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By NWABOR Patrick

Now let`s go straight to the business I know you are eager to make money but at the same time you have to be patient in making money. FOREX trading is a big market and everybody that knows about it wants to tap from it which maybe the reason you spend your hard earn cash in buying this book or probably downloaded it free or got from a third party so let`s get start SECRET 1 If you study the statement attached to this book you will notice they are all PENDING ORDERS (entry point is the same time) SECRET 2 Trade with low lot size (I will come back to that later)

SECRET 3 Take low pips as your take-profit SECRET 4 Enter 5 to 10 position on a trade

Now let`s get start, it is advisable to open demo account and try this strategy of mine before diving into live account 1. Open a demo account (micro account) with $200 2. Set your leverage to 1:500 (because most broker live account is set to 1:500 by default and you can`t adjust it in micro account) 3. With $200 account set your lot/volume size to 0.02 (secret no.2) with this even when the market is going against you, the lost will not be much and the market will certainly return to your direction. 4. Always trade on pending order as you are going to enter with 5- to 10 position on a trade (secret no. 1) 5. When starting new trade, start with 5 position on a trade(secret no. 4) 6. Always take a low pips (secret no. 3) now this is the most secret of all, always take profit of 5 pips, yes check my statement to see for yourself if your broker is a 4 digits just simply add 5 to your entry position e.g. if you are buying and your entry point is 1.3764 just add 5 which is 1.3764 +5 = 1.3769 and if your broker is 5 digits like mine and your entry point is 1.37645 just add 50 which is 1.37645 + 50 =1.37695 Make sure with (5) above enter 5-10 position as my calculation with my broker gives me $1 per position so 5 positions gives you $5 in one trade and if you are selling please do the same by subtracting 5 pips e.g. if your entry point is 1.3764 for 4 digits brokers just remove 5 from it which is 1.3764 5 =1.3759 and for 5 digits brokers just remove 50 from it 1.37645 50 =1.37595 this will be your take profit 7. When the market movement hit your pending order, it is easy to zig zag 5 pips around and which you take your profit and close the market

automatically so depending on your lot size and amount you are willing to risk you can start earning $5 - $100 in just 5 minutes

Explaination of the 4 secrets

Fig.1.1 Fig.1.1 shows a 5minutes EUR/USD live chart of October 21, 2011 without any indicator

Fig. 1.2 Fig.1.2 shows the same chart as fig.1.1 above with blue and red arrows indicating the movement of the market, the movement above indicates that is a zig-zag movement so why don`t we explore this opportunity

23 26 pips 39 pips 78 pips

Fig.1.3 The above fig. 1.3 shows the amount of pips one would have profit from if really one knows the market direction but trust me no one knows or even the most expensive indicator can`t do it, if you notice, you will see the green and red lines in the chart which indicates Im already in the market and it is a buy and take profit lines and I know by now you are saying bullshit the market is dragging me down Im losing, NO Im not that is the NO 1 SECRET ( PENDING ORDER) the picture below confirms it.

Fig.1.4 Fig.1.4 above confirms it is pending order and as long as the market is moving in zig-zag direction it must come back to your entry point, to do this click NEW ORDER >point to INSTANT EXECUTION and change it to PENDING ORDER> change the buy limit to BUY STOP or SELL STOP depending on the direction of the market NOTE 1: Take a look at the blue arrow in fig.1.4 you will notice a balance of $815.06 and remember Im already in the market with pending order so watch what happens next


NOTE 2: The fig.1.5 above confirms that the market has come back to my direction and has taken the profit automatically, check the blue arrow, you will notice that the amount has change from $815.06 to $859.06 which is $44 profit within an hour so if you know the direction you can do this up to 10 times in 24 hours and depending on your equity and lot size you can make as low as $100 to $10,000 a day

This part contain the use of the bonus indicators 1. Super scalper (EUR/USD) 2. AK47 Snipper (a.k.a 3level indicator)

Fig.2.1 showing scalper movement

Fig.2.2 showing scalper alert on sell signal @ price and take profit. The above fig 2.2 is a pictorial alert of scalper indicator, trust me on this one this scalper alert is 80% - 90% accurate on it buy signal alert, remember I said buy signal alert, over the period I have notice that the alert given on buy signal is almost accurate. When the scalper pops out alert to buy or sell, it will give you a take profit exit, now here is the knowledge and your benefit of buying this e-book or downloaded it free of charge, always wait for this scalper to give you alert and remember I said I trust the buy signal more than the sell signal so always utilize the buy signal alert to enter the market, now is what you will do. Let say you get an alert of buy signal @ price 1.38950, take profit of 1.39210 Step to place the trade 1. You have to be fast in doing this, click new order 2. Make sure the volume is set to 0.02 for $100-$500 and 0.05 for $600$1,000 FOREX account.

3. Change the instant execution to pending order and choose buy stop 4. Set price to 1.39000 (for 5 digits) 1.3900 (for 4 digits) highlight the figure and copy it and paste it in the take profit box and edit to 1.39050 for 5 digits and 1.3905 for 4 digits and click place 5. Go back again and click new order change the instant execution to pending order and choose buy stop, now on the price place your cursor, highlight and press ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the price or digit you copy in 4 above and also paste it in your take profit and edit it to take profit price in 4 above 6. Do the above step until you are able to place at least 5 pending order The above steps represent the best way to make use of scalper, always take 5 pips as it is easier to achieve, now let`s do the calculation, let assume the alert above was accurate, 1.39210 - 1.38950 = 26 pips Let`s assume a pip gives you a dollar, that means $26 signal was generated and you place only 5pips x 5 position = 25 pips = $25 The $25 is easier to achieve as it is easier to get to 1.39050 than getting to 1.39210 which is not a guarantee level Do you know that, that same trade and you place 10 position, you have converted 5 pips to 50 pips? Yes 50 pips and that is $50 in just few minute without much sweat.

Fig.2.3 AK47 SNIPPER The fig. above shows AK47 snipper also know as three level indicators, it is called 3 level because it uses the 1, 2, 3 , figures to show and indicate the market movement, 1. The blue arrow shows the market is going upward which is buy and the red arrow indicate the market is going down which is sale signal 2. After the 2 or 3 comes out which is used to determine the direction always wait for 2 candles to indicate upward or downward movement before entering the market.


The following rules below must be adhere to in order to achieve the result in the statement attached to this e-book 1. Make sure your pc is a laptop and can sustain power up to 20minutes as this is require to make you exit the market if the market is going against you or when there is power outage 2. Always monitor your trade 3. Never trade between 6am -9pm and 1pm -4pm ( the reason for this is because EUR/USD has to do with London and American market and over the time I have observe that every 7am-9am and 2pm4pm Nigeria time the market tend to move upward or downward speedily

4. 5.

6. 7.

so in this situation you are expected to take advantage to place instant trade after knowing the direction of the market. Always use maximum of 0.02 lot size on account of $500 below and 0.05 lot size on account of $600 to $3,000 Always place a stop lost as that is the rule of good forest trading but if you wish to get a clean account like the statement attached to the this book, you don`t need to place stop lost. Never place more than 5 positions as this will make your equity to stand the taste of time even when the market is going against you. This strategy works best in the 1minute and 5minutes chart

List of forex indicators 1. Super Scalper 2. Ak47 snipper 3. Zone dominator 4. Auto pivot 5. True point signal 6. Level revisal 7. FX Turbo marksman 8. 100pipsdaily scalper Call me on 08065942445 or mail forex@1010studio.com for more info.