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2. The meaning of infrastructure on general proposal of Performance Training Program consists of: 1) training and learning facilities, 2) the readiness of the teacher team, 3) the readiness of the subject of training materials, 4) the regular budget and operational costs of the program for training implementation on phase of the first 3 years. 3. The target to be achieved from the training program on the first phase of 3 years are: first, to train potential participants of at least 1,800 participants, second, to prepare the cadre of teacher of at least 100 people will be drawn from the former of training, in order to be placed on regional coordinator which has been or will be prepared by the agency. 4. In correlating with availibilty of the infrastructure, by institution or the agency of training, require grant from government, donor agencies and the public. The training program was borned from an idea of community participation in the development, with the great mission to awaken the nation from underdevelopment in the work culture, compared with other nations that have been developed. However, because of the urgency related the values of dedication, the training program must be started as soon as possible and run in accordance with the existing capabilities, even though not yet ready with the infrastructure before. 5. They are available opportunity, while the institution not yet be facilitated by infrastructure, the training should be implemented through the link of "in house training", because most of the importance capital and the main basis of the activities, that is the idea which contains the values of dedication which can be relied upon. For it is in this case, the initiator has been prepared physically (in the form of) 3 guidebooks that contains training modules to handle and grip trainee and teachers. The initiator sure, the potential of community participation for the benefit of the nation's development, especially on human resource of cource still can be relied. Not only in terms of thoughts or ideas, but also in terms of the physically material of facilities and amenities and even contributes fund to support performance training progam, the postscript is the


uploaded 3 of July, 2012*


Performance Training Info-3 presenting information related to "General Proposal of the Training Program of Performance", the main theme: "Building the nation from underdevelopment in the work culture posted on the website: www.widiakertapranata.com with introductory languages Indonesian and English on May 23, 2012. This info presenting the topics : A. Marketing Strategy of the Performance Training, B. Regional Coordinator for Early Stage Training. C. Implementation of Training. D. Response to become a Trainee. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. Marketing strategy for the training program was determined on the General Proposal to acheaved the implementation of Performance Training Program. Marketing strategy consist of 4 ways : 1) training be administered fully by training institution (agency) after agency has be facilitated by infrastructure. 2) training implementation be conducted through the link of in house training. 3) cooperation with LPPM (Iinstitute Training and Education Society) at a university, 4) Cooperation with the EO who is experienced on organizing the training). The fourth way of marketing for supporting the implementation training will be used in accordance with existing opportunities with the priority to a way supported by condition.

nation's development program, including to cooperation on the training through in house training. 6. We must be confident to a well response from prospective users by offering "in-house training", because that are a part of their contribution which given to benefit of the nation. The training which will be conducted before availability of infrastructure, we call its a special training, and the trainees are the special trainee . Therefore the cooperation with a prospective user of in house training is very-very important. When the God willing, the training will be implemented in the near future in the three places that we call the Regional Training Coordinator. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3. During the formation of cadres, they will be given additional lessons for a better understanding of the implementation of HRM policies, especially on the basis of performance assessment system, which include: 1) the ability to create a "job description" of a job, 2) the ability to analyze a job to set the "job reqiurement ", 3) the ability to make the design of performance appraisal system, 4) conduct an assessment of performance through individual interviews. 4. Explanation about training paticipant and class capacity : Participant Requirements: 1) Employees of Company/Institution who has job on human resources, and priority for their position as "direct supervisor", or will be promoted to the "direct upervisor", also who has a potition above; 2) Students as individuals as a candidate for the next generation of leaders, either individually or collectively, and 3) general, anyone who is interested in human resource development issues. Class capacity: 10 up to 15 people, or if done in a convention hall can be up to 20 people. 5. The public or a readers society which interested in the issue of performance training program is very good. For the record, from the data of readers on the internet site, among them shown by Scribd.com, the readers of website on www.widiakertapranata.com towards the document of General Proposal of the Performance Training Program and the Highlights, which has been posted on Training Info, are quite high. From the date of May 23, 2012 up to the end of June 2012 (one month and 8 days), the amount of readers more than 1.200 people has been downloading or print the documents. This is an indicates the tremendous response to this training program. Therefore, to welcome that response, the training cost in the Pre-Training Program will get a reduction far under the standard. 6. The objective of the training is non-commercial, its meaning no set up fees are high because the training are contains elements of devotion. That



1. Three regional s training will be initially by three regional coordintor, namely : the Regional Coordinator-1 (Bandung), the Regional Coordinator-2 (Tangerang), and the Regional Coordinator-3 (Serang). Preferred candidates for all three participant, should come from these city. 2. What will be done by the three regional coordinators of training, are described follow : First: Implementing the marketing on the target of 3 years are 1.800 participants, and then conducting training of them by three Regional Coordinators. Second: From a former trainee, must be obtained a minimum 5% that have a potential to be prepared to the cadre of teachers whose will be placed on training regional coordinators others, after having filled in the Regional Coordinator of Bandung, Tangerang and Serang.

is way specifically for training in the Pre-Performance Training Program as described above will be given a reduction training cost between 50% up to 60%. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. The duration of training and provision of day:

C. IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING. 1. Training on pre-implementation training program (before the readiness of infrastructure) will be held in three regional coordinators, from September to December 2012, which was then extended to the availability of infrastructure whose main goal to reach as many training events in each city / region, namely by a cadre of teachers who will be prepared. 2. Implementation of marketing using the link "in house training" as described above, the training was held "on demand" from: company / institutions, and individual / collective of public / students. 3. Training costs for participants at the request of the company / organization is reduced 50% of the cost of training standards, provided that, where training, presentation tools, and trainee accommodation (lunch, snack and coffee break) dependents of service user training (note : which is training standard costs , is estimated to be costing accommodating and training could be justified, because in reality there is no standard training costs). 4. Training for the request on behalf of the individual / collective, where its implementation can be combined in a convention hall, but the rental place, learning facilities, lunch, snack and break coffdee, dependents of the individual / collective, and training costs keep 50% of the standard.

a. For training at the request of the company/institution, length of training 3 (three) days, ie Friday, Saturday and Sunday, time frame can be changed from afternoon to morning (see schedule and training materials in the appendix at the end of page), conducted once a month. b. Especially for training at the request of the individual /collective, that time frame will be adjusted (from 3 to 2 days, without reducing time of lessons), held once a month. 6. Other information, the status of trainees on Pre-Training of the Performance Program, is the same with the trainee status if later on Performance Training Program may runs with a completely by infrastructure, the different is the participant has a special reduction cost on the first training.


1 . We expected feedback in response to the proposal of tranining program who wish to become a participant, both on behalf of the company/instutution, or an even of the name of individual or collective beyond institution. a. Submission of a response to the name of the institution / company created by the Human Resources Manager institution / Company. Form submit entries by email email : widiakertapranatan@yahoo.co.id or widjayadireja@gmail.com To vocal point Widjaja Kartadiredja
Number. 1 2. 3. 4. IDENTTY Full name p Gender Poition of job Education


Manajer HRD of Company/Institution

5. 6. 7. 8. Name & address of Company/Institute Communication tools Amount of Participant Card identity

Enclosure : SCHEDULE & CONTENT OF PERFORMANCE TRAINING Long training 3 (three) days, Pk. 13:15 s / d 17:45 pm 30-minute break. First Day Highlights-1, Session Introduction, 60 minutes. Highlights-2, Fundamentals of HRM Implementation Policy, 60 minutes. Highlights-3, Introduction to System Performance Assessment, 75 minutes. Discussion of Job Description (and setting the Job Requirement) following exercise to make it., 75 minutes. Day Two Highlights-4, Establish the assessment factors make the draft System Performance Assessment, 60 minutes. Designing Assessment Format, 30 min. Highlights-5, Making Instructions How to Fill Format Assessment, 90 minutes. Highlights-6, How to Conduct Assessment through interviews, 60 minutes. Day Three Highlights-7, Use of the Performance Appraisal System Multipurpose, 30 minutes. Exercise makes "job description" and setting the "job requirement, 45 minutes. Highlights-10, exchange time, Documentation Format Assessment results for system design applications, 30 minutes. Highlights-8, The Role of HRM Manager / Manager Personlia, 30 minutes. Highlights-9, cover material, 30 minutes. Training closure. Note: Supporting material input in the other sciences needed to equip the participants, will be determined later on the training.


b. For the name of individuals simply by short messages via mobile phone 0852 2201 1847, 0857 2236 1741 to Ir. Maman Supratman vocal point. Short messages via mobile phone made to the point only : for example, to Widjaja KartadIredja. Here the data of response from: 1) Sulistio, 2) male, 3) self-employed, 4) Faculty of Economics, 5) full address, 6) HP / email number. When it is less clear, please contact me via HP. Thank you. 2. Put the response limited time from now up to July 31, 2012. CLOSSING Thank you very much for all attentions to General Proposal of The Performance Training Program, and thanks in advance of those who deign to respond become a participant of training.

Responsible for Performance Training Program Widjaja Kartadiredja

Retired Lieutenant Colonel

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