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• The Kit of Pdf Utilities

• Extended support for Fonts

• Data Extraction
• Comprehensive support of Navigation Features
• Security Features
• Powerful Form Processing
• Conversion to Other Formats
• Stamping and Watermarks
• PDF Rendering
www.aspose.com • PDF Document Manipulation

Aspose.Pdf.Kit About Aspose

for .NET and Java Aspose is a solid and stable industry
leader with over 6 years of experience
and over 35,000 user licenses
installed. Aspose produces a wide
range of quality products for .NET and
Java platforms. Aspose also offers a
variety of reporting solutions for SQL
Server Reporting Services and
JasperReports developers.

Find out more about us at www.aspose.com

Being a project manager for a .gov
web portal, I checked several solutions
in the market to create customized
PDF files "on the fly". I was looking for
a solution that was easy and quick to
The Kit of Pdf Utilities code, with a reasonable amount of
useful options, and most important of
Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a non-graphical PDF® document manipulation
all, was stable in production
component that enables both .NET and Java developers to
environment. Aspose.Pdf.Kit is the

manage existing PDF files as well as manage form fields
solution that we choose for our portal.
embedded within PDF files. Aspose.Pdf is perfect for creating
And I recommend it!
new PDF files; however, developers often need to edit already
existing PDF documents. Aspose.Pdf.Kit allows them to do just
Nuno Tavares,
that. Aspose.Pdf.Kit allows developers to create powerful
applications for merging data directly into PDF documents as
well as for updating and managing PDF documents.

Instituto Português da Juventude, Portugal

Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a wonderful product and works great with the I just wanted to say that after looking
rest of our PDF products. into several different products for
generating custom PDF files, I found that
Aspose.Pdf.Kit is, by far, the easiest to
Extended support for Fonts use and most reliable. Combined with an
Aspose.Pdf.Kit gives you complete control over how Fonts in the amazing response time to any questions I
PDF document are rendered. Aspose.Pdf.Kit offers the following had, as well as great documentation and
features: technical support, Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a
perfect solution for manipulating PDF

 Supports all 14 core fonts documents. Thanks once again to the
 Type 1 and Type 3 fonts are also supported wonderful staff at Aspose.
 Includes support for TrueType fonts
 CJK font is also supported David Galownia,
igNew, USA
 Aspose.Pdf.Kit supports 7 encoding types
 Unicode is also supported

for .NET and Java Free Customer Support
Support is an issue that Aspose takes
very seriously. Aspose offers Free
Support to anyone! Whether you are a
customer or simply evaluating an
Data Extraction Aspose product… we are always glad to
With Aspose.Pdf.Kit you can extract all kinds for data in various help. Our free support is handled
formats from PDF documents. Aspose.Pdf.Kit supports the through the Aspose Forums, which are
maintained by our highly skilled
development teams. Rather than
having a disconnected support staff,
 Extracting Images Aspose enables you to talk directly to
 Extracting Text the people who have built and maintain
 Extracting Text in Rectangles our products. We know, by doing that,
 Extracting Attachments you are guaranteed to get the solutions
Text to your problems more quickly and
 Extracting Bookmarks accurately.
 Extracting Links
 Extracting Annotations Rectangle

Flexible Licensing
Comprehensive support of Navigation Features Aspose offers a multitude of licensing
options which allow you to select a
Aspose.Pdf.Kit can process all navigation features of PDF balanced license subscription which is
documents. You have complete control over how navigational both: cost effective and efficient.
elements are presented in the PDF document. The following Deviating from the inefficient machine
capabilities are offered by Aspose.Pdf.Kit: based license, our license
subscriptions depend upon the number
 Create, Modify and Delete Bookmarks of developers using our products and
 Create Links (WebLink, LocalLink, PdfDocumentLink, the number of physical locations to
ApplicationLink) which these products will be deployed.
 Create and Delete Annotations (Text, FreeText, Markup, Popup) We offer the following subscriptions for
 Create and Delete Attachments (Sound, Movie) Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET and Java:

 Developer Enterprise Subscription

Security Features  Developer OEM Subscription
 Site Enterprise Subscription
Aspose.Pdf.Kit offers advanced security features which will  Site OEM Subscription
provide you with complete control over the security of your PDF
documents. With Aspose.Pdf.Kit, you can easily:
Free Updates
 Encrypt or decrypt a PDF file
From the date of your purchase, you
 Change the security settings (Modify Password and Privileges)
are entitled to receive any new product
 Secure PDF with digital certificate updates published within your
 9 kinds of Privileges are supported subscription time of one year. If you
 Digitally sign/validate PDF file would like to continue receiving product
 4 certification levels are supported updates after the subscription time has
 3 validation modes are supported passed, you will have the option to
 Set Signature visibility renew your subscription at a minimum

for .NET and Java System Requirements
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET
All editions of the following Microsoft
Powerful Form Processing Windows operating systems are
Aspose.Pdf.Kit comes packed with powerful features which allow
you to conveniently process PDF Forms. Aspose.Pdf.Kit lets you: Windows 2000
Windows XP
 Create AcroForms Windows Server 2003
 Modify AcroForms Windows Vista
 Read and Fill Text Fields, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, List Windows Server 2008
Boxes and Combo Boxes
 Fill Image Field Please note that both: 32-bit and 64-bit
 Flatten Field (Specified or All) editions are also supported.
 Import Field data from FDF/XML/XFDF file
The following .NET Framework
 Export Field data into FDF/XML/XFDF file
versions are supported:
 Import field data stored in System.Data.DataTable into PDF template
 Create or Modify PDF Form Fields (Text Fields, Check Boxes, .NET Framework 1.0
Radio Buttons, List Boxes, Combo Boxes and Push Buttons) .NET Framework 1.1
 Modify Visual Appearance .NET Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 3.0
Conversion to Other Formats .NET Framework 3.5

Aspose.Pdf.Kit allows you to easily convert PDF documents to All editions of the following Microsoft
Visual Studio versions are also
other formats. The following conversions are supported by
Visual Studio 2002
 Convert to Images (Supported Formats: TIFF, BMP, PNG, and JPG) Visual Studio 2003
 Convert FDF/XML/XFDF to the OLEDB/OdbcDB Visual Studio 2005
 Convert OLEDB/OdbcDB to the data in FDF/XML/XFDF Visual Studio 2008

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

Stamping and Watermarks
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java runs on any
It is very easy to add Watermarks and Stamp PDF files with operating system that has Java
Aspose.Pdf.Kit. You can specify custom positioning and rotate installed on it.
the watermarks, as well as make them
transparent. The following features are The following Java versions are
supported: supported:
 Adding Image as watermark Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.x
 Adding PDF as watermark Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0
 Adding Text as watermark FID
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 6.0
 Adding Page Number
 Create Shape (Line, SquareCircle, The Java Advanced Imaging (JAI)
Polygon, PolyLine, Curve) package is also needed to deal with
image formats.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit Recommended Products

for .NET and Java When considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit for
.NET and Java, you might also be
interested in these other components
from Aspose.
PDF Rendering
Aspose.Pdf.Kit also includes a PDF rendering engine which
allows you to view and print PDF documents. You have the
option of:

 Viewing PDF files in visual mode

 AutoSize and AutoRotate PDF pages
 Zooming PDF Pages Aspose.Pdf for .NET and Java
 Print Preview and Print PDF files If your requirement is to create PDF files
 Modify Print settings from scratch then you will definitely be
 Print in landscape interested in Aspose.Pdf for .NET and
 PDF searching Java. It supports the creation of PDF
files through API, XML templates and
XSL-FO files.
PDF Document Manipulation
You can now manipulate a PDF document anyway you like
taking advantage of the extended features that Aspose.Pdf.Kit
offers. Using Aspose.Pdf.Kit, you can easily achieve the

 Append Pages to PDF file

 Making Booklet
 Making NUp Aspose.Recognition for .NET
Looking to convert your PDF
 Process XMP Metadata
 Zoom pages
= documents to DOC, OOXML, ODT,
 Rotate pages RTF, WordML, HTML, XHTML,
MHTML or TXT, then look no further
 Resize pages
then Aspose.Recognition for .NET.
 Moving Page Position
Because Aspose.Recognition for .NET
 Concatenating PDF files
will allow you to do just that.
 Inserting pages in PDF file
 Split a PDF file to single page PDF files
 Delete pages from PDF file
 Extract pages from PDF file
 Read and Modify meta information of PDF file
 Adding Texts and Images to PDF file
 Replace Text in PDF file

Aspose.Pdf for Reporting

If you would like to export your RDL
reports to PDF files from SQL Server
* Features available for .NET and Java versions may vary. Reporting Services, simply use
Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services.

for .NET and Java
Featured Customers
North America:
California National Guard, Cygnus
Case Studies Business Media, DeVry University,
Hydro-Quebec, Illinois State University,
KPAT, LogiXML, Inc., McCombs
Spitfire Software, USA School of Business, McLane Advanced
Technologies, Melaleuca, Inc.,
MetaPress, MTS, Pervasive Software,
Project: Spitfire Project Management System for AEC
Pilot Travel Centers, Software
Architects, SunGard, Tarrant County,
Requirement: Spitfire primarily required ASP.NET server The Wharton School, U.S. Air Force,
compatible components to reliably convert Word documents Unisys, UnitedHealth Group, University
of Maryland, USDA-GIPSA, USMC
into PDF format with accurate retention of original format, with
no user interface required. Additional requirements included Europe:
the ability to work with images in existing PDF files and Centrica, Getronics PinkRoccade,
bookmarks in existing Word documents. Hermes, Morgan Stanley, The Scottish
Parliament, TV 2 AS, University of
Southern Denmark, WM-data
Solution: After evaluating various solutions, Spitfire decided to
deploy Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf as an embedded Australia:
component in its application. After testing, they found that Phase Forward Pty Ltd, UOA
Aspose fully met their functional requirements, and was very
easily deployed within their application. They have also been
able to make use of Aspose.Pdf.Kit to detect PDF files created Contact Us
by network scanners and perform OCR on the embedded Aspose Pty Ltd
images. Suite 119, 272 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW, 2067
Result: Spitfire had the Aspose components working within Australia
their application within a few hours of downloading them and
were very satisfied with the product. Email: sales@aspose.com
Telephone: (888) 277-6734
Fax: (866) 810-9465