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Lockhart Creative Writing Prof. Carr March 29, 2011 Its Almost the End of the World, As We Know It Stop, stop, stop, said Kane, holding his girlfriends hands to cease her movements. Youre going to break your hand and then how will we spend our evening? He smirked suggestively, as she switched her aggression to his left arm. Word Count: 2102

Fine! You get the damn thing to work then, Maybel shouted, rubbing her hands in both pain and fury. Kane walked over to the wretched television that had been frozen for the past two hours and had become the root of the aggression that evening. He looked at it, then stepped back and turned towards Maybel. Hon, you are aware that this is a problem with the cable company, right? You are doing absolutely nothing by beating the television into submission, he said as she went to look at the screen again. She sighed heavily. Well, now I do, she said, exasperation clear in her voice. Can we call them, maybe see why they suck? He chuckled lightly. Its 11:54 at night. I dont think its the opportune time to call the cable company. Well, what do you want to do? she asked. He grinned and cocked his eyebrow.

Seriously? she said, laughing slightly. Do you have an off button? He hummed slightly as he pulled her closer to him. You know, Ive been meaning to get that fixed, he says as he pulls her into a kiss. They moved towards the couch and started getting into it, when a sudden and

extremely loud crash from the house next door interrupted them. Maybel sat up abruptly, effectively ending the make out session. Did you hear that? she asked. Kane sat up slowly and tried to listen. It sounds like the house next door is getting robbed or something. They looked at each other for about a second, before bolting to their window and pulling back the curtain. They scanned the house to their left and finally found the source of the crash. A man, about an inch or two under six foot, hopped out of the already broken window with a large duffel bag in his hands. He looked around nervously, before taking off down the side street that ran behind both the houses. Kane and Maybel watched with mouths agape, before Maybel finally snapped out of it and ran to the phone. As she dialed, Kane made his way around the house, making sure everything was locked and safe. Hi, this is Maybel Florne of Sixty-Seven Serenity Lane, just off of Clyde Street. We just saw the house next door to us being robbed. She paused as the policeman that she called told her that this wasnt a major enough issue right now.

Not a major issue? she said, raising her voice slightly. Im sorry, but arent you supposed to help the citizens of your town or something when they need help? I mean, someone could be hurt over there, and youre saying its not important? The policeman sighed and shifted the phone. Look, wed love to come check it out, but weve already gotten nine other calls in the past twenty minutes with robberies,

vandalism, and even some murders. Its been hectic since midnight and it probably wont stop until this day is over. Maybels brow furrowed in confusion as she said, What are you talking about? Im talking about the end of days, or better yet the paranoia that comes with it. Its December twenty-first, you know. Im sorry, but I have a dozen other calls coming in. Maybe I can stop by later to get your statement, but right now, I have to go. Goodnight. And with that parting statement, the officer hung up. December twenty-first, Maybel thought. This is ridiculous. Are people seriously going to be like this all day? Hey, what did the police say? Kane said, entering the room after checking the house. Maybel was still lost in thought. She registered to her boyfriend speaking to her and jolted out of her thoughts. He said it wasnt important enough, she said finally. What! he exclaimed. Apparently, since its December 21, 2012, everyone has decided to go insane and this is just too minor to care about, she said, moving to look back out the window.

Oh, thats ridiculous! People dont actually believe that shit, right? Kane said,

slumping on the couch. He reached out his arm and pulled Maybel to him, seating her in his lap. Obviously some people do. You know how superstitious and nave people can get, Maybel said, laying her head on Kanes shoulder. They sat like that for a while before they made their way to their bedroom and went to sleep for the night. Sirens. Glass shattering. Was that a lion? Kane sat up in bed and looked at his clock, which read 8:28am. He looked over at the still sleeping form of his girlfriend before remembering exactly what woke him up this morning. Throwing back the covers, he went to the bedrooms window that faced the street. His mouth dropped. The house across the road had a hole the size of a pickup truck through the front door. A fire hydrant was spraying fountains of water into the air, which cascaded down onto the street littered with overturned and abandoned cars. A few stray dogs and cats ran full speed down the street and only when Kane heard the roar did he understand why. A full grown, male lion strut down the middle of the road, baring its teeth and arching its back. What the hell? a voice said loudly over his shoulder. Kane jumped a foot in the air before realizing Maybel had gotten up and was witnessing the scene quietly over his shoulder.

Jesus, May, warn a guy, will you? Kane said, clutching his heart dramatically. She scoffed at him. Yeah, because Im the reason we should be freaking out right now. That lion in the middle of the road, though, talk about normal. Must be Friday. Kane glared at her. He moved to the phone and started dialing. Who are you calling? Maybel asked.

The police, he answered. Maybe, just maybe, this ranks high on the important enough to investigate scale. However, Kanes face dropped as he realized the phone was completely dead. There was no dial tone or any noise at all for that matter. He looked at Maybel and went to go try some of the other electrical appliances. Nothing worked. The lines must be down, he said distantly. Gee, you think Sherlock? Maybel retorted. She went to the dresser, pulled out some clothes, and began getting dressed. Kane looked at her. What are you doing? Im thinking of all days, this is the day to call in sick, he said. Maybel pulled her shirt over her head before replying, Im going to see if its just this street or the whole town or what, but I know things have gotten way out of hand and something has to be done. Kane laughed, but started getting clothes for himself. And just what do you think youll be able to do? Wrangle a lion? Oh, Id love to see that, he said pulling on a pair of jeans, while avoiding her fist.

They made their way outside of the house, keeping an eye out for said lion, and climbed into their 67 Chevy. Kane pulled out, trying to avoid the other cars strewn

across the street, and drove towards the center of town. They hoped that there were other people they could get some information from. As they drove, they immediately regretted their decision. People were going mental. Kids were breaking everything they could find, windows, doors, fences, anything a baseball bat could take care of. People were spray painting billboards, houses, buildings, and even the street itself. No one was paying any regard to law or civility. It seemed like everyone just lost it. Do you think this is just because this is supposedly the day the world is going to end? Maybel said, gawking at a man riding a llama in his front yard. I knew things were going to be weird on this day, but my god. This is just too much, Kane said, grimacing at a couple who decided their front bay windows were the perfect place for sex. They drove until they reached the police station. It was covered in eggs, toilet paper, all the things kids wanted to do to a police station, but couldnt because of the law. The shocked couple exited their car and went into the station. Everything was destroyed. Papers were thrown everywhere. Desks were overturned. There was water dripping from something in the ceiling. Some of the fluorescent lights flickered, while others had their covers dangling off. Kane saw a few police officers in a back room, so he headed back with Maybel in tow.

They pushed a desk out of their way, making enough noise to alert the officers who resided in the room. They opened the door and immediately pulled their weapons, training them on the stunned and now frightened couple. What do you want? What are you doing here? You shouldnt be here! Keep your hands up! They shouted at the couple rapid fire. Kane and Maybel stood frozen with their hands in the air, trying not to startle the clearly unsettled police force. Listen, we didnt mean any harm. We were just wondering what was going on. Its a zoo out there! Maybel exclaimed keeping her hands raised. Literally, mumbled the officer farthest to the right. The officers slowly lowered their weapons and looked at the two newcomers. They collectively sighed and found some chairs to turn right side up and sat down, motioning for Kane and Maybel to do the same. Once everyone was seated, the shortest one began speaking. Obviously you know what the day is, he said, receiving two nods before continuing. Well, apparently humans dont need any natural disasters or zombies or

anything to end the world. Humans have had the power to do it themselves all along, he claimed with mock-pride. Kane pondered for a minute before speaking. Wait. Im confused. Are you saying you really believe the world is ending?

The officers looked at him with disbelief on their faces. The one to the right of the first speaker slowly said, You did see whats going on out there, didnt you? Well, yeah, said Maybel, but that doesnt mean the end of the world. Theyre going to lose their shit today, and when tomorrow comes, theyre going to realize their mistake and we can start fixing everything back up again. The four officers laughed. And how do you know anything will be salvageable? said the one on the far left. Kane stared at them in shock. You dont actually think that people are going to be able to end the world in a day, do you? That cant be possible. Sure, everything seems like its gone to hell right now, but this is fixable. The fact that the end of the world is today is just bullshit, he finished, shaking his head at their stupidity.

The officers just stared at him, before the one next to the previous speaker leaned far forward and softly said, And what makes you so sure? Kane stared into the mans eyes, which were gleaning with a hint of something Kane couldnt quite place, but made him extremely uncomfortable. May, lets get out of here. These guys are crazy, he said dragging his girlfriend out the station doors and returning from the direction in which they came. The four officers remained seated in the now silent main room. The one leaning forward sat back and slowly started to laugh. His laugh got louder as the others joined in and soon the room was shaking with their voices. He truly believed that he was correct, didnt he, Conquest? the third officer said, turning his head slightly so that the light gleaned off of his now pitch black eyes.

9 Technically, he was, War, the man beside Conquest replied, fiddling with a pair

of scales that sat on the table next to him. The world doesnt endtoday, he tacked on, smirking. The three of them began to laugh, before the fourth man cut them off. Youre right, Famine. Today, we lay dormant as these creatures destroy themselves, but tomorrow, we must be prepared, he said, standing and walking towards the window. He turned his head back and smirked. Tomorrow we ride.