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All developing nations are aware of the fact that learning a foreign language is of vital importance in order to adopt

the latest scientific and technological innovations in the word; and are determined to establish a system in which while evaluating the human resources available in their countries, those who have a good command a foreign language have great advantage over the ones who do not. Undoubtedly, English has become a world language rather than the language of only the English speaking countries such as the UK and the USA because the number of the people who use English as a means of communication exceeds much more than the number of the people who speak it as their mother tongue. According to a Survey: The Importance of the English Language in the Workplace December 2, 2009, The importance of the English language in the workplace continues to be a top concern among employers in the country.According to the results of this study, a staggering 91% of employers said that English is the language of business communication. By contrast, only 6% of them used the Chinese language while 2% used Bahasa Malaysia instead. This survey strongly proves the importance of this language in a working environment, being the language spoken everyday regardless to a collegue or client and also the medium for any sort of interviews. One who do not have a excellent command in English would undergo lack of self esteem in daily rutin, they would face massive difficulties in communicating with others. Besides that, English is the language of education now adays. For example in our nation, this language has become the language for teaching science and mathematics for school students. The reason behind this is simply because over the years, English language has become one of our principal assets in getting various information throughout the globe, many reference books are written in English. Not only that, English language is one tool to establish our viewpoint. We can learn from others experience. We can check the theories of foreigners against our experience. We can reject the untenable and accept the tenable. We can also propagate our theories among the international audience and readers. Being in globalised world, university and colleges are in rat race to provide the best education aids to students, as it is, these authorities are importing lectures who masters in certain specialities to teach our students in Malaysia. This becomes a plus point for certain students who do well in English but it turns as a nightmare for those who do not master this language that well. In a nutshell, as English is language spoken more than 60% of humans on earth, it is important to master this in any other countries besides Malaysia even though it is just a second language. For example if one travels to Thailand, our neighbour country, it is not possible for us to speak our mother tongue, we got to speak English even to the taxi driver for route. All this strongly reinforces the fact that English is so much vital as a language of communication regardless of matters. Kak dayah u cut wateva u dont want kI am not used agak panjang karangan, akak potong ayat yang tak diperlukan k..if perlu tambah tell me 2mrw..