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Exam 2. Charity N. Ifezue-Hall Lifespan Development (PSY 207) Date: June 22, 2011.

What is Cyberbullying? It is when a child or teen is threatened , embarrassed, harassed , by another child, or teen, using Internet, cellphones or digital technologies. This article is centered on sixth graders at Benjamin Franklin Middle school in Ridgewood, N.J. The parents of a girl was outraged and afraid then showed the Principal dozen of sexually explicit threats sent to their daughters cellphone on Saturday and the boy involved was a poor 12- year old student in language arts class. The parents of the girl made a decision to involve the Criminal investigator. The also wanted an immediate action to be taken. Schools are faced with a lot of questions concerning online and cyberbullying, whether and how to deal with it. Technology is part of our culture, so is cellphone. There are a lot of conflicits on who is responsible, the family, the schools or the police; all are evolving along with the definitions of cyberbullying. When schools try to get involved by disciplining the student involved in cycberbullying actions inside or outside the school hours are usually sued for violating freedom of speech and exceeding their authority. The second article is also centered on seventh graders, involving boys and girls who have been bullied and retaliating online. It involves secrets told in confidence between best friends, then broadcast online. According to Ericksons fifth stage, which is Identity versus identity confusion. The seventh graders are trying to explore what is real friendship. also trying to figure where they belong. The use of cell phone, texting preferably makes it difficult and results to being betrayed, depressed, astonished and weeping. This is part of the developmental stages. By this stage they have not developed self- confidence and focusing more to the future.

According to Ericksons fifth stage, which individual experience during adolescence. Identity versus identity confusion. There are a lot cyberbullying going on the schools today. Bullying in any form or manner is unhealthy. It affects individuals life psychologically, emotionally and mentally. In the article, the girl had dated for a week before she broke it off. She erased all her replies before she gave her parent the phone. As stated in the introduction, the parents are shaken with fear of the unknown. They wanted an immediate action. Parents should be one trusted place the kids can go to when things go wrong online offline and in the real world. In one way or another there one place the kids avoid when things go wrong online. How these apply to the issue is that just as stated in Ericksons theory, parents needs to allow adolescents to explore many roles and paths within a role. In most cases technology do not allow them. Their identity and self-esteem come from external things that revolve from social network. They are faced with finding out that they are, what they are and where they are going in life. This is part of developmental psychology. Some of the effects of online bullying may include the following; poor performance at school, lack of confidence will prevent them from contributing and asking questions in class. Low self esteem leads to depression. Suicide or killing themselves. Also it may seclude them where they use to socialize, especially how other kids view them. Endangerment within the confines of their house or room becomes a loner. Lack of security, for example within their surrounding. The parents of the girl want the boy to be suspended from the school immediately. The boy claimed that he is innocent, that he had lost his cellphone, he dropped it while riding his bicycle with his brother and brothers friend. The boy was a poor student in language arts classes. The girl is badly rattled and the parents horrified. The usefulness of suggestions made by the article to the educators, parents, policymakers, or stakeholders relevant to the issue are as follows. Firstly, two criminologist defined bullying as Willful and repeated harm through phones and computers. Presently a lot of middle school students have been involved directly or indirectly. The educators feel unprepared or unwilling to be prosecutors or judges due to the legal constraints. For example the principal Tony Orsini is not willing to discipline the boy. Also the school district discipline codes have a little support over the education authority and student cellphones. The parent wants to get revenge, justice and protection from schools. There are issues concerning whether schools may intervene in bullying electronically through phones and Internet.

The methods used are limited by access to technology and the childs imagination. The kids sometimes change roles, going from victim and bully and back again. Also cyberbully one moment may be the next victim. In conclusion, online bullying is unhealthy and it affects peoples life. Children have been killed and many committed suicide after having been involved in a cyberbullying incident. Suggestion for the future is that provision should be added to the acceptable use policy, giving them more right to discipline students for action taken outside the school hours. Recommendations about the issue presented. Education can help the students with preventing and dealing with the consequence of bullying electronically or vice versa. Also teaching them to be more respectful and take stand against bullying. People involved should get guidance and Counseling. .

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