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Sky Mail
Submitted in fulfillment of Summer Training at

(May 2012- June 2012)

Submitted To: Mr. Anil Sharma Mr. Tulsi Ram Gurjar

Submitted By: Anand Nandan Bhaskar Raj Kumar Dhakad Yogesh Kumar Goyal

Institute: V.I.T./ Poornima / Sankra, Jaipur


I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Tulsi Ram Gurjar (Software Engineer ) Pratham Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur for organizing. I am grateful to Mr. Tulsi Gurjar for their guidance and provide best training as possible during the complete training duration. Last but not least I am obliged to all Departments and engineers for their ample guidance to help me through the training for enhancing my knowledge to the fullest .

Anand Nandan Bhaskar Raj Kumar Dhakad Yogesh Kumar Goyal


I underwent practical training at PRATHAM SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. for 30 days training program in corporate in the curriculum of Bachelor of Technology under Rajasthan Technical University. As a student of Information Technology/Computer Science and Engineering, the training at PRATHAM SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. has been particularly beneficial for me. I observed various procedures, processes and equipments used in software industry, this helped me in understanding concepts of CYCLE OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and JAVA ENTERPRISE EDITION in a better way. I have tried to get acquainted with overall functioning and main concepts involved.

Anand Nandan Bhaskar Raj Kumar Dhakad Yogesh Kumar Goyal

1. Introduction 2. Project

Overview 3. Abstract 4. Project Requirement 5. Project Specification 6. Hardware and Software Specification 7. SnapShots 8. Project Testing 9. Conclusion

1. Introduction:
Sky Mail Outlook is a groupware application that supports e-mail, calendars, contacts, to-do lists, and other features. This is not to be confused because of its name, Outlook, with Gmail Outlook Express. Gmail Outlook is a substantially more powerful and feature-rich application. It is a full groupware software system that works with Gmail Exchange servers, bringing all of the rich features of Exchange servers to the fingertips of Outlook users, including automatic backups of messaging content as well as calendars, group resources, tasks, etc., all enabling individuals to work together as a group across the enterprise. My SQL is a database.The data in MySQL is stored in database objects called tables. A table is a collection of related data entries and it consists of columns and rows. Databases are useful when storing information categorically. A company may have a database with the following tables: "Employees", "Products", "Customers" and "Orders".A database most often contains one or more tables. Each table is identified by a name (e.g. "Customers" or "Orders"). Tables contain records (rows) with data.







Eclipse Most people know Eclipse as an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. Today it is the leading development environment for Java with a market share of approx. 65%. Eclipse is created by an Open Source community and is used in several different areas, e.g. as a development environment for Java or Android applications. Eclipse's roots go back to 2001. The Eclipse project is governed by the Eclipse Foundation. The Eclipse Foundation is a non-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps to cultivate both an Open Source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.

2. Project Overview
Sky Mail feature manages the flood of email that swamps each recipient email Inbox. It allows the valuable knowledge that is so often buried in each recipient Inbox to be readily available to the rest of the internal project team.The Sky Mail feature consists of four primary components:

The Sky Mail activity center, which allows recipient to instantly browse, sort, filter, and search the email and associated file attachments that have been filed to the current project from either Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or any IMAP-based email server (such as Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, and Google Gmail. The Sky Mail, which allows user to quickly file email messages, often with the same click they use to send the message. The Sky Mail Search feature, which allows user to instantly search Sky Mail message files and associated attachments in one or more active projects, archives, offline projects, or opportunities for information. New forma Info Exchange, which enables internal and external user to access Sky Mail through the web.

Within Sky Mail, each individual email message retains most of its original functionality because Sky Mail stores Sky Mail in the MySql database. This allows user to preview, open, forward, and reply to email messages in the Sky Mail activity center by double-clicking them to open them (.MSG files) or by copying the messages to an email folder (.EML files). And because Sky Mail is stored along with the rest of the projects files, there is a single location on the network for all of the project information. The benefits of using Project Center's email feature

Project-related email is stored along with project data on your corporate file server so your entire project team can search, retrieve, and reply to it. It keeps the Inboxes of Project Center users organized and clean by moving filed messages to a user-specified folder. Search eliminates the need for Sky Mail to be filed hierarchically by topic. Archival of Sky Mail on the corporate file server diminishes the burden on the corporate email server. You can assign keywords and related items to email messages. When filing email messages from your email client, categories/keywords are filed as keywords in Project Center. When messages are re-filed, the existing keywords are not overwritten. Projects can have their own email addresses that contacts can send email to directly, which are automatically logged in the Sky Mail activity center. See Set Up Sky Mail Addressing fro more information.

Searching Sky Mail

Use the Project Center Search feature to quickly find information in any Sky Mail message or email file attachment. You can:

Find project-specific email messages or file attachments containing matching text phrases instantly. Filter by subject, sender, recipient, or attachment file name to refine search matches. Search for email across multiple active projects, as well as archived, offline, and opportunity projects.

Info Exchange Info Exchange users can access their Sky Mail through the web using Info Exchange when they are not connected to their network. External user can access email messages that their name is on. Filing confidential email messages Use the File in Project button in the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook Toolbar to file confidential email messages to confidential project folders (as set by a network administrator). You can also do this with IMAP-based email servers.

Access to confidential folders can be restricted through operating system folder permissions. The Sky Mail and search features respect operating system folder permissions to limit access to these confidential email messages. Project Center administrators can add confidential and other alternate email folders to Project Center in the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

Filing email messages from a smart phone or while disconnected Click Synchronize in the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to create folders for each project in your My Projects list. You can also do this with IMAP-based servers.

When you are offline, or if the Project Center Server is unavailable, you can drag messages to these Newforma - Items to File project folders. If you have a smart phone, PDA, or other mobile device with the ability to synchronize with your email folders, you can file messages to the Newforma - Items to File project folders from these devices. If you have access to your corporate email and Inbox folders using a program such as Microsoft Outlook Web Access, you can file messages to the Newforma - Items to File project folders from this environment. Messages in each team members Newforma - Items to File project folders are automatically filed by the Project Center Server.

Microsoft Outlook users

To file Microsoft Outlook email message files to a Project Center project From your Microsoft Outlook Inbox or other email folder, select the messages you want to file in Project Center, then click File in Project, or file email items automatically using the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to file many email messages to multiple projects at once. For more information, refer to Welcome to the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

3. Abstract
Sky mail is a web-based email system. Although you can add any email account to your Google Gmail profile, it is a web application. It works in your browsers environment. You can add optional features made available by the Gmail Labs or by listed developers, but you cant just plug-in any new feature like an add-in. And you need an Internet connection to reach your Gmail Inbox. Plus, lets not forget that Gmail is free (ok, you have to deal with ads, but still you dont pay to use it, like you do for Outlook). Outlook is a typical Windows program. You install it on your computer. You can easily install various Outlook add-ins to connect with all sort of 3rd party applications and you dont need Microsofts permission to do that. It doesnt run in your browser so its not limited to whatever functions youre allowed by your browser or even by Outlook. Also, Outlook offers more email related options comparing to Gmail: for example you can request read receipts or you can set the message priority (importance).

4.Project Requirement

We use offline access and store our mail in database through sky mail. Our main purpose is access our mail and compose mail .

5.Project Specification
When adding your Gmail account to a mail client, you must give the software access to retrieve your mail from Gmail's servers by entering the correct POP3 setting in the account set-up dialog box. Gmail's unique POP3 server is "pop.gmail.com." This is what you must enter into your mail client when prompted to enter a POP or POP3 server. Per Gmail's specifications, if your mail client asks if the Gmail POP3 server requires an SSL connection, check "Yes." If it asks for a specific port number for incoming mail, which is the point of connection between your computer and the server from which it is receiving email, enter "995."

While each mail client varies in the information it requires to successfully receive and send mail from Gmail servers, you will almost certainly have to enter additional information when setting up your Gmail account on your email software. While its POP3 server allows you to retrieve incoming mail, Gmail's server for outgoing mail is "smtp.gmail.com." If your mail client doesn't automatically search for ports or points of contact between your computer and Gmail's servers for outgoing mail, you may have to enter specific port numbers to successfully send outgoing mail. Check the box next to "User Authentication" if

prompted, and check that the TLS port number is listed as "587". If prompted to enter an SSL port for outgoing mail, type "465." If your mail client prompts you for an account name or email address, enter your full email address, not just your Gmail user name. For example, you would enter "yourusername@gmail.com" instead of just "yourusername." When prompted for a password, enter the password you use to access Gmail on the web.

6.Hardware and Software Specification:

Hardware Specification: Pentium 4 and above RAM 128 MB Software Specification: JDK 1.6 Eclipse Database MySQL Platform:

Linux Microsoft Windows

Step 1: Login page.-

The screenshot shows you how to open a Login (click on it to enlarge).

Step 2: Create Profile:

Step 3: HomePage

Step 4:ComposeMail

It was a good idea to do our stress testing early on, because it gave us time to fix some of the unexpected deadlocks and stability problems that only occurred when components were exposed to very high transaction email .

This program was successfully loaded and executed. Because of good programming there were no execution errors. The complete performance of the project SKY MAIL was good.

9.Conclusion Even though this application has been developed with the users own Protocols, this can
be used in an Intranet based organization. i. ii. iii. This system was developed so that people can exchange information through converse with each other. Through this system people can access the email globally. The system is concern outside the environment through email.