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Curiosity, objectivity, honesty, systematic, reasoning search for perfection is the basis of research. This report deals with Performance Appraisal System at Reliance Industry Ltd. Barabanki and is an outcome of research Project of MBA 2nd year full time programme by Rameshwaram Institute of Technology & Management Lucknow. This report contains both old & new appraisal system at the organization. There was an old appraisal system which was used till last year for assessing the performance if employees of RIL. It is now not in use & a new system which is more professional is introduced for appraising performance in the organization. At last I hope this Project Report will be very helpful to those reader who are interested in the topic of PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL.


I take this opportunity to offer my indebtedness to all those whose sincere cooperation and valuable guidance was there during my work in assigned area and preparation of this project. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Prof. Dr. Monika Agarwal (Director) for his valuable guidance and support. Last but not the least I express my sincere thanks to my parents for their constant support and suggestions to accomplish my goals. I thank God for his love and grace that enabled me to complete the project.



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I take this opportunity to let your kind self know that I Aditya Prakash Tripathi student of MBA, IV semester did my research study under the topic: EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ON THE PRODUCTIVITY OF

ORGANIZATON WITH RESPECT TO RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED BARABANKI. A formal definition of Performance appraisal is that, It is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his or her performance in the job and his or her potential for development. Productivity in an industrial context is output of an aspect of production per unit of input. It is a method used to measure the quantity of output of worker, machine, or an entire national economy in the making of good, services or commodities to produce income. There are number of factors of Performance Appraisal such as Compensation Decisions, Promotion Decisions, T & D Programmes, Feedback and Personal Development Programmes, etc. that effect productivity in the organization. These are the issues which I have discussed in my research project. More specifically I have defined what factors of Performance Appraisal contribute to increase productivity.


Research Design Used I have used Descriptive Research Design in my project.

Research Instrument Used Questionnaire, Observation Method, Interview.

Sampling Technique Used I have used simple random sampling in our project

Universe of Study There are 258 employees in Reliance Industry, Barabanki.

Sample Size I have taken 50 people in my sample size, as the sample size should be neither too small nor too large.

Analytical Tools Used The term analysis refers to the computation of certain measures along with searching for patterns of relationship that exists among data group. Therefore, have used tabulation, graphs & charts in my project.