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Upon completion of your OJT, you are expected to submit an OJT Report as a requirement for completion. Aside from the
ratings that will be given to you by your immediate supervisor, this report will be given weight in the computation of your

To standardize the report, following will be the outline of such:

CHAPTER I. this will have to contain a brief history of the institution where you hold your OJT. An organizational chart of the
company will greatly be helpful, if shown in this section, showing the specific section your assigned. This section may also
contain your expectation/impressions of the organization upon your acceptance as trainee.

CHAPTER II. This section will briefly discuss your assignment, its relevance to your course and the company’s system of

CHAPTER III. This section will show a comparative analysis of the actual system being utilized by the company and the ideal
system, as discussed in accounting courses. You may emphasize the strengths and weakness of the company’s system, if

CHAPTER IV. you may give your recommendation in this section.

The report must be softbound and be submitted not later than 30 days from your last day on your training. As part of the
report, your time record must be part of your appendices.
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