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DA CAPO INNOCENT FINALE WALKTHROUGH (100% CG, Music, Scenes, and Extra Scenes) written by KisekiBango Note: All

Good Ends are the same, but Prologue 2 gives extra CG. Nemu End does not enter Story. Story choices do not affect endings. Prologue

Love Nemu as a woman

BAD END (Nemu End) Stay by her side Rest for a little while GOOD END BEST END

Pray with Sakura Call out to Sakura Don't rely on Sakura Care for Nemu as a sister Call your parents Call out to Nemu Choose Kotori over Nemu BAD END GOOD END (Prologue 2) GOOD END (Prologue 2)


Story Lunch Choices Classroom, Hallway, Cafeteria, Library Afterschool Choices Cherry Blossom Road, Kazami Academy, Shopping Centre, Sakura Park

Lunch 1
Kotori + Kudou + T/M
Suginami + Miharu Mako Misaki

After 1
Alice + Kudou Suginami + Miharu Izumiko

Lunch 2
Sugimoto + Kudou Misaki + Tamaki Mako

After 2
Kudou Izumiko Tomo + Mikkun

Lunch 3
Kotori + Kudou Tomo + Mikkun Mako + Suginami Miharu

After 3
Kotori Suginami + T/M Kudou Miharu + Alice + Izumiko

Lunch 4
Kotori + S/K + T/M Miharu Misaki + Suginami Suginami + Nanako

After 4
Kotori Suginami + Kudou Sakura Grandmother (Sakura Tree)

Note: T/M stands for Tomo and Mikkun while S/K stands for Suginami and Kudou After completing all four endings, I watched all possible scenes and as a result unlocked all Extra Scenarios. However, I do not believe that this must be done to unlock them, and did not try specific combinations. As such, I would like to pose a guess as to how they are unlocked: EX 1 Choose Sakura Park for the 4th Afternoon (Friday) EX 2 Choose Shopping Centre for the 4th Afternoon (Friday) EX 3 Trigger all of Suginamis events, possibly Izumikos too EX 4 Watch Tomo and Mikkun events, most importantly Hallway of 3rd Lunch (Thursday) EX 5 Trigger all of Kudous events