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Which of the following is an appropriate synonym for the word Debauch ?

Choose one: Demoralize Encourage Cultivate Find the antonym for gaurish . Choose one: Cheap Flashy Costly Choose an appropriate antonym for the word deliberate. Choose one: unintended targeted focussed Choose the antonym for Sorrow . Choose one: Joy empathy sympathy uestion: Which of the following is an appropriate synonym for the word Debauch ? Response: Demoralize Encourage Cultivate Score 0 of 0 Question: Find the synonym of Decreed ? Response:

made up one's mind Feedback: Correct Answer: made up one's mind disagree decrease in quantity Score 0 of 0 Question: What is an appropriate synonym for Bifid ? Response: Divided Divided in two Timid Feedback: Correct Answer: Divided Score 0 of 0 Question: Find the antonym for gaurish . Response: Cheap Flashy Costly Feedback: Correct Answer: Cheap Score 0 of 0 Question: Choose the antonym for Sorrow . Response: Joy

empathy sympathy Score 0 of 0 Question: Choose an appropriate antonym for the word deliberate. Response: unintended Feedback: Correct Answer: Unintended targeted focussed

c hoose the antonym for Sorrow . Choose one: Joy empathy sympathy Find the synonym of Decreed ? Choose one: made up one's mind disagree decreas e in quantity What is an appropriate synonym for Bifid ? Choose one: Divided Divided in two Timid

Find the antonym for gaurish . Choose one: Cheap Flashy Costly Choose an appropriate antonym for the word deliberate. Choose one: unintended targeted focussed Choose the antonym for Sorrow . Choose one: Joy empathy Sympathy

uestion Results
Score 0 of 0 Question: Which of the following is an appropriate synonym for the word Debauch ? Response: Demoralize Encourage Cultivate Score 0 of 0 Question: Find the synonym of Decreed ? Response:

made up one's mind disagree decrease in quantity Score 0 of 0 Question: What is an appropriate synonym for Bifid ? Response: Divided Divided in two Timid Score 0 of 0 Question: Find the antonym for gaurish . Response: Cheap Flashy Costly Score 0 of 0 Question: Choose an appropriate antonym for the word deliberate. Response: unintended targeted focussed Score 0 of 0 Question: Choose the antonym for Sorrow .

Response: Joy empathy sympathy erbal round was more challenging in the fact that time management was the key and many of my friends lost out as they could not complete it on time

Question 1-8 four slightly different versions of a sentence;were given, had to choose the appropria Question 9-16 a phrase or few words were underlined and had to replace with option giving the same meaning; Question 17-24 fill in the blanks; Question 25-30 a paragraph is given u have to identify the;theme Question 31-40 passage

Round 2 : ENGLISH

2 passages : lengthy but very easy Sentence correction and Fill in the blanks type questions : easy but lengthy

bjective English by R.S. Aggarwal try to learn grammer from any book and increase your speed of reading by regular practice.Verbal paper consists of 30 questions in 30 minute (again very less time so increase your speed by practice). It was the eliminating paper in my views. It consists questions from following topics:

2 reading comprehension quite easy). Total 10 questions. Sentence completion Sentence Correction. Spotting errors. deriving inferences & conclusions from passages. Practice these from Objective English by R.S. Aggarwal (Unit 2,3,4). 15 questions from correction of sentences 2 reading comprehension (2*5=10 questions) 10 Question form fill in the blanks(prepositions) 5 questions from paragraph conclusions small paragraph will be given we need to find the conclusion).

Directions for Questions 1-3: Choose the option which will correctly fill the blank.

1. This train travels from London ______ Paris. a) at b) to c) over d) below Ans: b 2. We stood at the back ______ the theater. a) of b)on c)in d) for Ans: a 3. I will work _________ five o'clock. a) until b) up c)in d) to Directions for Questions 4-6: Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in ITALICS from the given options. 4. The antidote to these problems is hard to find a) Cause for b) Result of c) Remedy for d) Consequence of e) None of these Ans:C 5. Because of a family feud , he never spoke to his aife's parents. a) Crisis b) Trouble c) Problem d) Quarrel d) None of these Ans: D 6. The article is written in a very lucid style. a) Elaborate b) Clear c) Intricate d) Noble e) None of these Ans:B Directions for Questions 7-10: Choose the answer option which will correctly fill the blank. 7. _________ man ran into the street. A car hit ____ man. a) A, the b) An, the c) the, the d) A, the 8. The interesting thing about _____ Romans is all the roads that they built in Britain. a) A b) An c) none of these d) The 9. Albert Einstein was _____ famous scientist. Einstein won _______ Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.Einstein left his country and lived in ___________States until he died in 1955. a) A, the, an b) A, the, the c) A, an, the d) An, an, the Ans: B 10. Are you shopping for ________ health club to join so you can get in shape? Shop wisely! You could end up choosing ___________wrong club and losing more money than pounds. a) the, an b) the, the c) A, the d) An, the Ans: C

Directions for Questions 11-16: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage. The pioneers of the teaching of science imagined that its introduction into education would remove the conventionality, artificiality, and backward-lookingness which were characteristic;of classical studies, but they were gravely disappointed. So, too, in their time had the humanists thought that the study of the classical authors in the original would banish at once the dull pedantry and superstition of mediaeval scholasticism. The professional schoolmaster was a match for both of them, and has almost managed to make the understanding of chemical reactions as dull and as dogmatic an affair as the reading of Virgil's Aeneid. The chief claim for the use of science in education is that it teaches a child something about the actual universe in which he is living, in making him acquainted with the results of scientific discovery, and at the same time teaches him how to think logically and inductively by studying scientific method. A certain limited success has been reached in the first of these aims, but practically none at all in the second. Those privileged members of the community who have been through a secondary or public school education may be expected to know something about the elementary physics and chemistry of a hundred years ago, but they probably know hardly more than any bright boy can pick up from an interest in wireless or scientific hobbies out of school hours. As to the learning of scientific method, the whole thing is palpably a farce. Actually, for the convenience of teachers and the requirements of the examination system, it is necessary that the pupils not only do not learn scientific method but learn precisely the reverse, that is, to believe exactly what they are told and to reproduce it when asked, whether it seems nonsense to them or not. The way in which educated people respond to such quackeries as spiritualism or astrology, not to say more dangerous ones such as racial theories or currency myths, shows that fifty years of education in the method of science in Britain or Germany has produced no visible effect whatever. The only way of learning the method of science is the long and bitter way of personal experience, and, until the educational or social systems are altered make this possible, the best we can expect is the production of a minority of people who are able to acquire some of the techniques of science and a still smaller minority who are able to use and develop them. 11. The author implies that the 'professional schoolmaster' has a) No interest in teaching science b) Thwarted attempts to enliven education c) Aided true learning d) Supported the humanists e) Been a pioneer in both science and humanities. Ans: B 12. The authors attitude to secondary and public school education in the sciences is a) Ambivalent b) Neutra c) Supportive d) Satirical

e) Contemptuous Ans: e 13. The word palpably most nearly means a) Empirically b) Obviously c) Tentatively d) Markedly e) Ridiculously Ans: b 14. The author blames all of the following for the failure to impart scientific method through the education system except a) Poor teaching b) Examination methods c) Lack of direct experience d) The social and education systems e) Lack of interest on the part of students Ans: e 15. If the author were to study current education in science to see how things have changed since he wrote the piece, he would probably be most interested in the answer to which of the following questions? a) Do students know more about the world about them? b) Do students spend more time in laboratories? c) Can students apply their knowledge logically? d) Have textbooks improved? e) Do they respect their teachers Ans: c 16. Astrology (line 31) is mentioned as an example of a) A science that needs to be better understood b) A belief which no educated people hold c) Something unsupportable to those who have absorbed the methods of science d) The gravest danger to society e) An acknowledged failure of science Ans: c Directions for Questions 17-20: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage. Furthermore, insofar as any conclusion about its author can be drawn from five or six plays attributed to him, the Wakefield Master is without exception considered to be a man of sharp contemporary observation. He was, probably clerically educated, as indicated by his Latin and music, his Biblical and patristic lore. Even today he is remembered for his his quick sympathy for the oppressed and forgotten man, his sharp eye for character, a ready ear for colloquial, vernacular turns of speech and a humor alternately rude and boisterous, coarse and happy. Therefore in spite of his conscious artistry as can be seen in his feeling for intricate metrical and stanza forms, he is regarded as a kind of

medieval Steinbeck, indignantly angry at, uncompromisingly and even brutally realistic in presenting the plight of the agricultural poor. It is now fairly accepted to regard the play as a kind of ultimate point in the secularization of the medieval drama. Therefore more stress has been laid on it as depicting realistically humble manners and pastoral life in the bleak of the west riding of Yorkshire on a typically cold night of December 24th. After what are often regarded as almost ''documentaries'' given in the three successive monologues of the three shepherds, critics go on to affirm that the realism is then intensified into a burlesque mock-treatment of the Nativity. Finally as a sort of epilogue or after-thought in deference to the Biblical origins of the materials, the play slides back into an atavistic mood of early innocent reverence. In actuality, the final scene is the culminating scene and also the raison detre of the introductory ''realism.'' Superficially the present play supports the conventional view of its mood of secular realism. At the same time, the ''realism'' of the Wakefield Master is of a paradoxical turn. His wide knowledge of people, as well as books indicates no cloistered contemplative but one in close relation to his times. Still, that life was after all a predominantly religious one, a time which never neglected the belief that man was a rebellious and sinful creature in need of redemption . So deeply (one can hardly say ''naively'' of so sophisticated a writer) and implicitly religious is the Master that he is less able (or less willing) to present actual history realistically than is the author of the Brome Abraham and Isaac. His historical sense is even less realistic than that of Chaucer who just a few years before had done for his own time ''costume romances,'' such as The Knight's Tele, Troilus and Cressida, etc. Furthermore, used highly romantic materials, which could excuse his taking liberties with history. 17. Of the following statements, which is not true of Wakefield Master? a) He and Chaucer were contemporaries. b) Wakefield Master is remembered as having written five or six realistic plays. c) His plays realistically portray the plight of the country folk of his day d) His writing was similar to that of John Steinbeck. e) He was an accomplished artist. Ans: d 18. The word 'patristic' in the first paragraph is used to mean. a) Patriotic b) Superstitious c) Folk d) Relating to the Christian Fathers e) Realistic Ans: d 19. The statement about the ''secularization of the medieval drama'' (opening sentence of the second paragraph) refers to the

a) Introduction of religious themes in the early days b) Presentation of erudite material c) Use of contemporary materials d) Return to early innocent reverence at the end of the play e) Introduction of mundane matters in religious plays Ans: e 20. From the following what would the writer be expected to do in the subsequent paragraphs. a) Make a justification for his comparison with Steinbeck b) Put forth a view point, which would take up the thought of the second paragraph c) Point out the anachronisms in the play d) Discuss the works of Chaucer e) Talk about the lack of realism in the works of the Wakefield Master. Ans: b Section 2: Analytical Ability No. of Questions: 20 Duration in Minutes: 20 21. If f(x) = (x 50), what is the value of f(-5)? a) 75 b) 25 c) 0 d) -25 e) -75 Ans: b 22. Helpers are needed to prepare for the fete. Each helper can make either 2 large cakes or 35 small cakes per hour. The kitchen is available for 3 hours and 20 large cakes and 700 small cakes are needed. How many helpers are required? A. 10 B. 15 C. 20 D. 25 E. 30 Ans: a 23. If f(x) = (x + 2) / (x-2) for all integers except x=2, which of the following has the greatest value? a) f(-1) b) f(0) c) f(1) d) f(3) e) f(4) Ans: d 24. A perfect cube is an integer whose cube root is an integer. For example, 27, 64 and 125 are perfect cubes. If p and q are perfect cubes, which of the following will not necessarily be a perfect cube? a) 8p b) pq c) pq + 27 d) -p e) (p - q)6 Ans: c 25. A piece of ribbon 4 yards long is used to make bows requiring 15 inches of ribbon for each. What is the maximum number of bows that can be made? A. 8 B. 9

C. 10 D. 11 E. 12 Ans: b 26. If V = 12R / (r + R) , then R = A. Vr / (12 - V) B. Vr + V /12 C. Vr - 12 D. V / r - 12 E. V (r + 1) /12 Ans: a 27. The number of degrees that the hour hand of a clock moves through between noon and 2.30 in the afternoon of the same day is a) 720 b) 180 c) 75 d) 65 e) 60 Ans: c 28. (3x + 2) (2x - 5) = ax + kx + n. What is the value of a - n + k? a) 5 b) 8 c) 9 d) 10 e) 11 Ans: a 29. If the radius of a circle is increased by 20% then the area is increased by: a) 44% b) 120% c) 144% d) 40% e) None of the above Ans: a 30. If the area of two circles are in the ratio 169 : 196 then the ratio of their radii is a) 10 : 11 b) 11 : 12 c) 12 : 13 d) 13 : 14 e) None of the above Ans: d Directions for Questions 31-34: In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II . consider the statement and decide which of the given assumption is implicit. Give answer (A) if only I is implicit ; (B) if only assumption II is implicit; (C) If either I or II is implicit ; (D) if neither I nor II is implicit (E) if both I and II are implicit. 31. Statement: It is desirable to put the child in school at the age of 5 or so. Assumptions: I At that age the child reaches appropriate level of development and is ready to learn. II The schools do not admit children after six years of age. Ans: a 32. Statement: The government has decided to reduce the custom duty on computer peripherals Assumptions: I The domestic market price of computer peripherals may go up near future II The domestic manufacturers may oppose the decision Ans: d 33. Statement:" AS there is a great demand , every person take tickets of the

programme will be given only five tickets". Assumptions: I The organizers are not keen on selling the tickets. II No one is interested in getting more than five tickets Ans: d 34. Statement: The railway authorities are decided to increase the freight charges by 10% in view of the possibility of incurring losses in the current financial year. Assumptions: I The volume of freight during the remaining period may remain same. II The amount so obtained may set off a part or total of the estimated deficit Ans: b 35.There are 4 boys and 3 girls. What is the probability the boys and girls sit alternately? Ans:1/35 36. Two trains are 2 kms apart. Speed of one train is 20m/s and the other train is running at 30 m/s. Lengths of the trains are 200 and 300m. In how much time do the trains cross each other? Ans: 50 seconds 37. A train runs first half of the distance at 40 km/hr and the remaining half at 60 km/hr. What is the average speed for the entire journey? Ans: 48km/hr 38. A box contains 90 mts each of 100 gms and 100 bolts each of 150 gms. If the entire box weighs 35.5 kg., then the weight of the empty box is. a) 10 kg b) 10.5 kg c) 11 kg d) 11.5 kg e) None of the above Ans: d 39. A father is three times as old as his son. After fifteen years the father will be twice as old as his son's age at that time. Hence the father's present age is a) 36 b) 42 c) 45 d) 48 e) None of the above Ans: c 40. Which of the following is the greatest? a) 40% of 30 b) 3/5 of 25 c) 6.5% of 200 d) Five more than the square of 3 e) 1/2-4 Ans: e Directions for Questions 41-45: Follow the directions given below to answer the questions that follow. Your answer for each question below would be: A, if ALL THREE items given in the question are exactly ALIKE. B, if only the FIRST and SECOND items are exactly ALIKE. C, if only the FIRST and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. D, if only the SECOND and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. E, if ALL THREE items are DIFFERENT.

41) 0427-4567324, 0427-4567154, 0427-4567324 a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Ans: c 42)HHMKKKJKNOII, HHMKKKJKNOII, HHMKKKJKNOII a) A b)B c)C d)D e)E Ans: a 43) YXXYXXYXYY, YXXYYXYXYY, YXXYXXYXXY a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Ans: e 44) 7661637.8787, 7666137.8787, 7666137.8787 a) A b) B c)C d)De)E Ans:D 45)101100110.0101, 101100110.0101, 101100100.0101 a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E Ans: B Directions for Questions 46-50: What should come in place of the questionmark (?) in the following number series? 46. 992 1056 ? 1190 1260 1332 a) 1112 b) 1082 c) 1134 d) 1092 e) None of these Ans: e 47. 15625 6250 2500 1000? 160 a) 600 b) 400 c) 500 d) 650 e) None of these Ans: b 48. 80 370? 1550 2440 3530 a) 900 b) 840 c) 750 d) 860 a) None of these Ans: D 49. 15 51 216 1100? 46452 a) 6630 b) 6650 c) 6560 d) 6530 e) None of these Ans: a 50. 24 28 36 52 84? a) 144 b) 135 c) 148 d) 140 e) None of these Ans: c Directions for Questions 51-55: Read the following instructions carefully and answer the questions given below it: From a group of six boys M,N,O,P,Q,R and five girls G,H,I,J,K a team of six is to be selected .Some of the criteria of selection are as follows: M and J go together O cannot be placed with N I cannot go with J N goes with H P and Q have to be together K and R go together

Unless otherwise stated, these criteria are applicable to all the following questions: 51. If the team consists of 2 girls and I is one of them , the other members are a) GMRPQ b) HNOPQ c) KOPQR d) KRMNP Ans: c 52. If the team has four boys including O and R , the members of the team other than O and R are a)HIPQ b)GKPQ c) GJPQ d) GJMP Ans: b 53. If four members are boys, which of the following cannot constitute the team? a) GJMOPQ b) HJMNPQ c) JKMNOR d)JKMPQR Ans: c 54. If both K and P are members of the team and three boys in all are included in the team, the members of the team other than K and P are a) GIRQ b) GJRM c) HIRQ d) IJRQ Ans: a 55. if the team has three girls including J and K , the members of the team other than J and K are a) GHNR b) MNOGMORG c) NHOR Ans: c

Test Paper :5 Paper Type : Aptitude - Puzzle Test Date : 24 March 2011 Test Location : QIS College Engg (through jkc), Ongole Posted By : Mahesh
I attended Infosys recuritment drive (through jkc) on 24 mar 2011. So the pattern of Infosys which mentioned in previous papers as same. First of all before starting written exam we have pre-presentation activity that may takes nearly one hour(explained company details by HR). After that written exam wouid be started. Patteren like this 1: logicol reasoing(30ques-40min) 2: verbal ability(40ques-35min) First of all reasoing paper given that consists structure like this 1-5(three figures given those are some arrangements and fourth given as questoin mark and Select a suitable figure from the Answer Figures that would replace the question mark (?). This type of questions are 6-10(simple puzzle) 11-15(data interpertation more calculations require) 16-20(data suffiency )

21-25(did not say complex but some wat tough puzzle) 26-30(syllogims) So after 5min gap verbal paper was given that consists like this 1-8(spotting errors) 9-16(choosing apprapriate sentence from the given options) 17-23(sentence filler, sentence completion,synonyms,antonyms e.t.c will be given) 24-30(about theme detection) 31-35(small passage) 35-40(lenghthy and tough so u go question to answer) Totaly after 75mins answer sheet collected and result announced afetr three hrs sectional cuttoff may be reasoing 60% and verbal 50% based on requirement of those. One thing would remind that if u need compulsary placement in infosys u can do the written paper espacially verbal its look like simple and also answers are nearly same but picking of best one is main thing so do those with another people or with team.

Test Paper :13 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 3 January 2011 Test Location : Heritage Institute of technology, Kolkata Posted By : Mihi Ariabhi, Abhisek
Myself Mihi (Ariabhi) appeared in Infosys at Heritage Institute of technology, Kolkata on dated 3rd Janunary, 2011. Appeared: 445 Written cleared: 322 (mind it) Final selection: 314 Test pattern: Analytical and logical 1) Analytical 2) Reasoning (LOGICAL) Verbal section 1) English (very very tough) How to prepare: Analytical and logical 30 questions (40 mins) Questions, 1-5. Question on situations(PUZZLE TYPE-vry easy ) do some R.S Aggarwal puzzle portion 6-11. Odd figure out(vry easy --no need to practice ,be cool)

12-15. Data sufficiency: Don't make any calc, apply your basic instinct-(M K Pandey) 16-20. DI-try to skip making big calculations(tables) 21-25. Probs on situation-vry easy 26-30. Syllogisms (M K Pandey)-very easy Verbal sections: Questions: 1-5: Huge but easy passege:(Read questions first) 6-10: Fill in the blanks. (Difficult) 11-18: Correct the underlind part.(vry difficult) 19-26: Theme detection-2 psg(5q+3q) 27-32: Pattern-Directions : In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence There are five pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete. 33-40: Phrase subst^n. Suggestion ( a test paper) Sample questions: Picture puzzles (R.S Aggarwal) Syllogism & blood relation Freshersworld.com Comprehension 1 In the sixteenth century, an age of great marine and terrestrial exploration, Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition to sail around the world. As a young Portuguese noble, he served the king of Portugal, but he became involved in the quagmire of political intrigue at court and lost the king's favor. After he was dismissed from service to the king of Portugal, he offered to serve the future Emperor Charles V of Spain. A papal decree of 1493 had assigned all land in the New World west of 50 degrees W longitude to Spain and all the land east of that line to Portugal. Magellan offered to prove that the East Indies fell under Spanish authority. On September 20, 1519, Magellan set sail from Spain with five ships. More than a year later, one of these ships was exploring the topography of South America in search of a water route across the continent. This ship sank, but the remaining four

ships searched along the southern peninsula of South America. Finally they found the passage they sought near a latitude of 50 degrees S. Magellan named this passage the Strait of All Saints, but today we know it as the Strait of Magellan. One ship deserted while in this passage and returned to Spain, so fewer sailors were privileged to gaze at that first panorama of the Pacific Ocean. Those who remained crossed the meridian we now call the International Date Line in the early spring of 1521 after ninetyeight days on the Pacific Ocean. During those long days at sea, many of Magellan's men died of starvation and disease. Later Magellan became involved in an insular conflict in the Philippines and was killed in a tribal battle. Only one ship and seventeen sailors under the command of the Basque navigator Elcano survived to complete the westward journey to Spain and thus prove once and for all that the world is round, with no precipice at the edge. 1.The sixteenth century was an age of great ___exploration. A. cosmic B. land C. mental D. common man E. none of the above 2. Magellan lost the favor of the king of Portugal when he became involved in a political ___. A. entanglement B. discussion C. negotiation D. problems E. none of the above 3. The Pope divided New World lands between Spain and Portugal according to their location on one side or the other of an imaginary geographical line 50 degrees west of Greenwich that extends in a ___ direction. A. north and south B. crosswise C. easterly D. south east E. north and west

4. One of Magellan's ships explored the ___ of South America for a passage across the continent. A. coastline B. mountain range C. physical features D. islands E. none of the above 5. Four of the ships sought a passage along a southern ___. A. coast B. inland C. body of land with water on three sides D. border E. answer not available 6. The passage was found near 50 degrees S of ___. A. Greenwich B. The equator C. Spain D. Portugal E. Madrid 7. In the spring of 1521, the ships crossed the ___ now called the International Date Line. A. imaginary circle passing through the poles B. Imaginary line parallel to the equator C. area D. land mass E. answer not found in article Comprehension 2 Thinking out of the box is one skill, among all other skills, that has shot to prominence. How about a novel approach to help think differently, or out of the box? Crossword-solving is one of the lesser-known approaches to thinking differently. A crossword grid usually has white & black squares in the ratio of 70:30 and sufficient no. of across and down clues to help you fill the white ones. Just as in any other game, one needs a strategy to solve a cross word. A seasoned cross word solver rarely reads the clues in the order presented. As part of the game plan or strategy to avoid straight jacketed thinking, the solver usually ha s a quick glance at the structure of the grid and at the clues to get the feel of the greed and forms a quick strategy to solve the crossword. The best part is that with every new grid, the solver has an opportunity to apply a new strategy and learn from past experiences, thereby refining his thinking process and pattern. It is this self-assessment & self feedback that makes solving crossword so fulfilling and amusing. The crossword is one of those rare games that test your knowledge and interest in any and every area of life. Conventional education and work pressure leaves

us little time to catch up with a lot of things that exists in this world, thereby limiting our arena of thought. Crossword- solvers get a wonderful chance to delve into newer vistas of life, expanding their mental arena each day. The tidbit of information one acquires essentially does two things: makes the solver realize how little he knows of the world outside his own and a bit more humble. With the brain introduced to newer and newer wor(l)ds with every new grid, the solver essentially is expanding the size of the box. The beauty of a crossword lies in the quality of its clues. A good crossword grid provides clues that strive to tease and challenge the mind to think at a tangent. It demands of you to appreciate different meanings of the same thing still known in management jargon as creativity and innovation. In fact a good crossword has clues that tax your brain for quite a while and, when you eventually crack them, you tell yourself wasnt that obvious?. Lets take an example. Clue: salty letters (*A*L).Just in case you couldnt crack that, the answer is NACL. Similarly the answer for the clue Makeup man could be LIAR. It is evident smart clues make you think tangentially or out of the box. Crossword challenge over-confidence. One may solve numerous crosswords and gradually develop preconceived notions about a particular clue, not knowing that this time it may be different. For example, you may know that the answer for the clue Capital of India(5) is Delhi. However it is also a possibility that the answer is Rupee. If you think you have learnt the trick, try this one: three-letter word for Capital of Zimbabwe. Well, dont get annoyed, the answer is Zee. So solving crosswords asks us to challenge our own time-tested assumptions. It demand thinking out of a different box. While crosswords can help us think differently, that holds true only for god quality crosswords. Lay off grids that you crack in a jiffy. Even if some clues look Region-specific, the quality of a crossword makes it worth the effort. While a good vocabulary helps solve crosswords, it is a misconception to believe that one cant do without it. Solving crosswords is much more about thinking than it is about memorizing words and their meanings. All said and done, you need enormous patience and diligence to really get the best out of solving crosswords. As with life, good things take a long time to happen. 8.With the brain introduced to newer and newer words with every new grid,the solver essentially is expanding the size of the box.What do you infer from this statement?

a)Crosswords differ in size b)we get to enrich our vocabulary by solving crosswords. c)A regular crossword solver expands his knowledge of the world through words. d)Our conventional education does not help us explore the world. 9. How can can make up man and LIAR be related? a)A make up man can disgusted people and fool others b)When a person makes up something,it means he is trying to utter falsehoods to save his skin c)When you cannot be present somewhere you make up for your absence by sending someone else. d)When you have missed classes you make up by studying harder 10. According to the author you need all the following to solve crosswords EXCEPT? a)A greatdeal of patience b)A passion for solving them c)great knowledge d)A good vocabulary 11. It can be inferred from the passage that a)The author is passionate about crosswords b)Todays youth has no patience for crosswords c)Crosswords are a waste of time d)Crosswords have lost their orginality 12. The idiom to think out of the box in the passage means a)to be conventional b)to be overconfident c)to be able to decipher different connotations of any stated thing d)not to look clues Comprehension 3 Marie Curie was one of the most accomplished scientists in history. Together with her husband, Pierre, she discovered radium, an element widely used for treating cancer, and studied uranium and other radioactive substances. Pierre and Marie's amicable collaboration later helped to unlock the secrets of the atom. Marie was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland, where her father was a professor of physics. At the early age, she displayed a brilliant mind and a blithe personality. Her great exuberance for learning prompted her to continue with her studies after high school. She became disgruntled, however, when she learned that the university in Warsaw was closed to women. Determined to receive a higher education, she defiantly left Poland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne, a French university, where she earned her master's degree and doctorate in physics. Marie was fortunate to have studied at the Sorbonne with some of the greatest scientists of her day, one of whom was Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre were married in 1895 and spent many productive years working together in the physics laboratory. A short time after they discovered radium, Pierre was killed

by a horse-drawn wagon in 1906. Marie was stunned by this horrible misfortune and endured heartbreaking anguish. Despondently she recalled their close relationship and the joy that they had shared in scientific research. The fact that she had two young daughters to raise by herself greatly increased her distress. Curie's feeling of desolation finally began to fade when she was asked to succeed her husband as a physics professor at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to be given a professorship at the world-famous university. In 1911 she received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for isolating radium. Although Marie Curie eventually suffered a fatal illness from her long exposure to radium, she never became disillusioned about her work. Regardless of the consequences, she had dedicated herself to science and to revealing the mysteries of the physical world. 13. The Curies' ____ collaboration helped to unlock the secrets of the atom. A. friendly B. competitive C. courteous D. industrious E. chemistry 14. Marie had a bright mind and a __personality. A. strong B. lighthearted C. humorous D. strange E. envious 15. When she learned that she could not attend the university in Warsaw, she felt___. A. hopeless B. annoyed C. depressed D. worried E. none of the above 16. Marie ___ by leaving Poland and traveling to France to enter the Sorbonne. A. challenged authority B. showed intelligence C. behaved D. was distressed E. answer not available in article 17. _____she remembered their joy together. A. Dejectedly B. Worried C. Tearfully D. Happily

E. Sorrowfully 18. Her ____ began to fade when she returned to the Sorbonne to succeed her husband. A. misfortune B. anger C. wretchedness D. disappointment E. ambition 19. Even though she became fatally ill from working with radium, Marie Curie was never ____. A. troubled B. worried C. disappointed D. sorrowful E. disturbed Comprehension 4 After adapting Phoenician graphic-alphabet in 900 BC, the greek employed a vowel system and added 6 more letters ( omega, psi, phi, eta, theta, Z zeta) to make it a 24 letter alphabet. Earlier, was pronounced as b. Now in Modern Greek it is pronounced as v.It took a long time to develop the letter. There were many greek dialects and there were certain differences in their style of writing. Lastly the lonian style of lettering was adopted. In general and after 400 BC the letters became uniform. The literature and art flourished mainly in the classical greek period. Although the dialects of Greek were mutually intelligible within a normal limit of understanding, the pronunciation of words and accents differed from period to period and from dialect to dialects. The short and long sounds of vowels also varied in different dialects and the political situations in the country also brought many changes with the inter migration of the dialects. But, during the establishment of Alexanders empire in the 4th century BC and after the breakdown of old political barriers, uniformity took place in the spoken language. This form of language was called the Koine (means the common language) or Hellenistic Greek (400BC-

600AD). It replaced the other dialects and the speaking and writing systems were much standardized. Grammar also changed in different periods. A change of language is noticed in the writings of Plato and Demosthenes. The spoken language still kept on changing even during the period of Byzantine empire(500-1500AD) and the written language kept on improving which created a big rift between the local vernacular and the literary greek. This situation gave birth to a separate kind of demotic language of general everyday use. All the major phonological and grammatical changes which are seen between koine and the modern greek mostly happened within this period. Earlier there were 3 numbers for pronouns and verbs, singular, dual and plural. Then dual was dropped and only singular and plural were left. From ancient Greek to modern Greek the formation of many words were also changed. For example the ancient Greek word pente(5) became pende, hepta and octo (7 and 8) became efta and okhto, paidia(boys) became pedhya and so on. There were also semantic changes in certain words just as : the word alogho which was previously meant irrational, later it meant horse, skiazome which previously meant I am in shadow, later it meant I fear. The vocabulary of greek language consists of local collections and borrowings. Considering the origin of Greeks , there were many Mycenaean words in 2nd millennium BC whose original form corresponded to certain greek words like Leon (Lion), onos (Ass), plephas (ivory) etc. By using pre-verbs, by forming compounds and by adding prefixes or suffixes to this prime words they enriched their vocabulary. Later on they also borrowed a considerable number of word from other sources, such as, Italian, Turkish, French and also Latin. 20.What is the drawback of the Greek dialects in spite of their being intelligible? a)it employed a vowel system b)it took a long time to develop the letter c)the pronounciation ans accept different from period to period and from dialect to dialect

d)There were difference in their style of writing 21.There came uniformity in the language with a)The breakdown of old political barriers in the 4th century B.C. during the establishment of Alexanders empire b)the variation in the long and short vowels c)the changes that had occurred in the grammar d)the intermigration of dialeces 22.What was the cause of the rift between the local vernacular and the literary Greek? a)the change in the writing of Plato and Demosthenss b)the adoption of the Phoenician graphic alphabet c)the differences in the style of writing of Greeek dialects d)the spoken language kept changing while there was improvement with the written language 23.How was the vocabulary of the Greek language enriched? a)by forming compounds,using pre-verbs and adding prefixes and suffixes to the main words b)by local collections and borrowings c)with the use of of many Mycehaean words d)with the semantic changes in certain words 24.Which of the following statements is/are true,according to the passage? a)many European language have words borrowed from the Greek b)demotic language came into being because of the rift between the vernacular and the literary form of Greek c)In the Modern Greek,there is only one dialect a)A only b)B only c)A & C d)C only Comprehension 5 Mount Vesuvius, a volcano located between the ancient Italian cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, has received much attention because of its frequent and destructive eruptions. The most famous of these eruptions occurred in A. D. 79. The volcano had been inactive for centuries. There was little warning of the coming eruption, although one account unearthed by archaeologists says that a hard rain and a strong wind had disturbed the celestial calm during the preceding night. Early the next morning, the volcano poured a huge river of molten rock down upon Herculaneum, completely burying the city and filling in the harbor with coagulated lava.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mountain, cinders, stone and ash rained down on Pompeii. Sparks from the burning ash ignited the combustible rooftops quickly. Large portions of the city were destroyed in the conflagration. Fire, however, was not the only cause of destruction. Poisonous sulphuric gases saturated the air. These heavy gases were not buoyant in the atmosphere and therefore sank toward the earth and suffocated people. Over the years, excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum have revealed a great deal about the behavior of the volcano. By analyzing data, much as a zoologist dissects a specimen animal, scientist have concluded that the eruption changed large portions of the area's geography. For instance, it turned the Sarno River from its course and raised the level of the beach along the Bay of Naples. Meteorologists studying these events have also concluded that Vesuvius caused a huge tidal wave that affected the world's climate. In addition to making these investigations, archaeologists have been able to study the skeletons of victims by using distilled water to wash away the volcanic ash. By strengthening the brittle bones with acrylic paint, scientists have been able to examine the skeletons and draw conclusions about the diet and habits of the residents. Finally, the excavations at both Pompeii and Herculaneum have yielded many examples of classical art, such as jewelry made of bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius and its tragic consequences have provided us with a wealth of data about the effects that volcanoes can have on the surrounding area. Today volcanologists can locate and predict eruptions, saving lives and preventing the destruction of cities and cultures. 25.Herculaneum and its harbor were buried under ___lava. A. liquid B. solid C. flowing D. gas E. answer not available 26. The poisonous gases were not ___ in the air. A. able to float B. visible C. able to evaporate D. invisible E. able to condense

27. Scientists analyzed data about Vesuvius in the same way that a zoologist ___ a specimen. A. describes in detail B. studies by cutting apart C. photographs D. chart E. answer not available 28. ____have concluded that the volcanic eruption caused a tidal wave. A. Scientist who study oceans B. Scientist who study atmospheric conditions C. Scientist who study ash D. Scientist who study animal behavior E. Answer not available in article 29. Scientist have used ___water to wash away volcanic ash from the skeletons of victims. A. bottled B. volcanic C. purified D. sea E. fountain Identify the correct sentence 30. 1. Today , as he left for the central office, Manish was feeling the uncontrollable urge to change his busy life. 2.Today as he left for the central office, Manish feels the uncontrollable urgency in changing his busy life. 3.Today as he ws leaving for the central office, Manish felt the uncontrollable urge to change his busy life. 4.Today as he leaves to the central office, Manish was feeling the uncontrollable urge to change his busy life. 31. 1. If the books have been catalogued last week, why havent they been placed on the shelf? 2. If the books have been catalogued last week, why arent they placed on the shelf? 3. If the books were being catalogued last week, why havent they been placed on the shelf? 4. If the books were catalogued last week, why havent they been placed on the shelf? 32. 1. Elected to the house of representatives in 1958, the congress had the first black female member as Sherley Chisholm. 2. Elected to the house of representatives in 1958, Sherley Chisholm became

the first black female member of congress. 3. Elected to the house of representatives in 1958, Sherley Chisholm became the first and the black female member in the congress. 4. Elected from the house of representatives in 1958, the congress had the first black female member as Sherley Chisholm. 33. 1.Animal experts have noticed that, in carefully controlled studies, cats retain information for a shorter amount of time then dogs, but that cats have a faster recall time. 2. Animal experts have noted that, in carefully controlled studies, cats can be able to retain information for a shorter amount of time then dogs, but that cats have a faster recall time. 3. Animal experts have noticed that, in a carefully controlled studies, cats retain information for a shorter amount of time than dogs, but that cats have a faster recall time. 34. 1. In studying an assignment, it is wise to read it over quickly at first, then see the major points, and finally outline the material. 2. In studying an assignment, it is wise to read it over quickly from the first, rather then see the major points, and finally outline the material. 3. While studying an assignment, it is wiser to read them over quickly at first, than see the major points, and finally outline the material. 4. In studying an assignment, it is more wiser to read it over quickly at first, than see the major points, and finally outline the material. 35. 1. If he would have revised his first draft, he would have received a better grade. 2. If he had revised his first draft, he would have received a better grade. 3. If he would revise his first draft, he would have received a better grade. 4. If he had revised his first draft, he would receive a better grade. 4. Animal experts have noticed that, in carefully controlled studies, cats retain information for a shorter period of time then dogs, but that cats have a faster recall time. 36. 1. Each of the movies were great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed. 2. Each of the movies was great and the choice for the best one between all three was very

difficult indeed. 3. Each of the movies is great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed. 4. Each of the movies had been great and the choice for the better one between all three was very difficult indeed. 37. 1.The plan looks good on paper, but you never quite know how things will turn out. 2. The plan looks good with paper, but you never know quiet how things will turn out. 3. The plan looks well on paper, but you never know quite how things should turn out. 4. The plan looks good in paper, but you never know quite how things will turn out. Which of the following words mean same as the words italicized 38 :: Obnoxious a Offensive b Pleasant c speedy d weary 39 :: Obsequy A wedding B funeral ceremony C birthday D greasy 40:: malignant A harmful B beneficial C superseding D attractive 41 :: oblivion A lost in memory B an island C greenery D whitewash 42.Paean A. Post man B. A musical instrumrent C. Vain attempt D. song of praise or joy 43. This section deals with the removing the odd man from the following

options. That means the options are given and we have to pick out the odd one which is not related to the remaining options. To do this we must be familiar with the words and their relation with the other words. Here we have given some frequently asked questions and its very simple to do. A) Curd B) Butter C) Cheese D) Oil E) Cream B) Rose B) Lotus C) Marigold D) Lily E) Tulip C) Hostel B) Club C) Inn D) Hotel E) Motel D) Pound B) Yen C) Ounce D) France E) Dollar E) Sleet B) Fog C) Hailstone D) Vapour E) Mist correct the underlind part. 44 The public is not so angry about corruption in government than it is disgusted with inflation. 1. Not so angry about corruption in government that it is disgusted. 2. Not so angry about corruption in government as it is disgusted. 3. Not so angry about corruption with government as it is disgusted. 4. Not so angry with corruption in government as it is disgusted 10. 45 While inspecting the ranks, the officer seen that the new recruit lay his rifle in the mud and got it dirty. 1. the officer saw that the new recruit had laid his rifle in the mud and got it dirty. 2. the officer had seen that the new recruit lied his rifle in the mud and got it dirty. 3. the officer saw that the new recruit had laid his rifle in the mud and got it dirty. 4. the officer must have seen that the new recruit lay his rifle in the mud and got it dirty. 46. How well the new comedy series does with the ratings depends almost entirely on its competition. 1. does for the ratings depends almost entirely on 2. does in the ratings depends almost entirely on 3. does in the ratings, depends almost entirely on 4. does in the ratings depend almost entirely on 47.Having enjoyed the scenery, the steamer next took us to Bird Isle, an island whose history was hardly known until 1900. 1. the steamer next took us to Bird Isle, 2. the steamer will next took us to Bird Isle 3. we will next visit the Bird Isle, 4. we next voyaged to the Bird Isle, 48.Rajesh and me were left a legacy by an aunt who had always liked us both. 1. Rajesh and me were left with a legacy by an aunt who had always liked us

both. 2. Rajesh and i were left a legacy by an aunt who had always liked us both. 3. . Rajesh and i was left a legacy by an aunt who likes us both. 4. . Rajesh and i had left a legacy by an aunt who had always liked us both. 49. It is his last and final wish that the money should be given to charity. 1. It is a last and final wish of him 2. It has been his last and final wish 3. It is his last wish 4. It is the latest and final wish of his 50 . One well known characteristic of earth houses is their passive solar capacity- its tendency for keeping warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. 1. their ability to keep warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. 2. their ability to keep warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. 3. their ability for keeping warm in the winter and to keep cool in the summer. 4. their capacity to keep warm in the winter and keep cold in the summer. 51 . I have my library card since August last year hence I am honored some privileges 1. I have my library card from August of last year, hence I have some honorary privileges 2. I have had my library card since August last year, hence I am honored with some privileges 3. I bought my library card since August last year nevertheless I was honored some privileges 4. I have my library card since August last year but still I am honored some privileges 52. The staff members, but not the chair, -------- not to teach on Valentines day. 1. has decided 2.have decided 3.is deciding 4.was deciding 53.An organ is a group of tissues capable -------- of some special function, as , for example, the heart, the liver, or the lungs. 1.of performing 2. To perform 3.in performing 4.and perform 54 .Not one in one hundred children exposed to the disease ------- to develop symptoms of it. 1. have chances 2. Has chances 3.is likely 4. Are likely 55. Almost all books have ---------- the care taken to check their proof pages before the final printing. 1. a little errors in them in spite of 2. a few errors in them in spite of 3.a few errors in them despite of 4. little errors in them despite

56. Regardless of your teaching method, the objective of any conversation class should be for the students to 1. practice speech 2.practice and speak 3. Practice speaking 4.do practice in speaing 57 .After the police had tried unsuccessfully to determine to ------ the car belonged, they towed it into the station. 1.who 2.whom 3.the owner of 4. The right owner 23.Fertilizers are used primarily to enrich soil and yield 1. For increasing 2.increasing 3.to increase 4.increase 58. No other quality is more important for a scientist to acquire ------ carefully. 1.as to observe 2.but to observe 3.than observing 4.than to observe 59. The aim of education should not be solely to prepare students to get jobs, but to imbibe the right attitude to live a quality life in society. As children grow up they develop a worldview of their surroundings based on their perception as either male or female. The perspective of opposite sex is also important to establish a good rapport, and develop a balanced understanding and judgment of matters. Reasonable inference? 1. The main aim of education is to prepare students to get jobs 2In the present context, education does not provide the right attitude to live a quality life 3. Coeducation is very important to obtain right perspective of the world. 4. An awareness of gender differences is crucial to an equitable understanding of things. 60. New Zealand has breath taking natural environment. Its gorgeous beaches, lush rain forests, snow capped mountains and active volcanoes attract students for a refreshing break from studies, providing them god added value to education. The largely temperate climate and pure, natural environment beckon students to outdoors to experience the varied eco systems which are rarely found so close to each other. Which is true? 1. Students of newzealand have too many distractions by the way of beaches and similer spots to concentrate on their studies. 2. The country does not experience extremes of climate. 3. New Zealand is unique in that it has variety of nature as part of its environment. 4. The natural environment has the best educative value. 61. A look at the box office will reveal the huge success of movies like Ice Age, Lion king,

Finding Nemo, The incredible, Alladin and the list goes on. This is not to leave out our beloved Tom,Jerry,& Pop-eye.The world of animation is one filled with excitement & harmless enimity.The antics & activities of these evergreen characters make us break into peals of laughter. 1. The cartoon characters have now lost their charm. 2. Animation in movies has made TV cartoons redundant 3. Cartoons have a universal appeal and enthrall audience across all age groups 4. Animated movies & serials perpetuate harmless enimity among the characters. 62 .Maya Academy & Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is the academic & training wing of Maya entertainment limited,a leading computer animation & visual effects studio,MAAC today has over 45centres in India & abroad MAAC provides courses in areas of 3D animation,digital film production,post production & visual effects. 1. MAAC is the pioneer in animation & visual effects corses 2. The Academy offers training on Sophisticated technology in animation 3. It is essentially a joint venture company 4. MAAC doesnot commit its post production services to other types of movies 63. Modern age is the age of science. Many things keep changing with the passage of time. There is speedy progress everywhere. Knowledge about things is spreading quickly. It is essential for everybody to have the latest knowledge about things. Now the question arises as to what the source of knowledge is. Power of the press is important here. The press tells us what is happening in different parts of the world. All progress in any field is conveyed to us by the press. It is assumed that 1. In this modern age of sciences, it is difficult to tress the sources of knowledge. 2. The press has facilitated access to knowledge and latest developments in science. 3.The changes with the passage of time have contributed to the speedy progress in science. 4. The role of the media in information dissemination is a recent development. Directions : In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete. 64. A nation that loses the _______ of honesty loses its __________. 1) power, will 2) appeal, charisma 3) dictum, ground

4) stamina, courage 5) virtue, soul 65. If one gets rid of the government officials and politicians from the _____ of economic activities, corruption will be _____. 1) hub, balanced 2) nexus, reprimanded 3) gear, eliminated 4) genre, alleviated 5) sphere, reduced 66. The principal aim of a socialist state is to ____ _______ in income and status and standards of life. 1) abolish, poverty 2) curb, menace 3) eliminate, inequality 4) check, gulf 5) minimise, standards 67. To fight natural calamities wisdom requires that we ________ crises and _______ for them. 1) apprehend, tackle 2) anticipate, prepare 3) hamper, secure 4) address, evolve 5) sense, deviate 68. This collection of essays has _________ beyond the traditional ______ of a versatile economist. 1) ventured, domain 2) marked, line 3) performed, performance 4) sold, copyright 5) held, charisma 69. It is quite true that when the whole economy is in ________, raising the rate of interest has other ________. 1) seize, burdens 2) shambles, dimensions 3) jeopardy, glimpse 4) distress, implications 5) swing, justification 70. In a democracy, it is essential that ______ voices on one extreme or the other should exist as part of the system of checks and _____. 1) concerned, pressure

2) 3) 4) 5)

dissenting, balances confronting, pranks opposition, whims eager, fancies

Directions : Study the following table and answer accordingly: The following table shows the marks obtained by six students in six different subjects. Stu./Sub. History(100)Maths(200)English(150)Biology(150)Econo. (100)Hindi(150) Ankit 62 162 113 30 75 90 Sana 59 118 103 38 72 107 Ramar 54 173 97 26 79 105 Sumantra69 106 100 36 68 118 Joseph 68 109 109 32 75 113 Sharbani 72 143 76 40 64 103 71. Which two students have got equal marks in all subjects together? 1) Ankit-Joseph 2) Joseph- Ramar 3) Sana- Sumantro 4) Sana- Sharbani 5) Ankit-Sharbani 72. What is the approximate ratio between the sum of percentages of marks obtained by Ramar in History and Hindi and percentage marks obtained by Sharbani in Maths? 1) 7:4 2) 4:7 3) 7:5 4) 8:5 5) 5:9 73. Percentage of marks obtained by Sumantro in Economics is what percent more/less as a percentage of the percentage marks obtained by Ankit in Maths? 1) 15% 2) 10% 3) 13% 4) 19% 5) 23% 74. Percentage of marks obtained by Joseph in all subjects together is 1) 63.43% 2) 67.46% 3) 70.43 4) 60.59% 5) 73.43% 75. The marks obtained by Sumantro in Hindi is what per cent more than the marks obtained

Sana is English? 1) 12.34% 2) 10.87% 3) 14.56% 4) 16.43% 5) 17.89% 76. What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following equation? 13 + 5 - ? = 14 1)4 2)4 3)4 4)5 5) None of these Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 77. These essays are intellectually and represent various levels of complexity A) Revealing B) Modern C) persistent D) demanding E) persistent 78. It was almost impossible for him to put out of his mind the words which he heard from his clever father-in-law A) Inspiring B) witty C) sarcastic D) soothing E) exhortative 79. Integrity of character, honesty, dependability and discipline with a genuine interest in your work will go a long way in the achievement of success in your professional life. A) Coupled B) adjoined C) fixed D) attached E) joined 80. The soldiers were instructed to.restraint and handle the situation peacefully. A) Exercise B) control C) prevent D) enforce E) remain 81. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was one of the chief of womens rights A) Promoters B) facilitators C) instigators D) organizers E) protagonists 82. Her parents will never give their to such an unsuitable match. A. willingness B. agreement C. consent d. acquiescence 83. He is dancer A. a skilled B. an adept C. an adapt d. an adopt 84. The degrees were awarded in the annual.

A. conference B. convention C. Convolution D. convocation Directions: In each question, a part of sentence is printed in italics. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the italicized part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is No correction required 85. He did many mischiefs A. made many a mischiefs B. made much mischief C. Committed many mischiefs D. No Correction required 86. Rohit is as fast as or perhaps faster than Manish. A. Equally fast B. almost as fast C. as fast D. No Correction required 87. All his family members are in Kanpur. A. All of his family members B. All the family members if his C. All the members of his family D. No Correction required 88. I often see him dancing the top A. rotating B. encircling C. dodging D. No Correction required 89. What is the time in your watch? A. on B. by C. from D. No Correction required 90. Columbus invented America A. searched B. traced C. discovered D. No Correction required 91. Wise men catch time by the forelock. A. Hold B. seize C. take D. No Correction required 92. A bird in hand is worth two in bush A. two in the bush b. two at a bush c. two on bush D. No Correction required Direction : Read the following information & answer the questions based on them Raghav & mohit are friends.Raghav has three sons while mohit has 2.Product of the ages of Mohits sons is equal to the product of ages of Raghavs sons.The maximum & minimum age difference between any two of Raghavs sons are 2years & 1 year respectively.The age difference between the sons of Mohit is 1year.One of Mohits sons had fallen sick when he was 9 yrs old.Mohit had got married on feb29th,19yrs back.Ages of all the sons of

Raghav & Mohit are integers. 93. What is the age of the youngest son of Raghav? a)1yr b)2yr c)3yr d)none of these 94. What is the age of the eldest son of Raghav? a)9yrs b)10yrs c)7yrs d)Data Inadequate 95. What is the sum of ages of Raghavs sons? a)6yrs b)12yrs c)16yrsd)18yrs 96. What is the age of Mohits eldest son? a)13yrsb)14yrs c)Data Inadequate d)None of these 97. What is the product obtained by Mohits sons ages? a)210yrs b)200yrs c)182yrs d)None of these Direction : Each Question is followed by two statements, I & II . Mark the answer 1.If the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone,but cannot be answered using the other statement alone. 2.If the question can be answered by using either statement alone. 3.If the question can be answered by using both statements together,but cannot be answered using either statement alone. 4.If the question cannot be answered even by using both statements together. 98. Is x3 y2 > 1 ? I. x2 = 1 II. Y=1 99. How many days does it take to complete a job if A & B work on alternate days? I.A takes 10 days & B takes 15 days to do the job working all alone. II.A works on the first day. 100. How many leap yrs are there from year A to year B? I. B A = 40 II.There is no multiple of 100 falling between the years A & B 101. Average speed of a car for return journey is I.It travelled equal distance each time II.Time taken for onward & return journey was 51 mins & 47mins,respctvly. 102. How many girls does a class have? I.There are a total of 40 students in the class. II.The product of the no. of boys & the no. of girls is 300. Direction : Study the following graph carefully&answer the qns given below it.

HUMAN RESOURCE INDEX OF AN ORGANIZATION FOR THE GIVEN YRS: 103. What is the percentage increase of human resource index from 1993 to 1999? a)250 b)300 c)275 d)None of these 104.The index in 1998 was what percent of that of 1996? a)100 b)150 c)200 d)None of these 105.Which of the following statement is true? a)The index increased every yr. b)The index showed many ups&downs c)The index has made good progress over the yrs d)Except for some spurts the index in general remained steady 106.What is the approximate avg for the given yrs? a)100 b)150 c)140 d)130 107.In which yr is the percentage increase in the highest from its previous yrs? a)1994 b)1999 c)1996 d)None of these Direction : Read The following data & answer the qns. 1>P,Q,R,S,T & U are six teachers in a school teaching a different subject eachMath,Physics,Sociology,Biology,Geography & History, not necessarily in the same order.There are only 4 female teachers 2>Q teaches History .No female teaches Biology or Math.S, who teaches Sociology,is the oldest.P is older than R and teaches Physics.The youngest teaches Biology & U is not the youngest.T teaches Math & is older than P but younger than Q & U. 108.Which of the following is the group of females? a)RPSU b)RSTQ c)PQTU d)PQSU 109. Which subject does U teach? a)Geography b)Sociology c)Geo or Sociology d)None 110.Who teaches Biology? a)P b)S c)R d)None 111.If all the teachers are arranged in descending order of their ages,what will be the position of the two male teachers respectively? a)II & VI b)IV & VI c)III & VI d)None 112.Who is the youngest in the group? a)Q b)T c)P d)None Direction : Each qn contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of

three.Choose the set in which the statements are logically related. 113. A.Some buildings may have rain B.Forests have buildings C.Cities have forests D.Forests have monkeys E.Forests have rain F.Cities have rain a)CDE b)AFC c)AEB d)EBA 114. A.Some people are corrupt B.Power corrupts with time C.He is powerful D.Corrupt ppl have power E.He is corrupt F.Some ppl have power a)CBE b)CEB c)FAD d)ADF 115. A.Krishnan & Vinod are friends B.Vinod likes Krishnan & vice versa C.Krishnan likes vinod D.Friends are enemies E.Friends are mutual liking F.Vinod is Krishnans enemy a)CEA b)FED c)AEC d)EAB 116. A.Competitive examinations are tough to pass B.There is heavy competiton in any field C.No student can pass MAT D.Very few students can pass MAT E.MAT is a competition examination F.MAT is tough to pass a)AEF b)ABC c)DFB d)CDE 117. A.Lakme is a nail polish B.Some nail polishes contain oil C.All nail polishes donot contain oil D.All nail polishes contain chemicals E.Lakme has oil F.Lakme contain chemical a) BCE b)AEB c)FDA d)AEF 118. A women buys some shoestrips n then 4 times of that she buys packet pins n then 8 times of shoestrips she buys handkerchiefs..n she has a bill of Rs3.24..n she pays for each article as many paise as there r articles(of tht particular item).Now whats the number of handkerchiefs? 119. Ms.Anitha got her salary n she spent half of it in shopping n gave 1RS to a beggar.After that 1/2 of the remaining money she spends in

a hotel n she gives Rs.2/- as a tip to waiter.n then 1/2 of the remaining she spends again n she gives 3 RS as charity..n after that finally she is left with Rs 1/- when she comes out.Whats the actual money she had? 120. A person is cycling in a circular track.At some point he notices that 1/5 of people in front of him and 5/6 of people together condtitute the total no. of cyclists.Find the total no. of cyclists. 121.Trains leave from New York to Washington every hour on the hour(1:00,2:00....).Trains leave from Washington to New York every hour on the hour and half hour(1:00,1:30,2:0,2:30....).It takes a train 5 hrs to complete its journey from Washington to New York as well as from new york to washington.A train leaves from new york to washington. Find out how many trains it will meet before it reaches washington. 122. A pen, pencil and eraser together cost $1.00. if 2E2P, and P>4E then what a single pen will cost? 123. In a class there are less than 500 students . when it is divided by 3 it gives a whole number. similarly when it is divided by 4,5 or 7 gives a whole number.find the no. of students in the class. 124. After three years, father's age will be ten years more than twice the son's age. What is the father's present age. 125. Find the values of each of the alphabets. NOON SOON +MOON ---------JUNE 126. There are 20 poles with a constant distance between each pole A car takes 24 second to reach the 12th pole. How much will it take to reach the last pole. Let the distance between two poles = x Hence 11x:24::19x:? 127. A car is travelling at a uniform speed. The driver sees a milestone showing a 2-digit number. After travelling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order. After another hour the driver sees another milestone containing the same two digits. What is the average speed of the driver. 128. The minute and the hour hand of a watch meet every 65 minutes.

How much does the watch lose or gain time and by how much? 129. Ram, Shyam and Gumnaam are friends. Ram is a widower and lives alone and his sister takes care of him. Shyam is a bachelor and his neice cooks his food and looks after his house. Gumnaam is married to Gita and lives in large house in the same town. Gita gives the idea that all of them could stay together in the house and share monthly expenses equally. During their first month of living together, each person contributed Rs.25. At the end of the month, it was found that Rs 92 was the expense so the remaining amount was distributed equally among everyone. The distribution was such that everyone recieved a whole number of Rupees. How much did each person recieve? HR round: went at 9 am at 4th Janunary, 2011. Me: May I come in sir? Sir( An aged person around 50-55 years) yes please be seated Sir: So you arew from Kolkata? Me: No sir, I'm from Bharasat. Sir: Barasat? I visited the place for more than once. Me: Nice relieve in my face. Sir: Do you know some places in Barasat. Blah blah.. Me: Told Sir: Your Schooling from? Me: Told Sir: So you are from Bengali medium? Do you have ny problem in communication english? Me: No sir, about SPNDN 12 years in ben med school I have got good score consistently in my 3 years of B.Tech. In GD ETC Blah Blah. Sir: So your overall GD, you need a bit of polish in English this IT. Have a nice day. Me: Thank you sir. I was sure after giving my interview that I have made it. It was nice. N remember: you don't need any CAT material keep your cool and go for the written test.

See you in Infosys, Mysore. Best of luck, Guys and be confident.