective partners in the national goals; WHEREAS, a local government unit shall exercise powers as political subdivision and an entity representing the inhabitants of its territory; WHEREAS, the symbol of authority of the local government unit is the mace with the seal inscribed on it which signifies its powers, the objects embracing the barangays historical heritage and the aspirations of the people it represents; WHEREAS, there is a basic and fundamental need to provide and adopt a barangay seal to symbolize and reflect the historical background and surrounding circumstances of naming Barangay Gaas; WHEREAS, due to the personal request of Hon. William D. Genel, Mr. Bernardo B. Montilla (the former Teacher-In-Charge of Gaas National High School Buanoy Ext.), Ma. Gala M. Enerio (the present consultant to the municipal mayor on environment) with the collective efforts of the barangay, has traced from historical accounts, facts, & legends and has carved and produced a barangay seal which is shown below and by the attached documents; WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Barangay is a Legislative Body that shall assert its authority with the symbolic mace and maintain its separate original identity through its own official seal; NOW THEREFORE, on mass motion of all the barangay council members present and duly seconded by the same, be it

RESOLVED to enact, as it hereby ENACTED, the following: ORDINANCE NO. 3-2011 ADOPTING AND ESTABLISHING THE OFFICIAL SEAL FOR THE SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY OF GAAS, MUNICIPALITY OF BALAMBAN, CEBU AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS FOR ITS PRODUCTION. THE SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY OF GAAS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF BALAMBAN, CEBU, hereby ORDAINS that: Section 1. The Sangguniang Barangay shall adopt and establish an official seal which shall be incorporated in a legislative mace. Said mace shall be the symbol of authority and shall be solemnly brought to the Session Hall at the commencement of every session of the Body and be permanently displayed until the end of every session and shall be kept at the Office of the Secretary to the Sangguniang Barangay; Section 2. The Sangguniang Barangays official seal appears enclosed with a yellow and green circle which represents the green environment of the barangay with the words BARANGAY GAAS at the top and OFFICIAL SEAL at the bottom of the circle, which shall be separated with 16 sunflowers arranged like insignias representing the 16 sitios, the flower industry, and the presence of the Police Regional Training School of the barangay. Within the circle are the following symbols with their corresponding meanings: a. SIX (6) CEBU FLOWERPECKERS. The Cebu Flowerpecker (Dicaeum quadricolor) is a small passerine bird. It is endemic to Cebu Island in the Philippines. The Cebu Flowerpecker is a critically endangered breeding bird. It was feared to have become extinct early in the 20th century after the clearance of most of the island's forests, but was rediscovered in 1992 in a small patch of limestone forest in the Central Cebu Protected Landscape -- which includes Tabunan, Cebu City & Gaas -- and has since been found at three other sites, namely, the Nug-as forest of Alcoy, Mount Lantoy of Argao and the forests of Dalaguete. Other possible sites for this species are in Malabuyoc. The current population is estimated to be between 85 and 105. In the corporate seal five (5) male and one (1) female Cebu flowerpeckers are drawn alighting a barren tree. This emphasizes that Gaas is one of the six sighting areas and a promising breeding ground or habitat of the endemic Cebu flowerpecker. b. A BARREN TREE. It represents the history of how the barangay was named. It also emphasizes the need to preserve and conserve the forest and ecological balance as a whole. c. A TREE FERN, ITS LEAF & BUD. It represents the lushness and richness of the flora resources of the barangay. It also symbolizes hope and rebirth. d. CEBU TRANS-CENTRAL HI-WAY. It represents the efforts and the existing programs of the barangay in achieving its mission and vision. e. GROUND ZERO. It is an historical monument so named by the early settlers as it is the center point of the island. Aesthetically, the present settlers reckon to it as the natural reserve of Gaas biodiversity as its foot lies the secret forest as identified by Dr. Franz Seidenschwarz.

f. SAYOTE (Sechium edule) WITH LEAVES & FLOWERS. This represent that one of the sources of income of the barangay is the vegetable production. g. GINGER (Zingiber officinale). It represents another source of income of the barangay which is the spice production. It also emphasizes that once in history it was a symbol of luxury. h. A BOY AND THE ZIPLINE. It represents the progressive eco-tourism industry, the beauty of nature, and the dominant gender of the barangay. i. A WATERFALL OVER A CAVE. It represents one of the unexplored and unexploited scenic spots existing in the barangay.

Section 3. Funds shall be appropriated for this and its incidental purpose, chargeable against the Capital Outlay of the Sangguniang Barangay if its availability warrants and/or from other funding sources like the MOOE. Section 4. All laws, executive orders, rules and regulations or parts thereof inconsistent with any provisions of this ordinance are hereby repelled, modified and amended accordingly. Section 5. This Ordinance shall take effect after 15 days following its publications in a newspaper or general circulation. ENACTED AND CARRIED ON MASS MOTION.


VICENTE S. GALLO Barangay Kagawad

ROGER M. SECRETARIA Barangay Kagawad

EVERMO G. DURAN Barangay Kagawad

RENE G. OBERES Barangay Kagawad

BELEGARIO N. BACUS Barangay Kagawad

HERMIS B. CABURNAY Barangay Kagawad

JEFFREY G. GABITO Barangay SK Chairman

I hereby certify to the correctness of this resolution. MAMELITA G. GABITO Barangay Secretary ATTESTED & APPROVED:

WILLIAM D. GENEL Punong Barangay/ Presiding Officer Republic of the Philippines Province of Cebu

Municipality of Balamban BARANGAY GAAS MINUTES OF THE PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE BARANGAY OFFICIAL SEAL OF GAAS, BALAMBAN, CEBU HELD AT GAAS BARANGAY HALL, GAAS, BALAMBAN, CEBU ON MARCH 31, 2011. PRESENT: William D. Genel , Punong Barangay/Pres. Officer Eleuterio L. Gentapa , Barangay Kagawad Vicente S. Gallo , Barangay Kagawad Roger M. Secretaria , Barangay Kagawad Evermo G. Duran , Barangay Kagawad Rene G. Oberes , Barangay Kagawad Belegario N. Bacus , Barangay Kagawad Hermis B. Caburnay , Barangay Kagawad Jeffrey G. Gabito , Barangay SK Chairman




ii. The municipal and barangay governments have great differences as political units. The barangay government could not use the municipal seal likewise the municipal government could not use the barangay seal; iii. Through the barangay corporate seal one would know the history, the economy of the barangay; iv. If a barangay has its own seal one could easily see its development. people, and the

b. The Punong Barangay was pleading the public to support the endeavor of the barangay on this matter for the good and honor of the barangay. c. The Punong Barangay informed the public that out of this endeavor in having an official barangay corporate seal, the barangay had asked the assistance of Mr. Bernardo B. Montilla, the former Teacher-In-Charge of Gaas National High School Buanoy Extension, in making the official barangay corporate seal and in working the other needed supporting documents and Mrs. Gala M. Enerio, the present consultant to the municipal mayor on environment, to work on the historical profile by which she has been given an authority by the barangay to conduct research and interview.

d. Barangay Councilor Hon. Vicente Gallo added the barangay is also working on data gathering on the history of the barangay. In fact he and Hon. Belegario Bacus were assigned to conduct research on past teniente del barrios and when and how the barangay was established together with Ma. Gala M. Enerio and Marciana Bacus, a former barangay kagawad. e. Barangay Councilor Hon. Evermo Duran then added that aside from the logo the barangay is also working on a thorough and detailed barangay profile which is also needed as attachment for the corporate seal by which students who undergone summer job in the barangay were assigned to do a census of the inhabitants. f. Hon. Roger Secretaria then recounted what efforts did they made just to go over the making of the barangay seal by going to the historical & scenic spots of the barangay and by interviewing the elder people. In fact, Hon. Eleuterio Gentapa, Hon. Rene Oberes, and the secretary were three of the guides in going to the said places like the Ground Zero, Gaas Falls, Waswasan Falls, Ilihan Cave, and the ziplines existing in the barangay including the Island-inthe-Sky Resort, GL Highland Resort, Adventure Caf, K33 Agreen Adventure, & West 35 Eco-adventure Park.

2.PRESENTATION OF THE BARANGAY CORPORATE SEAL (COLORS, SHAPE, & SYMBOLISM IN THE LOGO) a. COLOR: i. The Punong Barangay discussed what would be the colors that would be reflected on the barangay corporate seal which would be based on the barangay history, scenic spots, and its sources of income Ang atong lugar nahinganlan ug Gaas tungod kay sa kanhiay nga panahon aduna may dakong kahoy nga migaas tungod sa bagyong Orakan niadtong 1912. Dungan kini sa pagkalunod sa RMS Titanic. Ang 31 ka ektarya sa atong barangay nahiapil sa Central Cebu Protected Landscape. Busa sayon na lang alang kanato ang paghunahuna kon unsa ang possible nga porma, color, ug mga simbolismo sa atong barangay seal said the Punong Barangay. ii. One constituent suggested that pine green was appropriate to be put in the seal since it was the color of the environment. While others suggested white, yellow, brown, yellow-green, and black. Everyone agreed that the best colors to embody the barangay corporate seal were all that were suggested. Green and other shades of it would represent hope, fresh ideas, and the green environment of the barangay. Yellow would represent the loyalty of the people towards the vision of the barangay. White would represent the rivers, pools, springs, basins and creeks that are abundant in the barangay which would also symbolize purity. Red and orange would represent the warmness and hospitality of the people. Black would also represent the caves which abound the area. b. SHAPE OF THE SEAL: i. After which, the Punong Barangay discussed on the shape of the seal. Barangay Councilor Hon. Eleuterio Gentapa suggested that it would be a circle. The constituents in chorus said that it would be appropriate. Barangay Councilor Hon. Rene Oberes suggested that the shape of the seal must be a circle but enclosed with a yellow and green circle which represents the green environment of the barangay with the words BARANGAY GAAS at the top and OFFICIAL SEAL at the bottom of the circle. His suggestion was carried out unanimously.


SYMBOLS THAT REPRESENT THE TWELVE (16) SITIOS OF THE BARANGAY: i. Barangay SK Chairman Hon. Jeffrey Gabito suggested that 16 sunflowers would best represent the sitios of the barangay. He added that a wild variant of sunflower was common in the barangay especially in the area going to both elementary and secondary school. He added further that as he learned from the school the sunflower was a symbol of fidelity and loyalty as it always nodded to the sun until it withered away. Everybody agreed. ii. An old constituent added that a barren tree from which the barangay derived its name must be included in the barangay seal not only to depict the legend of the barangay but also to emphasize the need of a continuous greening program not only by the barangay but with the whole community as well.

d. NAMES OF THE SIXTEEN SITIOS OF THE BARANGAY & ITS SHORT Udlom Ground Zero and vertical caves could be found in the area. Agop It is famous for ginger plantation. Bernisan It was so named since the place had been a flea market during Fridays.


Pangpang It was named after a cliff which was a gateway towards the existing forest found in the area. The place is also rich in sayote plantation. Waswasan There is a spring in the area which is used by the local community in rinsing their laundry. The act of rinsing is waswas in Cebuano hence waswasan literally means a place where people rinsed their clothes. Bunga It was named because of the abundance of betel nuts in the area which were called locally as bunga. Quo It was so named since people would curl up before reaching its top due to its high elevation. Mayana It was named after the abundance of mayana plants in the area. Inaad It was so named since it was surrounded by creeks as if a pig fence. It is the boundary between Balamban, Cebu City, and Toledo City. Dakal It was named after big rocks protruding in the creek. Gaas Proper It is where the barangay hall, the schools, and other important establishments are located. Satuhan During the Spanish period there was a gold mining around the area hence it was called satuhan. Pangi Pangi is another word for sangi. It is so named since the place is located near the horn of the creek. Dalid The place is hilly & slippery. Kuros-kuros It is named after the crossroads in the area. Malingin There is a circular natural pool in the area. The area too is rich in gold.

3. OPEN FORUM (QUESTION & ANSWER) Questions raised were as follows: i. Are the data gathered enough and complete to construct the history of the barangay?

Answer: It will not be impossible if each one of us would help in the gathering of data and if all knowledgeable people in our barangay would contribute their knowledge for the good of our barangay and for the preservation of our history, said the Punong Barangay.


When can we see the barangay logo?

Answer: We have already commissioned people for the work and hopefully it could be finished before the end of September, said the Punong Barangay. iii. Is it necessary for the barangay to create its own logo?

Answer: It is more than necessary. It is a need and a requirement. Aside from the DILG pressuring on the barangays in the making of their own corporate seals, it is mandated by law that a legal organization or institution must have its own corporate seal which will be used in its day by day legal transactions like the issuance of barangay certifications and the like, said the Punong Barangay. VI. CLOSING REMARKS Hon. Hermis Caburnay gave his closing remarks by thanking all the people who had hearing for the future of the barangay. VII. THE PUBLIC HEARING ENDED AT 11:00 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING attended the public

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