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DXR 100

Exceptional Performance for Wireless Connection

DXR 100 is a high performance medium capacity digital microwave radio for frequency bands 300 to 2700 MHz. With its unique range of modulation, capacity and protection options, it is ideal for trunk, access and utility networks where long or difficult paths are encountered. Wide Frequency, Capacity and Protection Options CEPT band coverage extends from 330 to 2700 MHz with capacities of 1xE1, 2xE1 and 4xE1. Non-protected, protected and space or frequency diversity configurations are available. Higher System Gain or Higher Spectral Efficiency DXR 100 gives the choice of DQPSK or 16 QAM modulation. DQPSK delivers maximum system gain for a given antenna selection. 16 QAM occupies half the comparable bandwidth for maximum spectral efficiency and frequency plan flexibility. Exceptional Path Availability DXR 100 features class-leading power outputs of +35 dBm (3 Watts) for DQPSK and +31 dBm for 16 QAM. Receive performance is enhanced by forward error correction, adaptive equalization and diversity options. The result is exceptional performance for long or difficult paths. Reliable operation over LOS link distances up to 100 km and more are made possible. High Reliability DXR 100 is a rugged, reliable radio with proven field performance. Radios employ a cast aluminum frame for maximum circuit stability and EMI/EMC performance. Low Installation Costs DXR 100 is 19 rack mounting with front panel access for all connections for fast and economical installation. The antenna feed is low-loss coaxial cable and antenna options include yagi, grid, flat panel or solid. Terminal, link and network configuration is by a userfriendly PC based DXR NET tool-set. Comprehensive Management Options Two network management options are provided: ProVision and DXR NET. ProVision is Stratex Networks element manager, a powerful Unix based tool for all Stratex Networks radios. For DXR-only networks there is DXR NET, a Windows-based manager for IBM compatible PCs. Diagnostics include real-time constellation, equalizer and RSSI graphs, SNR, loopbacks and G.821 statistics. Standard IP addressing allows remote management via Ethernet LAN/WAN or modem connect options.
Corporate Headquarters Americas Headquarters
Stratex Networks 170 Rose Orchard Way San Jose, CA 95134 Phone: +1.408.943.0777

Europe/Africa/Middle East Headquarters

Stratex Networks Siskin Drive Middlemarch Business Park Coventry CV3 4JA United Kingdom Phone: +44.2476.514300

Asia Pacific Headquarters

Stratex Networks 10 Ang Mo Kio Street 65 #03-13 Techpoint Singapore 569059 Phone: +65.484.7780

DXR 100 1x/2x/4xE1 Specifications

Frequency Range Power Output DQPSK 16 QAM

DXR 103
0.33 0.47 GHz** +35 dBm +31 dBm

DXR 114
1.35 1.55 GHz +35 dBm +31 dBm

DXR 121
2.0 2.3 GHz +31/35 dBm* +31 dBm

DXR 124
2.3 2.5 GHz +31/35 dBm* +27/31 dBm*

DXR 126
2.5 2.7 GHz +31/35 dBm* +27/31 dBm*

Channel Spacing Receiver Sensitivity System Gain Dispersive Fade Margin 10-3 BER 10-6 BER 10-6 BER

1.75 MHz -96 dBm -94 dBm 129 dB > 98 dB

1xE1 16 QAM
1.0 MHz -93 dBm -91 dBm 122 dB > 147 dB

3.5 MHz -93 dBm -91 dBm 126 dB > 75 dB

2xE1 16 QAM
1.75 MHz -90 dBm -88 dBm 119 dB > 107 dB

7.0 MHz -90 dBm -88 dBm 123 dB > 61 dB

4xE1 16 QAM
3.5 MHz -87 dBm -85 dBm 116 dB > 87 dB

General RF
Power Output Control Frequency Stability Frequency Selection Antenna Connection +20 dBm to max. (via NMS) 3 ppm Synthesized (set via NMS) 50 ohm female N-type

Operating Storage Humidity -10 C to +50 C -20 C to +60 C Max. 95% non-condensing

Dimensions Unprotected Protected W x H x D, Weight 485 x 120 x 280 mm, 8 kg 485 x 312 x 280 mm, 22 kg

General Digital
E1 Interface Error Correction Equalizer Residual BER ITU-T G.703, 2.048 Mbps, 120 ohm balanced or 75 ohm unbalanced (selectable via NMS) 8 symbol Reed-Solomon with interleaving 16-tap FFE/DFE adaptive equalizer <10-10

RF EMI/EMC Safety ETSI ETS 300 630/633 ETSI ETS 300 385 EN 60950

Max. Input Level Dynamic Range C/I Ratio Co-channel 1st Adj Channel 2nd Adj Channel -20 dBm > 65 dB (10-3 BER) DQPSK 18 dB -15 dB -40 dB 16 QAM 25 dB -15 dB -40 dB

Orderwire Option
Call Handset Branch Interface All station omnibus 4W PTT handset G.703 64 kbps

Data Service Channel Protected Option

Rx Switching Tx Switching Branching Losses Errorless < 100 ms Receive < 3.5 dB @ 0.4 GHz, < 4.5 dB @ 2.7 GHz Transmit < 1 dB @ 0.4 GHz, < 1.5 dB @ 2.7 GHz Interface Data Rates Data Length & Parity V.24/RS-232 DB9 connector 1200 to 19200 bps DIP switch selectable

Alternate Configurations Space diversity Frequency diversity

External Alarms
Input Output Connection 2 optically isolated 2 relay contacts, N.O or N.C DB15 female

DC Power Supply
Input Range Protection Power Consumption Unprotected Protected 24 V (21 36 VDC) 48 V (40 60 VDC) Reverse polarity, surge 75 W 150 W

* Contact Product Management for availability of high power option ** There is no 4xE1 for this band Specifications shown at antenna port. System gains for DXR 124 and DXR 126 are with higher power option. Specifications are typical and subject to change without notice. ProVision is a trademark and DXR is a registered trademark of Stratex Networks Inc. in the United States and other countries. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States and other countries. 2001 Stratex Networks Inc.