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FROM: National Science Foundation

Division of Contracts and Complex Agreements
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SUBJECT: Request for Proposal, DCCA-060007, Antarctic Helicopter Support, Amendment 2

A summary of changes to this solicitation are as follows:


F6.2 Government Furnished Property\Equipment

F6.2.1 The Government shall provide Herman Nelson heaters, ancillary ground support equipment (tractor, ATV
with small trailer, forklift) to be used where needed, and the inventory of lifting equipment as listed in Attachment
12. In addition, GFP such as flight helmets (49) and Nomex flight gloves will be provided.
At the conclusion of the first operating season, the entire inventory of Lifting equipment and PPE will be offered to
the Contractor on a ‘no cost’ basis. It’s anticipated this transfer of government property to the Contractor (i.e., GFE
becomes CFE) will serve as a procurement offset for material the contractor would otherwise have to obtain and
charge to the government. This conversion of GFE to CFE would be for the life of the equipment; the Contractor
will be responsible for maintaining and replacing all lifting equipment and other PPE items such as helmets.
Additionally, approximate to the end of the first operating season, the Contractor will have the opportunity to seek
Government approval to procure any additional CFE items deemed essential for efficient, safe operations.

F6.2.2 The Contractor is responsible for advising the NSF Representative in writing at such time as Government
Furnished property and equipment requires repairs and/or replacement. Unserviceable and/or unsafe equipment
shall not be used; such property shall be tagged as unserviceable to preclude injury or damage to personnel or

F8.1Surface delivery of aircraft to Port Hueneme: The Contractor’s aircraft and maintenance team should arrive
Port Hueneme, CA end of Sept ’06 (dates to be refined prior to August ’06) for tractor-trailer offload and
palletizing by RPSC (RPSC to be advised of arrival date/state/configuration 3 weeks prior to arrival Port
Hueneme; see Section D for contact data), or, for air delivery…

F8.2Air delivery of aircraft to Pt. Mugu: The Contractor’s aircraft and maintenance team fly into Pt. Mugu, CA
end of Sept (dates to be refined prior to August ’06) and commence helicopter disassembly by Contractor.
Objective is minimal disassembly on this end to support minimal assembly time on the McMurdo Station
end. Contractor should coordinate with AMC/C-17 squadron (see Sect. D-3 for POC) to facilitate
breakdown planning of Helicopters or refer to the C-17 web site, for cargo
loading specifications. The “C-17 Pocket Guide” can be obtained from McDonnell Douglas for quick
planning reference as well.

F8.3The Contractor’s support materiel (spares; general supply; general support material) should be sent to Port
Hueneme for arrival early September for palletizing and loading onto commercial surface (ComSur) vessel
for sea transport to Christchurch, NZ. For packaging guidelines, refer to Sect D of the Solicitation.
Hazardous material must be coordinated well in advance. ComSur Helicopter support material will arrive
Christchurch, NZ (Port Lyttleton) in time for air shipment via C-17 to McMurdo Station in early October.

F8.4The Contractor’s Maintenance crew should plan on bringing minimum tools – just those necessary to
accomplish disassembly/reassembly of aircraft in Pt. Mugu and McMurdo Station, respectively. Vast
majority of tools should be shipped with support equipment in early September for ComSur shipment to
Christchurch, NZ (Port Lyttleton).

F8.5Aircraft will not offload in Christchurch, NZ while enroute to McMurdo Station (remain overnight in
Christchurch, NZ). Time-on-ground usually one day. Remainder of Contractor’s Helicopter contingent will
join-up with aircraft at this time for unified transport to McMurdo Station on C-17.

F8.6Support material will arrive Port Lyttleton, NZ and will be trucked from Lyttleton to Christchurch
International Airport, NZ (~ 10 miles) for prep/loading onto C-17 transport. Allow 2-3 days for the
Lyttleton-to-Christchurch transfer, prep, and loading onto C-17.

F8.7Contractor will reassemble aircraft upon arrival in McMurdo Station, at the airfield, to the max extent
possible. Desire is to fly the aircraft from the Ice runway to the helicopter pad, 5 nm distant. Early October
temps are very low; work time is very limited due to cold, so Contractor should plan on minimal assembly
at the runway. Thus, the desire to have the aircraft loaded on the C-17 as intact (flyable) as possible. The
Contractor shall advise the government by early August of all their material/support requirements for this
reassembly stage at the runway, especially any lifting/towing devices such as cranes/tractors.

F8.8Contractor support materials (supplies/spares/general inventory) will accompany or closely follow aircraft
delivery via C-17. Contractor should be prepared to execute a rudimentary flight schedule within 5 days of
arrival at McMurdo Station and a full flight schedule within 7 days (~ 9 Oct)(see Commencement of
Services below).

F8.9Commencement of Services

F8.9.1First Contract Period - For the first season of contract performance the contractor shall have
aircraft re-assembled, inspected and test flown within the schedule set forth below. This schedule
is subject to adjustment due to weather conditions that would prohibit or delay movement of
aircraft from their McMurdo arrival point and/or adequate flight-testing by the contractor.

F8.9.1.1Two aircraft shall be ready to be scheduled for service within (NLT) five calendar days, after
the day aircraft arrive at McMurdo Station. (i.e., Sixth day after arrival)

F8.9.1.2Two additional aircraft shall be ready to be scheduled for service within (NLT) seven calendar
days, after the day aircraft arrive at McMurdo Station. (i.e., Eighth day after arrival)

F8.9.2The contractor shall notify NSF/RPSC ASAP on the status of meeting the schedule identified
above. This should include problems encountered, as well as any delays that are encountered that
would preclude meeting this schedule. Contractor shall report the status for each aircraft, and the
revised date upon which operations may commence. This will allow NSF/RPSC to adjust
scheduled use of the aircraft.

F8.9.3Aircraft shall commence service in pairs, in order to have SAR capability in the event of an
emergency. The NSF On-site representative may waive this requirement on an individual basis,
depending upon the intended use of the aircraft.

F8.9.4Subsequent Contract Period - For subsequent contract performance periods, the aircraft shall be
ready for scheduling by NSF/RPSC by the date established by the Contracting Officer. This date
historically coincides with the arrival of the main body of support and science community. The
contractor is afforded the opportunity to send maintenance personnel and a pilot to McMurdo in
advance of this event on what is referred to as Winter Fly-in (WINFLY). This will allow at least 45
days for preparation for resumption of services.


Updated Attachment 12, GFE list

Additional changes may have been made to the solicitation documents that have not been captured in this letter.
Offerors are responsible for addressing all of the requirements in the Request For Proposal, including all
Amendments, in their offer.

Award will be made to the offeror who is deemed responsible in accordance with the Federal Acquisition
Regulations, whose proposal conforms to the RFP’s requirements and is judged to represent the “best value” to the

The Government intends to use the Internet as the sole means to transmit this RFP, all of its amendments,
attachments, and additions. The website is

The deadline for questions regarding this solicitation is 3 P.M. Eastern Time on 7 February 2006. Direct all
requests for solicitations and routine communications concerning this acquisition, or any other questions concerning
this RFP, to Jillian Pate, Contracting Officer, 703-292-8252 or The fax number is 703-292-9140.

Jillian Pate
Contracting Officer