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Mud Logging


to Excellence

rill-Lab was founded in order to keep pace with the ever

greater service requirements of oilfield operating companies.
The company was registered in 1990 setting its goal for the
provision of DRILLing monitoring and geological LABoratory rig
site services i.e. mudlogging. From the start we worked closely with
the leading producer of this type of equipment. Our main supplier
of equipment and software became Petron Industries of Houston,

Our core business is mudlogging, however our investment in a

highly trained and talented R&D Engineering group has meant
that we can fulfi ll many of the customized requirements demanded
by our clients in the oil exploration and drilling business. We have

. Drill-Lab
1990 , - .

. Petron Industries
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Drill-Lab ,

now extended our range of services to include Well Site Geology,

equipment manufacture, complete mud logging unit assembly, rig
instrumentation, well site technical service and the production of
oilfield services computer software.
Due to the fast development of services and market requirements
the UK registered Drill-Lab Ltd. soon registered its branch in
Poland, Drill-Lab Sp. z o.o. It is there that we trained - and continue
to train - our personnel and from there that we organized services
in S. America, Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. Further
dynamic growth resulted in the opening of another branch office
in Kazakhstan. Today, Drill-Lab Kazakhstan employs many local
specialists, is a solid and reliable partner for many companies in the
local oil and gas sector and has become the leading company for
mudlogging services in Kazakhstan.

, - , .
, Drill-Lab Ltd.,
- Drill-Lab Sp.z o.o.
, .
Drill-Lab Kazakhstan


We place great emphasis on safety at work

United Kingdom Poland Kazakhstan


Our Greatest Asset

ll of our mudlogging personnel are graduate Geologists,

many with Master degrees from the Geological and Petroleum Engineering Faculties of reputable universities.

Our Data Engineers are similarly qualified but also have many
years of field experience working on land and off-shore drilling
operations. We can work in English, Russian, Spanish and Polish
language environments. We care about the level of knowledge and
professionalism of our personnel, organizing regular specialist
training courses.
We expect each field engineer and mudlogger to obtain the relevant
certifications and permits required to work on drilling locations.
We place a lot of emphasis on safety at work. External and in-house
HSE officers continuously improve the level of personnel knowledge
and awareness by teaching specialist courses instructing our men
on how to work efficiently and safely.
Our personnel attend courses run by oil and gas industry accredited
training centers and some Drill-Lab specialists hold the international IWCF (Well Control) certificate.

Professional Experience
of Drill-Labs Crew

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. - ,

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, ,


Knowlege of Foreign Languages

of Drill-Labs Crew

up to 2 years - 34%

2 languages - 77%

over 15 years

2 - 5 years

10 - 15 years

5 - 10 years

1 language

3 and more languages


Customized and personalized quality services


We operate in many oil and gas markets,


hroughout the years of our activity we have worked in many

countries on various continents. Before starting operations in
Poland, Drill-Lab began working in Austria. The experience
obtained there led to the subsequent foundation of our strong position in the Polish market.

Drill-Lab .
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The next step was expansion into South America where, together
with local partners, we performed mudlogging services for companies in Venezuela, Colombia Peru and Ecuador. In some cases, work
performed for large multinational companies in Latin America was
rewarded by new contracts for these same companies in Poland and

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The many years of our presence in the Kazakh oilfield has allowed
us to train and retain a good and sizeable group of local specialists.
Long term experience in providing services has allowed us to add
a manufacturing facility to our capabilities. We have sold complete
mud logging units to countries in the Middle East and offshore
units for a Russian customer. We have also manufactured many
products for our domestic Polish market.


. Drill-Lab

A customized and personalized approach to the services we offer

has invariably guaranteed not only customer satisfaction but steady
growth in the areas where we operate.

ensure client satisfaction

Areas of Drill-Lab Activity











ith the professional training and multilingual capabilities of many of our

personnel we are very attractive to countries where Russian is one of the
main languages. This enabled us to start operations and services
in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russian Siberia.

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Accurate and reliable real-time data are essent


e take pride in knowing how best to satisfy our customers

requirements and for that reason we ourselves plan and
build our own mudlogging units in order to achieve the
goals given us. Steel container cabins are prepared so as to function
in all climatic conditions and are fitted with heating, air conditioning and running water systems.
The ergonomically planned interior, with high quality furniture,
storage compartments, desk with adequate working space guarantees a safe and comfortable working environment. The laboratory
section of the unit, fitted with all required equipment and accessories, is ready to perform all the Wellsite Geologists work requests.
Optionally we can also install an additional pressurization system
with an interior combustible gas alarm, interior emergency lighting
system as well as an exterior gas alarm lamp and siren.
The DL Data Acquisition system (DL DAS) is installed inside an
industrial drawer which fits into a standard 19 inch rack. The DL
DAS is easy to service and maintain, simple to use and calibrate
and is capable of transmitting data, over a normal PC network, to
any number of remote PC stations placed around the rig.
All our units are fitted with a Total Gas Analyser and Chromatograph and we provide in-line H 2S as well as ambient H 2S detection
with solid-state detectors within the Ex-zone. The sensors that
we place around the rig to measure drilling parameters are built
according to ATEX specifications and all have international Ex

Drill-Lab , ,

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, , .
19- (Rack). DL DAS ,

H2S ,
-. ,

ial when drilling for oil and gas

Carefully designed In-house data handling software allows us to
prepare high quality end-user materials such as logs and reports.
The ease with which collected data can be adapted and displayed
means that the system is easily learned and controlled by both the
mudlogging operator and the clients personnel. Depending on customer requirements, advanced functions and calculations within the
system allow for the design of custom logs and reports. In addition
we calculate TVD, ECD, D exponent, hydraulics at a chosen depth,
theoretical hookload and many other parameters in real time.
We have the ability to transmit all online and real-time graphics to
any remote PC screen on location, including the Drillers monitor.

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, .
, . TVD
( ), ECD ( ), D-, ,

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We can also provide the services of Wellsite

Wellsite Geologist

n addition to our wide range of mudlogging services we can

also provide the services of Wellsite Geologists who, with the
backing of our office, will perform all the clients wellsite geological requirements from beginning to end.


Our most experienced geologists have over 15 years of work in the

field. Our detailed knowledge and organization of wellsite geological
work allows us to keep up-to-date communications with the clients
office on issues such as cuttings samples and core description and
analysis, creation and transmission of daily reports, drafting of fi nal
reports, correlation with offset wells and wider regional interpretations.

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, :

We provide supervision over wellsite mudlogging and wireline geophysical services. Due to our extensive experience we can, on behalf
of the client, follow and control costs as well as perform quality
control on the planning and organization of the drilling process.

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All these services are performed by personnel who posses the

required government licenses and who are fully aware of the local
requirements of each client.



The fundamental daily report is the Morning


Standard and customized Logs

and Reports

rill-Lab logs are the final product of our work, they link the
real-time data collection of drilling parameters with the
gas readings and the geological descriptions of the cuttings
samples. The log drawing program works under the Windows XP
operating system and allows, after a simple transfer of data between
the online and the offline data bases, an almost real-time creation
of the standard mudlogging Master Log. Interconnection of stateof-the-art PCs and fast colour printers gives us the capability to
produce ever more specific logs detailing the interactions between
the large amount of data collected during drilling.
A user-friendly interface allows us to easily import data from other
wellsite services e.g. MWD or wireline geophysical runs and to
incorporate this data not only on the real-time display but also in
our logs. The result is a rich and detailed data base of the drilled
well, in accordance with the requirements of our client. Standard
logs are the Master Log, Drilling Tech Log, Composite, Deviation
and Pressure analysis logs. Our field supervisors can also produce
customized logs on request. We also provide many daily reports
based on the suggested formats and requirements of the clients
drilling engineers.
The fundamental daily report is the Morning Report. This is
created by our own in-house software Drill-Lab Morning Report
Program. We monitor the drilling process by such programs as
the Trip Report and the Hydraulic report. For servicing geological
requirements we build a Core Report and the Flash Report which
shows updated and actual geological information as well as data
from the rice or carbide test.


Windows XP,
on-line off-line,
- (Master Log).

, .

, :
- Master Log, Drilling Tech Log
( ), Composite (), Deviation ( ) and Pressure ( ).
, .
- Daily Morning Report.
Drill-Lab Morning
Report Program, .

Trip Report ( -
) Hydraulic report ( ).
, Core Report ( ) Flash Report (


All the above are then used to prepare a Final Report which is made
as soon as the drilling phase of the well, and of our service, is ended.
The detailed collected data that are summarized in this report will
assist the client in further analysis of the drilled section, in the search
for producible hydrocarbons, and will constitute an important element of the clients final archiving of data for future use.

(Final Report), .

, ,

Hardware Software Research, Development


New Technology


stable and reliable data acquisition system is the critical

element for the operation of our service. Based on experience
gained in decades of work in the field our Research and
Development team has successfully produced a data acquisition
system which satisfies our needs and by defi nition satisfies the
requirements of our customers.

, ,


State-of-the-art technical solutions and ease of construction allow

us to process up to 800 signals. A fast and modular approach to
manufacture means that our Data Acquisition system is easily
adaptable, not only used for our own mudlogging needs but also
as the basis for offering advanced, customised rig instrumentation
systems. The Data acquisition system is protected by separators
or Zener safety barriers and all sub-components of the system can
work the Ex-zone. All sensors are ATEX certified

800 .

. , , ,

and Manufacturing


Drill-Lab software engineers have developed user-friendly display

and data storage programs which allow our operators quick and
easy control of the data collection process. Data can be shown in
alphanumeric as well as graphical form and can be relayed to PC
stations installed in the Company Mans or Drilling Engineers
office on location as well as to an LCD-type Drillers monitor on
the rig floor.

- ,

Hardware Software Research, Developme

Research, Development and Manufacturing

ur own Data Acquisition System, the DL-DAS, is the result of combining new technology with our many years of experience in the Oilfield. The idea of producing our own system came as a result of requests to adapt our services to clients
needs. With the help of our Research and Development team and our continuously developing electronics capabilities
we were able to widen our offer of services and equipment to a dynamically expanding market.


The DL-DAS Data acquisition System is used as the basis of various well site monitoring and rig instrumentation systems. It is the
fundamental component for constructing mud logging units which
we build mainly for our own use, but which can also be customized
for sale to our clients.


It is used in the construction of compact, mobile units called SPRs,

which are installed on work-over rigs. The systems small size
allows it to be installed in the Company Mans office on location.
Easy to use software displays and stores the monitored drilling

, , SPR,
, .


ent and Manufacturing

Software Research, Development and Manufacturing

The DL-DAS is also the main component of our Rig Instrumentation. The central processing unit (CPU) and the sensors are permanently installed on the drilling rig. The equipment also includes
a PC station installed in the Company Mans office and an LCD
type Drilllers Monitor fitted with acoustic and visual alarms. The
user-friendly software displays the drilling parameters in real-time,
allows for high and low alarm limits to be set on both the Company

Our well site monitoring and rig instrumentation systems may also
be a adapted to other applications such as data collection, display
and storage on Coiled Tubing drilling units.

: ,
Coiled Tubing.

Mans remote PC station as well as on the Drillers Monitor and

stores all the collected data in depth as well as time data bases. All
system components installed on the drilling rig fulfi ll the safety
requirements of the EU ATEX 95 directive.

DL-DAS - (Rig instrumentation). (CPU)

- LCD-
-, ,

committed to your


committed to your

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