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Battles fought. Lost and Won. Yet another Challenge awaits us All! Give it up for PH.

AllStar's Weekly Victory Professional Battle! The World awaits for the coming of a New Champion. The Stage is set for the Biggest, The Grandest DotA Tournament to ever grace Ranked Gaming Client.

With 2 Rules && Regulation: 1. Each team should only have 1 remake per game. A total of 2 remakes in a match. 2. Any team that is late for (30 minutes) for any reason will automatically be disqualified on that specific match and will win by default.

PH.AllStar's WVP Battle! June 10, 2012; 3PM @ PH.ALLSTAR Channel 20 Days Team Captain Access @ MINESKI and PH.ALLSTAR 1 Month of access as a Head Admin on ALLSTAR GAMING The Winning Team's Name will be posted at the lobby channels of, PH.ALLSTAR, MINESKI, PH.CLANWARS, and The PHILIPPINES The 2 Finalist will have the chance to fight on the Monthly Tournament With a Prize of 5 Gold Member Rank and a lot more! AND A LIVESTREAM COVER FROM MINESKI's JTAN!

Double Elimination Battle 9 Daily Champions Gathered Art of Killing (AOK)

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