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HUYCK, 1616-1896. CONKLING, 1642-1896. Huyck Hamily HOLLAND AND AMERICA, 1616--1896. Conkling, 1642-1896. The genealogy of the Huyck family in America was arranged by Mr. Wm. S. Van Hoesen of Saugerties, N. Y., who spent many weeks of research in its compilation. The results attained were not based alone on Mr. Van Hoe- , sen’s judgment, but were also the conclusions of several librarians of long experience in tracing the genealogy of Dutch families in this country. ‘The manus three legal cap pages, with side notes giving references to substantiate the statements made, In setting out to secure the records of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and wills, to aid in getting at a correct genealogy of the family in America, Mr. Van Hoesen was told that unless his statements were corroborated by satisfactory proofs, his papers would be of no value to the family, and not being limited as to time or cost in collecting the data, he gave conscientious attention to his work, and his papers, when delivered, were properly attested by a notary. The accompanying family chart, in connection with the history of the family, was kindly worked out by Mr. Reginald Bolton of England, who married Ethelind Huyck. This he was enabled to do, by the aid of records of the family, obtained in Holland, and by Mr. Van Hoesen’s researches here. In 1891, Mr. A. A. Vosterman van Oijen, Genealogist and Heraldisch Archief, residing at the Hague in Holland, made investigations that gave many facts concerning the Huycks in Holland. They showed that while the family belonged to the burghers, they had occupied positions of trust and responsibility as far back as the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Copied from tle registers of births, baptism and marriages found there, appear the same names that occur in the families on this side of the water. It was this Dutch record that enabled Mr. Bolton to connect the Huycks in America and Holland. Among the Dutch publications in Holland, is a romance in two volumes, “Ferdinand Huyck,” by Wm. Van Lennep, handsomely illustrated with steel engravings, which is said to have had the largest sale in Holland of any novel ever published there; this makes the Huyck name a familiar one in many homes of that country. , as prepared by Mr. Van Hoesen, covers some twenty-