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Grade 10

Health and Physical Education June 27th, 2012 Creator: Brad Mahar

Young Carers- Dealing with Family members who suffer from Mental Illness
Curriculum Outcomes

Grading Rubric


1. 1.D.7 Demonstrate cooperative skills in interactions with others. 2. 2.D.8 Demonstrate cooperation and supportive behaviour in interactions with others. 3. 3.D.8 Demonstrate leadership skills in interactions with others. 4. 3.K.4 Select, research, and report on a wellness topic. Based on Participation - Any form of participation will be considered (written responses, oral commentaries, class participation, discussions with classmates, etc.) Introduce the guest speaker and explain how the presentation fits the curriculum and unit plan.

Activity #1 Description

Virtual Dementia Tour Guest Speaker Alzheimers Society

Time Allotted: 30 minutes

Materials Discussion

Virtual Dementia Tour The Virtual Dementia Tour is a key part of our education services. It is a learning experience that has the participants completing assigned tasks while being physically and sensory impaired. During the activity they experience memory loss, breakdown of communication, recognition problems, and perceptual losses. A de-briefing session is then provided. This session has to be specifically planned based on the location and number of participants. Resource: http://www.alzheimerniagara.ca/Support.htm -Alzheimes Society of Niagara Falls - All Materials will be brought from the presenter - Ensure there is an extra room to use for the simulation Discussion will be led by presenter

Activity #2 Description

Young Carers Website

Time Allotted: 5 Minutes

Bring up the Young Carers of Niagara Region website and go through it with the students. Explain to students my background working with

Materials Discussion

this organization and some of the experiences I had throughout my time with them. Young Carers Initiative Powerhouse Project Website www.powerhouseproject.ca Explain the term young carer and have a discussion about how this term evolved. - Where it originated and how has been adapted to fit North American Culture. - How we grew from our very first member - The impact we have had in the community - The eye opening facts of mental illness - What the future holds for the organization

Activity #3 Description

Research & Share

Time Allotted: 20 minutes

Materials Discussion

Based on the information provided in the previous activity Young Carers, have students think about the term and research other organizations related to it. Each student will pair up with another student with a computer to do research and find material to share with the rest of class. Think about how your impressions have been altered or not altered. How does your research fit the discussion of Young Carer? How are Young Carers linked to Mental Illness or Mental Health?

Activity #4 Description

Exit Slip

Time Allotted: 10 minutes

Materials Discussion

Answer the Following Questions by writing or depicting answers on a sheet of paper. 1. What did you learn today that you didnt know before coming to class? 2. If you could have brought in a guest speaker, who would it be and why? 3. If you could change anything about this lesson what would it be and why? N/A Have students pass in their responses as they depart from class. These responses will be used as a reference point for teaching this unit next semester.