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Call for papers for December 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2

(E-ISSN: 2277-4629;P-ISSN: 2250-1827)

CPMR-IJT- International Journal of Technology

As a Bi-Annual, Single Blind Peer Reviewed, Referred, Open Access International Journal, CPMR-IJT- International Journal of Technology from CPMR calls for papers with theoretical research/conceptual work or applied research in all the subject areas of Technology. All the papers of CPMR-IJT is duly indexed in Google Scholar, Index Copernicus International, Poland, U.S.A Cabells Directories of Publishing Opportunities, U.S.A Ulrichs Periodical Directory, New Jour, Genamics, CiteUlike, CiteSeerx, Science Central, Open Access Journal, Open-Jgate, Acronym Geek, Scribd etc. CPMR-IJT is intended to be an outlet for theoretical and empirical scholars and practitioner in the field of Technology. CPMR-IJT aims to be an outlet for creative, innovative effective research methodologies and emerging technologies for effective technology. The journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts in areas directly concerned with technology such as informtion technology, mobile technology, database technology etc. All the papers are subject to strict blind peer review. Some of the suggestive areas of research are as follows: Electronic Information Management Electronic Information Security Web-Based Information Service Digital Information: Preservation & Sustainability e-Engineering & e-Technology Decision Support and Knowledge Based Systems Pervasive, ubiquitous & intelligient computing Bioinformatics Data Mining Educational Computing Mobile Computing Designing the Information Security for the Next Millennium Distributed, Mobile and Pervasive Runtime Systems Future of Library Science and Computer Science Management Information Systems Inference, Models and Simulation for Complex systems Medical Informatics Modern Information Retrieval Software System Management Artificial Intelligence Computational Modeling and Simulation in Science and Engineering Emerging technologies and applications

High Performance Computing & Simulation Information and scientific visualization Automated Software Engineering Autonomic Computing Cloud Computing Programming and Application Development Computational Intelligence

The above mentioned topics of contribution are suggestive any other contributions beyond those mentioned above but within the parameters of the subject area of technology are welcome.

Schedule for paper submission and acceptance:

Volume: 2

Issue: 2

e-ISSN: 2277-4629 ; p-ISSN: 2250-1827

Paper Submission : October 31st, 2012. Author Notification : November 15th, 2012. Issue Publication : December 2012.