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The cost savings with Clickability were staggering. We are very happy.

Tracy Hansen, Senior Director of Interactive Marketing, NetApp

Case Study: NetApp

Clickability Swiftly Empowers Global Users
The Clickability Platform enabled NetApp to roll out 16 global sites in just a few months, while dramatically expanding the number of employees who can update content to the sites. Clickability helps NetApp to not only meet current business objectives, but also positions the company for ongoing innovation. An ancillary benefit: With Clickability, NetApp saved a staggering amount of money on its content management system.

NetApp |

management solutions Revenues: $3.3 billion Employees: 8,000 +

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA Industry: Data storage and


Challenge | Meet Deadlines, Simplify Publishing

Driven by a global company branding initiative NetApp needed to communicate a new brand, image and voice to customers in 16 countries. Accommodating the need for larger global teams to upload content to the site required a new IT infrastructure. What we had was an in-house, enterprise on-premise solution that was best-of-class, says Tracy Hansen, Senior Director of Interactive Marketing at NetApp. It was extensive and not nimble, plus with the development timeline it caused delays in our ability to deliver some of the basics.

Simplify publishing process, making it easy for a distributed team to use Improve staff productivity and site performance Cut down on publishing delays Meet stringent deadline for global brand refresh Easily integrate best-in-breed partner applications with CMS


Migrate 16 domains to the Clickability Platform in less than three months: and 15 international sites in 11 languages

Solution | The Clickability Platform

Once a move to a SaaS platform was agreed on, NetApp gravitated to Clickabilitys easy implementation and integration. We did an exhaustive search of what was out there, says Hansen, who has been with NetApp for 12 years. We gave the deal to Clickability for a variety of reasons. Certainly the ease of doing business and the simplicity of the application were paramount in our minds. I dont mean the simplicity in what Clickability offers, but the simplicity with which we could execute our vision.


Results | Fast Deployment, Immediate Traffic Increases

NetApp launched a rebranded and 15 global sites in 11 languages within just a few months. Going with a [Clickability] SaaS solution allowed us to quickly roll out, and to rapidly add on, says Hansen. We got our requirements met swiftly and effectively.

Fast and easy rollout for multiple domains, in multiple languages Marketing gained autonomy from IT for Web updates Uptimes improved from four nines (99.99%) or less to fine nines (99.999% or more) Empowered business partners to post local events, case studies and other content Inspired IT to move other functions to SaaS applications

Case Study: NetApp (continued)

We took a chance and were rewarded, said Hansen. Our team was held up as an example of creative thinking. We were early on the SaaS track and our IT organization supported us on that decision from the beginning.

Skyrocketing Traffic
Because of the brand initiative and related programs, traffic to the NetApp websites increased dramatically with the relaunch on the Clickability Platform. Projected traffic post-launch: 1 million Actual traffic post-launch: 2.5 million (US site) up 147 percent (China site) up 2,000 percent Solution pages up 50 percent Product pages up 61 percent Library section up 517 percent

Simpler, Faster Publishing Process

Clickability eliminated the bottleneck that existed when global offices funneled content into a single centralized publishing system. Groups around the company can now self publish items directly to and its international domains. This speeds up posting and makes it easy to synchronize important updates. Its really fantastic because it will allow us to scale going forward, says Hansen. Were giving more control to our individual country managers, which also means my group can focus on value added marketing activities.

Ongoing Innovation
SaaS brings NetApp continued promise for innovation. Hansen watches the Clickability release calendar for enhancements, knowing the challenge will not be to implement them, but to leverage new features to continuously evolve The Web doesnt sleep, says Hansen. Each release of the Clickability Platform gives us new innovations to add to our portfolio.

Easy Integration of Best-of-Breed Solutions

NetApp was able to easily incorporate a dozen best of breed Web marketing applications with Clickabilitys on demand Web Content Management platform, delivering the full range of functionality that Hansens team requires to drive the global business.

About Clickability, Inc.

Clickability the global leader in on demand Web Content Management (WCM) enables customers to take content from any source and publish to any standards-compliant device and to easily and securely manage all their CMS needs in the cloud. The platform leverages four pillars to support the complete content lifecycle: Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service, Innovation as a Service, and On-Boarding and Support as a Service.

New Corporate Heroes

In addition to winning several awards and industry recognition, perhaps the greatest validation of the migration to Clickability and SaaS has come from NetApps IT department, which is now embracing SaaS solutions in a number of other areas. For our global marketing staff, the Clickability Platform has meant dramatically increased productivity at significantly lower cost. For our Web team, its meant lower stress and no late night calls, says Jay Kidd, Chief Marketing Officer, NetApp. Most important, our customers around the world have profited from an upto-date, easy-to-use, and constantly evolving NetApp presence on the Web. SaaS has definitely earned its stripes at NetApp.

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