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SAP for Telecommunications



To remain competitive, telecommunications companies have invested in the IT infrastructure that allows them to provide leading-edge services. But many of them still lack a flexible system for managing their revenues and collectibles. And an outdated business system leads to inefficiencies and errors the kind that annoy customers and prevent companies from maximizing returns on their high-tech services. SAP resolves this problem with an end-to-end solution SAP Revenue Management-Contract Accounting that automates critical processes, ensures efficiency, eliminates error, and enhances customer satisfaction.


Telecommunications companies are at the forefront of technological innovation, developing and operating state-of-the-art infrastructure and services. But when it comes to managing the fruits of their labors revenues and collectibles many of them rely on unwieldy, outdated systems that are not automated, not integrated, and severely inflexible. If your company is among those struggling with an archaic revenue system, you are already painfully aware of the losses such a system imposes in revenue, for example, and in customer satisfaction. An outdated revenue system prevents you from fully capitalizing on the expensive investments you have made in infrastructure and services. In effect, it is causing you to throw money down the drain.

SAP Revenue Management-Contract Accounting (SAP RM-CA) is an end-to-end solution that gives you the control and visibility you need to ensure revenue and eliminate leakage. Volume-tested to 50 million customer accounts, it lets you automate all critical processes. And the solutions predefined interfaces and open architecture allow for its seamless integration with any other SAP or non-SAP system, including those for customer relationship management (CRM), billing, and general ledger. That helps you avoid costly custom programming and time-consuming maintenance.

What You Can Expect from the Solution Telecommunications companies around the globe are already benefiting from SAP RM-CA through: Reductions of 10% or more in days sales outstanding Drops of 5% to 15% in uncollectible accounts Improvements of up to 15% in processing incoming payments In some cases, the solution has reduced communications fees with banks by $5 million per year. In others, mass parallel processing has resulted in savings of up to $7.3 million on IT costs. You could see similar improvements.


SAP RM-CA provides you with extensive accounts receivable and collections-handling capabilities geared to the special requirements of your industry. It can process many types of customer-related transactions posting, payments, dunning automatically and in parallel. And it can support high document volumes in environments where manual processing of receivables is not feasible and where automation is essential. Moreover, the solutions scalability and excellent performance result in smooth day-to-day operation. SAP RM-CA models many different types of payments and lets you tailor the func-

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tions precisely to your organizations needs. It also enables electronic data exchange with banks, credit-card companies, and external collections agencies. And it supports credit scoring, installment plans, interest calculation, deferrals, returned items, third-party revenue handling, and dunning and customer correspondence, including account statements. Through its integration with other SAP capabilities, the solution allows you to manage a customers entire financial life cycle credit management, customer care (via your interaction center), dispute management, and electronic bill presentment and payment. Powerful parallel processing capabilities and a highly efficient system architecture enable it to perform at many times the level of conventional accounts receivable systems. Dunning, for example, can be executed on a daily rather than a weekly basis, resulting in improved cash flow. Putting You in the Drivers Seat SAP RM-CA ensures data consistency and correct account assignments, even when you have several thousand users with limited training accessing functions such as credit note entry. The solution also gives you a firm handle on receivable items, to prevent delays in cash flow and allow early detection of delinquency. Automation of routine tasks leads to substantial reductions in time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks. And by tracking third-party charges, the solution gives you complete control over payments to partner companies. Built-in integration with upstream systems (such as mySAP CRM) and downstream systems (such as the general ledger, treasury, and cash management) drastically reduces implementation time. In-Depth Analysis of Customer Behavior The solution also exchanges data with mySAP Business Intelligence. This gives you a wide range of reporting and analytics features. It also allows you to explore accounts receivable information from a variety of perspectives to gain new insight into payment trends and more. This helps you close the loop between receivables management tasks and new marketing and sales activities.


With SAP RM-CA you can: Reduce costs through a high degree of automation and efficiency Get a firm grip on your revenue stream and leverage flexible collections options Reduce write-offs through better tracking of claims Enhance your CRM strategy through a single, consistent view of customer and account data Increase satisfaction by handling payment situations according to customer needs Boost the accuracy of postings through full integration with your general ledger Gain insight into the profitability of your products through powerful reporting and analysis capabilities as well as through integration with your financial controlling system Fine-tune your cash management with accurate forecasts, made possible by real-time integration of receivables with treasury and cash management Ensure full compliance with legal requirements today and in the future Access accurate, real-time financial and performance data Effectively manage third-party charges and ensure that it is really the customers, not you, who pay for partner companies outstanding receivables

With SAP RM-CA, you can streamline all aspects of your receivables management processes. The solution helps you improve vital business metrics, including the order-to-cash cycle, profit margin, per-unit operating costs, and overall cash flow. And by integrating revenue processes into your total enterprise system, it helps you maximize return on all your IT investments. For more information on this comprehensive answer to many of your revenue management needs, visit: www.sap.com/solutions/industry/telecom/keycapabilities or call your local SAP representative.

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