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The Lost fleet of Kublai Khan 1. What stopped Kublai Khan from invading Japan? Kamikaze/divine wind 2.

What helped the Vietnamese defeat the Mongol fleet? Wooden stakes dug into the water 3. What is the problem with the historical sources regarding the battle Inaccurate/unreliable 4. What are the areas of uncertainty concerning the battle? Tick the appropriate. The number of ships in the Mongol fleet How big the Vietnamese forces were What was the result of the battle The names of the commanders 5. One of the Vietnamese traditions is the cult-like attitude towards their .. Ancestors 6. Why do the Vietnamese perceive the defeat of the Mongols as beneficial to the rest of the world? They saved the world from the Mongol invasion. 7. In terms of archaeological findings, what was the problem regarding the wooden stakes found in the estuary? 8. What are the archaeologists working on now? Establishing the extent of the stake field Finding sunk vessels Finding Chinese armoury Establishing the time of the battle 9. Choose the correct sentence:
Prepared by Krzysztof Kujawski

a) The stakes were fixed in the bottom of the estuary after being sharpened. b) The stakes were fixed in the bottom of the estuary before being sharpened. 10. What seems to be a problem with the ground-penetrating radar when searching for hidden artefacts? Water 11. . preserving the ships makes the archaeologist optimistic about their condition. (Wet mud)

12. What other artefacts do the archaeologists hope for? Give two. Armour Weapons Ceramics Personal belongings 13. What could the final fate of the Mongol fleet have been? Give one. They were burnt/salvaged.

Prepared by Krzysztof Kujawski