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Russell A. Smith Fete ADSUIC SECRETS SCANNED BY: pulluboone rie PoG Sanger, Texas dedicated to the premise VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS Published in the United States by ‘THE DOG Route 1, Box 619 Sanger, Texas 76266 THE DOG ‘An organization of ‘Theological Harmonistic Exercitations into the Discoveries Of Gurdjieff Copyright © 1993 by Russell A. Smith All rights reserved. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic ot ‘mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system now known or tobe invented, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer, ‘who wishes to quote brief passages in connection with a review ‘written for inclusion in a magazine, newspaper, or broadcast. ISBN 0-9643031-0-8 TABLE OF CONTENTS AUTHOR'S NOTE PROLEGOMENON ___ ACCORDING TO LAW-chapter One. ‘The third striving remains objective 0 All manifestations are governed by Laws 0 The Enneagram as three symbols 0 Law of Three 0 Law of Seven 0 The Octave 0 Pythagorean Harmonies 0 Diatonic Scale 9 Diatonic Totality 0 Discontinuity of vibrations © Motivation behind Creation Chapter One Worksheet. THE UNCREATION OF THE UNIVERSE.-Chapter Two (Changed state is the Present state The changing of the Law of Three © Relationships of the three forces 0 Separation of the three forces Corresponding correlation: ratios 12-10-8 © ‘The changing of the Law of Seven © Deciphering the Enneagram 0 The dilemma of even sevenths The Absolute’s structural alterations 9 Cosmic rumple 0 ‘The alignments that gave birth to the Universe 0 Correlation between the displacement ofeach note 0 Ratio of the cosmic rumple 0 Reflections 0 Chapter Two Project. INFRASTRUCTURAL COGNIZANCE.-chapter Three. Absolute-sun-earth-moon 9 Mathematics of four fundamental points 0 Three inner ‘ctaves O The fate ofthe vibrations 0 The unique vibrations of So and Mi 0 Structure of scale-0 and scale-1 9 Octave lengths 9 Scale-2 observations An oscillating Do’s point of view 0 The appearance of Pauses © Process of defining what a thing is Parts and parts-of-parts Time for Ti @ According to scale 0 Playing with a full deck © The deck of cards portrays 7 and 3 in Man 0 69 vibrations which define Life 0 Sex as the Duplicating Principle © Gradations in complexity/intelligence Chapter Three Worksheet. 35 CAUGHT IN THE COSMIC LOOP--chapter Four eo) Examining the vibrations between the four fundamental points 0 Top, middle or bottom octave 9 Dual possibilities © An octave has a duality & Mathematics ofthe duality and the range of existence So and Mi have a mutual relationship 0 The Atom 0 Presence of three forces--webs of harmonic stability 9 Inevitbility of oscillations 0 ‘Symmetrically-distanced denying force 0 Major and minor oscillations The atom is influenced by the major oscillation 9 Three scales of an oscillation 0 Structure of oscillations reveals one of Life's first molecules-RNA 0 The oscillation and transfer RNA 0 The octave insures the accuracy of its oscillation 0 A completing duality becomes DNA-the Master Blueprint of Life 0 Oscillations within oscillations 0 DNA © Chapter Four Project © Inexactitudes. THE WAY UP WAS THE WAY DOWN. Chapter Five B Defining the fabric of the Universe 0 All forces are diatonic 0 Structurally, a trinity of three forces 9 A diatonic trinity © Mutual points of influence 0 Flow of forces 0 Configuration for the passage of forces Ribosomal RNA ® The Chord 0 Shocking octaves @ Possibility of ascension © Inner transition 0 Diagram of Nutrition 0 Passage of food, air and impressions with and without shocks 0 Man-Angel major oscillation 9 The symbolic Enneagram 0 Forces are always at LA and FA 0 The Diatonic Enneagram 0 Begin at Mi and So 0 Chapter Five Worksheet. THE UNIVERSAL COSMIC WEAVE-Cchaptes Six. a1 Completing the structure of the Universe 0 Multiple representations of the Laws Symbol of three forces: united and separated 0 Transitional Symbol @ Symbolic eternal tunchanging © Three segments within four boundaries 0 Configuring the boundaries of the three segments as octaves 0 AbsoluteHoly Sun Absolute--Universé 0 Establishing corresponding diatonic forces in the Holy Sun Absolute 0 The Gurdjieff Treatise © Octaves that lawfully arise inthe outer segment--the Universe 0 Chronological Diagram of the Universal Cosmic Weave Mathematical progression during formation © Pascal's Triangle 0 19 points of creation 0 Fibonacci Series 0 Boundaries of Creation The sixteenth octave removed 0 Progression of Forces 0 47 diatonic vibrations exist in the 19 octaves of the Universe 0 19 relatives, 4 families 0 Family order of ‘occurrence © A listing of the filling of an atom’s energy shell © Connections 0 Two electrons share the same orbital-spin-down, spin-up 0 Family connections 0 The enigmatic pattern of the Periodic Table of Elements is lawfully structured 0 The Universe begins with seven Supreme Vibrations 0 Each octave ends with a duality 0 Stop and Start octaves 9 Placement of elements 0 Mr. Gurdjieff's ‘inner Ansapalnian- ‘octave’ © The final element--Gurdjine © Chapter Six Project. TRAVERSING SUSPENDED CONTINUITY-Chapter Seven _____ 135 Highlights of this exposition Traversing the obligatory-gaps 0 Outer octaves 0 Coinciding vibrations are felt @ Gaps between major oscillations Oscillations connect centers 0 Three-fold aspect 0 The Sequence 0 LA and FA outer octaves 0 Seventh family member is an ending and a beginning 0 Defining the unknown previous scale 0 Spiritual and Physical range ® Seven brains come into being @ REASON makes the difference Sevenfoldedness Octaves within Stopinders 9 i's location 0 Spanning the intervals © Why Re isthe bottom 0 Why and where the fundamental outer cycle stops © Three particularities of the fifth Stopinder @ The sixteenth octave-last and first 0 Similarities to the already arisen-Life 0 A journey beyond-beyond--some greater octave Interpreting the arrows of ascension and descension Gravity 0 Mi- So area of coincidence--a unique manifestation 0 Electromagnetic Spectrum © Magnetism 0 Strong and Weak nuclear forces The After Math 9 Chapter Seven Worksheet. ENDNOTES 160 FOUNDATIONAL LITERATURE, 162 INDEX OF TERMS. 164 INDEX OF DIAGRAMS. 165 AUTHOR'S NOTE As we journey into the vast, intricate terrain of the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, it will serve us well: to know where we are; remember where we have been; and understand where we are going. Since, in our endeavors we shall not only venture horizontally--along the same scale, but vertically-- traversing many scales, the following guideposts have been added to help the intuitive traveler find his way: Scale Model Scale-? = “DO” “RE” “MI” “FA” “SO” “LA” “Tr? “DO” ‘THE UNKNOWN SCALE Scale-O = DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO ‘THE SCALE OF TOTALITY--“ONENESS” Scale-l = DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO ‘THE NATURAL MATHEMATICAL SCALE~“PARTS” Scale-2 = Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do ‘THE SCALE OF MECHANICALNESS-~“PARTS OF PARTS” Scale-3 = do re mi fa so la ti do ‘THE INNERMOST SCALE--"PARTS OF PARTS OF PARTS” AllScales = Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti ‘THE GENERIC SCALE P iii PROLEGOMENON One fundamental truth ringing forth from the chronicles of humanity is the assertion that Man--“the pinnacle of Creation”--is made in the image of God. A thoroughly humbling realization; but, what does being made in the image of God really mean; and, if this image of God is a self evident truth for us, then it should also be self evident in the structure of the Universe. Conceivably, if we can assimilate this axiomatic image [an underlying common structure in both Man and the Universe] we might be able to actualize ourselves in-consonance with it, and finally begin our returning ascent back to the source of the flow. Mankind has tried to discern these answers through Religion, Science, Yoga, Zen, Mysticism, the Occult, or by various other forms of Old and New Age spiritual philosophy. Numerous, ideological doctrines have been dispersed into Life; some prove to be valuable, while others miss the mark. Although most are essentially Spiritual, many become contradictory and dogmatic--making it difficult to receive anything from them. So, we travel onward...wishing that our next encounter will be more fulfilling than the last. Personally, my journey was accentuated in the late 1970's, when I found a system of philosophy that, without fail, hit the mark every time. A philosophy predicated on one central question: WHAT IS THE SENSE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF LIFE IN GENERAL, AND PARTICULARLY, THE AIM AND PURPOSE OF THE LIFE OF MAN? Fortunately, one man formulated this question and then unceasingly devoted his lifetime toward finding the answer.

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