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THE FIRST CLASS C.W. OPERATORS’ CLUB NEWS SHEET 604 (http://members.aol.com/focuk) Editor: G4BUE February 2000 “A man



Editor: G4BUE

February 2000

“A man should keep his friendship in constant repair” - Samuel Johnson (1755)

(3525, 7025, 10120-10125, 14025, 18080-18085, 21025, 24905-24910 and 28025kHz)



Several recent issues have struck a chord, re- sulting in much input for this column, which is most welcome. This month we summarise views on the critical issue of band-planning. These are core to our very existence so I hope those commenting on club topics will be patient. G3NKS: We have all noticed encroaching data signals. There are real problems to be faced.

1. Data signals have always had a presence in

the CW segments of the bands. I do not see the

logic of saying, as others have done, that modes which need a computer to decode them have no place in the Morse section of the band. What is the logic which says they are more appropriate to the SSB sub-band?.

2. The current boundaries between the CW

and CW/phone sub-bands were decided back in 1950 when CW was the predominant mode. Today phone is equally, if not more popular, and data is rapidly gaining in popularity. We CW enthusiasts frequently claim that CW is a spec-

trum-efficient mode as several CW QSOs can be had in the space of a SSB QSO bandwidth.

This leads to the unfortunate suggestion that, in the light of today’s activity patterns, the CW sub-bands are (very) generous allocations.

3. My recent experience is that outside con-

tests there is lots of activity in the lower 30kHz of a band then 20 or 30kHz of low usage, then another peak of activity from 055 upwards. Now all of the above present difficulties for those who may be thinking about proposals for changing the band-plans. And clearly there

seems to be a desire for change to reflect cur- rent activity patterns, particularly the rapid increase in the use of data modes. How can we justify the retention of the cur- rent bandwidth of the CW sub-bands? What are the arguments? Where is the evidence? Where should the data go? Should it be split, some around the CW and CW/SSB boundaries as at present and some in the middle of the CW sub-bands, or should the present CW nets etc which occupy the top part of the bands be en- couraged to find new frequencies further down

the bands so that the data segments can be ex- panded? Should we fight for the retention of what we have with no change, and perhaps end up with a revised band plan not to our liking or should we devise an alternative CW band-plan? These are, I suggest, some questions that we need to think about, discuss and arrive at some collective conclusion. We need to be ready to present our case to the expected national/inter- national debate. K4EF: It seems to me that ‘deregulation’ has not helped amateur radio. More regulation rather than less would be helpful.

(a) Tighten licence examinations. They have

been dumbed down to the point where they are laughable - at least in the USA.

(b) More band plan regulations should be in-

cluded by licensing authorities. Frequencies should be specified for the various modes in more detail. Band plans are largely ignored.

(c) Stricter oversight of behaviour on the

bands. The lack of courtesy, foul language and deliberate interference found on the bands in recent years appears to be the result of dumbing down examinations and consequent lowering of the calibre of licensees.


You attention is drawn to the FOC Calendar on page 4 which contains a full listing of those members known to be operating in the Mara- thon from a different QTH. The 22 January Committee meeting report will be published in March, and I have omitted the Windle table, both due to lack of space!


Thanks to those members who pointed out the error in the sample scoring sheet on the front page of the Millennium Award tick sheet. The third and fourth QSOs shown for GW3KGV are both shown in November. This is an error, the third QSO should have read 17/10 thus ensur- ing each QSO is on a different band in a differ- ent month. It appears that a few members may have missed the main rule of the Millennium Award

which is that each claimed QSO with a member must be on a different band in a different month. There is nothing to stop you QSOing a member on more than one band in any month, but only one QSO each month can be claimed for points. Finally, two members have suggested chang- ing the rules slightly. The Committee have taken the view that it would be wrong to change the rules now the award has commenced, but welcome any suggestions for rule changes with your entries, in case it is decided to hold a Real Millennium Award in 2001.


The 2000 Call Book will be published at the end of March and mailed with FOCUS 42 and the April News Sheet. Your attention is drawn to the deadline of 20 February, by when you should send any changes you want made to your entry to G3MXJ.


The first ever Galveston Meeting (and the first FOC social event of the new Millennium) was held in Texas, USA on 15 January. The follow- ing members attended: AC5K, K2UFT, K5AX, K5CA, K5DQ, K5NA, K5MA and W5ZR plus some wives. All agreed that it was a success and it is intended to hold it again in 2001, but at a hotel yet to be decided.


On 22 January 2000 the Committee agreed to add some wording to the notes following Rule 5 on page 4 of the Call Book, (additional word- ing in italics):

It is the responsibility of sponsors to ensure that potential new members are able to com- ply with the rules and that they are consist- ently active on a number of HF and LF bands using CW. Although many leading DX and Contest operators are members of FOC, an operating style that is exclusive to these interests is not considered to be suffi- ciently broad. They must ensure that the nominee is willing, if invited, to join FOC. G3MXJ has used the additional wording for several years in a letter sent to amateurs after they have been nominated for the first time. The letter gives a brief history of FOC and its current aims and constitution. It also describes the procedure for becoming a member and gives the nominee advice on how to achieve this.


9V1YC: James is one of the operators for the March DXpedition to Clipperton Island. DJ5ZN: Erny recently had surgery but “all is now in good shape” says Klaus, who has now retired - thanks G8VG. DJ6SI: Baldur was QRV 25/30 January as 5U7X with 100 watts and multi-band antennas. DJ9SB: Renata and Gerd lost their antennas in December “due to old age and heavy snow”


Starred List










Additional Nominations














VA3UZ (ex-UT4UZ): N6NT, KT5X.









New Member

1730 G4PDQ (John) J. Clayton, 217 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham, Glos GL52 3ES; tel - 01242 242336; XYL - Pauline; e-mail - <g4pdq@ arrl.net>.


GØEBW ( 1679): change tel - 0121 246 3120. GØ/SM5GMG (A1382): delete - non payment of subscription, Associate membership time limit expired; no reply to correspondence. EI5IY (1438): new address - Kealties, Durrus, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. OZ6XT (1376): new address - Lyngevej 162, DK- 3450 Alleroed, Denmark; tel - 4817 7388. OZ7YL (A1049): Restore to Active List. S52AA (1122): change call - S5ØA. VK3KS (896): Resigned. VK6RU (804): Silent Key. W4DHZ (1296): Silent Key. K4FW (498): new address - #617, 530 Tanglewood Lane, Mishawaka, IN 46545-2627, USA; tel - 219 243 9320. N5TJ (1633): new address - 2721 Halifax Ct, McKinney, TX 75070, USA; tel -214 544 0818. K7UOT (1601): change address - 262 North 350 East, Delta, UT 84624, USA.

and Renata will miss the Marathon. EA6ACC: Josep has been QRV as VK4FOC/5 and was spotted on the UK DX Cluster at 1258z on 29 January on 10103kHz. F5VEX: Derek and Val’s wine business looks to be booming. They have just signed a deal with a UK distributor and, as a result, now have a slot on the distributor’s website. Have a look at <www.allezvins.co.uk> and find the entry for Chateau Garrigue. There are some photo- graphs - see if you can spot any antennas there! F9LT: The 26 December storm bought down Eric’s long wire antennas for 160, 600 and 2206 metres. Parts of the chimney fell on the roof but his HF beam survived. He will miss the Marathon as his rig broke suddenly.

GØKDZ: Congratulations to Mike on being the


“CQ FOC”; we must not forget that there

first G station to receive the first class award


many non-members out there and we could

from the German Telegraphy Club for submit- ting a log of 1500 non-contest QSOs in a 12

be giving a very poor impression of the club if we just worked member stations”.

month period. Mike says “no great number re- ally, but most are CW ‘chin-wags’ so that is a fair amount of on-air time”.

JA5DQH: Aki now has six towers but is still planning more! K2OZ: Paul has been in hospital for three

G3BEX: John was QRV 9/23 January as EA7/

months after falling off a ladder on 3 Novem-



while working on feed lines. He is now a

G3HZL: To encourage members to ‘spread out’ in the Marathon, Don, who will be using G4FOC, will be QRV on: 1822, 1838, 3519, 3530,

paraplegic having no feeling below the breast bone. Paul’s son Bruce, WB2WYS, <Bruce Atkins@att.net> says “it will be months before

7017, 7018, 14020, 14035, 21020, 21035, 28020

Paul can get back on the radio. His shack is in

and 28035kHz. Don says, “it is very pleasing to


basement. Once the renovations are com-

see the increase in club activity in January”. G3JZV: Congratulations to Mort who will be marrying Mary soon and moving to a new QTH. G3LQI: Jean and Stan will QSY to their new EI QTH on 10 February and Stan will be EI5IY. G3NKS: Our condolences to Derek on the pass- ing of his wife Pat, G1NKS, on 26 January fol- lowing a long battle against cancer. G3SWH: Phil will be QRV 8/16 March with Jim, G3RTE; David, G3UNA; Rob, 5Z4RL; Ian, 5Z4IC, and Graham, 5Z4GS, from Wasini Island, Kenya (AF-067) as 5Z4WI, 160-10 metres (ex-

pleted (maybe six months), we will bring his radios upstairs so he can continue his hobby. Thank goodness he has a hobby which can be done from a wheelchair”. Bruce is forwarding Paul’s mail and will pass him any e-mail mes- sages sent to the above address. K3TW: Tom will QRT 20 June as DL8TWA and moving back to Washington DC where he has a teaching position starting in July. K4FW: Anne and Al have moved to a retirement community in Indiana but he fell down the base- ment steps before leaving their old QTH!

cept 30 metres which is not permitted in Kenya). Wasini Island has only been activated once be- fore, for 24 hours during the 1993 IOTA Con- test. 5Z4WI will be a HQ station during the

K4LTA: Ruby and Bill will be QRV again 2/28 February as J3/K4UPS (SSB) and J3/K4LTA (CW). Bill will also be QRV as J38A in the Mara- thon, the RSGB Commonwealth and the ARRL

RSGB Commonwealth Contest, but they will


CW Contests.

also make non-contest QSOs. QSL via G3SWH.

K5BGB: Rod writes “I had a QSO on 31 De-

G3SXW: Roger and Nigel, G3TXF, were QRV 22/31 January as FH/G3SXW and FH/G3TXF and on 21 January and 2 February as S79SXW and S79TXF. QSL via their home calls. G3VTT: Congratulations to Hilary and Colin

cember that will stay in my memory for ever. ZL2AGY requested a sked with me at 1045z so that we would be in QSO when the ZL calendar turned from 1999 to 2000. I breathed much easier when Tony kept going and I then knew

on their wedding on 19 February. Colin says


heavens stayed in place down there!”.

“We thank all the FOC members who have sup- ported us over the last three years and made Hilary so welcome at various FOC functions”. G4XRV: Rupert will be QRV 3/8 February, in-

K6ZSR: Congratulations to Mike on recently being Knighted into a Lay Order of the Catho- lic Church, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Mike is currently only

cluding the Marathon, as GD4XRV with 100 watts and wire antennas.

QRV evenings “because of work”. N4AF: Howie says “I have a DOS based pro-

G4ZVJ: Andy will be QRV 24 January/24 Feb-

gram that looks in QSO logs for FOC calls. The

ruary with G3XAQ in Laos and Cambodia. Dur-


must be ASCII and the field containing the

ing the first week of February they will be QRV


must always be in the same position. The

as XU7AAV with an emphasis on 80 metres for Europe and North America. Andy will then be guest operating 24 February/7 March in Ethio- pia (callsign to be announced) and finally QRV 7/20 March as 9G5VJ, including the RSGB Com- monwealth Contest on 11/12 March. G5BZ: George has been in South Africa since the end of December. Three weeks in Kruger

program opens your log in read-only mode and searches through the calls, looking for a match to our membership. If a match is found, it is written to file FOUND.DAT. I would be happy to e-mail it to any member”. LA5HE: Rag has reserved the club station on Svalbard for the Marathon as JW5HE. N1DG: Don writes “certainly seems to be a lot

Park was to be followed by driving to Cape Town

of activity so far this year, my Windle total so

where he is renting a flat overlooking the beach


is half of all of last year!”.

in Fish Moek until the middle of March. He has now held his G5BZ call for 71½ years.

N4KG: Tom says “daily activity from here has declined following advice from my doctors who

G8VG: Pete says “the Millennium Award has

advocated changing my life style following tri-

certainly bought out the members. This is great


bypass surgery in March. It seems that

and it has certainly had the desired effect but I

pounding the brass is not deemed sufficiently

hope this does not turn out to be another num-

aerobic so I have been following a more strenu-

bers game. I have noticed some members call-


(almost) daily exercise plan to improve my

conditioning and reduce my risk factors”. And about G4ZVJ: “It was a great pleasure working Andy on eight bands from XU7AAV for all time new ones on 12 and 80 metres. The difference

between a good DXpedition and a great DXpedition is how well the difficult bands are covered over the poles. My windows of opportu- nity to XU on 10, 12, and 80 metres were 15 minutes. Thanks for being there Andy. Thanks for a great operation!”. N5TJ: Gina and Jeff were moving to a new QTH at the end of January but outdoor antennas are not allowed on the sub-division! N9RD: Jurgen will be QRV from Florida for two to three weeks from 20 February. NP3G: Terry says, “the Millennium Award (please notice I didn’t say contest) is a much better way to stimulate activity than the Win- dle Award. However the book keeping involved seems to confuse a lot of folks. Maybe OK1RR’s Excel spread sheet may help those that have computers. A special thanks to Sergio who pointed out that 2000 is not the start of the new Millennium (page 8 FOCUS 41). Maybe we can call next years award the 21st Century Award”. OY1CT: Caen is still in OZ land with health problems - thanks OY3QN. OZ7YL: Svata now has antennas for all six bands, her level of activity is now restored, and she is now returning to the Active List. SM5COP: Rune will be in San Francisco on busi- ness 6/14 February and has the last four days free; he would like to meet local members. VA3LK: Larry writes “My Windle for January is half of my 1999 total! There are more mem- bers around than I have ever heard before”. VE7NH: Doug’s best 160m QSO was with VK6LW in 1995 with only 10W and an 80m loop. He asks if anyone has a QSL address for FH8EJ for a 1990 QSO? Doug deplores the “Same rude members on the band who cannot wait until a QSO is finished. I am a great believer in the use of KN. When I send it I only want the guy I am talking to, to reply”. Doug wonders “Are those guys who keep breaking in as rude when at a party and two people are talking, do they just barge right into the middle of them?” VK3KS: Mavis has decided to leave FOC after

23 years. She says ever since Ivor became a SK,

her activity has become very low with just occa-

sional 20m QSOs. She recalls with great pleas- ure all the friends they made in FOC and the

hospitality they received in London and USA during their 1974 trip. I know all members will join in passing on best wishes to Mavis with thanks for support of FOC over the years. VK4XA: N4AF had a QSO with Russ on 2 Janu- ary during which he told Howie it was his 284,219 post-war QSO. Russ has just celebrated

69 years as a radio amateur and Howie says

“Russ is an inspiration to many / most of us”. VK8AV: Alan was in hospital after a heart at- tack while riding his bicycle, but is hoping to be home by the time you read this - thanks VK5FV.


(callsign in brackets indicate G4FOC operator)

Until 24 Feb3W & XU by G4ZVJ/G3XAQ (604)

Until March Until 15 April Until 14 May Until 20 June

February - 80m & 15m (G3KTZ)

VK4FOC by EA6ACC (603) NA-062 by K2ZR/4 (600) ZF2NT by N6NT (601) DL8TWA by K3TW (604)


J3/K4LTA (604) GD4XRV by G4XRV (604)


4/6 Marathon 9G5XA by G3XAQ GD4XRV by G4XRV JW5HE by LA5HE N6FOC by W6RGG VQ9QM by W4QM W6FOC by W6CYX W9FOC by K9WA ZF2NT by N6NT 8/8 Mar




K1VL by ZS6AL (604) 8P6DR by G3RWL (603) Deadline FOCUS 42 N9RD/4, Florida (604) Deadline 2000 Call Book ET by G4ZVJ (604) Deadline March N/Sheet PJ9 by W1JL (604)




24/7 Mar


29/5 Mar

W1HL: Jim will be QRV 29 February/5 March from St Maarten as PJ9/W1HL or PJ9/W1FC. W1HT: Ralph writes “I am sure the Millennium Award is helping Club activity. Special thanks to the FOC team for hearing my signal in FH with my beam frozen in the wrong direction!”. W3ABC: Congratulations to Hugh on his ap- pointment as Honorary Vice President of ARRL. W4DHZ: Members will be saddened to know that Nap became a Silent Key on 13 January in a nursing home in Virginia. He was 86 years old, had been ill for the last two years but was QRV until August 1999 - thanks W4ZYT. W4CK: Mark says the Millennium Award “ap- pears a smashing success in terms of getting folks on the air”. Laura and Mark will be in London for two weeks in May and will be spending some time with Susan and G4PKT at their GM QTH. W4PM: Judy and Puck were due to arrive in Christchurch, New Zealand for a ten day cruise on 16 January, and he was planning to be QRV with a 2 metre HT as ZL/W4PM. W4ZYT: Don says “seems like increased activ- ity from members on all the bands. Perhaps the Millennium Award has stirred things up?”. W6GTI: John has been bedridden for months and not QRV at the moment - thanks K6DC. ZP5CW: Doug has the Yaesu Quadra VL-1000 linear and says, “Amazing - nothing to touch, no knobs to tune - hard to get used to, but it goes up to a full KW output with just 40 watts drive!”. ZS6AL: Vidi is also K1VL and he and Hester will be QRV 8 February/8 March in the USA while touring the Western Cape with a Ten-Tec Scout in the car.