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Home reading report in English 4

1. Title of the book: Gates in English reading 4 2. Title of the story: The deer thief 3. Author: Araceli L. Jabal 4. Characters: main-hunter Supporting-thief, justice of the peace 5. Setting: time-one day Place-on the forest 6. Brief summary: A hunter was out hunting one day on the forest and killed a deer. Since it was very late in the day, he couldnt take the deer home. He skinned it. He hang it as high as he could on the branch of a tall pine tree. The following day he returned for his deer, but the deer was gone. He searched the area for tracks. When he found clues, he went to the justice of peace for help. The justice of peace asked him if he had any idea as to who stole the deer. The hunter replied that he had seen the thief and he didnt know who it was, but he could give an accurate description of the man who stole the deer. The justice of the peace said if he knows something, tell him what kind of man he is. The hunter replied that he is shorter than him, he is older, and he had a yellow bulldog with him. The justice of the peace asked how the hunter knew all that. The hunter replied that he knew he is shorter than the hunter because he had to put some logs beneath the tree to reach the deer. The justice of the peace asked how he knew he is old. Then the hunter replied because he took short steps, like an old man. The judge was convinced and granted permission to look for a man fitting that description. After searching for some time, the hunter and the justice of the peace arrived at a house. They saw a yellow bulldog. They knocked on the door and a small, old man appeared. Then they searched his barn and found the stolen deer. So the hunter, by using his wits, had tracked down the thief who had stolen his deer.

7. Lesson/ message: You shall not steal. 8. 2 difficult words: justiceBeneath9. Favorite character: why? The justice of peace is my favorite character because he tried to Help the hunter to found the man who stole the deer. 10. Comment: The hunter should not hang the skinned deer on the branch of a tall pine tree because somebody might steal it.