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A miracle in computer interaction field Leap motion a break through in computer interaction. Say goodbye to mouse & keyboard Its more accurate than a mouse.


History of leap motion

Developed by Michal Buckwaid &holz . Cost is 70$ Aim was to create miracle in computer inter action.. The Leap is designed to sit right in front of your monitor or laptop and sense movements with startling 7/2/12

What is a Leap Motion

A small silver rectangle box with a sensor pointing device Suddenly register what we type on air.. The input device is 200 times more precise than any technology Sensitive than a touch screen


Working of leap motion

All the movements is controlled by a rectangular box & show result on the screen Leap can easily connect with our computers via USB can install leap s/w Work according to our angles hand movements 7/2/12

Advantages of leap motion

Most easiest method of computer interaction Portability Can also used in mobile phone, tablets etc.. In future it can make developments in robotic areas & in business fields also.. 7/2/12

Features of Leap motion

Basic computing tasks like navigating an operating system or browsing through Web pages Precise virtual drawing in 2-D and 3-D Signing a digital document by writing in air Navigating large-scale 3-D 7/2/12

Leap changing the world hundred thousand lines of code Two or three
later, weve figured out how to use the Leap to create an interaction space around your computer, in 3D. Able to distinguish thumbs from fingers, and even handheld items like pencils. This allows users to interact like never before, using only natural movements. And we went a step further. You will be able to create custom gestures that fit how you want to use your computer. You can even network more than one Leap device, to create even larger interaction areas

As a conclusion, Leap represent a significant step forward for loughfree, motion sensing technology and the sensible price point means we wont need to a finished artist .CEO or stinking rich to get our hands on one the working of 7/2/12 this is really exiting & also will