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Development in Jordan (health and education)

Jordan has witnessed a lot of developments in different fields since the last three decades. These developments are obvious to all people and they change it into supreme country. Education and health are related. So the king and the successive governments in Jordan care about them. If the person is educated and in a good health, he will be a good citizen. In the educational field, there are great differences between present and past. Nowadays, public schools are open to both girls and boys wherever they live. In addition the schools are provided with all facilities, buildings, furniture, computers and qualified teachers. Moreover nearly about all the boys and girls have equal opportunities to receive university degrees because of the large number of universities which spread all over the country. One the other hand, health has achieved great interest, and the government set up health centers in all villages and towns, besides hospitals which are reachable by all people. These hospitals are well supplied with modern equipment, qualified and specialized doctors and nurses. All these things contribute greatly in keeping people in good health. We must not forget that progress isnt limited on these fields but all other areas have been developed widely, so it is the responsibility of each citizen to keep our country tidy and clean and we should keep it in peace and secure.

Water shortage is a major problem in Jordan.

Water is considered to be the most important resource in the life of human beings, animals, and plants. All of the creatures couldnt survive without water. Jordan is suffering from the shortage of water. This is not a local problem but it is a global one. There are many causes for this problem. Firstly, The population in Jordan is continually rising, and this leads to increased demands on the limited water resources of this region. These demands on the limited water resources will outstrip supplies. Secondly, the temperature of the Earth is increasing continuously. This leads to low rainfall, and regions become dry. Also the Jordanians misuse water in their daily life, wasting it in useless ways. Research is looking at a way of making more efficient use of this precious resource. There are many different ways of helping people of Jordan getting enough water. Firstly, there may be considerable possibilities for developing rainfall harvest techniques and in reviving old skills of water management handed down through generations all over Jordan. We can use new water gathering techniques taking into account the importance of hand-dug wells, and the use of pipes. Finally, since water is a major problem in Jordan, families can consume water wisely, use filters at home, and think well about local solutions to this global problem.

TV's Educational Purpose

Television may have a very important role in education, but speaking of 'purpose' is a different thing. Certainly there are TV programmes with the definite purpose of teaching people, for example language teaching programmes, documentaries, films about nature and animals, programmes for young women with small babies, etc., but I think the purpose of television is more entertaining and informing people than education. The films, cartoons, different show and musical programmes, theatre performances and other things, which you can watch on TV every day, are definitely for entertainment only. And the news programmes and most of the documentaries, interviews and reports give you nothing more than pure information about events, well-known people or the weather and things like that. For all the more, most of the TV channels supply you with a heap of advertisements and commercials about uninteresting products and services, which is anything but educating people. Television is, of course, a part of a child's education. It can have a good influence on children or young people, when it shows good examples to them in films, cartoons or other programmes, or it provides real and true information about things and events in life. But if there are mostly thrillers, horror and crime stories and action films where blood and shooting is all around, it does not do any good to education. Children may learn violence from those programmes, they can lose control of themselves and they may not be able to make difference between right and wrong.

Mobile Phones

This subject talks about definition, advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Mobile phone is a hand held device with built-in antennas often called cell phone. Mobile phones are seen as a modern invention, but they are a development of something that dates back a long way. The biggest and most obvious change is the rapid take-up of mobile phones. Twelve years ago, they were only for the wealthy, and had a "yuppie" image. Seven years ago they were still rare. Now there are more mobile phones than households and numbers are still growing fast. We are approaching the time when it will be considered unusual not to have a mobile phone. There are many advantages of mobiles. They are convenient to use i.e. using it anytime you need to make a call, SMS can be used when one cant afford to call, enables one to send and receive e-mail, They are portable e.g. it can be carried from one place to another. But the disadvantages are that childrens skulls are vulnerable to radio waves from phones which can damage their brain tissues as the nervous system is very sensitive during development. Cell phone antennas which are close to earpiece are harmful to humans due to large volumes of electro-magnetic waves that get concentrated around it during the receipt and placing of calls. Vibrating phones affect mens reproductive system, radiation from phones also increase blood-pressure, risk of brain tumors mainly acoustic neuromas. Lab research also shows that long exposure to mobile phone on stand-by leads to serious degradation of white blood cells. They are susceptible to loss and theft. Restricting access to corporate data and applications. Non-repairable internal corrosion of parts if wet. Vulnerable to extreme heat or cold which may cause momentary loss of screen display. Mobiles are very noisy sometimes especially when we are praying in the mosque, learning at university, or reading in libraries.

Useful Modern Inventions in the Home()

Life today is remarkably changed compared to that of our forefathers' time. Take, for instance, new inventions in the home. The rice-cooker, pressure cooker, gas stove, electric oven, microwave oven, electric toaster and food-processor are a great boon to housewives who find cooking and preparing meals very much easier now than in the olden days. Now time is saved because electricity cuts long hours of tedious work and we find we can afford to spend more time on hobbies and other activities. The rice-cooker is a real time-saver and it is so simple to operate that even a child of ten or so can handle it and dish out perfectly cooked rice. So are the other gadgets which save the housewife long hours of labour. Besides the kitchen gadgets, there are others like the vacuum-cleaner for cleaning the house, the electric lawn-mower for trimming the grass and the washing-machine for washing the clothes. Life for housewives today is more relaxing and they have more free time to attend to their children or do reading, sewing, shopping and visiting.

Why We Read Newspapers()

Newspapers are part of our daily life. We read them to get the latest news of events happening in our own country as well as abroad. People in all walks of life read newspapers. Of course, not everyone goes for the same pages and hardly anyone reads every single page. Politicians, for example, would be very concerned about national and world issues. Businessmen, on the other hand, would watch out for the share market situation more diligently than any others. Then, there are many who pick up the newspapers for articles that would particularly interest them. I am sure children too scramble for the newspapers even if it is only to read the cartoons or to find out the current day's TV programmes. Sports enthusiasts, however, would turn to the last few pages for news that interests them. Newspapers provide a wide range of information including advertisements on new products, sales, job vacancies, restaurants, tours, cinema shows, courses of study available and a host of many others. No matter who we are, we must admit that newspapers play an integral part in our daily life.

The Benefits of Television()

Television is popular in all Jordanian homes as it is the best form of home entertainment these days. First of all, television enables people to find entertainment right within their own home without having to venture out at all. This saves on transport and time as it is quite difficult to travel to the cinema with traffic jams all over the town. Besides, parking is a problem in the town and so home television is greatly appreciated. Secondly, television keeps us in touch with national as well as world events. Motion pictures help people to follow events better than if they were to read and get the news from the papers and magazines. The news bulletin comes regularly and we are well kept informed of all that is happening around us. Thirdly, television entertains children with cartoons and other educational programmes. This keeps them happily occupied besides imparting knowledge to them in a way beyond the limits of classroom teaching. Adults find watching television shows relaxing after a day's hard work. They can choose their programmes to suit their taste-detective series, thrillers, soap operas, musicals, talks or documentaries which provide general knowledge. We enjoy the advantage of having three channels to choose from. The national language is heard often and the public can improve their Arabic language by listening to features presented on television. Hence, television offers many benefits

Air pollution and solution

Throughout the world, pollution has become as massive a problem as air pollutionpossibly even greater. Chemicals, human sources, and natural sources contribute to air pollution. The air we breathe supplies the oxygen that sustains life. Humans need oxygen to survive, and plants and animals need oxygen to survive. Our air supply has become contaminated by human activity. We have created machinery that has produced smog and acid rain. We have created a green house effect and have made holes in our ozone layer. Each of these acts can cause serious health problems for humans and animals, and can cause grave harm to our vegetation and ecosystems. To stop pollution we can use more mass transit like busses and subways, and we can drive less and use more efficient vehicles and work on cleaner fuels. We may consider alternative means of transportation, such as walking or bicycling. or, try carpooling or telecommuting. We can avoid purchasing products that come in aerosol spray cans; try solid, gel and liquid forms instead. Finally we must Avoid using lighter fluid when barbecuing. Instead, use an electric or chimney briquette starter.

hcraeser fo ecnatropmi ehT

We must first understand what research is. It is another word for gathering of information. The more information we have the closer we get of making our own decision. Research is the result of advancing knowledge created in the past. There are people from all walks of life that contribute to gathered information. These are ordinary people and extraordinary people. They include, teachers, students, scientists, professors, scholars, business owners, librarians, book keepers, writers, politicians and many more unknown out there. These are everyday citizens we interact with. They all help with the flow information that people use for self help. Research is designed to solve a particular existing problems so there is a much larger audience eager to support research that is likely to be profitable or solve problems of immediate concern. We also must understand how research impact our decision making. Most people make decisions without gathered information to back them up. Only few do. The problem is most people aren't patient enough to put in the effort. Research requires time, effort, and sometimes money to have the evidence you need to make a sound decision that's why many avoid it. The research you do and evidence you gathered will have impact on your future. Be advised, considered the risks or consequences of making an important decision with inadequate evidence. In conclusion research is very vital to our everyday decision making. It arms you from wrong information and save time and money. It is important to your success as you take on life's challenges and career decisions making. But be careful though, because too much research without action on what you' re learning is not good either. The question is how much information is enough? How much information can you afford? Information obesity can be research problem just my advice. Research plus action will most likely guarantee a successful research.

Bad and good effects of technology

Technology has a large effect on our lives. It surrounds todays modern society and is available nearly everywhere. It influences minds in good and bad, affecting our young children and adolescents. This may be potentially harmful. Technology is used as another form of communication and exchange of information which was not available to man years before. Its impacted us by change in how safe, healthy and happy people feel. Technology has changed our everyday lives with business, education and leisure time activities and no computers are becoming a part of everyday life. Computers are used for various reasons in the working force and even at home. They may cause issues in the workplace such as mechanical errors or loss and may give some the ability to hack into important private information. Not knowing who might have access to it and what is it being used for is a common issue with in the workplace. Identity theft can ruin someones credit and it can be unnerving knowing that you and your familys personal information is out there in someone elses hands. Children are becoming more and more influenced by outside information as technology progresses. What used to be the main concern, with the availability of information through technology, Pornography is no longer in the spotlight. More explicit information and/or graphics are out there today. A young teen dealing with mental and emotional issues might find how to build a bomb out of household materials through research on the internet. Not to mention anyone else like an ex-boyfriend, mentally unstable person or a fellow co-worker. Contrary to everything that I have just mentioned, not all advances in technology are harmful or dangerous. Computers have numerous uses including: communication and even education. You can connect to friends and family through email, instant messaging, and web cam instead of the old fashion phone. Online learning is another opinion available and its.


Tolerance means, to me, more than just some definition from the dictionary, such as Webster's "A disposition to recognize the right of private judgment". After fully six months of attempting to live with tolerance as the key stone of my religion, I have evolved this definition: Tolerance is the sympathetic understanding of, and regard for another's beliefs and opinions, customs, and environment. I say, "sympathetic understanding", for it is my opinion that tolerance is possible only when a sincere attempt is made to understand the other person and his trials. Just this part of the definition has come to mean a great deal to me because absence of it wrecked the whole summer for a group of eight relatives who were forced, by necessity to live together. But understanding is not sufficient; we must treat another's beliefs and customs with respect. We must also interpret beliefs and actions by means of environment. To understand any man's beliefs, opinions, or customs, one should first know something about the environment in which these basic traits were formed. Each person has a different background in life and it is very intolerant to judge another's actions in the light on any but his own early life. So, while the definition of the dictionary is very good, something is lacking until all the points mentioned above are included in a meaning for the word "tolerance".

Road accidents

Everyday car accidents occur on the roads. These accidents can be fatal, or just cause harm for the cars. Car accidents are currently the number one killer of people. One of the reasons of car accidents is weather condition. Another reason behind car accidents is Taxi drivers. Citys roads are crowded by Taxi drivers and busses. Some of the most common distractions are talking to others in the vehicle or talking on the cell phone, eating or drinking or sleeping. Increasing the fuel price is one of the best ways to decrease the road accidents. The money which the government collected from it could be used to upgrade the urban infrastructure. Another suggestion is that the vehicle licensing regulations must be strict enough to prevail on people not to go wrong. People should also be careful not to drive if they are feeling sleepy. It is also important that people avoid driving when there is rain, snow, or heavy fog, unless necessary. It is also not a good idea to drive between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.(particularly on Friday and Saturday nights) for these are the most dangerous hours to drive.

School violence

Parents have, and always will, worry about their children's safety. Years ago, they worried about whether their children were eating healthy, were staying away from cigarettes. But nowadays it is different. In the 2000s, school violence in Jordan reached an all-time high. Violence in schools has been a problem for as long as schools have been in existence. It started with teachers who beat students with rulers as a form of punishment and later included stronger students who bullied weaker students for fun. we must act now and be proactive in our fight to eliminate school violence before it happens. Simply stated security and safety in Jordanian high schools is not strong enough. Metal detectors with security officers need to be in all schools, students should be required to wear uniforms to eliminate the possibility of gang affiliations, and teachers should have to go through crisis training in order to recognize dangerous behavior and handle these situations before they happen. If these measures are taken, we can lower the amount of violent acts in schools today.


Today about hundred thousands of people die annually because of the health problem due to smoking. Smoking has several harmful effects on the body. People who smoke for a significant period of time will have problems with breathing and will most likely be in poor health. One out of four deaths of people from thirty-five to sixty-four years old result from smoking. The smoke particles and chemicals in the air cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions to occur in many people. smoking directly affects all people and we can see its effects in a short-term period. Quitting smoking is not easy, but it can be done. People shouldn't have to inhale the ill-effects of other people's smoking. The creation of smoke-free public places also improves air quality as well as leaves a better tomorrow for our kids children. I believe this change would happen very rapidly following the ban of smoking in all public areas. Also, Why doesn't government stop cigarette sales? Exercise can also be a great diversion from smoking. Government should sponsor programs and organizations that help individuals quit smoking.