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NEBOSH International General Certificate Paper 1 Management of Health and Safety Question June-2012 (Shield Learning)

1. (a) Give the meaning of the term 'permit-to-work'.(2) (b) Outline the contents of Permit-to-work system. (8) (c) Identify Four types of work that may require a permit-to-work, AND give the reasons why in EACH case. (10) 2. Outline the factors to determine the frequency of workplace inspection.(8) 3. (a) Identify the key stages of a workplace risk assessment. (5) (b) Outline THREE reasons for reviewing a risk assessment. (3) 4. Outline the key elements of a health and safety management system. (8) 5. Outline why it is important that all persons are aware of their roles and responsibilities for health and safety in an organization. (8) 6. Give the reasons why it is important to use a variety of methods to communicate health and safety information in the workplace. (8) 7. Outline the factors that should be considered when assessing the health and safety competence of contractors. (8) 8. An accident has occurred at work place State what will be included while delivering training to the employee to reduce the hazards?(8) 9. Give the meaning of Safety Audit at workplace?(2) Identify the advantage of the ; Internal Audit (3) External Audit (3) 10. An employer has observed that an employee is pregnant woman Outline the factor to protect her from hazards (8) 11. Cases of Manual Handling are increasing at site identify the factors Organizational (2) Individual (2)