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Computer Networks Introduction

Presentation by A.Jawahar SSN College of Engineering

At the end of this section students will be able to understand The concept of Data Communication Networking Protocols and Standards

Data Communication
Exchange of data between two devices via some form of transmission medium Effectiveness of data communication depends on
Delivery Accuracy Timeliness Jitter

Components of Data Communication

Message Sender Receiver Transmission medium Protocol

Components of Data Communication

Data Representation
Text Numbers Images Audio Video

Data flow
Simplex Half Duplex Full Duplex

Data flow - Simplex

Data flow Half duplex

Data flow Full Duplex

A network is a set of devices (called nodes) connected by communication links. A node may be a computer, printer or any other device capable of sending and/or receiving data generated by other nodes in the network.
Distributed Processing Network Criteria Physical Structures Categories of Networks

Distributed Processing
Most networks use distributed processing, in which a task is divided among multiple computers.

Network Criteria
Performance Reliability Security

Physical Structures
Type of connection
Point to Point Multipoint

Point to Point


Physical Topology

Physical Topology - Mesh

Physical Topology - Star

Physical Topology - Bus

Physical Topology - Ring

Network Models
OSI model seven layered Internet model five layered

Categories of Networks





Protocols and Standards

Protocols Standards Standards Organizations Internet Standards

Syntax Semantics Timing

De facto by fact De jure by law

Standard Organizations
ISO ITU-T CCITT ANSI EIA Forums Regulatory Agencies - FCC

Internet Standards
An internet standard is a thoroughly tested specification that is useful to and adhered to by those who work with the internet. Internet draft Request for comment (RFC)

Data communications are the transfer of data from one device to another via some form of transmission medium. Accurate and timely transmission. Components message, sender, receiver, medium, protocol Data forms image, text, audio, video Data flow simplex, half duplex, full duplex

A network is a set of communication devices connected by media links. Topology mesh, star, bus, ring Network categories LAN, MAN, WAN An internet is a network of networks. An internet is a collection of many separate networks There are logical, regional, national and international Internet Service Providers.

Protocol set of rules that govern data communication Standards ensure that products from different manufacturers can work together

Review Questions
In a _______ connection, more than two devices can share a single link. A) Point-to-point B) Primary C) Multipoint D) Secondary Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ______________ transmission. A) Full-duplex B) Half-duplex C) Simplex D) Automatic The information to be communicated in a data communications system is the _______. A) Medium B) Protocol C) Transmission D) Message Frequency of failure and network recovery time after a failure are measures of the _______ of a network. A) Performance B) Security C) Reliability D) Feasibility

Review Questions
In a network with 25 computers, which topology would require the most extensive cabling? A) Star B) Mesh C) Bus D) Ring Which topology requires a central controller or hub? A) Star B) Mesh C) Bus D) Ring The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels. A) Protocol B) Medium C) Signal D) All the above Which organization has authority over interstate and international commerce in the communications field? A) ITU-T B) IEEE C) ISO D) FCC

Review Questions
In _______ transmission, the channel capacity is shared by both communicating devices at all times. A) Full-duplex B) Simplex C) Half-duplex D) Halfsimplex An unauthorized user is a network _______ issue. A) Performance B) Reliability C) Security D) All the above Which topology requires a multipoint connection? A) Mesh B) Star C) Ring D) Bus A television broadcast is an example of _______ transmission. A) Half-duplex B) Full-duplex C) Simplex D) Automatic

Review Questions
A _______ connection provides a dedicated link between two devices. A) Multipoint B) Point-to-point C) Primary D) Secondary A cable break in a _______ topology stops all transmission. A) Mesh B) Star C) Primary D) Bus