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991 FORM: OM-1307B . Miller cpesve wih serie women MODEL: CRICKET™ GA-16C1 Gun CRICKET™ XL GA-17C1 Gun OWNER’S MANUAL IMPORTANT: Read and understand the entire contents of this manual, with special emphasis on the safety material throughout the manual, before installing, operating, or maintaining this equipment. This unit and these instructions are f ly by persons trained and experienced in the safe operation of wel operate, or maintain this unit. Contact your distributor if you do not fully understand these instructions. MILLER ELECTRIC Mfg. Co. 0. Box 1079 Appleton, WI 64912 USA Tol 414-734-9821 © LIMITED WARRANTY EFFECTIVE: AUGUST 5, 1990, ‘This warranty supersedes all previous MILLER warranties and s exclusive wih no other guaran LIMITED WARRANTY ~ Subject tothe terms and conditons hereet, MILLEA Electc Mfg. Co. Appleton, Wisconsin war fants :0 iS Distibutor/Deaier that all now and Unused Equipment Turnished by MILLER. is tree from defect in workmanship and materaas of the ime and place of every by MILLER. No warranty Ig made by MILLER with cespect 10 fegines, trade aocessaves or ofher items manufactured by thers. Such engines, rade aocessodes ang other liam sold cubjectio the warrames their respectve man laces, ifary. Al engives are warrantied y tre manulacturer tor two years trom eate of onginal purchase, except Deutz engines ‘Which Rave a one year. 2000 hour warrany Exceptas speciiegbelow. MILLER's warranty does not apply te components having noral useful feo less than one (1) Such as spot welder £5, relay ard contactar points. MILLERMATIC pants nat comesn corsact with ne welding wire including nozaios and rozzie insulators where fale dogs rot {esalt om defect in workmanship cr materal MILLER shall be required to nonor warranty claims on war- ranted Equipmentin the overt of failure resuiting rom a detect ‘athe the folowing periods trom the date of delvery of Equipment tothe orignal user ‘re welders, power sources, robots. and ‘components Coad barks (Orginal main power rectors ‘aber ~ 1 year only) All weiding guns. teeder'guns and torches... 90 days fllother MILLERMATIC Feeders ‘year Replacement or repair 2ars, excusive of labor 60 Gays Batiores mone 1 yest 1 year + 3years provided hat MILLER is natiedinweting within thy (30) cays, tthe date of such faire. Asa matter of general pocy only, MILLER may honor claims subriied by the anginal user win the Toregorng peross. Inthe case of MILLER's breach of warranty or any ether duty with respact tothe qualy of any goods, the excusiveremedios ‘theretore shall beat MILLER'S option (3) repair oc (2) replace- Tent or where authorized in wrtng By MILLER in agpropeate ‘Cases, (2) the reascrabie cost of “epair of repiacerent at an Sufvorzed MILLER service station or (4) payment o! or erect fer the purchase price (less reasonable depreciation basse ‘Upon adtual use} dpon return ofthe goods at Customer's rk jexnense. MILLER option of repair orreplacernert wi be FO., Factory al Agpiton, Wisconsin. or FOS. ata MILLER aunetized service ‘aally, thereore, no compensation for rarsporalion costs any kin willbe allones. Unon rece pot retea of apparent cotoct or falure, MILLER saallinsruet ne Camant onthe warranty lam procagures to be follows. ANY EXPRESS WARRANTY NOT PROVIDED HEREIN AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY. GUARANTY OR RE®RE- SENTATION AS TO PERFORMANCE. AND ANY REMEDY FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT WHICH, BUT FOR THIS. PROVISION, MIGHT ARISE BY IMPLICATION, OPERATION OF LAW. CUSTOM OF TRADE OR COURSE OF DEALING, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHAN: TABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL EQUIPMENT FURNISHED BY MILLER IS EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED BY MILLER, EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED BY MILLER IN WRITING, MILLER PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR ULTIMATE PURCHASE 8Y COMMERCIALINDUSTRIAL USERS AND FOR OPERATION BY PERSONS TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED IN THE USE ANO MAINTENANCE OF WELDING EQUIPMENT AND NOT FOR CONSUMERS OR CONSUMER USE, MILLER'S WARRANTIES DO NOT EXTEND TO. AND NO RESELLER 'S AUTHORIZED TO EXTEND MILLER'S WARRANTIES TO, ANY CONSUMER. o 9 or warraties expressed o implied RECEIVING-HANDLING Before unpacking equipment, check carton foranydam- Use the following spaces to record the Model Designa- age that may have occurred during shipment. File any _ tion and Serial or Styie Number of your unit. The infor- Claims for loss or damage with the delivering carrier. _ mation is located on the data card or the nameplate. Assistance for fling or settling claims may be obtained {rom the distributor and/or the equipment manufactur- Model er's Transportation Department. When requesting information about this equipment, al ways provide the Model Description and Serial or Style Date of Purchase Number. Serial or Style No.. ES TABLE OF CONTENTS Section No. Page No. SECTION 1 ~ SAFETY RULES FOR OPERATION OF ARC WELDING POWER SOURCE 1-1, Introduction . 1 1-2. General Precautions 1 1-3. Arc Welding 4 1-4, Standards Booklet Index 5 ‘SECTION 2 - SAFETY PRECAUTIONS AND SIGNAL WORDS, 2-1. General Information And Safety... 6 2-2. Safety Alert Symbol And Signal Words 6 SECTION 3 - SPECIFICATIONS 3-1, Volt-Ampere Curves 8 32. Duty Cyole 8 3-3. Description .......... soe 8 3-4. Supplied Equipment : 9 3-5. Personal Safety Equipment . 9 3-6. Optional Equipment — 8 3-7. Consumable/Replacement Parts ... 10 SECTION 4~ INSTALLATION OR RELOCATION 41. Locate The Welder bese 10 4-2, Install The Work Clamp .... : 10 4-3. Set The Welding Polarity 4-4, Install The Welding Gun . . Senne Ee beeeees 4-6. Install And Thread The Wire... 1" 4-6. Adjust The Hub Tension . 12 4-7. Connect To Power 12 4-8 Feed The Wire ... 13 SECTION 5 - OPERATOR CONTROLS. 5-1. Power Switch . . 13 5-2. Voltage Adjustment Switch 13, 5-3. Wire Speed Adjustment Control 14