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Adam Lambert American Idol Season 8 Live Performances (14 songs) Kiss Medley (Live American Idol) The

American Idol EP (13 songs) A Change Is Gonna Come (The Zodiac Show Performance) A Prayer For Life (The Ten Commandments) As Long As You're Mine (Wicked Wednesdays) Beyond The Sky (The Citizen Vein) Come Home (Upright Cabaret Performance) Come To Me,Bend To Me (Brigadoon) Crawl Thru Fire Crazy (Upright Cabaret Performance) Crazy Dancing Through Life (Wicked LA) Dust In THe Wind (Upright Cabaret Performance) Glamorize Gotta Get Through This (Upright Cabaret Performance) Heaven On The Minds (Broadway Unplugged) How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore (Upright Cabaret Performance) I Can't Make You Love Me (Upright Cabaret Performance) I Got This I Just Love You Into The Deep (The Ten Commandments) Is Anybody Listening (The Ten Commandmets) It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yes(Mt Carmel High School Graduation Performance) Kiss And Tell(Fonzerelli Radio Edit) Kiss And Tell My Conviction(Hair European Tour) Nocturnal By The Moon (The Citizen Vein) Pop Goes The Camera (Fonzerelli Club Mix) Pop Goes The Camera Quiet Desperation Rough Trade (The Citizen Vein) The Circle (The Citizen Vein) The Horns Of Jericho (The Ten Commandments) Turning Up (The Citizen Vein) What's Up (Upright Cabaret Performance) You've Got A Friend (Wicked Tour Cabaret SF) Aerosmith (12/31/99 Last Show Of The Century Osaka Dome Japan SBD) (24 songs) Aerosmith (8/28/75) (10 songs) Aerosmith Quilmes Rock 2007 (17 songs) Alexz Johnson

Chicago (Weight Unreleased) Crawl (Demo) Don't Pull Off My Wings (Demo) Easy (Weight Unreleased) Golden (Weight Unreleased) First In Love (Demo) I Swear I Was Never In Love (Demo) Lost And Found (Demo) lost And Found (Weight Unreleased)

Mailman (Weight Unreleased) Running Back (Demo) Running With The Devil (Weight Unreleased) Saving The Train (Weight Unreleased) Shake It off (Demo) Shout (Weight Unreleased) Secret Heart (Demo) Steal My Love (Demo) Swallowed (Weight Unreleased) Take Your Breath (Demo) Teach Me How To Love (Demo) Transparent Lies (Demo) Weight (Weight Unreleased) Where Do U Go (Demo) Where's The Sky (Demo) Amy Dalley (Unreleased) Beauty Of Goodbye Everybody's Got A Vice Falling Down Good Kind Of Crazy Gossip Havin' Its Way With Me I Built This Wall I Dream Too Small I Think You're Beautiful I Would Cry Let's Try Goodbye Living Together Love's Got An Attitude Or Not Please Miss Me Romeo Safe Talk That's All I Better Say About It The Miracle Whole Lotta Life Allison Iraheta American Idol (Studio 10 songs) Guns In Our Hands (might be for upcoming album) Hello Love (might be for upcoming album) Take It Or Leave It (Demo) Anastacia (Echo Confession) Amandla Baptize My Soul Boom Burning Star (Feat Natalia) Calling All Angels Gert Ready I Thought I Told You That (Feat. Faith Evans) Last Last Night Love Is A Crime Nothin' At All Safety (Feat Dima Bilan) Stalemate (Feat Ben's Brother)

Someday My Prince Will Come The Saddest Part Twisted Girl Underdog Underground Army What Can We Do (A Deeper Love) Ashley Monroe Alone Together Tonight (The Demo Collection) And You Angeline Blowin' My Mind (The Demo Collection) Can't Let Go (Satisfied Unreleased) Drink For Two Everything I Wanted Everything I Wanted (w/Trent Dabbs) Hank's Cadillac (Acoustic) (The Demo Collection) Hank's Cadillac (Satisfied Unreleased) Has Anybody Ever Told You Heaven (The Demo Collection) He Ain't Coming Back (Satisfied Unreleased) Homesick (The Demo Collection) I Can't Unlove You (The Demo Collection) I'm Coming Over (w/ Trent Dabbs) (The Demo Collection) I Don't Wanna Be (Satisfied Unreleased) I Don't Want To (w/Ronnie Dunn) (Satisfied Unreleased) If I Said What I Meant (The Demo Collection) I'm Staying Low (w/Trent Dabbs) (The Demo Collection) Let Me Down Again (Satisfied Unreleased) Make Room At The Bottom (Satisfied Unreleased) Now That I Know (w/Trent Dabbs) (The Demo Collection) Pain Pain (Go Away) (Satisfied Unreleased) Pony (Satisfied Unreleased) Satisfied (Acoustic) (The Demo Collection) Satisfied (Satisfied Unreleased) Shine (w/Trent Dabbs) Used (Satisfied UNreleased) When The Day Is Done (w/Trent Dabbs) World Of Sin (The Demo Collection) You're The Only One (The Demo Collection) Avril Lavigne Complicated (Demo) Don't Tell Me (Live Acoustic EP) Girlfriend (Aol Sessions) Happy Ending (Avril 20th Birthday) He Wasn't (Aol Sessions) He Wasn't (Avril 20th Birthday) He Wasn't (Live Acoustic EP) I Can Do Better (Aol Sessions) Intro (Avril 20th Birthday) I'm With Me (Aol Sessions) My Happy Ending (Aol Sessions) My Happing Ending (Live Acoustic EP) Nobody's Home (Aol Sessions) Nobody's Home (Live Acoustic EP) Push (Walmart Soundcheck) Sk8ter Boy (Live Acoustic EP) Smile (Aol Sessions)

Smile (Walmart Soundcheck) Take Me Away (Avril 20th Birthday) Take Me Away (Live Acoustic EP) Temple Of Life Things I'll Never Say (Piano) Touch The Sky Two Rivers What The Hell (Aol Sessions) What The Hell (Demo) When You're Gone (Aol sessions) Wish You Were Here (Demo) Won't Let You Go Bailey Brown (Emotional Traffic) Feelin' Like Forever I Don't Wanna Remember I Wish You Would've Told Me I'm Only Foolin' Me Looking Through Life (On A Broken Heart) This Is My life To Get To You What I hate About Me Young As Me Britney Spears 911 (Unreleased Leaked) Baby Boy (Unreleased) Dramatic (New Version Unreleased Leaked) Get Back (early version demo) Hooked On (Sugarfall Unreleased) Intimidated (Unreleased) Just Yesterday (demo) Kiss You All Over (Unreleased HQ) Love (Unreleased Snippet) Love 2 Love You (Unreleased) Mad Love (Unreleased Leaked) Secret (clip) She'll Never Be Me (Unreleased Leaked Sippin' On (Feat AC Unreleased) State Of Grace (Unreleased) Tell Me (Am I A Sinner Unreleased Leaked) To Love Let go (Unreleased) When I Say So (Unreleased Leaked) When U Gon Pull It (Pull Out Unreleased) Carrie Underwood American Idol (26 songs) An All Star Holiday Special 2009 (12 songs) Broken Wings (14 songs) Live In Little Rock (12 songs) The First Studio Sessions (Star Rise 12 songs) Unchained Melody (16 songs) Beautiful Life Before He Cheats (I Heart Radio)

Cowboy Casanova (I Heart Radio) Cowboy Casanova (Pop Mix) Ever Ever After I Know You Would (I Heart Radio) I'll Stand By You Independence Day Last Name (I Heart Radio) Leave It To The Rain (Acoustic) Lie To Me Again Lord Help Me My favorite Part Neon Moon There's A Place For Us Sugar Rush When I Stopped Loving You You're Looking At Country Undo It (I Heart Radio) Hillary Lindsey (Demo) Beat Up Bible Breathing Underwayer Fear Of Flying (Gordie Sampson & Hillary Lindsey) I'll Be Your Whiskey Jesus Take The Wheel Just A Dream Leave Love Alone Love Looks Good On You (Gordie Sampson & Hillary Lindsey) Startrs With Goodbye She's A Wildflower (Gordie Sampson & Hillary Lindsey) The Clown Wasted John Mayer (Bootlegs) Assassin (Live at Berklee College of Music) Axis Bold As Love Battle Studies First Listen By Nine ft. Another Roadside Attraction California Dreamin w- the Trio Can't Take That Plane Indifference LA'S Gonna Eat You Alive Lifelines Lonely Town Lovestruck Message To Love None Is The Time Over and Over Times Talks Route_66_Extended_Film_Version Simmering Sucker (Dirty Version) Sucker (Live) Texas Flood The Jokes On Me w- Jonathan Carr You Done and Lost a Good Thing Now Voodoo Child ft. Another Roadside Attraction Who Knows Why Did You Mess With Me Forever

JoJo Beautiful Discraction Before We Take It There Don't Call Here No More Doorway To My Dream Fearles I Want Out Just Gonna Be Me Lonely Lovin' You No More Tears Numbers Riot Sweat Take It Back Jumping Trains Last Night Standing Lie To Me Limbo Marvin's Room Paper Airplanes Sexy To Me The Other Chick (Leaked) Jordyn Shellhart My Sweet Little Pony Of Mine Kate Voegele Amazed Better Days Graduation Day Facing Up (Louder Than Words EP) Keep It Alive Kindly Unspoken (Louder Than Words EP) Let Me Go Lift Me Up (AT & T Team USA Soundtrack) Monday Rain (The Other Side EP) Only Fooling Myself (Louder Than Words EP) Only Fooling Myself (The Other Side EP) That's Not Alive The Other Side (The Other Side EP) Top Of The World (Louder Than Words EP) Top Of The World (The Other Side EP) When You Wish Upson A Star (Disney Mania 6) Where The Sidewalk Cracks (The Other Side EP) Kellie Coffey (A Little More Me Unreleased) A Little More Me Dance With My Father Don't Slip Away Long Run Love Is A Four Letter Word Love's Not The Problem My Best Friend

Only You Sunday Paper Tears Of Joy Texas Plates Words I Couldn't Say Kortney Kayle (No Turning Back Unreleased) Dancing With Angels Don't Let Me Down I Say Hello Jump Love Invented Us Not This Girl Something To Cry About Soul Mates Yeah Right You Got My Love Unbroken By You Lady Gaga Big Girl Now (with New Kids On The Block) Blueberry Kisses Chillin' (feat. Wale) Electric Kiss (Live Version) Jumping Film (intro) Kandy Life Let Them Hoes Fight (feat. Trina) Make Her Say (Feat. Kid Cudi) No Floods Oh Well Out Of Control Party Boy (Greatest Another Day Pop Musique (Interlude) Puke Film (Desert Interlude) Rock Show Superstar Tank Girl Film (Egypt) (Outro) The Exorcist (Interlude) Video Phone (Extended Remix feat. Beyonce) Wonderful Lana Del Rey (Demos & Unreleased)

All You Need (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) A Star For Nick (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Axl Rose Husband (Sparkle Jump Rope Queen Myspace Demo Tape) Aviation (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Bad Disease (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Birds Of A Feather (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Blue Ribbon (Sparkle Jump Rope Queen Myspace Demo Tape) Brite Lites (Acoustic Demo) Daddy Issues Feat Aaron LaCrate) Dark Paradise (Demo) Diet Mtn Dew (Demo)

Driving In Cars With Boys (Demo) Elvis (Demo) Find My Own Way (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) For K (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) For K Part 2 (Demo) Get Drunk (Acoustic Demo) Heavy Hitter (Demo) Hey Lolita Hey (Alernate Demo) I'm Indebited To You (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Jimmy Necco Jimmy Necco (Acoustic Demo) Jump (Acoustic Demo) Lolita (Demo) Million Dollar Man (Demo) My Momma (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) National Anthem (Demo) Next To You (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Never Let Me Go (Unreleased) Out With A Band (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Pride (under May Jailer Unreleaseed Leaked) Put Me In A Movie (Acoustic Demo) She's Not Me (Unreleased) Trash (Unreleased) Try Tonight (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Yaya (Acoustic Demo) You Can Be The Boss Westbound (under May Jailer Unreleased Leaked) Lauren Lucas (Demo & Unreleased) Addicted To The Rain Addicted To The Rain (The Demo Sessions) Diamond Ring (Demo) Have My Way Heros Never Die I Do (Demo) La La Logic And Emotion (Demo) Love Is Everything Love Is On The Way Make It Rain My Mistake To Make Nothing Left But The Leaving (Demo) Push A Good Heart Around Slow Burn (The Demo Sessions) Steal Your Love (Demo) Still Ain't Out Of Arkansas Strange Angels Tell Me That's How I Want To Remember We Could Start A Fire (Demo) What You Ain't Gonna Get Who's Gonna Love You Why You Calling Me Now (Demo) You Can Come To Me Train Without A Whistle

LeAnn Rimes (All That First Cd) Blue Broken Wing Cowboy's Sweetheart I'll Get Even With You I Will Always Love You Middle Man Share My Love Sure Thing The Rest Is History Yesterday Why Can't We LeeAnn Womack (Finding My Way Back To You Unreleased) A Heart Lettin' Go Better Off Down And Out Either Way Everybody's Got Something They're Good At Finding My Way Back To You If You Don't Go Slow Boat To China Take Me Back To Texas Talking Behind Your Back You Were Made For Me Love Put A Song In My Heart Leslie Carter (Like Wow Unreleased) Be Mine Boy Like That I Need To Hear It From You I Wanna Be Your Girl Like, Whoa Mine Shy Guy They Don't Know Too Much Too Soon True Lindsey Lee (Miley Cyrus Backup Singer) Breaking Me Broken Heart Card Calm Before The storm Earthquake (Demo) Fall Out (on itunes) Fighting Liars Hot Psyscho Guy In Your Hands Love Tragedy (Acoustic) You Make A Mess You Never Loved Me Marina & Diamonds Blindfold Me Candy

Dirty Sheets Girls Girls Girls Guilty Lies (Acoustic) Numb Philospher My Arse Primadonna (Acoustic) Porn Is A Good For The Soul Power & Control (Demo IV) Sex,Yeah (Demo II) Starlight Starring Role (Acoustic) This Is LA Troubled Mind Megan Joy (Amercian Idol) Boy Next Door Feel Love I'm Not Tyin' To Hear That Incomplete Ryder On The Storm Sweet Love Trouble Me

Michelle Branch Hey Baby (Sedona Sessions) Not That Strong Now That I Found You Pretty Little Lyin' Eyes Show Me A Sign Through The Radio Miley Cyrus (Demo&Unreleased) Breathe On Me Broken Glass (Demo) Butterfly Fly Away (Solo Demo) Can't Be Tamed (w/cool intro) Don't walk away (Demo) Full Circle (Demo) Hovering (Unreleased) I'm Finally Home Kiss It Goodbye (Unreleased) The Climb (Country Version) Two More lonely People (Country Version) These Four Walls (Demo) See You (In Another Life Unreleased) Start All Over When I Look At You (Demo) Intro & Fly On The Wall Natalia Kills Ain't My Fault Break You Hard (Demo) Broke (Demo)

Chivalry is Dead Dangerous Don't Play Nice (Remix) Don't Play Nice (Video Version) Don't Play Nice Free (Demo) Gentleman Heanen (Demo) Heaven Hey Boy Hot Mess (Demo) Hot Mess Love Is A Suicide (Demo) Mirrors (Explicit Version) Mirrors (Sweet Mirrors Are Made of This Remix) Ms. Lane New Kid Next Big Time Numerology Plain Jane Plastic Fantastic Real Woman (Video Version) Real Woman Runnin' (Demo) Shopaholic (Remix) Shopaholic Swaggerific They Talk Shit About Me (Video Version) They Talk Shit About Me Time To Go Wonderland (Demo) You Can't Get In My Head (If You Don't Get In My Bed) (feat. Natalia Kills) Neon Hitch (Unreleased) Am I Dreaming (Feat Liam Horne) (Remix) Am I Dreaming (Feat Liamm Horne) (Easy Does It Remix) Asshole Bad Dog (Live) Billionaire Black & Blue Bobble Based Black Sunshine (HQ) Blow Ur House Down Breathe You Burial (Feat Miike Snow) (Benny Blanco Remix) Cocaine (Clip) Cooler Than Me Deja Vu Derek Dreamer Drop It Like It's Hot Eleanor Rigby Genuinity GloI Can Fuck You Beter (Live) I Can't Behave Myself I Killed Cupid Licked Loney (Feat Jimmey James)

On The Move (Acoustic) Out Of This World More Than Friends Rain On Me Sex Tape (Push Rewind) True U & Me (Clip) U & Me (Full) What Starry Eyes Know

Pixie Lott Band Aid (Demo) Hallucination Here We Go Again (Demo) Mama Do (Demo) My Love Your Love (Demo) Rihanna Demo Bubble Pop (Unreleased) Goodbye (Unreleased) Hating On The Club (Feat. The Dream) (Unreleased) Haunted (Unreleaased) Only Girl (In The World Cristyle) Fading (Rihanna) Livin' A Lie ( The Dream) (Unreleased) Love The Way You Lie Feat. Eniemen Sexuality (Unreleased) S&M (Ester Dean) What's My Name (Ester Dean) Who's That Girl (Rihanna) Sarah Buxton (Unreleased) 35 Miles From Vegas All I Want Tonight All Right There American Daughter American Daughter (Almost My Record EP) Around You Back Home Cowboys Crazy Dream Everything Feel Like That Full Grown Woman I'm Still Runnin' From You Innocence (Almost My Record EP) Innocence He Just Doesn't Get It Just Like People Love Is A Trip (Almost My Record EP) Love Is A Trip Love Like Heaven My God Miss It

Moonshine My Sweet By And By Outside My Window Party Like A Country Star Remedy Shine On So Over The Rainbow Stupis Boy (Almost My Record EP) Stupid Boy That Kind Of Day (Almost My Record EP) That Kind Of Day There You Go Tomorrow While I'm Young Sara Lumholdt (Back To You Unreleased) Addicting Love Another Song Baby Throw It Down Back To You Broken First Glamour Bitch Grasp Kiss You Goodbye Let's Get Physical Mr. Right Now My Saranade Not Even A Man OMG Where Does The Love Go SheDaisy (don't ask I will not get rid of these for nothing) Burn Down The House (Demo) Mr. Macleman Out Of My Mind When The Morning Comes egan & Sara Beauty (Red Demo) Celebration (Red Demo) Emaculation (Play Day Demo) Falling Asleep (Yellow Demo) Heavy (Red Demo) Hello (Yellow Demo) Here I Am (Yellow Demo) Just Me (Yellow Demo) Painting Songs (Red Demo) Plunk Song (Play Day Demo) Star Money (Yellow Demo) Superstar (Red Demo) They're Waiting For You (Play Day Demo)