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PV System Solutions

Satcon Smart Combiner_CE

SSC-12-10-CE / SSC-12-10-D-CE

Intelligent String Monitoring

Reliable and robust

IP65 Outdoor UV resistant Wide operational temperature range

Comprehensive String-Level Sensing

Accommodates up to 12 PV strings Accommodates 4 to 16 A fuses to best match string current Identifies array connection and performance issues rapidly Features multi-sensor temperature monitoring

The Satcon Smart Combiner (SSC) improves solar array monitoring by sensing current at the string level. Its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities identify string-level connection and performance issues with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Satcon Smart Combiner Specifications Input Parameters Input Voltage Range Maximum Array Input Voltage Maximum Current/Input PV Array Configuration Floating Negative Ground Positive Ground Combiner Consumption1 Input Options Maximum Number of Inputs Fuse Size Surge Protection Surge Protection Level Inverter Disconnect (load-break rated) External Connections DC Output Conductor Size Range String Connection Range Temperature Sensor Leads Recommended Temperature Sensor Cable Recommended Communication Cable



100-1000 VDC 1000 VDC 10 ADC / String x 12 Strings < 50 W

Finger-Safe Fuse Holders

Available for floating configuration as well as for positively or negatively grounded arrays Overvoltage protection included Range of fuse sizes offered Manual and remote DC disconnect options available

All PowerGate Plus and Equinox PV inverters Any RS-485-compatible PV inverter

12 4A/6A/8A/10A/12A/15A/16A 1000 VDC (10 x 38 mm)

IEC Class 2 None Manual

Installer supplied lug for M10 bolt connection, positive and negative, not to exceed 25 mm width and height Defined by user supplid lug 4 - 16 mm2 (No. 10 - No 6 AWG) 0,10 - 4 mm (No. 26 - No 10 AWG) USE-2 0.82mm2, 1 pair stranded, shielded PVC direct burial cable (or equivalent)2 (EIA-485) USE-2 0.822, 2 pair stranded, shielded PVC direct burial cable (or equivalent)3

Satcon Smart Combiner Specifications

Energy Equity Protection (EEP)

Satcon provides a wide range of optional value-added services to protect your investment across the entire lifecycle of your project.

Satcon Smart Combiner Specifications Environment Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Cooling Enclosure Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight (approx.) Finish Protection Rating UV Resistance Outdoor Installation Material Interfaces Communication Monitored String Current Monitored Internal Temperature Monitored External/Ambient Temperature4 String Monitoring String Communication



-20 C to +55 C -40 C to +85 C Natural Convection 439 x 559 x 284 cm 15 kg RAL 7035 IP65 Yes Yes Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester EIA-485, baud rate 9600, half duplex 0-10 A -20 C to +85 C +/- 5% -20 C to +85 C +/- 5% Integrated Current Sensing Integrated, RS-485 439 x 559 x 345 cm 24 kg

Design Services
Satcons Design Services organization can guide you through all phases of project development using our broad experience and engineering skills.

Warranty and Services

Help desk Training programs Support services Extended warranty Preventative maintenance plans 99% Uptime Guarantee

Please visit Satcons Resource Library for additional tools and product information, including: Satcons Product Configurator Satcons String Sizing Calculator Training and Support resources: On-demand Video Training Articles, white papers and case studies

Warranty and Services Five Year Warranty Extended Warranty (1 and 5 year increments) Preventative Maintenance Agreement Uptime Guarantee5 Design Services Regulations and Standards Conformity CE mark, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, EN 62093, IEC RoHS
Standard Optional

NOTE: All specifications are subject to change.


1 - Dependent on current Maximum 2 W/input at 16 A 2 - Satcon recommends Belden P/N 9341 3 - Satcon recommends Belden P/N 1048A, total length of network to be within 600m 4 - Requires separate sensor [THERMISTOR NTC 10k OHM], recommend EPCOS P/N B57703M0103G040 5 - Requires Service Agreement

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