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1. HISTORY AND BACKGROUND stablished s Hammanskraal and Temba are loc emba The well-established residential and busi business districts of Hamman located 50 retoria. rms are l km north of the CBD of Pretoria. The area, which forms part of the municipal area of the City of e retoria Road). fr he Tswane, is highly accessible from the N1 freew and the R101 (old Bela-Bela/Pretoria Road freeway dministrativ ness ithin Located within the business node, are es essential administrative services, such as the Jubilee ege, satellite campus of the Unive raal Trai he Hospital, the Hammanskraal Detective T Training College, a satel University of kom oth trative nd Pretoria and local administrative offices fo Eskom, Telkom and other, servicing a population of over for E ople 400 000 people . n story kraal, bac more than 90 years, is natural trading hub for t area ing Hammanskraal, with a history dating back m the g including the surrounding towns as far as 50 km. Substantial bus and taxi transport p provides nd g surroundi commuting to and from the surrounding towns and to the P Pretoria CBD where mos of the most re residents are employed. developme e armarked The site earmarked for the development of the new regional sho shopping centre is located within a kilometer of all the abovementioned. C 2. NEED FOR A RETAIL CENTRE a uding reas ation The population size of Hammanskraal an Temba including the su and surrounding areas is well o 400 over ed rrent d e. 000 people. The current retail offering is very cluttered and extr extremely limited which forc many forces t s consumers to do their shopping elsewhe The result is a substa elsewhere. substantial outflow of spend to Pretoria at a high transport cost to the consumer. Market studies show that compared to the current retail supply of 50 000m, there is dem demand for eed 107 000m of additional retail space. In addition to this there is also a definite need for a bett retail better offering which is not currently available. 3. LOCATION OF JUBILEE MALL ntial services, Jubilee Mall will be ideally located within the community, close to all the essential service which alking distance will enable shoppers to save on high transport costs. The centre is within walking distan from ze most of the amenities and will be a meeting place for the residents to socialize and partic participate in community events. ices The property is well situated at the intersection of Jubilee Road, which services Temba and the towns further north and Harry Gwala Road (D2757), a provincial road linking Hammanskr with Hammanskraal the western towns all the way to Soshanguve and Mabopane.

4. THE SHOPPING CENTRE The shopping centre's name, Jubilee Mall, was chosen by the local community a is derived from and the nearby hospital, which has provided medical care to the local community for t than 50 years. The site on which Jubilee Mall is located, is approximately 18ha in extend an has development and rights of over 100,000m. The first phase of the centre will be 33,000m and the design is an enclosed mall p mal providing for three main anchors accessible by three lead-in malls and one central mall. Mall finis finish will be of a high finishes quality with porcelain floor tiles, suspended ceilings and high atriums, which allows for natural h light. Centre amenities include ample restroom facilities, security and centre m ma management offices, exhibition areas and a marketing help-desk. Sophisticated security controls and CCTV cameras will ensure the safety of th customers in the the mall and parking areas. Two access points for customer vehicles and separate access for deliveries is provided. The centre will have over 1600 parking bays and drop off facilities for approximately 100 t taxis. 5. THE DEVELOPER / OWNER New Africa Developments (Pty) Ltd (NAD) will undertake the developme NAD is a dynamic development. property group which since inception in 1991 has successfully completed more than 30 prime which, 1991, developments. The directors in the company, Japie van Niekerk, Pieter Prinsloo and Corne Claassen have extensive knowledge and experience in retail developments in South Africa. With combined experience of more than 60 years, they have the specialist expertise to successfully develop, lease and manage Jubilee Mall. NAD has been instrumental in bringing major retailers into previous disadvantaged communities, often in joint venture partnership with black empowered groups. 6. BENEFITS TO THE COMMUNITY The establishment of the shopping centre will act as a catalyst for further development in the area and the creation of a central business district. The local economy will be boosted with new employment opportunities and will increase the number of local businesses in the area.

More money is spend within the community resulting in further economic growth and improvement in the quality of life.



Locality Map






JUBILEE MALL MARKET RESEARCH STUDIES Fernridge Report April 2008 holds 3 1. Number of households within the immediate catchm catchment area: 83 600 tion 0 2. Size of the population within the immediate catchm catchment area: 340 000 on ncome catchm culated 200 3. The total annual income from the immediate catchment area calculated in 2008 is R2.84 billion per year (R (R236 m 0 on appro million per month). The income from LSM 6+ is approxim approximately R800 million per y year (R67 million per month month). .m ensity rvative 4. Based on a conservative trading density estimate of R 16 400/sq.m per year (R1 400/sq.m / month) the area can . m support 157 000 sq.m of retail space. y q.m. f t 5. Net of the current retail offering of 50 000 sq.m, the un under supply of retail spa is 107 000 sq.m. space oria. flow spe ults 6. Under supply results in a high outflow of consumer spend to Pretoria. ea. 7. No quality retail offering in the area. ve 8. Distances to the nearest competitive shopping:

Market Survey December 2009 3800 respondents 1. Monthly income

Monthly Income R5 000 pm + R2 000 R 5 000 R0 R2 000

LSM Group LSM 6 - 10 LSM 4 5 LSM 1 3

% of Total 46% 44% 11%

No of people 156 400 149 600 37 400

No of Households 38 456 36 784 9 196

2. Based on above table the estimated total annual income is R3.52 billion of which R2.3 billi is from LSM 6 bil billion and above. 3. Store accounts survey for Edgars

Store Jet Edgars Legit, Red Square Jet Mart

4. Clothing Accounts other than Edcon accounts 4 Fernridg Report June 2009 e Fernridge t cu , ences. 1. Objective of the report was to establish the cust customer profiles, shopping tre trends and preferences. 2. Population employed: 102 000 qualificati 55 000 3. Population with Grade 12 and higher qualifica qualification: s 4. Majority of customers shops on weakly basis: 4 43% Saturday ondents op 5. 49% of respondents shop on a Saturday. ondents Edgars 6. 66% of respondents shop at Edgars, which is no in the area. not a. 7. 62% of respondents shop at Pick 'n Pay, which at the time of the survey were not in the area. Score of a 1 000 sq.m were recently converted to a Pick 'n Pay. 8. Average monthly spend on groceries is R800. 9. Average monthly spend on clothing is R740. 10. Typical customer is a black female, between 20 29 years old. 11. Majority of respondents do their monthly shopping in Pretoria. 12. 97% of respondents will support an Edgars and 99% will support a Pick 'n Pay. 13. Clothing stores supported

% of Total 65% 28% 5% 3%

Store Truworths Foschini Woolworths Mr Price

% of Total 38% 18% 18% 14%

AMPS research conducted by SAARF in second quarter of 2 1. Total population within the wider catchment area: 447,000 2. Household income Income Range No of People % of Total 72 000 16% R20 000 + 93 000 21% R11 000 to R19 999 20% R8 000 to R10 999 88 000 14% R5 000 to R7 9999 62 000 68 000 15% R2 500 to R4 999 64 000 14% R0 to R2 4999 3. Based on the above the estimated total annual income is R3.78 billion. 4. Age Grouping Groups (Age) No of People % of Total 72 000 16% 16 24 78 000 17% 25 34 151 000 34% 35 49 146 000 33% 50+

Store Jet Edgars Mr Price Truworths Woolworths Studio 88

Support 31% 14% 13% 8% 5% 3%

Location Temba and Hammanskraal Not in the area Temba Small store - Hammanskraal Not in the area Not in the area

Houses 5km Drive from Jubilee Mall

Houses 5km Drive from Jubilee Mall

Houses 5km Drive from Jubilee Mall

Master Plan/ Aerial Photograph

PHASE 1 JUBILEE MALL PROPOSED TENANTS REV. 61 OPENING DATE: APRIL 2011 SIZE: 37,177 SHOP NO TENANT m 1 9 10 11 12 13 14 15A 15B 16 17 18 19 20 20A 21 22 23 23A 23B 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 36A 36B 37 38 39 40 41 42A 42B 43 44 45A 45B 46 Cashbuild Price n Pride Ellerines Railway Furnishers African Bank Daniel J Sweet Home Pep cell Standard Bank MTN Jubilee Sheet Street Pick n Pay Liquor Pick 'n Pay Starlite Clicks Etem Fashions Ackermans Jet Teeny's Shoes Jam Clothing Fashion Express Total Sport Markham Sterns Skipper Bar Edgars Legit Mr Price Weekend CB Stores Beaver Canoe Pep MK Bags Vodacom Pie City Spar Dodo's MK Gift & Leather Fashion City Matleh Computers CC Mahasane & Charlie Cleaning Game Lasons Dry Cleaners Fastrak Trading Black Current Boutique 1,320 600 450 480 123 104 146 37 28 66 220 201 3,591 244


STATUS Board Approval Offer sent Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Offer sent Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval

SHOP NO TENANT 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 & 55 56 57A 57B 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67/68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92

m 41 60 120 187 30 500 223 450 100 102 80 96 211 210

STATUS Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval In Negotiations Board Approval To Send Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Offer sent Board Approval

SHOP NO TENANT 93 94A 94B 95 101 102 103 104 ATM 1W ATM 2W ATM 3W ATM 1E Chicken Licken Blockbusters Video Spur Old Fashion Fish & Chips Steers & Garamundo Garamundo Nedbank Absa Bank ATM West Entrance FNB ATM Nedbank ATM Standard Bank

m 180 149 150 78 180 111 500 900 8 8 8 10 37,177 2,282 m

STATUS Offer sent Offer sent Offer sent Board Approval Offer sent In Negotiations Board Approval In Negotiations Offer sent Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval

Standard Bank 3@1 Old Mutual Fashion 4 U / HSM Cosmetics Cell Shop Aqsa Bradlows Link Pharmacy TOPS Postnet Boineelo Financial Services DMG Tombstones Dr T G Mmethi FNB Easyplan Double Delight Trading Milky Lane Cash Crusaders Webbers Studio 88 Identity Truworths Franco Ceccato Rhythm & Groove Mzantsi Tradional Food Restaurant KFC Romans Pizza Dial a Bed Geen & Richards Foschini

500 Board Approval 180 Board Approval 600 950 168 435 250 250 311 50 162 2,000 250 834 450 200 700 30 70 41 3,500 119 94 119 53 53 3,750 157 181 180 45 24,292 48,584 32,107 86.36% Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Offer sent Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval To send Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval

85 Board Approval 350 Offer sent 298 350 300 650 167 139 145 70 280 140 252 602 500 In Negotiations Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Offer sent Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Board Approval Offer sent

SHOP NO TENANT Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Store 4 Store 5 Store 6 Store 7 Store 8 Store 9 Etem Fashions Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant STATUS 132 Board Approval 137 113 124 74 166 202 76 124 1,148

Exact 320 Sport Scene 150 John Craig 180 Double Delight Trading Express 160 DFX - Dunns 150 Starlite 335 King Pie 40 Cell Shop Joelane 30 Tshelete Thuso 87 Beauty Salon 100 Value Vision 79 Post Office 300 Capitec Bank 200 Beares 614 Standard Bank 1,000 Nando's 120 10,603 21,206


Temba Mall proposed tenants


JM - Tenant list no rental 8 Oct 10.xls

RE: RE: JUBILEE MALL GENERAL SPECIFICATION. Herewith please find the general specification for Jubilee mall.

Toilet facilities: Two public toilet facilities will be provided in the mall. Provision will be made for male, female, paraplegic and family toilets. Management offices: Management g A centre management office will be provided. The security office will also be provided at the management offices. Air conditioning: All internal shops facing the malls will be air conditioned. All shops facing the parking at the external walkway will not be airconditioned airconditioned e unless so stipulated in their lease. The malls will not be air-conditioned and will make do with the spill-over from the shops. The mall will make use of energy efficient air-conditioning to prevent the use of excess electricity. Electrical: All mall lighting will be installed with energy saving lamps. All tenants must us low energy lighting in their design as to reduce energy consumption. Natural lighting will be introduced in the public area to lighten the light load and to save power. Fire protection: The building will be supplied with Fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and hydrants. Sprinklers will be installed in accordance with SABS 0287. All fire escapes and routes will be in accordance with the national building regulations. All fire signage will be in accordance with SABS 0400-1990. The mall is a 100% smoke free building.

Structure: Floors will be surface beds as the centre is on ground level. centre n level. e . Level differences I the mall will be handled with 1:20 gradient ramps. e handled a gradient r t e underside The roof structure will consists of steel roof trusses with RC columns to underside steel e with of steel trusses. The boundary walls will consist of Infill masonry between RC columns. between e Infill f . sheeting e i degrees. r Roof covering will be Clip-lock sheeting on 3 and 5 degrees. sheeting l brick-work brick-work - o dry-walling. Internal walls will consist of brick-work and/or dry-walling. e protect lean-to a The external walkways will have a lean-to roof to protect the public from m . the elements. Mall floor finish: Porcelain tiles. Internal wall finishes: finishes: n Plaster and paint. paint. n. . Porcelain Tiles. Ceilings: Flush plastered and painted ceiling in the malls. 600x1200 vinyl clad lay-in ceiling in the shops. Shopfronts: Natural- and powder-coated aluminium frames Glasing will be a minimum of 6mm fadeban PVB Laminated safety Glass. . External wall finishes: Face brick. Plaster and paint. Tiling. External floor finishes: Paving will be installed on the walkways. Tarmac will be installed on vehicle surfaces.


COMPANY New Africa Developments


CONTACT Japie van Niekerk Pieter Prinsloo Corne Claassen (Leasing) Elsume van Deventer (Leasing) Howard Betts Gavin Sleater Frikkie de Lange Thomas Roos Mick Passoni Helia Potgieter Lomien Botha Etienne Botha (EBA for LPA) Pieter Rodgers Dion van der Linden Hendri Gelderblom Hendri Gelderblom Henry Mattheus Hennie van Veerden Shaun Johnson Trevor Larkin Martin van Zyl Jabu Luthuli Elaine Holtzhausen Delia de Lange Harm Schreurs Richard Raven Stefan Henning Baren Becker (MD) Rudolph Raath Francis Gomes Paul Labuschagne

TEL. NO. (012) 662 3411

FAX NO. (012) 662-4385

CELL NO. 082 451 3103 084 245 1225

(011) 656-2440 (012) 346-7890 (011) 442-6260

(011) 656-2441 (012) 346-6074 (011) 442-6468

082 553 1714 082 854 5127 082 775 4740 082 443 6111 072 347 1797


QS Quantity Surveyors DG Consulting Engineers DG Consulting Engineers Watson Mattheus

(012) 658 5850 (012) 664-7245/7608 (012) 369-6720 (012) 369-6720 (012) 663 5768

(012) 658 5852 (012) 664-8618 (012) 348-9978 (012) 348-9978 (012) 663 9108

082 490 6180 082 559 8172 082 559 8172 082 551 1616


Charles Pein & Partners Inc. Safety Fire Technology Lokisa WSP SA Civil & Strcutural Engineers

(012) 349 2755 011 476-7420 (012) 346-8324/7655 (012) 361-4141 (012) 998 0181 (012) 808 1145 (012) 669 0322 (012) 386 9047

(012) 349 2758 (011) 476-7486 (012) 346-6074 (012) 361-4142 082 8704778 (012) 808 2375 (012) 669 0224 (012) 386 0682

083 787 4225 083 349 2758 082 411 8056 082 929 6471 082 493 9616 082 376-0527

Beckers Building Contractor Francis Transport & Plant Hire Labucon Resources

072 281 4399 083 260 5650 082 892 1675

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