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READING MATERIALS ITP Test 1: Sec1: In Praise of Amateurs Sec2: Reading the Screen Sec3: The Revolutionary Bridges

of Robert Maillart Test 2: Sec1: Tackling Obesity in the Western World Sec2: Wheel of Fortune Sec3: Being Talented or Gifted Test 3: Sec1: Indoor Pollution Sec2: Robots Sec3: Saving Language Test 4: Sec1: The Great Australian Fence Sec2: Its Eco-logical Sec3: Striking the Right Note Test 5: Sec1: Twist in the Tale Sec2: Fun for the Masses Sec3: The Art of Healing IELTS on Track Test 1: Sec1: Survivor from the Sky Sec2: The Race to Make Spider Silk Sec3: Map Wars Test 2: Sec1: Please Hold the Line Sec2: Did Tea and Beer Did Bring About Indust? Sec3: Team-based Learning Test 3: Sec1: Sleeping on the Job Sec2: Homeopathy Sec3: The Hemp Revival Test 4: Sec1: Frogwatch Sec2: Just Relax Sec3: Kids and Sport Test 5: Sec1: Wolves, dogs and humans Sec2: Crops Circles Sec3: Are These Two Reporters On The Same Planet? Test 6: Sec1: Lake Vostok Sec2: The Cells from Hell Sec3: Mystery of the Test Builders Test 1: Sec1: Networking Sec2: A Silent Force Sec3: Variations on a Theme Test 2: Sec1: Adams Wine Sec2: Teacher Shortages Sec3: Eva Hesse Test 3: Sec1: Instrument of Western Orchestra Sec2: Waterside: A Study in Suburban Devt. Sec3: Electronic Learning Test 4: Sec1: Worms put new life into derelect site Sec2: I have recently planted a hedge Sec3: Day-dreaming 404 Test 1: Sec1: The Cycle of a Star Sec2: Tomato Ripening Sec3: Eco-tourism Test 2: Sec1: Poverty and Health Sec2: Valium Sec3: Global Warming Test 3: Sec1: Computer Security Sec2: The Big Sleep Sec3: Salinisation Test 4: Sec1: Home the New Workplace Sec2: Alzheimer Disease Sec3: Globalisation