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There are essentially ten rules for finding fame, notable fortunes, celebrity,

wealth, and renown. These rules involve the placement of the planetary rulers of
"sensitive" positions in the chart. These positions are known as the Arabic Parts
or Egyptian Lots.From the work-in progress, "The Five Pillars."

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The "Five Pillars" consist of a delineation technique using what has long been
called "Parts," now more accurately called, "Lots:" The Lot of Fortune, Lot of
Spirit, Lot of Basis, Place of Acquisition and Place of Exaltation. We will be
specifically working with the Place of Exaltation with Adolf Hitler's chart as our

The Lot of Fortune is the focus point for all of our delineation. This is because
we actually adopt the position of the Lot as an alternate natal ascendant for the

We are looking at the natal chart, but turning it, superimposing a completely new,
and previously invisible, chart onto the natal chart, which reveals completely
different facets of the native's fate and confirms important indicators found in
the radical chart. It demands that we change our view of the ascendant, taking on
a flexible wheel which turns at will instead of maintaining a permanent position.
Once the wheel rotates to the Fortune-as-Ascendant, the whole signs and angular
relationships which follow, then take on power and significance as the new angles
of the radical chart, promising a deeper look into our human possibilities. The
bulk of this material comes from "The Anthology" by Vettius Valens, ca. 2nd
century Alexandria.

In book II, part I of "The Anthology," Vettius Valens writes:

"We have found a certain place to be mystical, and by experience we take by day
from the Sun at birth to Aries (which is the Sun's exaltation) and by night from
the Moon to Taurus (the Moon's exaltation), and equal degrees from the Horoskopos
(ascendant). And wherever it should leave off, consider this place and its ruler.
For if it should be found to be marking the hour (this means, rising or ascending)
or culminating (which means the 10th whole sign from ascendant or Lot of Fortune)
especially upon a pivot point (angle, "kentron" in Greek - "kendra" in Sanskrit)
of the Lot (of Fortune), this figure foretells one who is royal, with the
remaining stars and sects showig the support of the nativity to be great."
This is from my work in progres:

"The (Place of) Exaltation indicates the level or strata which the native obtains
in society. This place and the position of its ruler are the primary indicators of
fame and exalted status in the chart. When auspiciously placed it indicates an
important life, an historic figure or a household name. The effectiveness of the
place of Exaltation relies on the position of its ruler. The place of Exaltation
can describe the area of life that will exalt the native, but the ruler of the
Exaltation must be well placed to reap the full benefits of notability and high

"If the ruler is not well positioned, the full potency indicated by the place of
Exaltation is prevented. Since it is used specifically to delineate status, the
Exaltation will not be used as extensively as the other 4 pillars within this
system. When the ruler of the exaltation is placed in such a way to indicate
prominence, then the qualities and signs of that planet apply and can be
incorporated into the delineation of the chart, When the ruler does not indicate
prominence, the place of exaltation and any planets on it will indicate the area
of life that exalts the native as per the status determined by
the ruler.

"The Place of Exaltation is also an indicator of the native's inherent talents."

Now, this may sound like a rather commonplace occurrence in a chart, but it's
actually more rare.

Finding the Place of Exaltation in the chart is a two-step process. Any reference
to house will always refer to the whole sign houses and all references to signs
will refer to the tropical zodiac.

1. If the chart is diurnal, count the number of signs between the Sun's natal
position and the sign or Aries. If the Sun is in Capricorn, one would walk the Sun
forward four signs.

2. Walk the Ascendant as many signs as you have the Sun. If, for the above
example, the Ascendant is Sagittarius,then the Place of Exaltation would be
Pisces,and Jupiter would rule the Exaltation in the person's chart.

If the chart is nocturnal,we would count the Moon to the sign of Taurus and move
the Ascendant the same amount. So, for Moon in Pisces, we would move forward two
signs,which would move our Sagittarius Ascendant to the sign of Aquarius; making
Saturn the ruler of the Exaltation.

If either Jupiter, in the diurnal chart or Saturn,in the nocturnal chart were
culminating or 10 signs from the Lot of Fortune or Ascendant,then the native
experiences a notable fate and high position, possible fame or public recognition.

Adolf Hitler
20 April 1889
6:20 pm
Braunau, Austria
13E04 48N15
Tropical Ascendant 23Libra45

Libra rises on the chart of this self-proclaimed "artist" whose application to art
school was rejected and who made a meager living selling paintings in his early
bohemian period. I'm sure that Hitler's friends during this period (pre 1920)
would have been very surprised to see where Hitler would end and the influence he
would have on the world.

This is where we come in. How can we tell that he will be famous.

The Lot of Fortune is in Cancer, which is the 10th house. The Lot is well placed
there, but I have the Lot of Fortune in the 10th house and I'm not famous.

It's ruler is in the 4th house with Jupiter. This places the Moon in the 7th from
the Lot. Lot rulers that occupy angles from the Lot of Fortune gain power. But the
ruler of the Lot of Fortune does not determine fame, it can only support it.

Earlier, I mentioned the ten rules. Hitler's chart fulfills two of them: Find the
ruler of the Lot of Fortune angular, with a benefic and specifically Jupiter. Here
also, the Moon conjoins Jupiter and occupies the 7th from the Lot of Fortune.

Now to the Place of Exaltation: This is a diurnal chart, locate the Sun first. The
Sun is in Taurus, and so the count is moved backwards two signs (Taurus counting
as the first) then, second, to Aries. Repeating the same procedure to the
ascendant (as described in the ten rules) we find the place of Exaltation in
Virgo, the 12th house, known as "The Evil Spirit".

Seek Mercury, find him in Aries in the radical 7th house. The 7th house is the
10th house/sign from the Lot of Fortune. This denotes that this nativity might be
very notable indeed.

When the ruler of the Exaltation is positioned in such a manner as to determine

fame for the native then the significations of that planet and the talents
represented describe for what they are famous.
Mercury rules the tongue, and Hitler was known not only for the amazing charisma
of his presence and how his words moved people, but for the sheer volume of his
verbal activity. Biographies of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco all told of how
Hitler would dominate an entire meeting by talking non-stop sometimes for three
hours at a time!

Mercury is the ruler of the radical 12th, representing the personifcation for the
native and their own self-undoing, but he also rules the 12th from the Lot of
Fortune, reconfirming the negative ends to which this might be used. Mercury is
also the ruler of the radical 9th, which in the Hellenistic system is called "God"
or "King". The ancient Greeks used the 3rd (Goddess/Queen) and 9th to represent
royalty and the sovereign deity. Kingship was moved to the 10th house by the Arabs
in the early middle ages. Thus, the ruler of the house of Kingship is also the
Lord of Exaltation and culminates from the Lot of Fortune. This is further
confirmed by the Moon's conjunction to Jupiter,ruler of the 9th from the Lot of
Fortune, Pisces.

Once again, this method may seem too good to be true, but it is perhaps the
primary signature for fame in the chart. There are others.

Examples of people who have this configuration in their chart (culminating from
Ascendant or Lot of Fortune): George W Bush, George HW Bush, Michael Jackson, Judy
Garland, Mae West, Mussolini, Picasso, Napoleon, Fred Astaire.

I'm very interested in the cross cultural implications of this technique and would
love to begin further discussion with Vedic Astrologers,both in the US and in

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this material with a free first class. The introductory class material describes
in more detail the offerings of this technique.

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