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Marketing task
Ten rules of radical marketing Three stages of marketing practice Scope of marketing Decisions marketers make

New Economy Big change in digital economy

Web Internet etc.

Marketing concepts and tools

Segmentation / Target market Need, wants, demand Value and satisfaction Customer Needs State d Quality needs Service Real Price needs Information Unsta Experience Satisfaction ted needs Marketers Prospects Delig /Competitors /Customers ht needs Brand Relationship Marketing competitio CRM (Customer ) Secre Marketing Network n t Industry needs competitio
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Brand Image Product Value :

Supply Chain Suppliers

Relationship Marketing PRM ( Partner ) Marketing Network



Re-structure Flexibility Re-build

Specific Charter Measurable Attainable Vision/Mission Objective/Strategy/Policy/Plan Rational Timely Quality Assurance
Structure Shared Vision/Value Culture/ Paradigm/ HR


Quality Synergy
Effectiveness Re-tools
KMUTTs Home Model

Efficiency Re-process

Process & System


Productivity Improvement
Monitoring & Evaluation System

Continuous Improvement
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