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Building on Your Foundation: Next Steps

Once your students have a solid foundation, what next?

Simple Equations
Now that your students have a solid foundation, you can introduce simple equations such as x + 7 = 12 They will hopefully understand why you subtract 7 from 12 to solve for x Stick with one-step equations until they master the concept of solving for x

Then What?
There are a few directions you can go once your students can solve basic equations.

Keep in Mind
Not all algebraic equations on the GED test will be as easy as x + 7 = 12.
The test will include equations that measure other math skills, such as x = 1/3.

Direction 1
Include the following in equations:
Fractions Decimals Integers (positive/negative numbers) Square Roots
This reinforces algebraic thinking along with working with fractions, decimals, etc.

Direction 2
Introduce Multi-Step Equations 3y + 7 = 28 4a = 2a + 14

7b 6 = 4b + 3
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