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Edited by Blank Frank Welcome to the Devotion Directory! Inside are compiled the devotions made in the Devotion Game and the ongoing Chain of Devotions thread as well as others compiled for other people and projects. This is not a finished project but an ongoing one; more devotions will be added over time as they are submitted. If you want to have yours added just send it in a PM and Ill do so happily. You can discuss devotions in this thread here. Theyre divided into four categories: I. Social, II. Physical, III. Divinatory and IV. Combat. Social includes social interactions as well as any devotions that attack or affect others non-physically. Physical devotions include things like new shapechanging forms and altering a kindred's body in some way. Divinatory devotions focus on perception and deception; hiding, finding, and changing information. Combat devotions focus on physical combat and increasing defense. The devotions are listed alphabetically. While I recommend reading each excellent devotion with leisure they're also organized in a mini index with a very brief description of each to whet the appetite. Please bear in mind that while theyve all been formatted to be ready for play you should consult your ST beforehand to see if they find the devotion as printed acceptable or if it needs tweaking. Remember the Golden Rule: If you want to change a parameter or one of these inspires you to create a new one, go for it! Well, enjoy! Dedicated to all the fine people who helped fill this Article to the brim with devotiony goodness: pascale, krowe, Luxifer, Kungfu_Rodent, naggoth, lead0 and Brandon. Center of the Labyrinth An Architect devotion. Make an enemy get hopelessly lost. Desecrate Creates a latent form of Dread in an are to ward off intruders. Distant Command Sends a Dominate command at a distance. Faceless King/Queen Allows the vampire to use Majesty to ennoble others. Familiar A subtle link between master and servant. Fascination So compelling its impossible to look away. Flash of Anger Scare someone so fast they dont even realize it. Faux Faade Mimic a face, but not the body. The Holy Spirit Uses religious zeal to whip onlookers into a religious frenzy. Hypochondria Creates an all to real illusion of disease, even in kindred. Infernis Nocturnus A Nightmare devotion that causes actual nightmares. La Dolce Vita Become rumor monger extraordinaire. Mae Culpa Now youll never be (or have to admit you were) wrong! Mouthpiece Ventriloquism with blood bound people as the dummies. Objet Dart Makes art shine as brightly as a Toreador. Paranoia A focused form of Dread that affects specific targets. Peerless Inquisitor Be both the good cop and the bad cop! Rapturous Touch Even a caress can cripple with ecstasy. Slave of Blood A temporary blood bond. Smothering Will Wracks an opponents body in pain. Sway the Masses Like name says, turn a crowd to your POV. Speech of the Deep Allows vampires to use the language of chthonic monsters. The Look A look can say more than any threat.

~ I. Social ~
Aegis Toreador childer and thralls become as unassailable as their sire. Call the blood Calls anyone fed upon.

~ II. Physical ~
Beast's Bluff Gamble on a fake higher BP. Beauty in the Blood Learn to steal beauty and youth as well as blood. Cross-Bearing Turns wounds into willpower. Form from the Deep Combines Nightmare and Protean to become a Cthonic monster. Grave Mantle Kindred are dead, but this devotion allows one to perfectly mimic corpsedom. Livia's Transubstantiation A heretic devotion that turns vitae into willpower and vice versa. Melting away Make the Wiked Witch of the West proud. Quicken the Flowing Blood Momentarily increase BP per turn. Shell of a Man Leaves a perfect duplicate body as the vampire turns to mist. Skin of the Dire Wolf Mingle shape changing and terror to frighten your foes. Spider Climb When youve just gotta tap dance on the wall. Stealing the Wolf's Heart Mimic a werewolfs regeneration at a terrible risk. True Possession A truly sinister power, control someone from the inside. Uriel's Blessing Kiss the sun or get wicked sunburn with this blasphemous power. Vocal Projection Speak and be heard without a mic.

Lambs Blood A trail of blood that hides you. Lingering Sight See the future of decay inherent in all things. Manipulation of Truth Sometimes a little self deception can go farther than any lie. Note to Self Set yourself a mental post it to avoid being made to forget. Quiet Terror Make the silence of the grave follow you. Reflections of the Shattered Mind Know a persons worst fear. Seeing the Creed Identify someones true religion. Senses of the Wild Flashlights in your face? Ha! Stray Thoughts Animalism enhanced with Telepathy to create silent control over any animal.

~ IV. Combat ~
Feeding the Fear Feast on fear and gain strength. Force of the Mind Mind over muscle to parry attacks. Hidden Strength A deadly flick of the wrists. Implacable Strength Turn into a dynamo of destruction, your own or anothers though? Impressive Strike Wow an opponent into lowering their guard. Intestinal Fortitude Turn a big belly into a big defense. Languid Rush Slow down super speed. Marble Corpse The ultimate defense. Moment's Notice Move without moving. Motionless Feint Trick an opponent into losing defense. Shadow Silhouette Turn Celerity from a Masquerade breach into humdrum acrobatics. Stagnation of Motion Slow down an opponent. Spectral Fortitude Weaken the ghosts that assail you.

~ III. Divinatory ~

Alarm Make others flee from a place in panic. Eyes of the Beast Turn every animal into a spy. Forgetful Touch Control the memories in objects and places. False Sympathy Helps a monster mimic humanity and fool Auspex. Familiar Form Allows a kindred in Animal Form to create an illusion of being a domestic animal. Familiar Pack Scatter Make a flock of clones to mask a retreat. Heart of the Castle Allows sleeping Morotrhopians to dream of their home. Hidden Faith Turns a vampire into a biblical pariah. Know the Moon's Children Know werewolves on sight.

~ I. Social ~
Aegis Luxifer
(Dominate , Majesty ) They say that a kings touch has miraculous powers. Through the art of this Devotion a Toreador is able to transfer the mighty power of Sovereignty to his

subjects through the mystical connections of blood. This Devotion allows the art of Mesmerism to cast a hypnotic suggestion across the room that augments the social perception of this relationship, such that the imposing nature of the Toreador resonates through his servants by proxy. Anyone who has a blood tie, blood bond or similar mystical connect to the Toreador through the properties of Vitae may fall under the influence of this power. Cost: 1 Vitae per subject (along with any costs associated with activating Sovereignty) Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Majesty contested by the targets Composure + Blood Potency Action: Instant; resistance is reflexive When this power is activated it allows any servants of the Toreador bound to them by blood able to fall under the aegis of that Kindreds Sovereignty if they should activate it within that scene (or one already active within that scene). As long as these servants or familia remain within eyeshot of the Toreador they may gain the full benefits of the Sovereignty as though they had performed it themselves. Attempting to attack them constitutes as an attack upon the Toreador herself, and the contestation must be made against the Toreadors dice pool. Should the protected targets do anything that would normally break the effects of Sovereignty, they simply fall out from under its influence, rather than dispel its effects all together. This power costs 21 experience points to learn.

This power is used most often when in dire need, yet with no allies in proximity to call (the last victim will do situation), or when needing to feed but incapable of hunting. Some also use it as a means to stalk certain mortals they isolate, either for their personal amusement, or for overseeing/luring potential ghouls/childer. There is one Daeva Prince who insists on receiving a thimbleful of blood from all those official recognized in her domain, that she may call them a simple taste away... This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Center of the Labyrinth Kungfu_Rodent

(Obfuscate , Gilded Cage ) Each Mason knows the value of keeping a location secure. What better way than to make sure that your enemies cant even find the location? This ritual combines the well known ritual of Red Light with an additional obfuscation of landmarks and directions. Victims of the ritual, in addition to the delaying effects of being caught by every red light, being stuck in traffic jams or detoured by construction, find it hard to locate addresses on buildings. Street signs are obscured or missing and streets that they would take to get to the location become easy to miss. Of course, it is easy to obscure a location that is already obscure and more difficult to hide a prominent building downtown. Thus, how well known the building or location is confers bonuses or penalties to the roll. Up to a -3 penalty if the location is well known in the city or a +3 bonus if the location is mostly unknown to the inhabitants of the town. Successes are applied as penalties to any attempt to locate the location, such as an Intelligence + drive roll. Ways and Means: The ritualist must be at the location to be obscured and have a copy of a map of the city. This power costs 7 experience points to learn.

Call the blood pascale

(Majesty , Coil of Blood ) Cost: 1 willpower per scene. Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty vs subjects Composure + Blood Potency Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive This devotion operates just like Summoning, except that it allows the vampire to call any individual whose blood she has tasted, additionally granting three bonus dice to any other uses of Majesty on the subject for the rest of the scene. This may not be the case, but the compulsion is that strong, as it is from within, in the blood. If mortal, the subject is also compelled to feed the vampire. Alternatively, the kindred may disregard the +3 bonus and call multiple individuals he has fed upon.

Desecrate Blank Frank

(Nightmare , Protean ) Cost: 1 BP, 1 WP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Expression + Nightmare vs. Composure + BP

Action: Instant; contested and reflexive The user infuses the area with a latent form of Dread, by smearing the ground, walls, doors, or any other permanent landmark with their vitae the user wards the area against intruders. The vitae may be smeared, drawn in arcane patterns, or painted into horrifying frescos, disapearing from normal view once finished (or for extra fright: flickering lights, lightning strikes, and Auspex might momentarily reveal the 'brushstrokes'). The vitae seeps in and activates Dread once someone other than the user enters the room, it has as many successes as were rolled when using this devotion. It lasts for one scene or until daybreak, an exceptional success allows it to function again on another night. Desecrate lasts until activated or clear, direct sunlight bathes the area for a whole day. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

else knows it. This Devotion allows a Toreador to literally command the attentions of those around them. The Devotion itself is activated in a similar manner to Awe, as it must attempt to affect all the people in the near vicinity and incurring the multiple target penalties that they would if performing Awe. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Majesty Action: Instant Once activated all affected targets cannot but help stare at the Toreador. For a person to attempt to break contact, they must spend a point of willpower and roll Composure + Blood Potency in contest against the successes of Fascination. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Faceless King/Queen - krowe

(Majesty , Obfuscate ) Cost: Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive By combining two Disciplines that are otherwise polar opposites the Vampire can manipulate the emotions of those around her without being recognized while doing so. The Vampire may utilize any effect of Majesty and focus it on her position rather than herself. For example, she may activate Awe as she enters a room and cause everyone to focus on the doorway without really noticing her. It is even possible to let a Majesty effect "rub-off" by using it in close proximity to someone else. Using Majesty in this way does not prematurely end the effects of Cloak of Night though any conflict between the users Obfuscate and abilities that would pierce it grants a +2 modifier to such onlookers. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Distant Command Naggoth

(Majesty , Dominate ) Sometimes you dont want your thralls by your side but you need to change the last orders you gave them and be certain of their obedience. Developed by a particularly tyrannical Daeva, this devotion allows that. Cost: 1 Vitae Action: Instant; contested and reflexive Dice Pool: Manipulation + Intimidation + Majesty vs Resolve + Blood Potency The user of this devotion can contact anyone subject to a 2 drink or full vinculum to them from afar and give them a command as per the rules for Mesmerize. A vinculum does not grant its usual benefit to the attempt at control. Benefits and penalties to the activation are the same as per a summoning attempt (V:tR pg 132). Even if the attempt fails the target will have a general idea of what the user wanted of them but they aren't compelled to obey. Rumors persist that elders in the cold sleep of torpor can reach out to their children or surviving ghouls... This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Familiar, or Marry the Twin minds Blank

Frank (Dominate , Auspex ) Legends speak of vampires and their Renfields, mortals who serve as their familiars much like how cats or ravens would serve as a witches eyes and ears. While the truth behind ghouls is more complex, most kindred outside the Circle of the Crone cant truly experience what their servants do without first Possessing them. However some mystically inclined

Fascination Luxifer
(Dominate , Majesty ) The Toreador are the center of attention, they know it and they damn well will make sure that everyone

Ventrue and Mekhet outside the Circle have devised a clever way of more subtly possessing their thralls, allowing them free will to better serve them. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Poll: Intelligence + Intimidation + Dominate versus Resolve (if unwilling) Action: Extended, Contested and resistance is reflexive if unwilling This power is unlike Possession in that its not as invasive on the ghoul, taxing their minds to a much a lesser degree but also yielding less direct control and information to the vampire. Basically Marry the Twin Minds functions as a low intensity two way form of Possession: the kindred become faintly aware of the condition and surroundings of his ghoul, and likewise the ghoul feels a faint connection to her domitor. Each gain a form of blood sympathy for the other, should either be in danger, suffer damage, or be in the grip of strong emotion the other instantly feels it. They can also vaguely sense each others location and track each other with it should the need arise. While this communication is in no way true Telepathy, the domitor can send the ghoul one word instructions or emotions and the ghoul can send her domitor a live feed of her surroundings for a scene. Both actions cost one Willpower. The domitor himself can spend a Willpower to force this live feed effect, though the ghoul may find out shes being listened in on (Wits + Investigation), and can attempt to resist the intrusion (Resolve + Composure versus the vampires Manipulation + Intimidation, blood bonds apply). While this power is much less invasive, cruel, and less likely to damage a mortal mind than Possession, it is by no means safe to either party. The kindred is trusting his ghoul with information on his emotional state, disposition, and location, any of which can be used against him if the ghoul is so inclined or forced. Its for this reason that turning this power on a random mortal or enemy kine is very, very dangerous. Likewise the ghoul will never be truly alone, there will always be a little bit of their master inside their mind whispering inaudible entreaties. Even with a kind domitor its not unheard of for ghouls under the effects of this power to develop Paranoia or some other derangement. Lastly this power acts as an insidious way of enforcing obedience without outright brainwashing by keeping tabs on the ghouls activities. The

vampire gets a Wits + Investigation roll whenever the ghoul contemplates willingly acting against the domitor or his interest, though doing so coldbloodedly or dispassionately gives a 2 penalty to the roll. This power can only be used on a number of mortals equal to the vampires Blood Potency divided by two, rounded down. Optional benefits: Uses of Telepathy and Possession on the ghoul get a bonus die. This power costs 27 experience points to learn.

Flash of Anger Blank Frank

(Celerity , Nightmare ) Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Intimidation + Nightmare vs. Composure + BP Action: Instant; contested and reflexive In a moment so fleeting that it comes and goes faster than the blink of an eye, the kindred shows a single target close enough to see her the depths of rage she is capable of. If successful this power leaves no trace of its use save on the target, who suffers from a -2 penalty on all actions for the rest of the scene out of a subconscious unease lingering from Flash of Anger. Because it doesn't require concentration to maintain like Dread does the victim may still spend willpower, though activating Dread after using this devotion will add all the usual penalties on top of Flash of Anger's. A dramatic failure lets the onlooker perceive the attempted intimidation, albeit fleetingly. Exceptional success makes the -2 penalty last until dawn. Quicken Sight may be used to perceive the use of Flash of Anger. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Faux Faade Blank Frank

(Obfuscate , Dominate /Majesty ) Familiar Stranger is a potent yet unpredictable tool that Mekhet elders have been trying to make more reliable and controllable for some time now. After decades of searching and experimenting the Mekhet elders of Marseille discovered Faux Faade (known coloquially in english speaking countries as Fake Face). Cost: 1 WP Dicepool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate vs Composure + Intelligence

Action: Reflexive; Contested To activate the kindred must make eye contact with the first person to see her and say "I am Lady Godiva" or a variation thereof. With a success the kindred manages to project the desired face to any and all onlookers for the rest of the scene. Penalties are applied for each viewer past the first as per uses of Awe in crowds (VtR pg. 129). This devotion is a delicate balance between the subtle "You know me" aspect of Familiar Stranger and the forceful nature of Dominate. Faux Faade requires continuous concentration to maintain, making any other uses of Obfuscate impossible and adding a 2 die penalty for uses of Dominate and any actions requiring the kindred's full attention. The other drawback of this devotion is the amount of concentration required to maintain it makes it impossible to alter the rest of the body's appearance, only the face can be altered. It's a miracle for most kindred to avoid shifting their faade mid conversation to mimic the person being talked to (the ST can ask for periodic Composure + Presence rolls to maintain the faade). This of course limits the range of people that can be successfully imitated by body type, race, sex, and height. While clothes and makeup can close some of the gap, Britney Spear's head on a 210 lb linebacker is likely to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

to be caught up in the frenzy and eventually change their alliances. The power becomes even more effective if the setting is especially put together to take advantage of the power. In the setting of a "Revival" it is possible to reaffirm the faith of a large number of Tollison LS members as well as whip them into a frenzy in anticipation of a confrontation with an enemy. This power costs 18 experience points to learn. Roll Results: Dramatic failure the user inverts the focus of the power and becomes the object of derision by the congregation. This may have lasting social effects. Failure The user fails to whip the congregation into a frenzy. Success The congregation is whipped into a religious fervor and they regard the words of the user as the words of God. Exceptional Success The user not only is seen as the mouthpiece of God but the congregation becomes the holy army of God. For the remainder of the night, the words of the user will be obeyed, even if doing so will cause harm to the subject.

Hypochondria Blank Frank

(Cachexy , Dominate ) Cost: 1 WP Dice Pool: Wits + Medicine + Obfuscate vs. Composure + BP Action: Instant; contested and reflexive The target of this devotion, be it mortal or kindred, feels the symptoms of a disease they once suffered swell up and cloud their senses. Though kindred never get sick the mere rumor of one exhibiting the signs of a disease can lead to accusations of being a carrier and summary execution. More subtly, elders can also use this devotion to chastise Morbus neonates who recklessly feed and spread disease, an object reminder of the pain they are inflicting. The Morbus tricks the targets mind into thinking they are suffering a disease they have experienced or know of. For mortals the body follows the minds lead and exhibits several symptoms, though close scrutiny will reveal no active illness. For kindred its all in the mind, so it's vital the user chooses a disease the kindred suffered from more than passingly. Though not truly sick, the target feels nausea, pain,

The Holy Spirit Kungfu_Rodent

(Majesty , Theban Sorcery ) Those vampires of the Lancea Sanctum that perscribe to the Tollison creed have long been known to be more "fiery" in their retoric than their more traditional fellows in the LS. One reason for this reputation is the ability discovered by Tollison himself. Cost: 1 vitae, 1 willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs targets Composure + BP Action: Instant; contested and reflexive The kindred can whip a congregation into a religious frenzy. The Sanctified uses Entrancement but instead of the focus being on the user the focus is on God and the kindred becomes God's mouthpiece to those affected. Even those who do not profess to follow the beliefs of the covenant have been known

and other symptoms appropriate to the disease for the rest of the night (or one day per success on an exceptional success), imparting a -2 penalty or other disease specific effects much like Inflame causes. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

La Dolce Vita Luxifer

(Dominate , Majesty ) Rumors often have a life of their own, and a Toreador with this Devotion can ensure that a particular rumor spreads quickly throughout a given crowd. Turning the powers of Revelation outwards, the Toreador can augment it with the commanding potency of Dominate to prevent it from being mixed up with false information. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Socialize + Dominate contested by the persons Resolve + Blood Potency; resistance is reflexive. Action: Instant The Toreador encodes a piece of information as she would with Dominate, however the powers of Revelations kick in and coerce the subject to spread it as a piece of gossip with a number of people. The person must tell 1 person per successes, who each must then tell 1 person per success 2, who must then tell 1 person per success 4 etc until the effect loses potency. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Infernis Nocturnus Blank Frank

(Nightmare , Dominate ) This power was developed as a way to strike fear in victims long after even a chance encounter. Haunts relish in this devotions ability to weaken potential prey and enemy alike, with little chance of discovering the culprit. While a scary face one night is easily forgotten the sleepless nights under Infernis Nocturnus are not so easily erased. Cost: 1 BP and 1 WP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Nightmare Composure Action: Contested and Extended; resistance is reflexive The vampire looks the target in the eye for a moment and stirs the subjects subconscious fears into slowly rousing each night. The next time the target sleeps they will be assailed by nightmares for a number of nights equal to the number of successes the kindred gets on the activation roll. Each night the target rolls Composure + BP vs. the kindreds initial successes, if they succeed they resist the nightmares and get a good nights sleep. If the nightmares are resisted, the target gets a +1 to resist in the next nights roll. This devotion has no other direct effect other than inducing nightmares; however the fatigue, sleeplessness, and strain resulting in the target from the nightmares becomes a source of penalties. Targets do not regain willpower from sleeping, and if they dont sleep at all start suffering from fatigue penalties. (WoD Corebook pg. 179) The nightmares themselves are perfectly normal (in as much as any nightmare is normal) even though they are supernaturally induced. Sometimes the kindred responsible for the Nightmares appears as either participant or spectator. One person per Willpower Dot the vampire possesses may be subjected to Infernis Nocturnus concurrently. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Mea Culpa Luxifer

(Dominate , Majesty ) Despite their mastery of social graces, the Toreador are not immune to making mistakes. However, this Devotion allows the Toreador to pretend such incidents never happened. This power can only be used immediately after the Toreador has made a social faux pas, such as mouthing off to one of higher status than them, or an unsightly display of temper. If this power is not used within the same scene of this affair it loses its potency. The Devotion itself is activated in a similar manner to Awe, as it must attempt to affect all the people in the near vicinity and incurring the multiple target penalties that they would if performing Awe. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Dominate contested by the highest Wits + Auspex of the witnessing crowd; resistance is reflexive. Action: Instant Though this power utilizes the arts of the Forgetful Mind it does not actually erase the event from the persons memory. Instead it twists perceptions of

those events to seem as though the Toreador had instead made a witty repartee or insightful comment. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Mouthpiece Luxifer

(Celerity , Dominate ) This Devotion can in fact be used to throw his voice to a place within sight. Allowing them to either speak into the ear or out of the mouth of someone with whom he has a blood link to. This includes blood ties, Vinculums or similar mystical links of blood. This thrown voice will have the same volume as spoken by the Toreador, so a whisper will sound like a whisper from the selected location. The canny Toreador are quick to realize that this will allow those who are bound by Vinculum to them to be able to use the powers of Dominate from a distance. The Toreador can whisper the command under his breath and it will resound loudly in the ear of the thrall. Many Toreador use this Devotion simply as a way of conveying messages to others in such a way that the message is mostly inviolate from mundane methods of detection. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Intelligence + Subterfuge + Dominate contested by the subjects Resolve + Blood Potency; resistance is reflexive if unwilling. Action: Instant If the target is listening to the words, they can be projected right into the ear of the target such that the target is the only person to hear. Though the voice wont travel, truly quiet environments or the use of Heightened Senses may permit others to hear. The target speaks with the tone and voice of the Toreador. She is not merely speaking a message relayed by the Toreador, she is saying the words as the Toreador herself is saying them. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

empower the object, the Toreador must physically touch it. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Expression + Majesty Action: Instant For the duration of a number of nights equal to the Kindreds Blood Potency, the object imbued with this power will remain stuck in the persons mind. It becomes one of the first items of conversation they bring up in any social situation. Typically this solicits positive discussion rather than negative and the Devotion is frequently employed to show case the Toreadors latest piece. This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

Paranoia Blank Frank

(Nightmare , Obfuscate ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Nightmare number of persons to be affected Action: Instant This power focuses the power of Dread on a few specified characters as opposed to everyone present. The vampire chooses who will become the target of Dread beforehand, any successes rolled activating this power becomes the maximum number of dice that can be used when activating Dread the following turn. This devotion costs 12 experience points to learn.

Peerless Inquisitor Libra

Objet Dart Luxifer

(Majesty , Vigor ) Toreadors are patrons of the arts, that much is certain. By this simple trick a Toreador can transfer the engaging power of Majesty and place it into a simple object. Like the powers of Revelation, this Devotion solicits all who observe the object to discuss it and talk about it with rapt attention. To

(Majesty , Nightmare ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Majesty vs Composure + Blood Potency Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive When you want to get the truth out of someone now, and you're under orders not to leave a mark on their body, bring in a Nosferatu armed with this Devotion. The Revelation power of Majesty, combined with the air of Dread surrounding your Hound, virtually guarantees that your victim will be unable to keep from telling you everything you want to know ... and then some. There are alternatives to this. One Hound could have Nightmare, the other the Majesty, in a sort of "good vampire / bad vampire" interrogation; but this

Devotion cuts through that, and saves one redundant Hound for other, more interesting, duties. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Rapturous Touch Luxifer

(Majesty ,Vigor ) With a simple touch, the Toreador can inflict the target with overwhelming pleasure. When active it causes a soul-wracking pleasure to shunt through every pore of their body and many people frequently orgasm from its sensation. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty contested by the targets Stamina + Blood Potency Action: Reflexive; resistance is reflexive For this power requires the Toreador to touch the target. The touch can be light, but it must be skin to skin contact, such as a kiss or soft caress. Once this touch has been achieved the Kindred may activate this power reflexively. Once active the target is overwhelmed and they suffer a number of penalties to all their actions equal to the successes of the power. This power does not work upon Kindred as their senses are dead and unresponsive, however the Toreador may spend a point of Willpower to mystically impose the sensations onto Kindred with whom he has a blood tie or Vinculum with. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

the target is affected as though under the full Vinculum towards the Kindred. This temporary Vinculum is affected by the same rules as a normal Vinculum for the purposes of the Majesty and Dominate disciplines. As such, this means that uses of Dominate do not require eye contact with the target, only the ability to hear and any associated bonuses with being under a Vinculum. Imposing this full Vinculum cannot replace or supplant existing real Vinculums and it cannot affect targets who are already under a full Vinculum. The effects last for one hour per point of Blood Potency and automatically ends at sunrise. This power costs 24 experience points to learn.

Smothering Will Naggoth

( Auspex , Dominate ) Ventrue labor under the misconception that their clan does not produce able warriors. While this is not entirely the case of course, some Lords favor this devotion to chastise overconfident opponents. The devotion allows the formidable will of the vampire to actually batter a victims physically. Dominate provides the punch and Auspex provides the vehicle. Cost: 1 willpower on mortals. 1 willpower and 1 vitae on supernaturals Dice pool: Manipulation + Medicine + Dominate Resolve + BP Action: Instant, reflexive resistance The vampires will causes the body of the victim to spasm, inflicting damage as it twists and contorts due to the misfiring of the brains commands. If someone was to be killed with this devotion their brain would show no damage and there would not necessarily be anything to explain the violent fit that killed the person. The spasms are painful and can tear ligaments or even fracture bones. As such deaths can be a reason for questions and investigation, this devotion is neither common or regularly used as it can skirt the edge of the masquerade. It is not a kinetic attack of any sort and it grants no ability to manipulate the environment. As with dominate eye contact is required. This power costs 24 experience points to learn. Roll Results: Dramatic failure The attempt goes horribly awry and the user is subject to a massive headache taking

Slave of Blood Luxifer

(Dominate , Majesty ) Using near mastery of Dominate and Majesty grants the Toreador powers over the hearts and mind of their intended target. Combined the Toreador reaches out with the force of her personality and imprints it upon the victim creating a mystical bond of blood between the two. Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Presence + Socialize + Dominate contested by the targets Resolve + Blood Potency; resistance is reflexive. Action: Extended; constested (target number = the victims Willpower dots; each roll represents five minutes of engaged conversation) When performed it allows the Kindred to temporarily manifest the effects of Vinculum over their selected target. For the duration of the scene,

1 bashing damage and suffering a -2 to all actions for the rest of the scene. Failure Nothing occurs. Success the victim takes 1 bashing damage per success as their body jerks and twist painfully. The victim must also make a Dexterity + Athletics roll to remain on their feet, successes must be equal to damage inflicted. Exceptional Success The contractions are so violent that the victim will suffer a 3 to their next action as well as the vicious amount of damage.

Sway the Masses Luxifer

(Dominate , Majesty ) Though the powers of Revelation draw peoples conversational skills towards the Kindred, the Toreador can use the powers of Mesmerism to turn its power outwards upon an audience. The revelatory charisma and mesmeric powers imbue the Toreador with potent persuasive abilities. Essentially, the words that are heard feel like the truth to the audience. If such words blatantly contradict a truly held belief or conviction, that individual feels that though the Toreador has erred in their ideas, their speech raises some valid points or highlights alternative points of view intelligently. For those who are neutral, they become far more inclined to be sympathetic to the content of the speech. For those who are already sympathetic, they feel fired up and empowered by the speech. Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Dominate contested by the highest Resolve + Blood Potency in the audience; resistance is reflexive. Action: Instant When active, the Toreadors words are weighted with veracity. If the crowd is swayed by the power then all those who hear his words are filled with a sense of correctness about his speech. They are wrapped and have a desire to sit quietly and listen, and what they hear becomes sooth in their mind. There is a 1 modifier for every person targeted after the third person. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Cost: Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Animalism Action: Instant Other requisite: Having seen a creature from the deep The user of this discipline can attempt to communicate or discern the intentions of the alien creatures they might encounter in the World of Darkness. Such communication is chancy, especially since many of these creatures have no eyes or completely alien psychologies. In such cases speech may substitute for direct eye contact, but suffers a -1 penalty. This communication is a chancy business, as the intellects and motivations of these creatures are unknown. As of yet there are no known powers that can command these beasts, the best one can hope for is to coax, or have enough Nightmare and martial ability to back up threats and commands.

The Look Blank Frank

(Nightmare , Protean ) Terrorizing humans and even monsters with a look is harder than it looks, especially when doing so will breach the masquerade. An enterprising lady in the Invictus came up with this imposing devotion to get around that and make herself seem much more intimidating to boot. Cost: 1 BP Dice Poll: This power requires no roll to invoke Action: Reflexive Any uses of Monstrous Countenance for the remainder of the scene do not require any overt gesture by the kindred; she may frighten any onlooker by merely turning to look at them (no more than passing eye contact is required). This power costs 5 experience points to learn.

~ II. Physical ~
Beast's Bluff Blank Frank
(Obfuscate , Protean ) Carthian's are seldom on the high end of the blood potency spectrum, which has at times made unlife more difficult for them in a number of ways. Beast's

Speech of the Deep Blank Frank

(Animalism , Protean , Nightmare )

Bluff was developed by a coterie of Gangrel and Mekhet who wanted to up the ante and make elders who otherwise sneered in disdain take notice. Cost: Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive By combining Protean with Obfuscate the vampire fools onlookers into thinking she has a much stronger beast than she actually does. This power act's differently from Protean , it adds the user's dots in Protean to Blood Potency when experiencing Predators Taint. The vampire chooses weather to use this power instead of Protean when meeting a vampire for the first time. If the kindred runs afoul of a vampire with a BP greater than her own (after beeing modified with Beast's Bluff) she check's for Rotschrek. Hence the gamble of Beast's Bluff, the vampire risks running into another kindred who can call their bluff with a higher BP. This power can only be used if Mask of Tranquility is dropped. This power costs 7 experience points to learn. Example: Laura is a Carthian from out of town, she's warned to expect the Invictus Sheriff to show up and intimidate her to find out where the Carthian rally will be held. When he show's up they both experience Predator's Taint (VtR, pg 168), the Sheriff has BP 2, and Laura has a BP 1; however with Beast's Bluff she adds her dot's in Protean () to her BP for a total of BP 3. The sheriff is taken aback by Laura's seemingly powerful Beast, he checks for Rotschrek while Laura checks for Frenzy. If the Sheriff had had a BP of 4 their situation would have been reversed.

The kindred must be feeding on a human to use this power. Once the vampire start to drain the human of blood he starts to take something else, not the soul, life force, or even youth, but a combination of the three. The kiss changes in tenor from pleasurable to draining, the kine feel energy leaving and a heavy weariness settle over them. The kindred on the other and begins to feel alive, stealing something intrinsic that separates human from kindred. The vampire exhibits none of the telltale signs of vampirism, seeming to be fully alive. Each turn before ingesting vitae the kindred roll the dice pool, for each success on the activation roll the kindred can steal one point of Presence after draining a point of vitae. The target temporarily loses a dot of Presence and becomes sickly looking, old, or sometimes even taking on the death like appearance of the kindred. He is left so weak that he cant expend any Willpower for the rest of the scene. This power can only be used on one human at a time and is instantly terminated if the target is killed, resulting in a number of lethal damage to the vampire per dot of Presence gained. The power lasts for a scene or all night with an exceptional success; at the end of which the vampire feels like hes dying for a second time, vomiting up a point of vitae for every dot of Presence gained as that which was stolen returns to the human. The kine feels reenergized and wants nothing more than to flee. Optional: If used on a virgin the kindred becomes especially alluring, gaining a +1 to all Socialize rolls, or can alter their appearance to look as young as their victim. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Beauty in the Blood

(Majesty , Vigor ) Mortals can be beautiful, beguiling creatures. Vivid in ways no dead body can ever hope to fully emulate. Daeva want that. Daeva aesthetes in the Ordo Dracul have developed this unnerving power to forcibly take that spark, never mind emulate it. Rumors speak of Daeva who only use this power on virgins to gain even more beauty (or indeed that the power itself only works on virgins). Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Presence + Manipulation + Majesty targets Composure + Stamina Action: Extended

Cross-Bearing krowe
(Resilience , Theban Sorcery ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant For the rest of the scene the Vampire increases her Resolve by an amount equal to her current Wound Penalty. This also increases her Willpower and provides an equal number of temporary Willpower points (which are spent AFTER all of her natural Willpower points are expended and disappear at the end of the Scene if not used). This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Form from the Deep - Blank Frank

(Protean , Nightmare ) Cost: 1 WP and 1 BP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to activate Action: Instant Other requisite: Having seen a creature from the deep. The vampire becomes a creature out of an H.G. Wells or Lovecraft tale, anyone seeing them must roll for Composure to stay in the same area as per the Nightmare power, and even if successful they lose a point of willpower from merely gazing at the alien horror. Characters thus changed gain +2 to Strength, +1 to Dexterity, +2 to Stamina, and goes up a size category. This form is also capable of extended forays in high pressure deep sea environments, and thus has an armor rating of 2 against bashing damage. It can range from tentacle horror, to glowing angel of a thousand teeth. These abominations are meant for the deep but may come to the surface, though few can function effectively on land. At ST discretion they may face a -1 or -2 penalty to action performed entirely out of water. Majesty and Dominate can not be used while in this form. This power costs 16 experience points to learn.

Discipline exists that you are allowing access to this Devotion, the Vampire suffers from the Nosferatu Clan Weakness while this power is in effect. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Livia's Transubstantiation Blank Frank

Grave Mantle - krowe

(Protean , Getsumei ) All Vampires can benefit from the Blush of Health to more readily appear alive when dealing with mortals but few have found the need to more easily blend in with the dead. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive For the rest of the scene the Vampire appears in all ways to be a corpse. He suffers no Wound Penalties while in this corpse-state (great for dealing with those pesky autopsies) but cannot use Vitae to heal or benefit from the Blush of Health while this ability is in effect. Furthermore, the nearness of the body to true death limits physical ability and sensations, imposing a -3 modifier on all such dice pools. Finally, if it is possible in your Chronicle for a nonNosferatu to have acquired the Discipline of Getsumei or if a similar corpse-based necromantic

(Cruac , Theban Sorcery ) Cost: Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Cruac OR Intelligence + Academics + Theban Sorcery Action: Extended; 1 turn per BP/WP converted The apostates in the Livian Heresy claim this devotion was 'divinely' handed down by Livia herself during their nights of struggle, holding it as proof of Livia's sanctity and a means to better fight their foes. Livia's Transubstantiation allows the sorcerer to transubstantiate two points of vitae into one point of willpower, or alternately two points of willpower into a point of vitae. At least one success is required; each success represents either a point of willpower or vitae that can be gained from transubstantiation. Manipulation is rolled to transubstantiate vitae to willpower, and Intelligence is rolled to transform willpower into vitae. This is an extended action and requires a number of turns to complete equal to the amount of vitae or willpower that has to be spent to create the desired willpower or vitae. A curiosity of this power is that high blood potency vampires can transubstantiate vitae into willpower very quickly because they can spend more vitae per turn. This power costs 14 experience points to learn.

Melting away Blank Frank

(Protean (water), Celerity ) Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant There are times when there's nowhere to run, when changing into a beast or growing claws wont help fight or evade pursuers, those times you just want to melt away, which is exactly what this devotion does. Kindred using this devotion seem to melt before one's eyes and become nothing more than a puddle of water. This devotion functions exactly like Earthmeld (water) except no contact with water is necessary. The user can become a puddle, sink into mud, or flow down a street like normal water would.

Once the user's body comes to rest (be it in a pool or even wet earth he can rise out of Earthmeld none the worse for wear. Some kindred have even been known to use this devotion to literally "drip" into caves or other inaccessible areas. However the blessing of this power is also it's curse, unless the user takes care to "melt" into a leak proof container she'll come to in any of a hundred places (many unpleasant) running water can go to. For each hour spent Melted the user moves 1 mile (give or take) away from the starting point, left entirely to ST discretion unless the user has previously mapped out the route. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

enough to hold its shape indefinitely if undisturbed. If handled roughly it will tear and even bleed a little, decomposing as natural flesh over time. If the Vampire shifts back into human form without reentering the shell, they suffer 3 Lethal Damage as the physical matter left behind now needs to be replaced and the shell itself immediately crumbles to dust. This is not a power whose use it accepted lightly given the massive opportunity for Masquerade breach. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Skin of the Dire Wolf krowe

(Protean , Nightmare ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: None; Presence + Intimidation + Protean vs Composure + Blood Potency Action: Instant; resistance reflexive Many Vampires excel at Protean and learn to take the shapes of animals, typically wolves or bats. But some enjoy more monstrous forms and mingle Nightmare in the middle of their changing to create a terrible beast form that is as frightful to behold as any use of Monstrous Countenance. With this Devotion a Vampire can choose to assume a more horrible version of any animal form he has at his disposal, granting the same effect as Monstrous Countenance for as long as he retains that shape. This power costs 21 experience points to learn.

Quicken the Flowing Blood krowe

(Coil of Blood (Blood Seeps Slowly), Celerity ) Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action Instant The Dragon hones his control over his Vitae, focusing his preternatural speed on it rather than his body. For the rest of the scene the Vampire may spend 1 more Vitae per turn than his Blood Potency usually allows. This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

Shell of a Man krowe

(Protean , Resilience ) Many Vampires explore the Protean Discipline as a means to free themselves from the form they were born with. Some of them have gone so far as to develop ways of taking their alternate forms without leaving anyone the wiser. Cost: 5 Vitae (see below) Dice Pool: Action: Extended With this Devotion, a Vampire may spend 5 Vitae and, as an Instant action in the round that the last of that cost is paid, assume any alternate form at their disposal, be it animal or gaseous, while leaving a barely pliable replica of themselves behind. Obviously, an animal form would be more conspicuous as it exits the fleshy shell but it IS possible. The shell itself is made up of a layer of flesh (generally no more than .25" thick) and is rigid

Spider Climb Blank Frank

(Protean , Vigor ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant The vampire gains the ability to partially melds his hands and feet with the material that the wall or roof is made of for the rest of the scene. The melding can function through light clothes like gloves and shoes with thick ones imposing penalties. The walls and roofs the kindred depends on what materials he can normally meld with, if he can't meld with wood he couldn't use this power to scale a wooden wall (Ice counts as water, if someone should want to scale a glacier). Functionally, this power grants an automatic success when scaling walls. However particularly showy stunts like walking on a wall or

the roof require the vampire to roll Strength + Athletics. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Stealing the Wolf's Heart krowe

that the possession is rapid and unstable, and leaves the victim some willpower. The physical presence of the vampire in all parts of the victim's bloodstream allows him to overwhelm what's left. Roll Results Dramatic Failure The vampire becomes a prisoner inside the targets body, vaguely able to perceive what he does but unable to leave. The vampire may attempt to escape with a Resolve + Stamina roll, maximum of one per hour. Tales tell of foolish vampires who were trapped only to free themselves too close to dawn to find safety. Failure If the victim acquires more successes, it resists the vampire's attempts. Success If the vampire acquires more successes, it takes possession of the victim for a number of hours equal to its successes. Subtract its successes from the victim's willpower. The result is the number of times per hour that a victim can attempt to reestablish control. Exceptional Success As per Success, but the vampire may re-enter the same target at a later night without spending a Willpower point. This power costs 30 experience points to learn.

(Resilience , Animalism ) Kindred have amongst the best regenerative capabilities of any supernatural creature but there are some who strive for even more. For them there is this Devotion and a dangerous prey... Cost: 2 Vitae* Dice Pool: Action: Instant When activated the Vampire gains the regenerative capabilities of a Werewolf for the rest of the scene, healing a single Bashing Wound every turn and a Lethal Wound in 15 minutes. Spending Vitae may still heal 2 Bashing Wounds or 1 Lethal as usual in addition to this. A Vampire with at least 1 Vitae worth of Werewolf blood in his system may activate this Devotion for 1 Vitae rather than 2. As a prerequisite to learning this Devotion, the Vampire must feed on the heart's blood of a fallen Werewolf, an act which surely earns him the enmity of any future Werewolves he may encounter. This power costs 30 experience points to learn.

True Possession pascale

(Protean , Dominate ) The dangers of leaving one's body behind were plainly obvious to Invictus Gangrel of high standing, and not to their liking. They discovered a way to complete the possession. In mist form, their whole body is made will, ghostly apparitions which overwhelm their victims mentally and physically. Cost: 1 vitae, 1 willpower. Dice Pool: Intelligence + Intimidation + Dominate vs Resolve + BP Action: Contested. The vampire must be in mist form, and must surround a target. There is no "discreet" way of doing this other than doing it in a secluded area, as victims will panic and scream as they fight back. The expenditure of vitae transforms the mist into a mist of blood. This facilitates the physical union of the vampire in the body, as it enters any available orifice. The True Possession is different of Possession, in

Uriel's Blessing Blank Frank

(Theban Sorcery , Coil of Banes ) Cost: 3 WP Dice Pool: Humanity, Extended (no WP can be spent to augment this roll) Action: Extended Created by an angel worshiping cult of Sanctified expatriates in the Ordo Dracul, this devotion combines the dark miracle of Theban Sorcery with the Coil of Bane's transcendental properties to free the caster from the dread force of Uriel's gaze for a day. Using this power is no easy task though; the kindred in question must bring their conviction to bear in a prayer to Uriel, hoping that they are found worthy of this miracle. If the weight of sin is too great then the sun's rays sting as always and any damage taken from sunlight can't be healed for a week, a mark showing their hubris to all in the form of sunburns and blisters. Needless to say if the Lance found out about this blasphemy against the divine curse the retribution would be swift and terrible. This power does not confer immunity to Rotschrek

or other light/fire induced frenzy. The beast is, if anything, unsettled by the quasi-divine experience. This power costs 20 experience points to learn.

Vocal Projection Luxifer

unanswerable questions. Several kindred have found that this devotion is an excellent distraction or obstacle to throw in the way of an enemy giving chase. This power costs 24 experience points to learn. Roll Results: Dramatic Failure Victims within the desired radius become violently opposed to leaving their current locations, convinced that to do so would mean certain death. Failure The victims in the desired area are unaffected, though the feeling that they may have seen something unusual or smelled the slightest whiff of smoke may cross their minds. Success An area up to the size of an average 1 story house (Roughly 1000 sq feet) is affected. Victims flee from their location, not stopping until at least roughly 1 city block away; victims will require a successful willpower roll to return to the scene any sooner than a number of minutes equal to the number of successes scored, and should only consider this if someone or something of infinite importance has been left behind in the evacuation. The activating player may choose to affect any size area up to and including the maximum allowed by her successes. Exceptional Success Victims all suffer the same hallucination, lending consistency to their frightful accounts in addition to the large area effected.

(Majesty , Vigor )[/b] With the strength of Vigor behind him, the Toreador can literally throw his voice. It enhances the conversational aspects of Revelation and turns it outwards such that it makes him sound as though he were speaking through a megaphone. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Majesty Action: Instant When used to project the voice in volume, the Toreadors voice will carry clearly and concisely to all places within sight of the Toreador. This power is not conveyed over electronic media. When used to project the voice to a specific location, the voice can appear anywhere within sight. This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

~ III. Divinatory ~
Alarm Brandon
(Nightmare , Majesty ) This devotion, rumored to be the creation of a Nosferatu who used it to earn millions in stolen property. Its one of the quickest ways to clear an entire area of witnesses, security, or any other people whose presence might be an... inconvenience. Cost: 1 willpower Dice Pool: Manipulation + Expression + Nightmare versus highest Composure + BP Action: Instant; resistance reflexive Playing on the most realistic and disturbing fears floating in the minds of its victims, Alarm causes a brief hallucination of some shocking, frightful situation; one so immediately threatening that those caught in its radius flee from their location in a complete panic. Anything from a fire to gunshots shattering the living room window can be imagined, but at the heart of it all is the driving desire to flee. The power must be used sparingly, as the mismatched stories of multiple victims can lead to

Eyes of the Beast lead0

(Animalism , Cruac ) The Crone has eyes everywhere, for none can escape the gaze of her savage servants. This power allows a vampire to see through the eyes of not just one, but any animal they choose. Cost: Two BP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Animal Ken + Animalism targets Composure Action: Instant This power allows the kindred to see through the eyes of a particular kind of animal (dog, rat, cat) for the reminder of the scene and subtly manipulate them. They can inherently feel where the types are located and can switch between which animal they 'ride'. For example the vampire may choose to ride a rat and if it isnt observing anything of interest

switch to another one nearby. When the ritual is complete the vampire can see every one of that type of animal as if lit up in infrared up to 10 feet per success. While this power is in effect the vampire is only faintly aware of her immediate surroundings, and goes almost catatonic (they suffer -4 to all perception rolls for their immediate vicinity). The limit of this power is that it trades the finesse of Subsume the Lesser Spirit for a wider range of animals to possess. Controlling the animal being ridden is almost impossible, Animalism will not function and Animalism has a 4 penalty. Kindred with Auspex may also perceive a vampires aura around the animal. If the animal is killed when being ridden the user is shocked back to their body and all their health boxes are filled with bashing damage. Modifiers: +2 if the vampire poses that animal as a Protean shape +1 if the action is in tune with the animals nature -2 if it is against the nature of the animal -4 if the request is blatantly suicidal This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

False Sympathy Blank Frank

(Majesty , Obfuscate ) Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs. Composure + BP Action: Instant; contested and reflexive Insincerity is the bread and butter of kindred society, while truth is that nasty little beast that always wants to spoil the fun. False Sympathy allows the vampire to perfectly mimic any emotional response she wants to onlookers as well as passively expressing all the appropriate social cues to onlookers. So much so that she can even fool masters of Auspex into seeming to feel their insincere emotions. This power has two effects: First each success on the activation roll becomes a penalty to any use of Aura Perception and Auspex in general to determine their true thoughts and emotions, projecting whatever emotion/color they want to seen; the second is to alleviate the effects of a low humanity on human interactions, each success raises the vampires humanity cap on social dice pools by 1 to a maximum of 8. (In case of the vampire already has a high humanity successes can be used as bonus die to uses of Empathy and Manipulate). This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Forgetful Touch Blank Frank

(Auspex , Dominate ) Cost: Dice Pool: Wits + Persuasion + Dominate Composure OR Durability Action: Extended (1-100+ successes depending on the strength of the memory to be implanted or removed) The kindred who use this power can erase the memories in an object, wipe clean the psychic impressions of an entire room, or manipulate the memories of either with equal ease. This power functions like The Forgetful Mind but targets the psychic impressions left in objects or locations that can be read with The Spirits Touch. For Spirits touch to pierce the veil of deception requires an extended action where the viewer must score more successes than those gained implanting or removing the memory. As a rule of thumb, wiping the psychic impressions from a location takes 1 success for square foot. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Familiar Form Blank Frank

(Obfuscate , Protean ) Cost: Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate vs Composure + BP Action: Instant; contested and reflexive When the kindred assumes an animal shape they run the risk of seeming sorely out of place. How often does one find a wolf in the inner city? Or a bat perched on a nearby bush? With supreme effort the kindred can attempt to assume the shape of the animal that onlookers most expect to see. Be it a pigeon, a cat, or mangy dog. The system used is the same for Familiar Stranger, but on a success the onlooker will see an appropriate animal, possibly even a trusted pet. This power lasts until the vampire returns to human form. This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Familiar Pack Scatter pascale

(Obfuscate , Animalism ) May need Familiar Form as prerequisite (ST discretion). This ability was developed by a Nosferatu with a knack for getting out of trouble, but it has since made its way into the hands of many trouble makers. Escaping can be hard when many are after you. Using Obfuscate to cloud the minds of pursuers is risky. Better to distract them long enough to make an escape. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate versus subject's Resolve + Blood Potency Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive. By applying the perception bending abilities of Obfuscate's Familiar Stranger, and applying it to a retinue of animals the vampire has called to him with Call of the Wild, the vampire can create multiple illusions of himself. These "Obfuscated" animals act like themselves unless specifically ordered so by the vampire--so if a cowed rat goes into a corner and under a table when confronted by a human...-oid, the pursuers will see the illusion of the character acting like a rat, running all over the room and somehow managing to elude their grasp. Should a double be grabbed (say above the real height of the animal), the illusion dissipates for all who saw the event. The same applies to "impossible" events--such as the pursued character disappearing through a mouse hole--when they are witnessed. Other pursuers are still under the influence. Note that knowing you are faced with an illusionary discipline is not enough (it can be activated before your eyes). Figuring out which one is an illusion is what dispels it. Since this ability is most often used right before the enemy's eyes, each success adds one "uncertainty" to the equation. The enemy may have known were the character was standing, but with one success, he isn't sure if it is the one on the right or the one of the left. With two, the three on the left, where the character was, seem suspicious. With three... This power costs 27 experience points to learn. Each dot in Obfuscate allows the character to create 1 duplicate. Modifiers:

+2 if the animals are your ghouls +2 if you have protean affinity with these animals +1If you have tasted their blood -1 if it is a mixed species animal pack -1 per extra illusion past Obfuscate rating.

Heart of the Castle Blank Frank

(Institutionalize , Protean ) This devotion was made by a truly paranoid Morothropian in control of a psychiatric hospital. He had grown so ancient that mortal blood no longer sated his appetite, so he extended his services to a mentally ill gangrel, offering him blood and therapy for vitae. Little did the young gangrel know that his stay would be permanent as the crazed abbot grew to care for him obsessively. He almost escaped once using Haven of Soil to fool the abbot into thinking he'd left his cell, but the abbot caught him and made him teach it to him. Eventually the abbot developed this devotion to foil any more escape attempts and to better control his desmens. Cost: 1 BP + 1 WP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant Abbots using Heart of the Castle are almost literally omniscient; they gain awareness of what goes on in their institutions during the day and experience events much like in a lucid dream. By using Haven of Soil to meld with the building itself they literally spread their consciousness to the entirety of the building and leave their body safe from harm. One BP is spent before and in addition to the one used to activate Haven of Soil (So a total of 2 are spent). The abbot may use Panopticon and Lord of the Manor during the day and even at night (at -2 penalty) if he feels like hiding. This power costs 21 experience points to learn.

Hidden Faith Blank Frank

Despite the Lancea Sanctum's overt presence and power in much of the world, there were and continue to be places where being affiliated with the Spear is a quick way to final death. To avoid recognition and persecution the sorcerer becomes akin to a biblical Pariah, beneath the notice of both friends and enemies. (Theban Sorcery , Obfuscate )

Cost: 1 WP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive Kindred who know the sorcerer and know he's in the Sanctified still remember him, but it might momentarily 'slip their mind', leading to a lack of recognition in social events and even forgetting their face and name entirely for the duration. Dots in obfuscate actually count as penalties towards identifying him as a Sanctified by either acquaintances in the LS or enemies, theyre also subtracted from relevant social rolls as well, like those using LS covenant status. It can be turned on and off, though it's by no means a substitute for proper secrecy. This power costs 10 experience points to learn.

Know the Moon's Children krowe

(Animalism , Auspex ) Cost: Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive Kindred don't always have a hard time recognizing each other and some have spread this sense further. With this Devotion, Vampires identify Werewolves on sight, roughly judging their Primal Urge in relationship to the Vampire's Blood Potency. Though they may not understand their full significance, Vampires studying a Werewolf with Aura Perception can see the silvery brands that denote Renown. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant This power has the effect of making any use of Touch of Shadow last until dawn (or until sunlight touches the vitae covered object) and without the need for the kindred to be in contact or near to the hidden object. The vampire must first conceal the object with Obfuscate and then she may invoke this power by daubing the vitae on the object to conceal it. Standard rules for Obfuscate vs. Auspex apply. The kindred doesn't need to make any special design, though some Sanctified favor drawing spears (as a form of irony) or other personally significant symbols. Some masters of Obfuscate and Theban Sorcery are rumored to know a variant devotion or ritual that allows for entire buildings to be hidden by getting many sanctified to cover it in this power cooperatively. This power costs 7 experience points to learn.

Lingering Sight Blank Frank

Lamb's Blood Blank Frank

(Obfuscate , Theban Sorcery ) The Lancea Sanctum is seldom popular in any given domain, and it has more than once been the persecuted rather than the persecutor. This power is rumored to have been miraculously developed by a young Sanctified during a particularly violent attack of church grounds. The legend goes that she was wounded trying to fight off Acolytes and smeared her vitae across the door of the church's inner sanctum/panic room while fleeing inward. Normally a death warrant, her vitae masked the door into the sanctum, saving her and those inside from final death.

(Auspex , Resilience ) Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Auspex subjects Stamina or objects Durability Action: Instant; (Though there's only one roll two full turns must be spent examining the person or object in question) While Quicken Sight freezes a moment Lingering Sight makes years flow by like mist. It allows the user to see a brief glimpse of the future in how an object will decay. Each success ages an object's appearance by a decade and a person's by a year. A wall might show its weakest spot, a building might reveal a fire, or a the next branch to break from a tree and healthy, vibrant mortals become crippled, frail shadows of themselves. An Exceptional Success can even provide a glimpse into the likeliest cause of death for the subject: showing the fatal flaw in a building or a mortal being gunned down. While these visions are not prophecies per se this power does have an uncanny knack for predicting how (though not when) an object or person is likely to eventually break down or die. More than one savvy Elder has played up this devotion as actual Oracular abilities on their part. This ability has no effect on kindred, ghouls, or other unaging objects/persons. A

Failure will give a misleading impression and a Dramatic Failure renders the viewer unable to see anything but the possible future ruined selves of everyone around him. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Manipulation of Truth Nopp

exceptional success means more complex memories are restored. If the Vampire meets her trigger without having lost the memory, then nothing happens and the memory remains implanted. The Vampire can have up to as many memories stored as she has dots in Intelligence. This Devotion costs 10 XP to learn.

(Dominate , Auspex ) The Vampire can manipulate her own memories, as she can with others using the Dominate power Forgetful Mind. This way, what the Vampire knows to be true is altered, allowing her to escape interrogation through supernatural compulsion. Cost: Dice Pool: Wits + Persuasion + Dominate Action: Extended (1-100 successes, based on the complexity of the memories. Each roll represents five minutes of mental manipulation) The Vampire must be relatively calm to perform this devotion. The Vampire is aware of what memories are real and what are false until the required accumulated successes are achieved. It is also possible to undo memory manipulation by others on oneself in this fashion, in the same way that the Forgetful Mind operates on others. This Devotion costs 18 XP to learn.

Quiet Terror Blank Frank

(Nightmare , Obfuscate ) The haunts who use this devotion invoke a very specific form of Dread, preternatural silence. The vampire smothers all sounds within earshot and even deadens sounds from outside, creating a truly deafening silence. Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Nightmare vs highest Composure + BP Action: Contested; resistance reflexive Once activated this power creates a zone of silence that follows haunt wherever she goes, radiating outwards 5 yards per willpower dot the vampire possesses. All sound is blanked out inside the radius of the devotion; even those outside its area of effect can't hear sound originating from inside its radius. The exception to this is the vampire using this devotion may, by spending 1 WP, speak at normal volume to anyone inside or outside the radius of Quiet Terror or otherwise generate sound. For this reason Quiet Terror is considered the counterpoint to Awe; though rather than inspire awe it inspires the kind of silent fear the appearance of a villain might. Still, anything to shut up those Daeva. Those under the effect of Quiet Terror might not immediately notice it unless they're in a very noisy area (Intelligence + Investigation), nor do they immediately notice the vampire or fear her once spotted (though they can subconsciously tell they have something to do with it). Successes gained activating this power are subtracted to all perception rolls involving sound, including the kindred using this devotion. This power costs 12 experience points to learn. Successes - Sound silenced 1 - Footfalls / Light ambient sound 2 - Conversation across the room / Light work 3 - Nearby conversation / Stereo

Note to Self Nopp

(Dominate , Auspex ) This Devotion allows a Vampire to implant a specific memory into her subconcious, which comes to the fore of her mind when a certain trigger is fulfilled. Thus, if a character memory is altered (such as through use of Dominate) or faded (such as by the Fog of Eternity), this memory can be restored with perfect clarity. Cost: Dice Pool: Intelligence + Composure + Dominate Action: Reflexive This implanted memory remains until it is forgotten and the trigger is fulfilled. A trigger must be in some way related to the memory stored. For example, if a Vampire stored the memory that a woman who wears rose smelling perfume was a hunter, and that fact was forgotten, the smell of roses could bring the memory back to the fore of the mind. This memory stored usually can't be more than a basic fact. An

4 - Immediate Conversation / Car horn 5 - Construction crew / Rock Concert

Reflections of the Shattered Mind krowe

(Auspex , Nightmare ) A Vampire of some power is capable of triggering a moment of utmost personal fear in a victim through sheer force of will. But sometimes forcing such an experience isn't as rewarding as just knowing what that utmost personal fear is. By taking her intimate knowledge of terror and focusing on it with her telepathic strength, the Vampire can easily bait the subconscious mind into revealing its deepest, most dreaded fears. Cost: None for a mortal; 1 WP for a supernatural subject unless the supernatural subject is willing. Dice Pool: Intelligence + Socialize + Auspex Resolve Action: Instant As with Telepathy Success provides the user with the desired information, in this case the subject's most avid fear, the thing that she would experience should Shatter the Mind be unleashed upon her at that very moment. Exceptional Success provides additional detail about that fear or additional fears. A Dramatic Failure subjects the user to the effects of Shatter the Mind with the intended target's Successes being the length of time the mild Derangement lasts. Do to the precise nature of the information saught and the familiarity of the Vampire with it, the target of this power does not get an Intelligence + Composure roll to detect any foreign presence in their mind. This power costs 24 experience points to learn.

nothing special to access it. Instead, whenever using Aura Perception (Auspex ) the user can gather information about the subject's beliefs and faith. She can either identify what faith the subject adheres to as well as how strong that devotion is or determine how the subject regards a particular faith that may not be their own. Either effect is done with the same -2 modifier as reading the subject's nature. This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

Senses of the Wild lead0

(Resilience , Auspex ) Cost: 1 vitae Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant The kindred gains the benefits of Heightened Senses without risking sensory overload from sudden changes in the environment like a flashlight to the face or a fog horn to the ear. This sensory resilience even extends to heightening two or more senses at once. This power lasts for one scene. This power costs 6 experience points to learn.

Stray Thoughts Blank Frank

(Auspex , Animalism to ) Cost: Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: N/A The kindred who master this power can communicate with beasts without the need for eye contact or speech. Their telepathy is augmented to function not only on sentient minds but also any animal they come across, allowing contact even with blind animals. With effort this power can be expanded to encompass Animalism and ; Obedience no longer requires eye contact to initiate or verbal cues to control the animal, and Call of the Wild can be used without making a sound. When the kindred chooses to use Telepathy to communicate with an animal they roll Telepathy normally but replace Socialize with Animal Ken. When the kindred chooses to use Obedience or Call of the Wild telepathically they roll each power normally but replace Presence with Intelligence. Some kindred with this power still prefer to use Animalism the old fashioned way to avoid the finicky unpredictability of Telepathy when precision

Seeing the Creed krowe

(Auspex , Theban Sorcery ) This simple Devotion was developed my a Sanctified Mehket to identify a person's faith and determine how strongly they followed it. It was rumored that he did so to help him avoid the repercussions of a curse laid upon him that caused serious detriment should he harm members of a particular religion. Cost: Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Reflexive A Vampire who has learned this Devotion does

is required over secrecy. Much like buying new materials with which to merge for Protean , the kindred can spend 2 XP to extend Wild Thoughts to work on Obedience then Call of the Wild. This power costs 12 experience points to learn, + 2 XP for each extra dot of Animalism.

adrenaline and attempts to flee or attack the vampire if he is nearby. This power can only be used on one person at a time and is instantly terminated if the target is killed, resulting in a number of lethal damage to the vampire per dot of Strength gained. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

~ IV. Combat ~
Feeding the Fear lead0
(Nightmare , Vigor ) To some fear is an emotion, a reaction or a state of being but a few know better. Fear is tangible thing that can immobilize you, drive you mad, or for those that master this curious Devotion a source of Physical power. A kindred finds more of the vampiric nature of his soul and uses it to feed on the victims terror. Cost: 1 BP Dice Poll: Presence + Intimidation + Vigor targets Resolve + Stamina Action: Extended For this power to work the kine must feel great fear towards the vampire, the most practical way of going about this is to use Nightmare to both terrify them and root them to the spot, but normal psychological torment and restraints work as well. The vampire then feeds on the target and drains the victim not only of blood, but of their Strength. Each turn before draining a blood point by feeding the vampire rolls the dice pool, for each success on the activation roll the vampire can subtract a dot of Strength from the target and temporarily add it to his own until the target has no dots of Strength left. The victim of this power becomes weak and listless; rather than pleasure the Kiss cause lethargy as the fight-or-flight response is literally removed from their mind. The target must succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll just to take an action in a turn. This power lasts for a scene or a full night with an Exceptional Success. When its duration expires the kindred feels a wrenching in his gut as the victim calms down and the stolen Strength returns to his body. The vampire then vomits up 1 vitae per turn per dot of Strength gained as the fear they consumed leaves their bodies. The victim feels a surge of

Force of the Mind lead0

(Dominate , Resilience ) Cost: 1 vitae, one turn Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Dominate vs. Composure + BP Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive The vampire uses the sheer force of will gained from Dominate to force an attacker to hesitate when attacking. Instead of taking a defense action in combat the vampire locks eyes with his attacker. If more successes are gained on the roll than the attacker they are unable to harm the vampire this turn out of a subconscious flinch. Alternately the difference from the successes plus one is added to the defense of the user as their mental protest screams for the attacker to just stop and submit. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Hidden Strength pascale

(Vigor , Obfuscate ) Those who develop this power can make even the most innocuous of gestures into deadly moves. A flick of the finger can send men crashing into walls, Firm hand shakes break every bone in the hand, and a kiss on the forehead can be deadly. Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Strength + Vigor Targets Stamina Action: Instant This power allows the character to use his entire strength and Vigor in movements that would usually cause no damage whatsoever. This may add bonuses, specifically if the character grasps some sensitive areas or surprises his victims, but usually carries no advantage over a target's Stamina. This power costs 6 experience points to learn.

Implacable Strength Blank Frank

(Vigor , Resilience ) Kindred with Vigor can be engines of destruction

whose violence is limited only by their blood supply. A terrifying few are no longer so limited. Cost: 2 BP Dice Pool: Stamina + Athletics + Vigor Action: Instant The kindred invoking Implacable Strength teach their body to hold it's unnatural strength far longer than it normally could. They focus their will and anger into a smoldering furnace rather than a raging fire and manage to draw out the duration of Vigor. For each success activating Implacable strength Vigor lasts another scene/hour. An exceptional success leaves it active all night. The furnace may only be lit once a night, and Vigor can't be activated concurrently with it. Would be dynamos of destruction beware: It's easier to light the furnace than to douse it, once stoked into fiery activity the Beast must be calmed down. The user must make an extended Resolve + Composure roll with a target of five successes to 'cool off' the beast and avoid frenzy (an ST may require an extra success for each scene of extended vigor past the first). Failing a roll results in an undirected frenzy. The other cost of Herculean strength makes the kindred like a bull in a china shop for the rest of the night. All non combat physical actions suffer a one die penalty out of clumsiness, even after Implacable Strength expires one has to readjust to their former limits. Dramatic failure's at Dexterity actions might even damage or break an item at ST discretion. This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

may immediately use Awe. There are no extra penalties to Awe beyond the number of people effected but as the targets are, presumably, in combat they will be shocked out of Majesty's effect in short order (as soon as they are attacked or when their Initiative is up, maybe losing their action as they reorient themselves). Until then, their Defense is halved (at least) and they are focused on the Vampire. This power costs 6 experience points to learn.

Intestinal Fortitude Naggoth

(Resilience , Gustus ) The greedy damned of the Macerellius are always seeking the next sensation for their palate and sometimes this takes them to places that are dangerous even for one of the kindred. This devotion allows one of the gluttons to have some protection when seeking dangerous new sensations Cost: 3 vitae Dice Pool: Strength + Survival + Gustus Action: Extended; Instant once Vitae spent When activated the power allows the glutton to bolster the fat of their frame with their vitae. Dramatic Failure: The devotion fails to have its intended effect and the user actually weakens his flesh. For the rest of the night damage taken is doubled. Failure: No effect develops. Success: Each success allow the vampire to gain a temporary point of armor against bashing or lethal damage. In addition the vampires corpulent form takes only half damage from conventional firearms. The effect lasts for one scene. During the effect the vampires fat hardens and sits heavily upon their bones imposing a -2 speed penalty to all physical actions including combat and movement. Exceptional Success: Aside from the staggering amount of armor gained the kindred takes no damage from conventional firearms during this scene. The speed penalty remains This power costs 21 experience points to learn.

Impressive Strike krowe

(Vigor , Majesty ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics Action: Instant Sometimes a little lull in combat, just a small distraction, is enough to turn the tide. With this Devotion, a Vampire spends 1 Vitae and makes a visually complex close-combat attack (twirling, spinning, flipping, switching hands or other such Hollywood-esque maneuvers). The attack itself is at a -2 modifier for the flourish but if it results in success (whether the target ultimately takes damage or not, the attack just has to conceivably make contact... yes, this could be arbitrary) the Vampire

Languid Rush Blank Frank

(Resilience , Celerity ) Among the Invictus patience is more than a virtue, its a philosophy; patrons strive to teach their

protgs that everything comes to he who waits. This devotion is an odd marriage between the patience of ages and the frantic pace of unlife in the nightly dance. Languid Rush was developed by an Invictus elder who was so patient he wanted his supernatural speed to slow down and last longer. Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke Action: Reflexive The vampire using this power calls upon the preserving aspect of Resilience to extend one of the benefits of Celerity past the one turn limit. When invoking Languid Haste the vampire chooses which benefit to extend (bonus to initiative, defense, or speed), the effects last for one turn + dots of Resilience. This power may only be invoked once per turn until its effects expire, so the kindred using this devotion cant use it two extend two benefits concurrently. He could however invoke it again once expired and choose a different benefit. Celerity may be used normally even when this power is active, though its effects do not stack with this devotions. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Moment's Notice Luxifer

(Celerity , Dominate ) Cost: 1 BP Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Dominate vs Resolve + Blood Potency Action: Action: Instant; contested and reflexive The mesmerizing effects of Dominate allow the vampire to cause people to momentarily forget where they were standing only a few moments ago. This combined with celerity allows them to move in a way that puts them out of sight and out of mind. Essentially, the caster moves out of sight from the subject who momentarily forgets his quarry, while the Kindred gets to simultaneously position himself in an advantageous position for his next attack. This power costs 16 experience points to learn.

Motionless Feint krowe

Marble Corpse pascale

(Resilience , Protean ) Some have called it the perfect defense. Others see it as the metaphysical opposite of the Mist Form. Regardless, the few monsters that have developed this ability are truly creatures to be feared. Cost: 3 Bp Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to invoke. Action: Instant When activated this transformation makes the vampire's skin as smooth as marble, but much harder while being flexible at the same time. Bullets, knives, and other lethal or Aggravated physical damages are halved. Damages incurred while in this shape cause cracks and chips in the skin, as if the character were a statue, which can be very painful when returning to normal shape (imagine missing a piece of your chin, in the form of a fissure across your face...). Fire causes NO DAMAGE while in this form, but sunlight will cause it to peel off as if it were a layer of dried paint. This power costs 30 experience points to learn.

(Obfuscate , Vigor ) Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny + Obfuscate vs Composure + Blood Potency Action: Action: Instant; contested and reflexive A Vampire using this Devotion attempts to cloud his opponent's mind into reading an action other than the attack he has planned. For every Success the user gets over his intended target that target lowers their Defense by one. A target denied their entire Defense is assumed to be completely surprised by the attack. This power costs 6 experience points to learn.

Shadow Silhouette Blank Frank

(Obfuscate , Celerity ) Cost: 1 vitae Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth + Obfuscate Highest Composure + Wits Action: Instant For the rest of the scene the vampire using this power masks uses of high rank Celerity, making it seem like the vampire is moving unpredictably rather than moving preternaturally fast. Appearing on the opposite side of the room is chalked up to a lightning fast tumble while the viewer blinked, a miraculous dodge of an unavoidable attack becomes a lucky trip. The kindred gets a bonus die to use this power if

they're wearing loose, dark, billowy clothes. This power costs 6 experience points to learn.

Stagnation of Motion krowe

(Dominate , Celerity ) Moving preternaturally fast is common benefit of the Embrace and one that comes with a host of applications. But sometimes it is better not to increase your own abilities but to diminish those of another. Clever Vampires studied the qualities of their Blood and developed this... Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Intelligence + Intimidation + Dominate vs Resolve + Blood Potency Action: Instant; contested and reflexive A Vampire using this power activates it by making eye contact with his intended target and willing the subject to slow down. If successful, the target's Initiative, Defense, and Speed are each lowered by an amount equal to the Vampire's Celerity as their movements become sluggish and difficult. This effect lasts for 1 Turn. Intrigued by this power, some Kindred have begun experimenting with combining its power with that of Majesty for an area effect. Their progress is unknown at this time... This power costs 9 experience points to learn.

Update 12/9/2006 Added: Alarm, Beast's Bluff, Center of the Labyrinth, Familiar Pack Scatter, Faux Faade, Quiet Terror, Skin of the Dire Wolf, Smothering Will and True Possession. Update 11/12/2006 Added: Luxifer's Toreador devotions Aegis, Fascination, La Dolce Vita, Mae Culpa, Mouthpiece, Rapturous Touch, Sway the Masses, Objet Dart, Slave of Blood and Vocal Projection. Update 11/5/2006 Added: Call the blood, Eyes of the Beast, Feeding the Fear, Force of the Mind, Hidden Strength, Marble Corpse and Senses of the Wild.

Spectral Fortitude krowe

(Essentiaphagia , Resilience ) For Vampires focused on the study of Ghosts, sometimes a little more protection is desired. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Resolve + Stamina + Composure Action: Instant Each Success rolled when activating this power acts as a penalty to a ghosts Dice Pool for any action it takes against the vampire. This spiritual toughening lasts for a single Scene. At the Storyteller's discretion, this Devotion may also provide similar hardship for Spirits as well. This power costs 12 experience points to learn. Version History: Update 2/26/2007 Added: Beauty in the Blood, Familiar, Lambs Blood, Languid Rush, The Look, Manipulation of Truth, Note to Self, Peerless Inquisitor,