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Live Birth Record


Birth Certificate

- Created by us


- Created by government

- Beneficiary


- Beneficiary is government

- Birthright


- Benefits and Privileges

- Inherent Rights


- Statutory Rights

- Business and Commerce


- Business and Commerce

- Non-taxable


- Taxes

(this line is jurisdiction)

One of the first gifts your parents give you is a name. A name is a title. The government/legislature can recognize a man, but they generally recognize a man through his name, through his title. You can not do anything without a title.

One of our parents sign the Live Birth Record. It is important because it means our parents created it by our signature. Your parents are acting as your guardian. They are doing it for you. They have to feed you as well.

Dean presumed that the Birth Certificate was a receipt for the Live Birth Record for 10 years. Dean says never operate on assumption. This is my receipt, bill of lading, UCC crap.

The first document is a Live Birth Record. The other one is just a Birth Certificate. The Birth Certificate is not just an extract of the Live Birth Record. They could have just sent us a shrink wrap copy of the Live Birth Record. The titles are different. This is very important.

Dean does not care about how the name is spelled. Upper case and lower case does not matter. You are recognized through your name, through your title. Same name, same information, different documents.

Whose signature is on the Birth Certificate? It’s the government’s signature. He who creates, owns. This is clearly the government’s document.

People have to understand what title is and what a trust is. Everything is done by title. This goes backs to the kings and queen. Your title is your status in society.

What creates a trust? When you have a piece of property, there is legal and equitable title. A trust is created when the titles are split. One party gets the legal title, he is the trustee. The other party gets the equitable title, he is the equitable title holder, he is the beneficiary.

(Dean says that in his previous videos, he was only talking about the left side of his chart. He was trying to inform people of how much power they have.)

The application for the Live Birth Record is the legal title to the name you were granted by your parents. This was sent to the government. This made the government trustee, the legal title owner. The equitable title has always been yours. The title was split.

The government got the use of the name. Look up usufruct. You have granted the government permission to use the name. This is the mindset of the people we are dealing with.

If you don’t understand usufruct, that you’sa fucked.

Our birthright is evidenced by this Live Birth Record. The Live Birth Record is a claim to the resources. We sent the government evidence of the trust or the estate. This is in broad terms.

On the left side of the equation, we are the beneficiary. It is evidence of our birth rights. It is our inherent God-given natural rights. One of the rights is to conduct commerce.

Belief, that by act of magic, government has jurisdiction over all commerce. Private business operating in the public are your own business unless you get a business license.

Then, there is something creatd by them. It does not say it is the extract from the registration from a live birth record. Even if it was extracted from the Live Birth Record, it is a different document.

The government is the trustee of the document we sent them and we are the beneficiary, then what does it mean for the document they sent us and they told us to put it in a safe place and never use it as ID? It has their signature on it and they sent it to us. We are the trustees and the government is the beneficiary. The beneficiary is government.

Look at the opposing jurisdiction.

The government is entirely statutory in nature. It has no birthright. It has benefits and privledges. Instead of inherent rights, it has statutory rights or legal rights. This trust has the right to conduct business and commerce.

It is the same name but different jurisdictions. Titles become important.

How many government officials have different titles? Can the Minister of Health make regulation for the Department of Transportation? No, the Ministers have different jurisdictions. Same man is acting through different titles.

The laws apply to the title you are acting through. You are always liable when you do something that is not allowed for that title.

The BraveHeart philosophy. Is Mel Gibson a nutter or a genius? Dean circles genius. Mel knew what was going on and he was trying to tell everyone. This is the reason Mel Gibson got ostracized out of Hollywood. The Longshenk representatives offer is that the King will grant you a title and an estate from which you will pay an annual taxes for the use of that title. The Scottish offer is that we will let you live. No peaceful resolution. [ts: 0:30]

We have a birthright. It is ours. This belongs to us. Robert DeBruce. Help yourself. Take what is yours. The birthright is a title.You owe nothing to anyone when you use your birthright.

They took the titles that have liabilites attached to it. Later, Scotland may have separated.

[ts: 0:32] My friend builds his car. May I use it? How about a dollar a kilometer? It is his car. He dictates the terms of use of his property. I am going to tax you for its use. This is why they call it a taxi. They are taxing you for its use.

It is tribute. Render onto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. Then, it depends on who is Ceasar. The judge had said we are not here to do the Lords work, we are here to do Ceasar’s work. Dean said I could not agree more. But, now who is Ceasar.

A man in the audience remarks that many Christians believe that they should pay their taxes.

Then Jesus

said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him. Mark 12:17


Matthew 17:25

"Yes, he does," he replied. When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. "What do you

think, Simon?" he asked. "From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes--from their own sons or from others?"

Matthew 17:26 From others," Peter answered. "Then the sons are exempt," Jesus said to him.

Only the foreigners pay taxes. The King’s children do not pay taxes.

Then, the question is that what is Ceasar’s? What did Ceasar create? Nothing. The Creator

Then, the question is that what is Ceasar’s? What did Ceasar create? Nothing. The Creator created everything and it

belongs to the Creator.

that what is Ceasar’s? What did Ceasar create? Nothing. The Creator created everything and it belongs

[ts: 0:35] Government is a business. It is a foreign corporation. The first part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the short form of the Constitution Act. This is schedule B to the Canada Act of 1982 of UK. It was passed in the United Kingdom. It is a charter that created the vessel of Canada. This Canada Act of 1982 was the act to rename the British North America Act of 1867. The original British North America Act is the superior documet. We are making the language a little more modern. They are not hiding anything.

The government is a corporation, a business. They provide a very very good function for us. We don’t want to be scared of them. We just want to start using it as it should be used. We don’t want to be scared of them. Some one can not come up to the farm with guns and claim it. Registration is a good thing. It creates a public record. It protects. Nothing can be taken from you without due process. Government keeps records of who owns what to protect our rights. You are not forfeiting the equity in the property. You might be forfeiting legal title. I don’t care about that. Some one else is holding legal title in trust for my protection and my benefit. That is a good thing. The government can be held liable for problems.

Canada is a ship on the seas of commerce. It is only the rivers and inlets. This has no relevance in life.

Government is a good thing. Sales, excise, export and import taxes to pay for the government. Government is a good thing. Revenue is needed to pay for services after administration and a profit

margin. The point of the charter is rules for the government that they must follow to protect us. Agents of the government are liable for damages. The government is liable for damages that they cause us. Don’t speed because you might injure one of these guys and then the government is liable. The statutes are for agents of the government.

Government rules only apply to the government. Government rules are to be followed by the agents of the government. This is the point of the statutes. Case law to support this.

R. V. Dell, 2005 ABCA 246 (CanLII) CanLLI Alberta Court of Appeal

Application of the Charter to Interactions Between Private Citizens

[8]The second exception to the general rule that the Charter does not apply between private individuals occurs when a private person can be categorized as "part of government" because he or she is performing a specific government function.

Among our many, many birthrights we have because we were born here, we allow the government to work here, we have the right to work for the government and we may want to work for an agent of government, because you have a Live Birth Record. So, the government says you are certified to work for the government, just because you were born on this land. We allow the government to operate here. Dean has a high school diploma. Apparenty, I am certified to do something. The qualifications for working for the government are somewhat more lax. We allow them to conduct business here to control the resources for our benefits. We can act as an agent of the government and be paid for that service. It is a right. You could call is a license. Dean calls it a title that we may act through.

When a Minister of Finance operates, he can do some things through the title of Minister of Finance. And he can not do certain things.

Shortly after our parents filed the Live Birth Record, we have disapeared, they never heard from us again. It is an abandoned claim and the government has legal title to the claim. We have inherent birthrights from our Creator. The government has legal claim to all the value attached to that title. It is like being born into a family and you are an heir to a billionaire’s fortune and you just leave.

There are no accounts in your name with billions of dollars in it. Dean think it is agents of government. Greed is the debtor mentality. You want benefits for nothing. You are owed and there are accounts but they are not your accounts and you can not access them. The government is required to pay you something, but it is not billions, it is not even milions.

But how much better would people be if the government sent you a check for 50k a year? Sounds good to me. It is 2.5 times minimum wage. We disappeared and never came back.

We are stll operating through the government title. We use the ID to get benefits and privledges.

How about Indians accepting welfare check? Rather than all the land and money that is owed.

The government title is a security and it is sent through the mail. This is fraudulent presentment of a security instrument. But then we accepted it and started using it. We did exactly what they told us not to do. Then, it is not fraud.

When you start using a name that is not yours, you accept all liabilites associated with it. Taxes. Statutes tells you all the costs associated with using it. If you use my car and go over 50 km per hour, there is a 50 dollar charge. Nothing nefarious.

You have the legal title to it and you can use the legal title to go and get things. This is the same way the government is using our legal title to allow corporations to go and rape all the resources.

The government mirrors us. As above, so below. The government gives us what we ask for. You have been demanding these things and now we give them to you, what are you complaining about.

You go and get a driver’s license by presenting the title that the government gave to you. On the other side, you wouldn’t need a driver’s license. We go get a SIN number attached to Birth Certificate. When you go to work for someone and give them a SIN attached to Birth Certificatethen you have identified who is working for them. When you give the employer, the SIN. It is not the SIN that taxes you. The SSN is evidence that you are acting through the Birth Certificate name or title. The government is taxing the name or title.

People think they are paying property taxes on the land. You are paying for this title’s use of the land. It is always attached to the name.

You get pulled over. Driver’s license and registration. It is attached to DEAN CLIFFORD. You must pay taxes per statutes.

[ts: 0:50]

The government does not pay at all. You can work for free if it consensual. This is my rates for working for the government. The government can never prove that they paid you to act as an agent of government. What function of government was I performing? Was I paid? When was I working?

If the government can not answer these three questions, then they can not prove that you are acting through the Birth Certificate title, then I am non-taxable.

The government can never prove that you are working through the Birth Certificate title. They need you to do it or to not rebut their claim.

There is case law regarding section 21 of the Canada Act stating that the burden of proof is on the Crown.

At the time of the complaint, was I acting as an agent of the Crown? I don’t remember getting paid. Where is the contract? My fee is $1 million. Arguments with Crown before you go to court.

We are all vessels or agents in Commerce. Analogy. This is the commericial side of things.

Black signifies death and that is how they gain jurisdiction over you. Just kiddings.

Dean draws a battleship on the left side of the chart. You have rights.

The government creates a title so you can be an agent of the government. You are acting through the title.

Dean loves taxes. The taxes are owed to me. The revenue is supposed to be paid to the beneficiary. They are taxing us to pay us and they are taking an administration fee.

Dean draws a canoe with one paddle on the right side of the chart. Ciffard muster up for meal. Salley port to eat. Basis in commericial admiralty law.

You have to claim what is ours. This is trustee law. It is for the government. We are letting the government use it.

Military. You have to ask permission to come on our ship. Yes, with the Birth Certificate.

They never knowingly tresspass. They don’t ask permission to come aboard our ship from someone in the audience.

Full disclosure. The government is not obligated that they are screwing you over.

The presumption is that you are acting as an agent of the government because you handed over a government ID.

Just because I have a license to do something, does it mean that I am operating under it at that time? What about a police officer going to a restaurant off-duty with his family?

It is not a government vehicle. I sent them legal title; I retained equitable title. You license it, you give it an ability to function as an agent of government.

The Crown will agree with me and no contradiction evidence. Dean will care about the Judges opinion? Did your adversary present any opposing evidence? Does the Judge have facts?

People carry around ID. Everyone trying to create wills and estates and identity. You already have a document that is recoginized by the government.

How do you get the Live Birth Record back?

The British Columbia driver’s license is the property of the province. Put the driver’s license in a cupboard. When you surrender it. The driver’s license is just another title. It is another thing that is just created. It is all linked through the Birth Certificate.

How do you collapse the trust? Return the legal title to the beneficial equity title holder. When you surrender the something to who ever created it, you collapse the trust. This will clear up any confusion that you are not going to work as an agent for the government.

R. v. Big M Drug mart Ltd., [1985] 1 SCR 295

CanLII Canada Legal Information Institute home canada (federal) Supreme Court of Canada

Dean is always talking about section 32 and section 52. A friend sent him the case law. Section 52 of the

Constitution Act of Canada, 1982 being Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (UK), 1982, c 11

38. Section 52 sets out the fundamental principle of constitutional law that the Constitution is supreme. The undoubted corallary to be drawn from this principle is that no one can be convicted of an offence under an unconstitutional law.

39. Any accused, whether a corporate or individual, may defend a criminal charge by arguing that the law under which the charge is brought is constitutionaly invalid.

They will pass law that violates the Constitution. But, they can not prosecute under it.

[9] The Court states that the mere fact a person or entity performs what may loosely be termed a “public function” or an activity “public” in nature will not suffice to bring it within the purview of government for the purposes of s. 32 of the Charter, citing Edrige at para 43.

[24] For the Charter to apply to a private entity, it must be found to be implementing a specific govern mental policy or program.

It does not matter what the entity. It must be implementing a specific governmental policy or program.

[8]The second exception to the general rule that the Charter does not apply between private individuals occurs when a private person can be categorized as "part of government" because he or she is performing a specific government function.

52 says this Charter is supreme. They have the duty to not prosecute you if unconstitutional.

How could any other law apply to a private person, entity, or citizen?

How can the government still come into your home and take your kids?

They have to prove a person is implementing a specific governmental property.

Section 52 of the 1982 Constitutional Act

Does this mean the government will not pass law in conflict with 1982 Constitutional Act? No. It exists but it is inconsistent with the Charter.

Section 32 of the 1982 Constitutional Act says ‘This Charter applies

(a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Terriotries; and

(b) to the legislature and government of each provine in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province.

This Charter only applies to the government. How can any subordinate act apply to the Live Birth Record title. The government has every right to control the Birth Certificate Title. If I choose to drive my friends car at a charge of $1 million per hour, then I am stupid. We have always had choice.

The government knows this shit. Dean said he would get out of the car if they would provide one statute that compels performance of a private man. This was before he had given notice to government that he was on to their game.

We know how to go after recourse now.

Section 32 and 52 of the Constitution Act of 1982.

I authorize Dean to go to my neighbor’s house and take your tv. If my neighbor consents, did I steal from him? No. He just believed my bullshit.

We have rights. Rights can not be taken. Privledges and benefits can be taken.

They get you to act through a title that they can regulate, that is statutory bound, and the government is the beneficiary of.

You get a letter with the Birth Certificate. It is not personal ID.

Everything is valid. It is your choice to use it or now.

My car at $1 million up front or $1 million per km.

You can not forfeit anything.


If this is a statutory court, it is taxable. This is a jurisdictional boundary. It is a firewall. It is a mirror. On the right, the government is the administrator/executor and the beneficiary. You are the trustee and you pay the tax. The judges generally know what is going on.

Dean brings up his brother’s story. The judge said you are not the administrator of any thing. In statutory court, you are the trustee. This is outside of Canada. It created Canada.

There are ways to get remedy. In a statutory court, you can not have a counterclaim. Dean used to do it. Our remedy is elsewhere. We have been brought here by mistake.

How much power does the government have over you when you are the trustee? A lot. A package of condom in five minutes.

Let’s flip this around. This is an opportunity. A 48 inch flat screen tv with unlimited coffeed.

Can you guys show me the file you have on me? I am self-representing. Obviously, they would have to show it to you. Another higher official. Let’s start with the warrant of commital that authorizes you to keep me here. There isn’t one in your files. Is this a bit odd? You have a locked gate, a fence, and you will shoot me. You are here because the Crown put me here.

Pretend that I get out of here and I go down to the Justice of Peace for confinement and sue you for millions in civil court, what document do you have for you get out of jail card?

Prove evidence that you have the authority.

[ts: 0:10]

I called the head Justice of the Peace. I am calling from Miller Ridge. I have some criminal charges I want to charge against people. Draft a criminal complaint, then attach an affidavit, and then have you friend with power of attorny.

I need you to describe the private prosectution process from start to finish. I have 4000 minutes and nothing better to do. Correcton staff would run the document to the fax machine and return.

[ts: 0:14]

They are legal document. This has to be in the court file tomorrow morning. Then, they would start fax them off. Over on the right, the government is in control.

What happens when they are the trustees and we are the administrator/executor and beneficiaries. We have the same power over trustees.

Once you are in the proper jurisdiction, you have the power.

Could you file the Live Birth Record. Dean could, but woul.

d not

Contact the Crown. Agree with your adversary quickly least he take you to court.

You are walking into battle naked.

This is what men do before having to go to battle.

Nobles all they do is sit around and talk.

My people suffer for a lack of knowledge.

Athena shake her stick against ignorance.

If the first action is to take you to court, this is tax fraud. Because it easily resolved by answering your letter.

Pedophile, slandering you, dance back to my court with civil claim.

[ts: 0:21]

The courts will hear whatever law you bring into the court. God’s law, commercial law, ucc … The judge is the fiduciary.

In statutory court, they can not hear anything beyond statutes.

The judge can not hear others.

If we take one of these guys in statutory, court.

Superior court is inherent.

Statutory is terms of contract. Statutory defenses means statutory jurisdiction. Only 2% win.

Get an agreement of parties. Agreed that I am not taxable, I was not operating through that Birth Certificate title. That is your duty. Counterclaim that you are damaging me. Establish all the facts. You will be the only one with facts.

Dean likes to try something different. Claim to be holding for obstruction of justice. You guys are forcing me to take part in your private bar statutory court. I am convening my own court. You guys are voluntarily taking part in my court. Everyone of you is liable. I accept your office. I am innocent of all charges, I have broken no contract, you have no jurisdiction over me because I am not an agent of the government. The judge says don’t talk to me your problem is the Crown.

You are free to do whatever you want, but you will be liable for your actions.

[ts: 0:30]

What’s your name before court. Crown are you rebutting anything that I am claiming. No. No cause of action. Agreement of parties. Release me. Judge said I am going to schedule a bail hearing for tomorrow.

Hoping that I don’t know enough to civilly sue him. There is no need to change the hearing’s jurisdiction at all. I am going to come back in the left jurisdiction.

Same letter three times by registered mail. I was acting under my inherent rights. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Any evidence that I was engaging in a government activity.

Jurisdiction doesn’t follow money.

Nonsense. The money you were paid is not backed by gold or silver. The money is worth something. I can exchange. You can exchange it for food, car, etc.

I can not pay you with a promissory note. That is a lie. I think we can do that.

No jurisdiction but he used a bank of canada note.

Most at the lower levels are pretty ignorant. They have a lot of authority. Kids with uzzi. 99% of litigators should not be in court.

Income tax is the same thing. The reason that they give you the certification. The government is foreign to land mass. It was created in the UK.

On the left, we are indigenous people.

When we act as an agent to the government, we become foreigners to the land. We are acting as a foreign agent. All the profits that the government makes should belong to the left side.

[ts: 0:40]

They are pissed off because the government agents have to paid taxes while Dean does not.

Dean thinks they should up taxes. Dean thinks it should be 100%. We are tax protestors.

Agree with your adversary. Can you prove up your claim?

Do it three times. Default them. Or else? My dad says do this or else. This is natural law. I am not going to do something until he says he is going to kick my ass. This is how it works.

Attach a notice of non-response. Substance over form. That is the power of registered mail.

Motion. Identifies the parties. Then, start your pleadings. Didn’t produce a driver’s license. Fabricated evidence by putting driver’s license number. I contacted them. They received. Again. Again. Proof of claim that they did not reply. Judge will review. You are your own worst enemy in court.

Notaries are already a government witness. Notary is a government stamp. If do not have access to a notary, they are really trying to get that away from us, use three signatures.

Trifecta, three different stamps. Dean uses only one stamp on a document.

In jail, how to get this notarized. Three good men to sign. Who is the best witness? God. I affirm before God that the following statement is true may God smite me. All we are only providing evidence.

I knew that God walked by. The footprints. Lots of evidence. They have no evidence.

[ts: 0:50]

Dean has an ID with a hat and cigar.

Where do you get photo id from? What do you have to produce to get a government ID? A birth certificate.

When you leave the lands of benefits and priviledges?

For this guy Birth Certificate to use the courts, he has to pay. The Kings children do not pay.

Not free cars. I want the Ferrari. They will call the cops.

Your motion into the statutory court with the pleadings. Just motion to dismiss all charges with prejudice. Contact the Crown or else. You are commiting a trespass. Attach your bar license. Hire a private investigator to find your house.

Discharge is final. Dismissed may be called back. Per the military. Don’t care if they stay proceedings. You may get me on the right, but I will get you over on the left.

OJ found not guilt, but civilly.

Let them know that they are trespassing on your inherent rights. The guy showed the Judge the Live Birth Record. Once the Judge sees the evidence of your claim, he now has a duty to protect you. Over on the left, you are an ally of the Majesty in inherent jurisdiction. On the other side, you are a subject.

You can do it verbally. To not enter into the jurisdiction. Not want ‘We are going to arrest you.’ We are in common law court right now.

You guys can not drag me in and charge me, because I am in common law jurisdiction.

We are living common law court.

After lunch, more details. The government is foreign to this country. Foreign jurisdiction. Where does their powers come from? England. Clearly on the land.

Did you swear allegiance to the Constitution of Canada or the Crown?

Three separate oaths. Depending on what the situation.

Peace officers in inherent jurisdiction Breach of the peace and you harm someone.


Offenses act.

We have inherent jurisdiction to arrest someone.

Highest office is man. Police officer is a man.

Chavez is a good guy.

If they have sworn an oath to our Majesty, Elizabeth Regina who made an oath to protect us and uphold our common law jurisdiction.

The police are her agent.

Never need to call that guy.

The government is not screwing us over. We are ignorant.


The more legal identification you have, the more problems you will have.

Talking about capacity. There is no way to positively identify yourself. Only our Creator knows us. Know who you are. Don’t you know who you are yet? I know what I am not. I am not the right hand box. It doesn’t matter what I am, except that I am not that. That is the public and a private.

I don’t care about the words. You have to call it traveling. Driving is commercial. The government can tax all commerce. Look at the extremes. Smell test. Does it make sense? Government passes a law that it can tax all commerce. The government has authority over their business. This is public and private. [Or, Jean Keating, two privates]

CSA. What is your income? What is your trade? I am in the business of NOYFB. None of your F-ing business. It is my business. If you don’t know, then you don’t have a business relationship for me.

We have only done one amended statement of claim. A friend was pulled over without a driver’s license. This is the jurisdiction that friend was in at the time of the claim. A statement of claim. If your pleading says your jurisdiction. Put a certified copy of the Live Birth Record. The first hearing the judge smiled. The Crown were not the cocky arrogant that they were before.

If you have done pleadings, there is a lack of clarity. The purpose of the leading is to give a simple explanation. You tried to settle the matter that they ignored you.

People don’t understand the jurisdictions. Provincial court is different from civil court. The judge will bring in whatever law you bring in. Winston Shrout says you don’t go to court until you already won. Do you have a lawful reason for what you have done?

The lawyers do just the opposite. Leave everything to the judges interpretations.

In the pleadings, estblish a statement of facts with exhibits to establish the facts, evidence of something, the damages, and the remedy being sought.

[ts: 0:14]

Then, you can establish proof of claims. You are making a tv show for the judge. Laws being relied upon. The fee scheduled and registered mailed. Keep everything numbers sequentially. Did you give them notice of fee schedule? Dean gives notice that he would be open to negotiation.

As soon as they trespass in my private affairs. If they do it, they damaged me. You have to bring it to the Court. The Charters of Rights and Freedoms.

In statutory court, they take judicial notice of it. But, if it was part of the judicial process, no. Because they would not be prosecuting you.

Ask Judge if you read my motion. Then, I suggest we take a 15 minute recess. Did you understand? If you refuse the motion, on what grounds from your adversary?

All stuff I do not do in court myself.

question: no statutory stuff. except for the Charter. this is a statute in the UK. canada statutes are below the waterline.

bring up two pieces of the most well known document of canada.

it is a statute created by the government. my rights are I can do anything I want unless I cause harm.

there is no reason to go to the bill of rights.

two cases by the supreme court of canada. judges can here laws that are non-statutory. court treateds by legisative acts. the judges clearly have oaths, they have capacity to hear inherent or common law.

the stone may be wrong. she may not be legitimate. I have equal standing with her. I have an oath.

the live birth Record was issued by the province. it may be held by the DTC. it is stamped by the province. what they have done with it, I don’t care.

canada was chartered by the UK. the queen reigns, not rules. she is entrusted with all the property. she may have legal title to the property. it is evidence of trust.

I want to deregister my property. the property does not exist anymore. I would take it from them. I am bigger than you. if the government is doing what they are supposed to do.

they are commiting abuse. they charge you taxes. they are supposed to be the trustee.

[ts: 0:29] governor general, acting representative of the queen everything is done. in their sec filings, canada created by the British North America Act head of the party with the most votes is invited they put him in power, they can dissolve the parliament at any time harper had to go to the govenor general to ‘dissolve’ parliament

a4v for taxes worked for him queen victoria 1890 no canadian would ever pay taxes what title are we talking you

what gives you power to tax me? we do. operating through their title.

they mailed the Birth Certificate to us. here’s a contract. you will get royally screwed.

question about damages. the damages are not monetary or immediate.

this court said my time is worth $25,000 for 23 minutes of incarceration. I was in jail for six and a half weeks. what condom do you want me to wear? that should be in the pleadings.

refusal to settle. a hearing date is set. how are you deaing with the judge at this point? they have initiated because you are going to court. file a motion to dismiss. go on the fifthteen. can go earlier date if you like.

Dean’s brother. I am here for that matter. Darren Clifford. Have you got my paperwork? Has identified himself already in the pleadings. It is all been established in the paperwork. Would not open it up to discussion. The Crown has not refused.

I am known as Dean Clifford. I am a common law man in inherent jurisdiction as evidenced by the Live Birth Record certified. Has the Crown rebutted anything? I am not open to discussion. Not in your


If I am not acting as an agent of the government.

I am willing to drop my civil claim against you, if you immediately discharge the claim.

Some guy started waiving the Live Birth Record. Now the judge has a duty to protect you. If you are not prepared for the first hearing date, ask for full disclosure. The Crown is telling me that they have no other documents against me. There is no form of evidence that I am an agent of the Crown.

Dean has no hesitation about going across the bar. I am Dean Clifford of common law inherent jurisdiction. Will by rights be protected as I cross the bar? Have a good day and leave. Clearly, I am in the wrong court. If they continue to proceed against you.

Tell them that I have just became aware of a real big mistake. It is fraudulent in nature. Fraud voids any kind of contract. I can not be a party of fraud. I did not know that I was willing participating in fraud. I have a duty to stop the fraud as you have a duty to stop fraud.

Questions have more power that statements.

If you query the court before you cross the bar, is this the right court? is this the jurisdiction? You got my affidavit, do you understand what my rights are?

The judge will not talk to you unless you cross the bar. I am here for that matter. Are you the accused? Let’s not talk about that yet.

I am Dean Clifford and I am here In Propria Persona. I am not an agent of the Crown. I am a common law man of inherent jurisdiction. At the time of the complaint, I was a common law man of inherent jurisdiction. I am not who you say I am.

They are testing you. I know you by your action. Do you have an Inheritance?

Say ‘I don’t understand.’ I do not stand under you. Do you understand the charges? Will you assume liability for the charges? I will assume liability for the charges and the bonds they will be issuing. Statutory. Do you understand that you are assuming liabilties? The have the first lien.

No. I will not assume liability. They are liable for the charges they created.

They will say ‘These are all matters that can be brought up in trial.’

If I consent to a trial, will my common law rights be proteceted?

If they have a claim against me, they can go to Queen’s Bench where there is an actual cause of action?

I will file in Queen’s Bench for attacking me. Ask the Judge are you helping them?

In Propria Persona is special appearance.

Lawyers can not challenge jurisdiction in statutory court.

A general appearance binds you.

Definition of ‘In Propia Persona’ and need not be done by an attorney.

Are you representing your self?

I am the authorized representative of the name. If you do not say authorized, the judge will assume you are unauthorized.

If you are representing yourself, the judge will say you are unrepresented.

Who authorized you? The Live Birth Record. Maybe, some affirmation. Do you have any evidence that I am not the authorized representative? Until you have any evidence that rebuts? Then, my claim stands.

Lawyers never go to jail if the name is found guilty.

The accused is a title created by the government and fraudulently conveyed to me. It sounds like a license. Did I make all this money as an agent of the government?

Does the income tax code supercedes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Have you acted through the veternarian license? Can they prove it? You can not drink and fish at the same time.

It is their fishing license. I have to give it to them.

Big company. All I have to take back my SSN, I want you to stop taking deductions. If not, I am ordering you to stop taking deductions, I will sue you.

Licensing thing. I am not working for the federal government. Were you acting through it? I was told that if I don’t have it, I believe I will get beaten up. I have a license so I can do that if I choose. Isn’t law about intent?

You are assuming full liability when you get rid of the license. A true sovereign takes full responsibility for his actions. It is the desire to have limited liability that has gotten us in problem. If I assume liability for you, then I am in control.

Licenses remove liabity.

Carry on business without a license. I can start up Dean Clifford Law Practice but not called Bar Association of Canada.

Unlicensed, some think you are a drug dealer.

[ts: 1:12]

Certified veternarian degree. Qualified. Have to be certified to do somethings. It is a good thing.

The system is great. We just have to leave one jurisdiction and go to another.

We are the beneficiary. We are not foreigners.

Down in the United States. Who gets the best health care? Illegal Mexicans. Best health care, no IDs. Don’t be pissed off at them because you don’t have the courage to do it.

We want to give them driver’s license. If they have no ID and we can not regulate them. You can not buy proof like that.

Treaty Natives have it worse than us. Left aborgines. Be an illegal non resident. I am driving lawfully. They have bad contracts.

Live Birth Record. You can get it apostille. Technically, you can use the Live Birth Record to go across the border. Common sense.

Letter from Senator in Texas to Attorney General. People are waking up and returning to their original jurisdiction. 1980s Police are hurting them. It is a problem. We have to start educating the State Troopers. We are supposed to be protecting them?

Why does everybody want to reinvent the wheel? Want to create new legal entity? Letters patents. It is all here already. What about original jurisdiction?

Why did you get the license? Induced by fraudulent statement. Force and intimidation. Steal my truck. I didn’t want the thing and I never operated under it. If I had not given you a license, what would you have done? Cop said he would have arrested me.

being forced to belong to an organization. if you are claiming I was working for you, it was against my will and I was not being paid. If you were acting as an agent of the state and you were not being paid, it

is slavery.

Getting good at the civil stuff. Download an actual lawsuit.

The reply sent to a friend of Dean’s lawsuit. We copied the format. Law schools in ten minutes. Get a copy of the rules. We can not give you legal advice. Not asking for legal advice, looking for procedure.

A copy of the live birth record. I am going to be driving down to the United States. I would like to

peacefully cross the board. Is there any law that says that I may not pass that jurisdictional boundary.

Where do you get a passport from? From the Birth Certificate. What is the highest document you can produce? When you contact them.

Your estate. The states are estate. Corporate body. You are the head of state for the other head of states. P on passport may be for peon.

Grumpy and big gun and arrogant and might really shoot some on.

File something for the court. We don’t know who the guy was that showed up. If in fear of your safety, your life, the military will come to your aid call the provost marshall.

Filed trust law documents. Not status, use title. He was appointing me as administrator for his estate. I am his authorized representative.

Did you get permission from the Court to speak? No, I don’t require permission from the Court to do anything.

He wasn’t a judge. In regular business code. We had five witnesses. Dean would bring up certain hings the Crown had done to him. He spent two hours trying to convince me to go to court. NLP. We should just go to trial. He was a master of things. He could have changed smoker to non-smoker. He wasn’t trying to hurt us. He was trying to fire us up. Let’s make some case law. As long as they get you over there, there is no law. You should just show up the wrongs of our ways. Their criminal ways.

[ts: 1:34]

Bible guy.

I am right about all of this, but still not understand the right side.

Dean has returned all the SIN cards. Here is your Birth Certificate back. You are the trustee of my Live Birth Record.

They know the man’s mind. We ignore the vertical text. Citizen related to the pledge. I revoke your pledge. Ask for confirmation.

I don’t want the Live Birth Record back. New borns should be registered. Legal title is the record that secures your claim. Send the Birth Certificate back. CSS comes through the Birth Certificate. I am not going to work for any corporations that requires a SIN. We have to start making our own organization.

They won’t hire you because you don’t have a SSN. Taking the certified Live Birth Record for the child. I will be crossing the border, we do not have Birth Certificates because we do not agents of the state. If not, what law? Indians cross the border with nothing. Are you telling me that I have to be an agent of the state just to cross the border?

Doctor signed an affidavit and had it notarized. It is stil evidence of a claim.

[ts: 1:43] Jurisdiction is the problem, not the definition of the words. It has to be part of your subconsciousness.

The Registered Live Birth Record is actually recognized by the government. This is not to say the government won’t recoginize affidavit.Plumbing and roofing pays well. Trades are fantastic. Not a child of Cain making money off the poor working people.

They are preying on our good faith. Everything the government is doing is in bad faith. If you sue someone with bad faith. It is the same as fraud. The government is acting in bad faith, not dishonest. Sending you a Birth Certificate. Lead by example. The government is a mirror of us. What we have been for the last 60 years. What benefits me now for the most?

[ts: 1:46]

I wouldn’t file. That is all private. I don’t care what kind of profits you make in the private domain.

Only thing they can tax on profits. You are immune from taxation on the left. Diplomatic immunity.

[ts: 1:47] Bible mentions interest. Usuary. Paid the taxes on your interest or stop accepting interest on investsment.

21 of Canada evidence act. They have to prove it. Do you want to be accepting interest? Interest on money is against the Bible.

[ts: 1:48]

New citizenship status. Still proof of claim. If you were not born here, not much of birth right to the land. That claim is to the earth, all of the earth. This does not mean you can go to Columbia.

Citizenship oath of pledge to the queen. Or, to the queen to a woman. It is sort of problem. Statute of Westminister of 1931 released subjecthood to citizen of their own nations. Proclamation of 1947.

Pledging to be a citizen, seems like going back to being a subject. Release, and recontract with you.

Statute of Westminister 1931, released colonies and allowed them to draft their own charter. Each one of us can now draft own own charter.

Not just Canada, New Zealand, Australia. All of us. We have never claimed it.

The Charter of Rights and Freedom created in Canada. Canada is a creation of UK.

1931 gave you the option. Canada is just a corporaton under the UK. They released the colonies. Corporate Canada in US.

two canada, one by Trudeau. I care about me or us. circle.

circle with Them.

only tie is their trusteeship. I just want what is mine.

moron in vatican claimed our soules. over in them circle.

third time in ecclestical court return judge. they own my soul. them circle.

it is my opinion that criminal codes apply to you in this matter. prove your claim to me.

smell check: extremes, and line of thinking I have to order canada because it is part of the new world order and lizard race and rainbow currency. if true, what could I do about it? war with reptillian race from the pledians galaxy. no starship.

we can negotiate treaties with them. if grand conspiracy true, going back thousands of years, it is beyond my ability to do anything. if that deep, it is impossible. live your life until reptilian eats you.

they are hiding the rule of law. the house that no one lives in. 14 th amendment citizen.

it is not my driver’s license. it is property of British Columbia. he asks for ID. she got the ticket. until they see the driver’s license, they have no jurisdiction.

they can not prove jurisdiction. is driving cross canada with plates?

how far will they go to force compliance?

Republic of Texas recoginizes the rights of the individaul democracy is mob rule Manitoba is a republic

[ts: 2:05]

I know don’t what the government of canada is.

I don’t need to know all of this just to be free.

if they believe they can trespass, they will have to prove it.

things stand out in your mind.

I still get caught up in something. no one is supposed to be trespass. you should not have to give people of notice.

manitoba. 60 square miles around winnipeg overlap the old. the bna is still there.

you cant restore the constitution. straighten out some where. understand who you are. the layers of deception and nonsense go away.

I don’t have to prove you have authority over me. you have to prove to me that you have jurisdiction over me.

doing things for positive change. taking a stand for your life for once. have to start writing things for yourself. word it yourself and your own words.