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[Howard] More bonds that are fake that create the appearance of a debt so that they could monetize more debt. Thats what this whole thing was about. [Dave] MERS, the industrys creation stepped up to the plate to facilitate the fraud. And Im just at the bottom of page 2 and like I say this report goes on for five more pages. So anyone who would like the entire five-page reportunless you dont want me to read more of this, do you, Howard. [Howard] No, go ahead, thats enough. All I got to say about that is anybody who has enough curiosity and initiative that want to learn something about what a fraud this whole money system is in this country as well as worldwide in every other country, theyre using the same type of money scam of monetizing debt and this is how they do it. They create these securities that are faketheyre not real. Nobody understands that a promissory note is not a promise for you to pay. When you sign a promissory note it becomes what is known in law and banking as a demand deposit instrument, DDI, Demand Deposit Instrument. What that means is, and this is a little bit hard to digest. It took me a while to figure it out when I was checking it but in the commercial law books you can find this. But you got to go into the older commercial law books written by law professors back in the twenties, thirties and forties. [Dave] Well, I can tell you what it is. Its an account at the Federal Reserve. You present the signature and demand the cash. Its the demand deposit. It means you deposit that signature on a piece of paper, you demand the cash. The problem is the banks get the cash with your signature and the lying thieving bastards dont put it in your name. They put in the banks name in a secret account and then they loan you your own signature-created funds at interest. [Howard] Thats exactly what they do, exactly, and this is how they monetize debt because a demand deposit instrument such as a bond or a promissory note is a debt instrument, its proof of debt. So when they deposit it, it creates the proof of the debt. The bank now owes you that money. Its against your name and your credit, so its debt, the bank owes you. It isnt something that you owe the bank but they turn it around and make it look like you made a loan when in fact there was no loan because they didnt take a penny out of their pocket and actually give it to you. It was your money that they gave you back that you created by the demand deposit instrument called a promissory note and then they bluff you into believing, well, you promised to pay and you didnt pay. This whole thing is coming out. Slow but sure its all coming out and its not just coming out from Howard Griswold or Mickey Paoletta By the way, it was Mickey Paoletta who started all this stuff against MERS and eventually destroyed MERS. Everything that went into that court case came from Mickey Paolettas research and his efforts and Mickey Paoletta, hes not a lawyer. I dont even think hes a college graduate. Mickey Paoletta was a band leader back in the seventies. He put out a bunch of records. He made some money selling records. Hes an average everyday Joe and a pretty good Joe for a guy named Mickey. I like that stupid statement. But anyway, hes a damned good Joe for a guy named Mickey but hes not anything that the system looks up to. Hes not a doctor with a doctorate degree in medicine. Hes not a doctorate in the law. Hes not a lawyer. Hes not a political degree in

politics. Hes none of those things. Hes an average everyday Jose just like you and I and he certainly proved that we can do it. The American people have the power to do these things. You just got to put out an effort to do it. You dont have to be a damned doctor or a damned lawyer or any other damned idiot with an education. You got to set your education aside and start paying attention to what the facts are and Mickey did it. And Mickey caused all this disruption. [Dave] Well, congratulations and thanks to Mickey for that.

[Howard] Now, there are dozens of others. Theres Just Dave down in Texas thats picked up on this and doing it. Theres John Steward who is not the guy on television but quite a character himself that is doing this. Theres Michael Anthony thats doing this. Theres another group and I dont know all the names of the people that are associated with Rod Class down in North Carolina that are doing these forensic audits and theres one thing that theyre falling short on and that is the procedure of how to bring this into court and Ive been concerned about this. And Ive also been concerned about traffic tickets and what to do about it because that is a money-making racket, traffic tickets. Big, big, big money is made in this country off of traffic tickets because the American people are so stupidly educated that they go in there and allow themselves to be sheared like sheep because they dont know what to say, they dont know what to do and this has been bothering me for years. And by golly, I dont know why its taken so damned long for us who are trying to find out the truth, trying to reveal what the facts are to comprehend what the United States Supreme Court meant by the rules that they set up for courts to go by. The United States Supreme Court, believe it or not, is not as corrupt as you might think it is. The lower courts are very corrupt and they dont follow the rules and the lawyers dont use the rules properly to make the courts follow the rules. But the rules are there to protect your individual privacy and your individual private property rights. You just got to learn how to use them and this is what were going to talk about tonight. Im going to get into this a little bit. Now, just a little bit because I got to write this up. Ive just found the details. Ive just put them together. My stupid little mind that has an education has been deprived of intelligence by that God-damned stupid education that Ive got for a lot of years and its been hard, very, very hard to overcome and I really get angry with myself when I find these things and I say, why didnt I see this years ago? Some of these have come up and we brushed over them and weve done them entirely wrong because we just dont really understand what it really means. The meaning of words is a whole lot more critical than people comprehend it to be. We dont study far enough. We dont find out what is meant by words. We dont put out an effort and this is really upsetting me with the American people. They dont have the initiative to get out there and do it on their own. They leave it to little guys like Mickey Paoletta who has driven himself into serious health problems worrying and spending hours and hours and hours at night, not getting sleep, not eating properly and Howard Griswold doing the same damned thing and ruining our own health worrying about these things and putting our effort into it and where the hell are the rest of you people? None of you participate. You all wait for Mickey or me or just Dave or people like John Stewart to do all this for you. Why arent the rest of you Americans doing something? And, now, I know whats going to happen with America. Ive read the history of this country, another history, to know that we are the most patient people on the face of the earth. You look at the crap

that we put up with. Some of the story you were just reading today about the Virginia Company being nothing but a government-controlled communist society. Weve been living under a government-controlled communist society despite the Constitution even since the day the Constitution was ratified. It did not really change anything. And George Washington said it very, very specifically. He said, education will be the ruination of this country. What a foresight that man had. As long as we can educate the people to be ignorant masses, dumb masses as Neil Bortz refers to them, the dumb masses. Now, dont say that too fast or youll understand what he meant. We certainly are the dumb masses and if they can keep us educated to be dumb masses then they can continue to control us. Well, even their ignorance, their evil, their wrong doings are eventually going to be exposed and Ill tell you why. . . . . {01:46:25.998} [Howard] Some people like John Stewart, Mickey Paoletta, Michael Anthony and dozens and dozens of others even Luis Ewing who can sometimes have a real bad attitude problem about how he tries to convey his knowledge but hes very knowledgeable and hes very righteous and a very decent person. He is trying to bring out the truth and theres so many others like them. Rod Class for one and your friend up there in Alaska, Ralph Winterowd. These decent types of people are very positive energy type people and they are trying to expose the truths but theyll never do it. We will totally fail in what we were doing because the dumb masses are not going to pay attention to a few of us like Mickey and myself and Ralph and Rod Class because were not lawyers, were not politicians, were not news media people. Were not the people that the dumb masses pay attention to. Theyll just brush us off as a bunch of screwballs because theyre dumb masses. But interestingly enough you watch whats going on. You pay attention to what just came out about these fake securities, these arresting people like Tim Geitner and they arrested him only for questioning and he ran his mouth. They had to throw him out according to the news that I got. The police had to put him out because he was running his mouth divulging so many things. Now, hes an evil person, hes part of the evil, hes right up there at the top of the evil. ~Berzinsky was in front of congress today. Boy, could you tell that he was nervous. He was making sure he was careful with every word he said because Congress was trying to find out more about this bunch of information about false security that theyre being used. What should Congress do about this? Thats what Congress was questioning. He couldnt come up with the answers that they wanted. He was putting his foot in his mouth right and left and he was nervous as all get out but he made a couple of comments that showed that hes not as damned evil and going along with this evil as you might think he is because heres what Ive found out. No matter how positive you are theres a certain amount of evil in you. . . . [Howard} Now, let me go over this article, just a minute, Dave, that I had on these fake securities. Now, man writes all this stuff and you got to be careful because somebody

else has got an article out that says that these US Treasury Bonds were backed by gold. Now, stop and think. Damn it, we have a brain and we might be educated to be stupid but we can overcome it if we would just stop and think. These treasury bonds could not possibly have been backed by gold since 1934 because gold was removed as money in 1933. So they couldnt be backed by gold and be paid in gold because gold was not a unit that could any longer be used to pay anything. It became a commodity to be purchased by debt, the exact opposite of what anybody would probably believe or think thanks to education. This article says that the Italian police seized over 6 trillion dollars in fake US treasury bonds. It didnt say they were backed by gold. If they were backed by gold they wouldnt be fake. They are fake. They were created on paper to create the appearance of a debt in order to have something to monetize against because the system today does not monetize gold and silver. It does not monetize anything of value. It monetizes debt which is something that is not of value but it can build an economy. Its a false economy. Its a fraud and its doomed to self-destruction but it can work for a while and it has worked since 1933 or 34, whenever they really started perpetrating it and executing it. There might be an actual date on when it really began. Im not sure what the date was because theyre not releasing the information on exactly what date these phony securities were created but they created them for the purpose of monetizing that debt and issuing currency against the debt. If any of you have any common sense at all you can realize that thats all fiction. That has nothing to do with reality. Theres no real value here at all. Its a presumed value. Well, thats one situation, the banking. Any of you that are facing a foreclosure or anybody that you know thats facing a foreclosure you should get them deeply involved in bringing these arguments into the court. Dont worry about whether you lose. Youre exposing the scam. You may lose but you know what, quite a number of people have lost these foreclosure actions and are still living in the house because even though on the court record they lost there has been nothing to do, nothing at all done, to force them out of their homes. Yet people who didnt fight, who didnt stand up at all, who didnt put up any argument, theyve been forced out of their homes. Does that tell you something? Does that tell you that this system is not really sure of themselves, not even sure of their own court rulings, not sure that they wont get sued, that people arent going to find out a little bit more and come back after them if they take an action beyond what they fraudulently did in the courts, what the courts fraudulently did? As a matter of fact Mickey had an interesting case in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania about three or four months ago. He called me and told me about this and asked me, what the hell can we do about this? And I told him, go after that judge for breach of fiduciary duty because he admitted on the record that he was being dishonest. This is what you can do. So Mickeys working on a case to go after that judge for breach of his fiduciary duty. But heres what the judge did. They had a mortgage foreclosure action in front of this judge in Harrisburg in the court for some individual and Mickey went in with this individual, didnt ask to represent him, just asked to be a friend of the court and bring up some specific points of law. And the judge said, yes, Mr. Paoletta, I know who you are. Weve heard about you. Well, Id like to bring these points before the court. The judge said, ok, Ill let you do it. Mickey said, well, I have written what started out to be a brief and turned out to be a book about the entire money system in this country. And Im going to ask you to take that book into consideration and read it and continue this case for a couple of weeks until youve had a chance to read the book. The judge got very curious. He said, ok, give me your book. This case is continued for two

weeks. So, two weeks later they reconvened the court. Everybody was summoned to be back in there. The judge said, Mr. Paoletta, I have read your book. He said, it is well documented. You showed what the Federal Reserve Bank has admitted about their money system. You showed what Supreme Court decisions have said. You showed what the banking rules and regulations say. You are absolutely on point. I never realized that this system was so corrupt but I am not going to rule in your favor because it would ruin the United States governments money system and destroy the economy of this country. So Im finding against youjudgment for the bank. He admitted that he now understood what a scam it was and yet he went along with the scam. Isnt that dishonesty? {Sounds more like save-your-assity}. [Dave] It makes him a coconspirator.

[Howard] Indeed it does. He stepped into the conspiracy and hes just as guilty as the original perpetrators of such a scam. So thats where conspiracy comes in and his conspiracy proves that he is breaching his fiduciary duty by not being honest. So Mickeys going after him with a case for breach of his fiduciary duty. Now, damn it, I get really upset with the rest of the Americans. Weve been putting this information out for what, two, two and a half years about breach of fiduciary duty. We finally, about a year ago, found a form for how to do it. Weve made it available. I only know of two people involved in mortgage actions that have filed a breach of fiduciary duty case against the bankers and their lawyers. Nobodys filed a case against government officials. Mickeys getting one ready. It will go in soon. But that might be the only one that anybodys really spent the effort to put together. If the American people dont start exposing this stuff the evil ones are not going to realize that its gone too far. We need more pressure on these evil doers to apply their positive nature and say its gone too far and start exposing it. But interestingly enough somethings already gone too far. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200, I think, one thousand, two hundred and a few, didnt you just read that, Dave, of high level banking officials that have quit? [Dave] Yeah. [Howard] Theyve abandoned their positions. So the rats are leaving the sinking ship. This is a good indication that some of the evil ones have decided theyre not going to participate in this evil any further. Maybe some of them didnt even realize just how evil it was but when they started seeing the facts coming out then they said, uh uh, I should have never been involved in this, Im getting out. Well, thats good. Many, many years ago I made a comment, this was back in the seventies, I said, theres going to come a day in this country when average everyday Americans that wish to travel abroad will not be able to get an airline ticket because the tickets are sold out because all the scum bag lawyers have bought the tickets and theyre leaving the country because theyre scared for their life. Well, the bankers and the scum bag lawyers are all bailing ship right now. Eventually, Im sure Im right, you will not be able to get an airline ticket out of this country because theyve all been bought by these scum bag lawyers that are abandoning the sinking ship. But they made the ship sink. The ship of America is sinking.


And all the politicians that they work for.

[Howard] Well, its being brought down by this thing called the United States. We are not the United States, were Americans. The United States is a corporation located in Washington, D.C. which has far reaching fingers all over the world and offices in locations all over the world but it is not America. It is a corporate government. It is doing wrong things and it is bringing down what America really stood for and what America really was and its going to destroy everything that were accustomed to. And thats why I keep telling people that if they raise the price of gasoline to $5 a gallon thats going to be high enough that the average working man cannot afford to go to work and thats going to cause riots because the average working man, not like you people that are on these kinds of calls that have a good bit of common sense and a good bit of decency about you, not you people, but the average working man out here in society who doesnt pay a bit of attention to anything thats going on, just worried about making enough money to meet his bills, isnt on these kinds of calls, isnt trying to learn anything. That average person which is the majority of society, the dumb masses, will become very angry and violent over not being able to afford to buy gasoline for their automobiles. {Time for the compressed air car, such as the Indian Tata or the French car or the Australian compressed air cars.} At $5 a gallon, right around that, maybe itll take $4.75, maybe itll take $5.25, I dont know what itll take, but somewhere near that they just cant afford it. [Dave] Wait until they go to the food market and theres nothing on the shelves because the food company couldnt afford the gas to put in their trucks to get it delivered to the store. [Howard] Thats right. When the truckers cant afford the fuel the truckers wont be delivering it. When the farmers cant afford the fuel they wont be plowing the fields and planting it. Big, big problems, not even counting what weathers been doing. Weve had some horrendous weather again. Twelve people killed in tornadoes yesterday I believe it was. But serious tornadoes in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois [Dave] [Howard] . . . . Theyre using weather control as a weapon against the people. Dave, Ive told you before I think thats a bunch of bull crap.

{02:11:35.341} [Howard] I want to get into something because standing up against the banking system which Mickey and John, Michael and Rod and quite a few others have been doing has been helping to disrupt the entire corrupt system, to expose some of the evils but we have a very corrupt court system. We have a very corrupt government. As somebody once said, the answer is not in going to government to solve the problem. The answer is to stop the government from being the problem. Well, there are ways to do this. In any kind of a

claim made against you, an individual, in so-called criminal law there are rules that have to be followed and theyre not being followed. Now, I dont give to hoorahs in hell that Congress has passed some ridiculous little law that the military can arrest you and confine you and not even follow due process and take you to court. That doesnt mean a damned thingit really doesntits disturbing to think about that they would go this far but it doesnt really mean a thing. The court has to do something. Something has to be done in the courts. They cant get away with this. They cant just confine you. But most of the time they dont do this and a lot of the states are balking. The state legislatures are making state law saying that this is unlawful and its not going to be allowed in their state. So you can see that theres conflict within government which is a good thing because its helping to expose the evils that are being done to more and more of the people, even the evil ones that are in government. But theres something every one of us can do. And I dont care if they take you to court and they book you and they do their normal thing or if they take you to jail and they dont take you to court theres something that can be done and heres what it is. The rules of criminal procedure for the state court or the federal court depending upon where youre having a problem have a Rule #7. Now, some of the states do not use the same numbering system. Michigan, for one, uses some off-the-wall numbering system. It wont be Rule 7 in Michigan. Theres a couple of other states that do the same thing. You got to put out an effort to go look in the rules and find what this is all about. But under the criminal rules of procedure Rule 7 is an indictment or an information and the beginning of it says that in order to bring you into their courts an offense which may be punished by death shall be prosecuted by an indictment, an offense which may be punished by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year or at hard labor shall be prosecuted by either an indictment or an information. If the indictment is waived it may be prosecuted by just an informationthat means you can waive the indictmentor they can bring it as an information. Any other offense may be prosecuted by either an indictment or an information. These kinds of things just go on and on and on when they write these rules. But as it goes on and on and on theres always a remedy provided by the rules. Yeah, they can come up with an information, write it down, file a warrant for the arrest, take you in, hold you, bring you before the court or ignore you and not bring you before the court but the remedy is available. Upon a petition by you to the courtI dont care if youre sitting in jail and they havent taken you to the court, upon a petition to the court the court may direct the filing of a Bill of Particulars. This is Rule 7F. A motion for a Bill of Particulars may be made before the arraignment or within ten days after the arraignment. Now, this means you got to be ready. You cant sit back on your laurels and do absolutely nothing and think youre going to hire some lawyer or theyre going to appoint a lawyer and hes going to be honest and actually apply the law and really defend you because hes not even going to do this. You, the individual American, have to have the knowledge that this can be done and it has to be done timely either before the arraignment or within ten days after the arraignment or at such later time as the court may permit which means you have to put in a request to the court to give you a waiver to file it beyond the normal time which the court may deny. Now, you dont want to wait. The rule goes on to say, a Bill of Particulars may be amended at any time subject to such conditions as justice requires. So, ok, you didnt do it entirely right the first time you did it. As long as you did it within the time limit that was just explained in the rule then at any time after that you can amend it if you learn a little bit more. Well, God only knows whats going to happen and whats being exposed to us and

how many pieces of information are coming out that show us how corrupt it is and how much we can amend something like this. But a bill of particulars is a very specific pleading for specific statements, not a bunch of patriot bull crap making the statements of what you religiously believe ought to be which is what Ive seen put out in the past on bills of particulars that have come out from patriot organizations. They were worthless, worthless, worthless pieces of paper. They werent even good enough to use for toilet paper because they would leave an ink smear on your behind and you really dont want ink smeared all over your behind so that made the paper more worthless than toilet paper. A bill of particulars has a particular function in criminal law. Identical to this is civil law. Now, theres another way of ending up in jail and its called civil contempt because you didnt do what you were told to do by the court. Thats a criminal charge used in civil law but youre still involved in a civil case. Or if you have a civil case of any kind coming against you the same function is available but its not called a bill of particulars. Its called a request for a more definite statementthe same basic conceptit just has a different name. If you use the wrong name they wont pay attention. Dave, whats your old expression about you didnt say it the right way? Right, Dave? [Dave] [Howard] irregular. But its not irregular. Well, no, its not irregular until you show that what theyve done is

[Dave] They live by their regulations and if they fail then its irregularits not within the regulations. [Howard] Well, thats what we have to learn to point out. This is what Rod Class and Ralph Winterowd are teaching better than I am doingbetter than any of the other speakers out there are doing. Now, Im sure theyre making mistakes. Good Heavens we all made mistakes. Were learning, were approaching the knowledge and understanding of a fraud. A fraud is a deception. How can you approach a deception or a fraud and figure it out and be accurate with your first attempts? You cant. Alright, so theres plenty of mistakes being made. Ive been at this for 32 years of my life. I made plenty of mistakes along the way but Ive learned from them. Now, unfortunately I have watched a bunch of other people make the same mistake over and over and over again. That fits the definition of mental illness, somebody who does the same wrong thing over and over again always expecting a better result. Well, fortunately, I dont think I fit in the mental illness category because I learn from my stupid mistakes and realize you dont do it that way over and over again. You learn more, you study deeper and you find else you should have done. Well, some of this stuff is very simple and it is so simple it really aggravates me that I havent put it together and seen it sooner in life. But like Ive said before, unfortunately I have an education and it has done nothing but getting my damned way. Its been terribly hard to overcome it. I believed too many things that are wrong because Ive been taught that this is the way things are and I believed these silly things and its hard to overcome that but its very simple to bring some of these things about. Now, years ago some of the speakers that have been going around the country talking have brought up the argument or concept that you go into court and you dont admit to anything and you dont put in a plea and you tell

them that you dont understand the nature and cause of the accusation. Now, believe it or not, I guess they got that from the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution which readsnow, some of this is absolutely ridiculous, stupid, dont fall for it. But it reads this way, In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trialwell, thats finelets get to itlets not drag this out for the next twenty yearsby an impartial jury. This could be the dumbest thing you ever chose to do. You want twelve brain dead idiots in society to try to determine what the law really means? Do you really think youre going to teach these brain dead idiots anything in the short time that you have in front of them? I think I would avoid a jury trial at all costs. Argue with the judge. At least he has some knowledge of the law and knowledge of the rules of court. Dont try to argue in front of a jury. The likelihood that youll come out a success is slim to none because these people have no idea whats going on and they will fall for any line of crap that the lawyer gives them. Youre a no good bum because you didnt pay your taxes and all you people on the jury know that everybodys got to pay their taxes. And the stupid jury, yeah, I pay my taxes, hes got to pay his too, hes got to be guilty. Youre going to lose. Dont fool with a jury. In any kind of a case dont fall for this jury crap. Anyway, it does say, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed. Now, isnt that interesting that youve already been convicted by the 6th Amendment? In the jurisdiction where the crime shall have been committed. The presumption there is youve committed the crime. Youre going to jail. You dont have any way out. But remember what I told you, no matter how astringent and pressing any of this language may be that makes it look and creates a presumption that you might be the debtor, that you might be the guilty party, that you might be the criminal. Theres always got to be a remedy provided and the 6th Amendment does go on and give you a remedy. It says, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation. Now, how many people have any idea of what that means? None of the speakers that brought it up and professed it and said, go into court and refuse to plead guilty and refuse to plead not guilty because you dont understand the nature and cause. And the stupid judge will say, I dont even know what youre talking about. What do you mean, nature and cause? That judge knows. He knows exactly what youre saying. Hes acting stupid purposely because he wants to know if you know what youre talking about, what is the nature and cause of the accusation. It either has to be that you fall under the laws, rules, regulations and codes because you are a state official or employee or it has to be by some form of contract that you have made with the state. Thats the nature and cause. It comes out of either one of those categories. If you went to work for the government then you fall under all the laws, rules, and regulations because government has the right to regulate itself and create all needful laws, rules and regulations to maintain itself and its people and its property. If youre in that position then thats the nature and cause of the accusation against you. If youre not in that positionwhich probably covers about 85% of the American people that are not in that position, they dont work for government, theyre not employees or officers of governmentthen the only other cause can be a contract. In order for that to be exposed they have to produce the contract. Now, this is what the Bill of Particulars is for. The Bill of Particulars is written up as a request of the court to order a certified Bill of Particulars. Now, theres a reason why you use certified because any evidence that is brought before the court in the form of facts has to be certified under Rule 901 of the rules of evidence and you will find that in your state rules as well as

in the federal rules. The number may be different but its the rule that requires that evidence be verified by affidavit by someone who under Rule 602 of the rules has actual knowledge of the transactions, that has actual knowledge of the evidence and where it came from and the chain of that evidence and whos had it, where it started, how it got here to the court. If that cant be produced lawyers will never bring this up. Lawyers use you to give the evidence to the court. Were you driving a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu on the night of July 29th, 2004 on Ding-a-ling Boulevard? If youre dumb enough to say yes, you just gave them the evidence that they need. They dont have to come in with any verified evidence. The dont have to make an affidavit anymore. You just gave it to them. You didnt say, but you havent given me the nature and cause of this complaint and you havent given me enough facts for me to form a responsive answer. That would be your answer to a question like that. But, no, being religiously oriented people that we are weve been taught to be honest and we are dumb enough to think were honest and to admit to anything that they ask us and we give them the evidence that they need and the verification of it. And the next thing you know, guilty, you got to pay the fine, guilty, youre going to jail, guilty you owe the debt, judgment against you. Whether its a civil matter or a criminal matter we give them the evidence because we admit to everything. Ive told you before, I dont know nothing. That might sound stupid and its damned poor English but I dont know nothingI have no idea what youre talking about. You havent given me any facts. Thats what the Bill of Particulars is for. Its to ask for the facts of the nature and cause. Where are the facts? You made a complaint. Usually they do that correctly in a civil action. They rarely ever do it correctly in a criminal action but every once in a while they do it with an indictment which is a complaint and they issue a summons or an arrest warrant. In some civil actions they mail the complaint and a summons to you. The first page says, you are summonsed to the court to answer this complaint contained herein, and you have to answer it within twenty days and if you dont a default judgment could be issued against you. So thats a summons and complaint. Well, Rule 3 of the Rules of Civil Procedure require that a civil complaint be issued along with a summons. Rule 3 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure say the same thing that either an arrest warrant or a summons must be issued along with the complaint. There has to be a complaint. Well, lets think clearly about a traffic ticket. This is really a money-making racket that is going on in this country and it can be stopped by the American people very simply with a Bill of Particulars already prepared ready to go sitting in a folder in your closet, wherever you keep these kinds of papers, your little metal box, wherever you keep the papers already prepared. All you have to do is fill in the blanks for the details of this particular case and send it right to the court timely before the arraignment, before you go to traffic court demanding that they provide the nature and cause of the action, that they come up with verified facts under the rules of evidence of the State of Blank and you fill in the State of Blank for the state where you live somewhere near thats pestering the hell out of you. Under the rules the court must follow these rules. The facts must be presented to you and must be verified of whatever their claim is and those facts have to include whether it is absolutely an applicable law to you because youre an official of the government or that its absolutely applicable to you because there is a contract and heres a copy of the contract. Now, you know theyre never going to do that. all they got to do is do that one time and put it on the court record and it get out to the rest of the population and the populations going to say, well, wait a minute, if its a contract to have a drivers license, if its a contract to register my car, if its contract to

register my deed, if its a contract to register my new-born babys birth certificate I dont think I want to contract with these people anymore. Their whole system would begin to fall apart, wouldnt it? This is why they will never divulge the contract. Because they dont this case should be dismissed immediately based on either a request in a civil action for a more definite statement stating these facts, exposing the nature and cause in accordance with the 6th Amendment mandate exposing also and listing any witness that will be used against me because underI think its Rule 17and that is the interested party that they have to be able to bring a witness in that is the interested party that has been injured in some way. And if they dont have an injured party, an interested party, that has been in some way damaged to give you then you are being deprived of your right under Rule 17 to have a witness against you that you can cross examine. This is a violation of due process. They have to give you that information as well as the contract as well as any facts related to that contract that you have agreed not to drive over the speed limit. Well, now, in case you stupid well educated Americans never bothered to read it you never made such a contract but it appears that you did. Go look at the piece of paper that you call a title to your automobile. Its called a Certificate of Title. Its not the title to your automobile. It certifies that there is a title. But on this Certificate of Title it says that the above named person, you, have agreed to operate your automobile in accordance with the laws of the State of Blank where you registered it and when the hell did you agree to that? There is no real legitimate contract. This whole thing is phony. Every bit of it is phony. Every bit of it that is so phony is being used in these phony securities to create the debt because being you agreed even though you didnt know you agreed and never really did to follow the laws there is a presumption that they will be able to get money out of you which creates the appearance of a debt which can be monetized so the state gets more money out of the coffers of the banks. Absolutely amazing, isnt it. If we want to stop this we can crush this whole system by following the rules of court and doing just what Im talking about. In a criminal charge its called a Bill of Particulars under Rule 7A and I got to go look it up but I think its under Rule 12 that you have a right to do a request for a more definite statement. I didnt get deep into the civil rules yet. Ive been studying this criminal stuff. Its more important. Weve got to stop this criminal foolishness of these charges being brought against people that are absolutely ridiculous. Now, if a charge is brought against you for using or transporting or selling dangerous substances somebody should lynch your ass. The court is going to say, oh, you bad little boy, were going to smack you on the fingers. Youre going to have a years probation. Now, get back on the street and pedal more of your drugs because we need drugs in circulation in order to keep the money system going because its only circulation of this phony money that keeps the phony money up so the courts not helping at all with this problem. The trouble with drug users and drug pushers is that the courts not doing anything and the American people arent lynching the bastards The people can clean this up. The people in Philadelphia proved this. There was a drug house in the neighborhood. Im not even sure what neighborhood it was but it was all documented on news broadcasts as well as police documentation. If you want to go look it up it was somewhere in Philadelphia. The people in the neighborhood kept calling the police and complaining about all this drug activity that was going on in this particular house. And the police would ride by and do nothing and this kept going on and going on and the drug activity got worse and worse and some of the druggies began stealing in the neighborhood and causing a real problem and a number of people in the neighborhood one night went

down to that house, shot and killed everybody in it and called the police and said, we cleaned it up for you. Dont come around here and bother any of us or well kill you. The police didnt bother anybody. They just cleaned up the dead bodies and the drug problem went away. The American people have the power to do these things and every once in while some little group does something. The problem is not enough groups and not enough people do anything. Id rather us not have to resort to that if we dont have to. Id rather we just got ourselves out of the problem they bring upon us and destroy their system by exposing the corruption of it by doing what I just told you with either a Bill of Particulars in a criminal case or a more definite statement asking for the nature and cause, produce the facts, produce the injured party, give me the witness that is going to testify that is the injured party. And by the way, all this injured party comes from a United States Supreme case called Allan v. Wright, that is 468 US Reports, p. 732. The US Supreme Court has established what is required to establish a case in court and it requires standing, standing to sue its referred to in the law text and in order to have standing to bring a claim within the court this more definite statement or Bill of Particulars has to ask for the real injury that was done by me, produce the facts, of course verified as true and correct under Rule 901 by somebody under Rule 602 who has actual knowledge and witnessed it of a real injury. Produce the facts that it was the conduct of me, the defendant that caused the real injury and show that the court has the jurisdiction and authority to grant a relief or a remedy that will remedy the injury. Well, if they cant produce an injured party such as in a traffic case, such as in 99% of the arrests that they make for stupid laws that dont apply to the people such as internal rules, regulations and codes of the government which are their internal laws. The Code is not law as has been said before, it is the law, it is the law within government. It regulates what government can do. It has nothing to do with what people that are not in government can or cannot do. Now, Ive said before if you actually violate any of the laws that the government has absolute authority and duty to execute then you better plead guilty, you better throw yourself on the mercy of the court. If you murder somebody because you wanted to steal their property or because you wanted to steal their wife or their husband or whatever, if youve raped somebody whether its a male or a female, whether youre a male or a female it matters not. Theres an awful lot of stuff in the newspapers lately about stupid things going on with preachers of religions, school teachers, cops, raping and taking unfair advantage, sexually assaulting young people particularly, an awful lot of stuff coming out in the news about it. These people are mentally disturbed people. Something should be done with them and theyre being caught up with and being prosecuting but a lot of them are not getting what they ought to get. One, apparently female teacher, had a sexual interlude for seven days in a row with a thirteen year old student and she was given ten years in jail. A male teacher had a sexual interlude one time only with a young student that had already been sexually abused and his excuse was the kid has already been sexually abused so how much did it hurt to do it again? Well, they gave him two years. And it doesnt seem equitably honest, balanced there, does it? Anyway, these are just things that are going on and theyre going on all over this country. If you go look at the newspaper and read it youll find those things and every once in a while the TV or radio news will divulge some of these things. Strange things like this are happening but its up to the people to bring them out and expose them and a lot of times the parents of children that come home and admit to these things are afraid to do anything about it. They need to do something if this happening to your children you should even ask them if anything like this

is happening because too many things are going on and the kids are being quiet about it because theyre scared. Theyre scared to talk. You need to ask your kids if anything like this is going on in the school where theyre going or you need to ask your wife if shes had any trouble with a police officer sexually approaching her or a female police officer sexually approaching dad. It happens on both sides. This is not limited to any one side, any color of skin, any religion background of belief, any particular nationality. Its going on all over the place by all kinds of people. We need to get on this and push it a little bit. But when they bring these silly little charges like you were speeding in your car, you parked your car in the wrong place and didnt pay the parking meter, things like this, they need to bring up this nature and cause. This is the kind of money-making racket that we have to stop. I grant you that criminal charges that are legitimate, police that are making arrests for real criminal charges are legitimate. These people are needed. They have to be in society because there are criminal elements in society. We really do need this system to be there and to do its job but when it goes beyond its job because a bunch of lawyers have created this corrupt scheme of extorting money from us through property tax on our private home, through traffic tickets and registration of your private automobile, through registration of birth certificates and being able to control your body because they hold the interest in your body through the birth registration these things are corrupt and when they bring these kinds of claimsI have to think back about I guess about a year or a year and a half ago a young man here on the Delmarva Peninsula refused medical attention for his cancer treatment. Well, the medical morons took him to court, tried to get a court order ordering him to take their medical drugs. He kept saying, no, Im not going to. They dont work. I have found out I have cancer. They may well be correct in their diagnosis but I have also found out by some research that their treatment doesnt work and Im not going to do it. Im going to use some natural things that Ive learned something about. Well, the court tried to order him to do what the doctors said at first and he kept on fighting them. He took it to the next court. The next court said, they cant tell him what to do with his body. The lower court did; the upper court said, they cant. He went to Mexico. He got some treatment and I havent heard another word about it. Nothing has been reported that he died yet from his cancer. Hes probably living a reasonable life and in much better shape than he would have been if he would have done what they wanted to do. But they tried to force him because they think they have control over your body and anything that they do with your body because the birth certificate is recorded. This is how corrupt this whole thing has become and this is where this request to the court to order them to come up with a Bill of Particulars in a criminal case or a request to the court to order them to come up with a more definite statement stating the actual fact, stating injured party, stating the witness thats going to be against us, this is the kind of stuff you put into these motions. Im going to write up a fillin-the-blanks type of a thing and write up one showing what gets filled in the blanks. And Im not knocking anybody. When you have no background in this type of stuff a fill-in-theblanks thing is very hard for you to do because you have no idea what to fill in the blanks. So, what Im going to do is write one up and fill in the blanks to give you an idea of what you would ask for in particular cases and then give you a form with a fill-in-the-blanks for you to fill in the blanks relative to the things that are shown in the one that is all spelled out. And when I get this all together Im going to make it available as I usually do in these kinds of things and it will include things like a reference to Allan v. Wright, the supreme court decision that they have to prove that they have a real injury, prove that your conduct

is what caused the injury and show that the court has the jurisdiction and authority to grant a remedy for that particular injury. If they cant show these things and they cant do it by verified statements by somebody who has knowledge then the court cant proceed because without standing the court has no jurisdiction to proceed with the case even if theyre holding you in jail and not taking you to court. The court could order them to release you because there is no standing for them to bring a complaint against you so it sort of defeats this new foolishness that the military has the right to arrest you and hold you without even taking you to court. You can take it to court on your own if you are prepared with this type of an action, a motion for a Bill of Particulars to express in a verified form the nature and cause and the facts that they have and expose who the injured party is and who the witnesses are that are going to testify so that I have the right to cross examine the witnesses. Well, they never have this in order, never, not in these phony claims. Its not there, its not available. This stuff is all phony. They cant come up with it. They have to throw these cases out. And believe it or not this has been working. One of the other little aspectsLuis Ewing brought this up to me and I kicked myself for not seeing this myself in the pastbut a traffic summons is nothing more than a summons. There is no complaint. Under the rules either civil or criminal depending which side the court wants to say that theyre doing and theyll flip it back and forth. If you put it in under civil they say, oh, no, no, thats not right; this is a criminal action. If you put it in under criminal under the criminal rules they say, oh, no, no, no, this is traffic court; this is a civil action. Theyre lying bastards and they flip back and forth to suit whatever they want. What Im saying is put it in both. If youre going to consider it a civil action then I want a more definite statement. If youre going to consider it a criminal action then I want a Bill of Particulars that states the following. Either one has to state the following. The following will be blah, blah, blah, blah, the things that I just went over. Im not going to repeat it again. This will put them in a predicament that they cant get out of because they cant manipulate their way out by saying, its not criminal, its civil, when you use criminal. If you use civil they cant say its criminal not civil so youll have them trapped and they will have to do this because the rule says so and once you submit it to the court Now, you might have to get somebody outside to do this for you. Youve got to talk to friends. Youve got to get other people involved in understanding how corrupt this is and you got to spread it around to them and say, look, if you get in trouble of any kind Ill help you with this. If I get in trouble I want you to help me. You got to get through to people. You got to spread this kind of information, you got to wake the rest of your dumb masses around you up. I have some information that somebody sent me here on the fact that Title 26, United States Code, has never been enacted into law at all. It isnt not positive law, it isnt law. It was never voted on by either the Senate or Congress and it was never sent to the President to be signed into law. Well, Im sitting here studying this. Im looking at the details of it and Im thinking to myself, how do we get this into the court? Weve brought some information related to this, not as specific as what I now have but some information, and the courts have just said, shut up, you bring that up again and Im going to put you in jail for contempt, thats not relevant and all kinds of reasons to avoid allowing things like this to be brought into the court. And my question to myself was, how do we bring this into the court? And it was right there in the rules. Somebody called me the other day and told me that he beat a traffic case for driving without a license, driving an automobile that wasnt properly registered and driving without insurance and he beat it with this Bill of Particulars

asking for the specifics of their facts. The nature and cause, what is it based on? What are your specific facts? And he went to court on the day that traffic court set it up for a hearing and the judge immediately threw the case out of court. I said, let me go back and read it again. Ive read it before but apparently it evaded me. It just went right though my thick head like there was nothing there by air. Let me go read it again and as I read it I said, by golly, now I can see why. I now understand what we have to do. We have to throw the burden of evidence back upon them. How many times have you heard me talk about that? The burden of evidence, according to the mandates of law, is upon the complaining party, not upon you and I, the defendant. They cannot make us testify to anything. They have to come up with the evidence. They have to come up with the facts. As a matter of fact, if we would just stop and think a little bit, how in the damned hell can I respond to something when I dont know what it is youre talking about? I dont know why youre bringing this claim against me. How can I respond? If you didnt give me enough information or knowledge to form a responsive answer how and why would I form a responsive answer, out of stupidity, would I say yes? Well, unfortunately, out of stupidity weve been saying yes. We havent asked for the right information and all we have to do is put it in the proper form of asking the other party. You dont ask the court. The courts not there to teach you or tell you anything. And by the way, its not there for you to have to teach it either. If the judge makes a smart aleck comment like, I dont understand what you mean by nature and cause, just tell him to read the rest of the document, its in there, what are the facts? Are they based on the fact that Im an official of government and the laws and rules and codes of government apply to me or is it based on a contract that I have with the government? Either way, show the evidence that I fit in one of those two categories. And thats the only two categories that there can be. Things are either contractual in private in contract nature or contractual in the form of contracting to be a part of them by joining them and asking for a job. Either way its contractual. Either way there are certain liabilities imposed but they dont want to admit to either one of them because it would expose their scam so theyll dismiss the case and throw it out of court and you walk away from any kind of a claim as long as its reasonable and its under this contractual stuff. Do not think that this is going to get you out of a murder case, a rape case, a robbery case when there is a witness that can testify that it actually happened when you were caught in the act of doing it these kinds of things are not going to get you out of it. But when its bogus and its all blown up as though it really happened but all they have is allegations and they have presented no evidence, no proof, itll get you out of it. In most cases you go look at the way these things are done by the arresting officers and by the prosecuting lawyers it is done in such a slipshod manner that its nothing but a bunch of allegations and one of the things that I would definitely put into this Bill of Particulars is that I will not accept presumptions. I want the facts, no presumptions. I presume that you were the defendant because you were in the area at the time that it happened. Well, yeah, I could have been four doors down the street making love to my girlfriend when somebody broke into the bank. Four doors down the street, that doesnt mean I broke into the bank, does it? I was too busy with my girlfriend. I wasnt paying attention to a bank. But these kinds of situations come up but they dont like you for some damned reason. Youre not a very cooperative person. They know that youre not cooperative so theyll try to pin something like this on youmakes the job easy for them. They dont now have to really investigate and find out who actually did it but they have no evidence. These kinds of things happen all the time, dont think they

dont. If you happen to know somebody who really did break into the bank then you a duty to assist them in creating the prosecution and providing any evidence, anything relative {relevant?} that can be used to bring about a conviction of a particular individual that you know thats involved in these kinds of things. And you got to stop being afraid of retaliation because retaliation is a very dangerous thing for them to get involved in. We know today all kinds of things that can be brought against any of them for retaliation. We just need to start standing up and using what weve learned and applying their own rules because their own rules tell them what to do, they dont tell us what to do. We use them to tell the court what to do. Those rules are important to the court. It has to operate under those rules. If we fail them to tell them what rule or you hire some imbecile lawyer who isnt going to use any of this stuff properly the rule will never be applied to the court. The court cannot do anything for you because nobody told the court what rule to operate under. If the lawyer didnt and you didnt the court doesnt know what to do so the court just sits back and listens to somebodys statement and says, well, nobody proved the truth. Nobody proved the opposite but it all sounds good so youre guilty, go to jail. Youre guilty, you owe the debt because nobody proved anything but it sounds good. Somethings got to be done. The court has to clear this from their dockets. They got to make some kind of a decision so they do the best they can to make a decision based on what little phony bull crap allegations have been put before them that havent been rebutted, a whole lot of presumptions in most cases. But if you dont rebut a presumption according to the law it remains a fact before the court until it is rebutted with rebuttable evidence. Well, the only way to do that is an affidavit in most cases stating the real facts or asking the court to order them to do it in affidavit form to produce whatever facts they have that are verified by affidavit to be true and correct. So, either your affidavit or forcing them to come up with an affidavit stating the opposite of what you would have stated is the way to put a stop to a lot of these things and all you have to do like I said, is apply the right rules. Ill put this together, like I said, in a format and well put it and spread it all over the computers all over the country as a free download because things like this have to be known. This is not something that we want to try to make money off of or sell to people. We need to spread this knowledge and spread it as quickly as possible and start breaking up more of this national debt bull crap of monetizing phony, fake securities like the registering of your automobile, the registering of your land deed, the registering of your birth certificate. These are all fake monetary certificates or what they call securities and itll be exposed if we can do what we just talked about and the more this is exposed the more of these evil people are going to wake up and say, this has gone too far, and theyre going to start running their mouth and this whole thing is going to explode. I said earlier tonight talking to somebody that this story about these fake US bonds, somebody has put a can opener, the type of a can opener that you use to open a can to drink out of it. You press down on it and it makes a little bit of a slot in one side of the can. Well, thats what weve done, what weve seen happen so far. The rest of the lid to this can hasnt come off yet but its starting to unpeel and when it unpeels all the little wormy bastards that are in that can are in that can are going to start coming out and squealing. This thing is going to explode into world turmoil financially and economically. I actually dread to talk about what the result of thats going to be but on the Monday night call we do talk about learning enough to take care of yourself without depending on any of what we normally know as available services like trucks bringing the groceries to the store. If you actually think potatoes grow on the grocery

store shelf youre going to be dead in a little while. If you actually believe that none of this is going to happen in your lifetime youre going to be dead in a little while because the stress is going to kill you of what you see happening. ****************************************************************** For a discourse on total evil taking over a country and the people behind it (some of whom have not gone away) see Juri Linas video on the Russian Revolution et al and the followup into the present. The Jews that Lina refers to are most likely Khazar, Sabatean Frankish banker types and their janissaries. Note that there is something familiar about the program back in Russia and whats happening around the world today. We just may be set up for a repeat in the USA. The puppet masters have not gone away. Just the puppets have been changed. These are U-tube video (very graphic) clips (12 ten-minute clips):

Juri Lina - In the Shadow of Hermes

Juri Lina translated by Steve Ahlberg
Feb. 28, 2012 This film outlines the REAL Holocaust in Soviet Russia from 1917 until a Christian sect regained control of the country in 1977. WATCH IT! You need to KNOW this truth which has been hidden by its perpetrators THE JEWISH BOLSHEVICKS and their Talmudic Rothschild and Rockefeller brethren in the West who made it possible. This Holocaust DID HAPPEN unlike the sham Blood Libel Holocaust fraud which the Jews have foisted on our world. Apart from creating all the wars and revolutions in the last 250 years the Jews slaughtered IN COLD BLOOD at least 100 million Christians in Russia and 13 million christians in Germany and Eastern Europe. Next time one of your Jewish friends whines about the HoloHoax, REMEMBER THAT. Juri Lina In the Shadow of Hermes By Juri Lina translated by Steve Ahlberg Feb 27, 2012 - 2:23:05 AM

Juri Lina - In the Shadow of Hermes, pts. 1- 12 Part 1 http://youtu.be/v4__jeW7D-o Part 2 http://youtu.be/tUADBor75WY Part 3 http://youtu.be/jKQR7qvcERs Part 4 http://youtu.be/fIJiwiCwG6c Part 5 http://youtu.be/MSBH4Fhwpck Part 6 http://youtu.be/9oDaZQ8Um5A Part 7: http://youtu.be/MmxdANWAKL4

Part 8 http://youtu.be/seTmxOzZ2Ww Part 9 http://youtu.be/wHmzN8lvb_s Part 10 http://youtu.be/59fCy0uuyiw Part 11 http://youtu.be/FAL2Zi8V8Wo Part 12 http://youtu.be/gF_pgR8gKRo