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Nestl Philippines Inc.

Nestle Philippines Incorporated is a large-scale, well-known international food manufacturing corporation engaged in the manufacture of instant coffee, milk, and ready-to-cook noodles. Nestl Philippines, Inc. is a robust and stable organization, proud of its role in bringing the best food and beverage throughout the stages of the Filipino consumers lives. The Company employs more than 3,200 men and women all over the country It is now among the top companies in the entire Nestl world, ranking No. 14 in the group and No. 3 in the region comprising of Asia, Oceania and Africa. It is No.1 among the ASEAN countries. In the Philippines, Nestl is among the Philippines' Top 10 Corporations.. Its products are No. 1 or strong No. 2 brands in their respective categories.

Although Nestl products were already available in the Philippines as far back as 1895, it was not until 1911 when The Nestl and Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company was established in the country, with its first sales office in Calle Renta, Binondo. The Company was forced to suspend its operations during World War II, but soon made a comeback after Liberation, under a new name: Filipro, Inc. It continued to import products such as MILO, NIDO powder milk, MILKMAID and NESCAF from other countries. In the early 1950s, Filipro encountered difficulties when the Philippine government imposed import control. Due to lack of imported products to sell, it was forced to become a distributor of peanut butter, napkins, fruit preserves, and fish sauce just to keep its operations going. In 1960, Nestl S.A.and San Miguel Corporation entered into a partnership resulting in the formation of Nutritional Products, Inc. (Nutripro). In 1962, Nutripros first factory started operations in Alabang, Muntinlupa to manufacture NESCAF. In 1977, Filipro, Inc. and Nutripro Inc. merged under the name Filipro, Inc. In 1986, Filipro, Inc. changed to its present name as Nestl Philippines, Inc. In 1991, Nestl pioneered the ASEAN Industrial Joint Venture, a regional complementation program. The Company participated in this program with the production of breakfast cereals at the Nestl Lipa Factory, for export to ASEAN markets. Today, three of the Nestle factories in the Philippines Lipa, Cabuyao, and

Cagayan de Oro -- serve as ASEAN Supply Centers to meet the requirements of Nestle markets in the region. In late 1998, Nestl Philippines became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestl S.A., following the latters purchase of all of San Miguel Corporations equity shareholding in the Company.

The Nestl Philippines, Inc. is located at Nestle Center, 31 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City. It has manufacturing facilities in Cabuyao,Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Lipa,Batangas, and Pulilan,Bulacan to meet the growing demand for Nestl products in the country. Soon to rise is another factory in Tanauan, Batangas.

Organizational Chart
(Nestle Philippines) CEO Paul Bulcke Chairman of the Board Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Vice Chairman of the Board Rolf Haenggi Vice Chairman of the Board Andreas Koopmann Director Andre Kudelski Director Daniel Borel Director Steven Hoch Director Naina Lal Kidwai Director Jean-Pierre Meyers Director Beat Hess Director Ann Veneman Director Henri de Castries Director Jean-Pierre Roth Director Titia De Lange Human Resources & Administra...

JMD Nestl Nutrition KS Nestle Professional MC Nestle Health Science LC Nestle Waters JH CFO Wan Ling Martello CTO & Innovation WB Operations JL Marketing, Sales & Nespresso PB Europe LF Asia, Oceania, Africa & Midd... NN USA, Canada, Latin America &... CJ CIO OG Governance, Compliance & Ser... DF Communication RR Digital Marketing & Social M... PB Marketing & Consumer Communi... TB

Vision Mission
Nestles Vision: At Nestl, we believe that research can help us make better food so that people live a better life. Good Food is the primary source of Good Health throughout life. We strive to bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet physiological needs. In addition to Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Nestl products bring consumers the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure. As consumers continue to make choices regarding foods and beverages they consume, Nestl helps provide

selections for all individual taste and lifestyle preferences. Research is a key part of our heritage at Nestl and an essential element of our future. We know there is still much to discover about health, wellness and the role of food in our lives, and we continue to search for answers to bring consumers Good Food for Good Life. Nestles Mission: Nestl strives to be a leader in nutrition, health and wellness, with the belief that good food is central to health and wellness. At the Nestl Research Center, nutrition research meets food innovation to bring consumers of all ages and stages of life, foods and beverages that contribute to health and wellness, while offering remarkable taste and convenience.

Nestl may be best known for chocolate, but in fact it's actually the World's Largest Food Company, meeting the daily nutrition needs of people of all ages, all around the world. Driven by its mission to nurture generations of Filipino families, Nestl today produces and markets products under some of the countrys well known brands such as NESCAF, NIDO, MILO, NESTEA, MAGGI, BEAR BRAND, NESTL, and PURINA, among others. Its product range has expanded to include coffee, milk, beverages, non-dairy creamer, food, infant nutrition, ice cream and chilled dairy, breakfast cereals, confectionery, and pet-care.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nestle Philippines is committed to helping in community and nation building through programs that help the underprivileged members of society. Agronomy Assistance Since the 1960's, Nestle Philippines has been helping coffee farmers in different parts of the country through imparting knowledge on how they can improve their crops. Members of the company visit these farmers regularly to reinforce among them the importance of good plantation management. By improving methods in growing coffee, farmers get better yields and eventually help increase the coffee supply in the Philippines as well as help the farmers increase their income.

Education and Manpower Development Nestle is a supporter of the government's pursuit to alleviate the shortage of classrooms in public schools. It contributes to this advocacy through the Donate-aClassroom Program. It also offers practical and theoretical training to selected students, in order to help them acquire more skills. In relation to this, Nestle also conducts a Technical Skills Scholarship Program which is a two-year program which combines theoretical and hands-on training. This is implemented in cooperation with Don Bosco College in Canlubang, Laguna. Nestle also conducts a program called Academic Linkage Program where it provides training to selected students from educational students such as the De La Salle University, Dualtech, Meralco Foundation Institute, and the Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro. Community Development Nestle develops programs which are relevant to the needs of the communities where it operates. The Nestle Factory in Lipa, Batangas conducts a Cut & Sew Livelihood Project, which provides job opportunities to community workers by giving them the factory's orders for shoe covers, rags and uniforms. It also has a Yard and Garden Livelihood Project which caters to unemployed barangay housewives in the area where the factory operates. This project provides livelihood opportunities through cut flower production and organic vegetable farming. In the same area, a Suklay and Gunting Project is being implemented, which involves a hands-on training on hairdressing for housewives. At the Nestle Cabuyao Factory, selected spouses of employees are developed as trainers under the Misis Kong Trainors Program. The participants of this program conduct livelihood workshops for other spouses and members of their communities. A showcase for culinary lessons called Julius Maggi Kitchen located in Rockwell Center, is a venue for lifestyle improvement sessions, which is one way through which Nestle helps its consumers enjoy its products. The Nestle Cagayan de Oro Factory supports the city government's Street Illuminations Project by providing lighting fixtures installed in different barangays in the area. This is done to help increase visibility during evenings and promote safety and security in the area.

Health and Nutrition Nestle is an advocate for good health and proper nutrition. It conducts feeding programs and medical missions in the areas where it operates. Environmental Protection and Preservation Nestle Philippines is a staunch advocate of environment protection and preservation. Its commitment to sound environmental practices is reflected in its policy called the Nestle Environmental Management System, where there is an integration of all environmental initiatives in the various aspects of business operations. The company also has a company-wide Solid Waste Management Program which aims to reduce waste not only in the factories and offices but as well as the houses of its employees. The company also conducts the multi-awarded program called Greening the Supply Chain which is a combination of an outreach and education program aimed to encourage an assist its business partners in developing and maintaining their own environmental management systems. It is also an advocate for clean air and conducts a periodical free Air Emission Testing on the vehicles of employees, business partners and community residents where the company operates, in order to help rid the environment of air pollution.


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Nestle Philippines Incorporation

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